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A card giveaway. Blog marathon post 23

 These are a few more cards I made  this week. Like I mentioned, I find it to be a fantastic activity to de-stress. Judging by the number of cards I am making, you can imagine how stressed I must be!

 You can see my whole collection of cards here.  Many of them are sold.

Most handmade cards sell for anywhere between Rs.100/- and Rs.250/- depending on the amount of work involved.Check out some  handmade cards  made by some talented people here

I feel happy that finally the worth of these hand-made products is being appreciated and the artists are getting the price they deserve.

 As a thank you to my blog-readers I am giving away the cards I made. They are blank inside (so you can write all that you have to say)  and they all come with envelopes. On the back it says ' handmade by Preeti Shenoy'. :) (I designed them myself--I ought to get full credit, no? :))

The first two cards will be given to one person and the second two to another person.

What do you have to do to win these cards?

Just leave me a comment! That's all!
Choose a number between 1 and 100 when you leave a comment. I shall use the random number generator to pick two people  each of who will get two cards each. The cards will be mailed in a hard cover envelope and will reach you in mint condition :) Please scroll up the comment box and choose a number which someone else hasnt already chosen. In case there is a clash, I will just pick a winner by draw of lots.

 I liked this design a lot. I made it with really thin quilling strips and I wanted to use colours that stood out. I had no idea what I was making when I started quilling the deep red strips. This is what I ended up with. Nice? :) Do you like?

 I felt happy with this too. The orange roses contrast so starkly with the deep green paper. The white butterfly with a detail of beads completes the picture. It radiates serenity--don't you agree?

This is a long card with textured paper. I wanted to use three different coloured paper quilled roses. I think they have combined well, isn't it?

Wanted to experiment with a  different shape for flowers. So made these multi coloured ones. I quite like how they turned out. And yes I liked the butterfly too. :)
They stand out well against the grey paper which I have used as a back-ground.

You can be sure of one thing. When you send a hand-made card to someone, it will be a long long time before the card ends up in the dust-bin ;-)  They are made with such care, after all, and sent with a lot of love  too :)

So if you want them, go ahead, pick a number and leave me a comment.

Shall declare who won the cards on the last day of this 30 day blog marathon. (today is day 23).

Good luck! :)  [I am so nice to my readers, am I not? :) But then, how can I not be! You guys shower me with so much love! ]

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  1. Wonderful cards!!! You are too good at everything you do! Hats off to you!!!

    I choose number 18

  2. Love ur cards...I want to make such cards...hope to make soon..
    I choose 1 :)

  3. aaaahhhhh!!! Awesome!!!
    I choose Number 7 - SEVEN!!

    Good day!


  4. Beautiful......I choose number 21....!!!!
    Let me see if m lucky this time again...!!!!

  5. Lovely cards...I follow your blog quite regularly. I choose number 10 :-). I recently read your second book...

  6. Beautiful cards Preeti and I love the butterfly in all!!!
    I choose 4. :-)

  7. Lovely cards - I choose number 6

  8. I choose 11.. and i loved the cards :)

  9. Hi Preeti :

    Wish you would do a book giveaway next ;) Indeed, quite generous of you - thank you - the chosen number is 9.

  10. hey wonderfull cards.. really amazing..
    i choose 8.. :)

  11. @taa's mom : welcome to my blog. Have indeed given away books on my Fb page so many times. Please follow that for more giveaways.

  12. @ All: Thanks a lot.. I do enjoy making these.

  13. Very Nice...! Handmade cards give a very different (and awesome) feeling...!:)

    i choose number 38

  14. i love your books !! :)

    i choose 16 ;)

  15. Wow!! De-stressing yourself with such creative things apart from writing.... Wow u are a great combination of varied skills..... Keep Going....

  16. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I love ur creative Artwork ..!!!
    in simple words...ur juz "OSM"!!!

    (I m not a Lucky Person..but I"ll choose my Dad's Lucky No.11)

    God Bless u Dear..!!
    (i m ur tiniest Fan on dis Planet;)

  17. Wow!! Loved each and every card!!!
    Infact your blog and YOU are an inspiration to me! :)
    Love your work tons!!

    I choose number 13 .. :)

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. wow.. awesome handmade designs here n I m not just saying this for d sake of winning them.. i even have saved these images just to have them in my digital collection... as of speaking for luck.. I chose no. 37 :)

  21. Preeti.. :) I choose num 4.

    Your cards are too beautiful, you have creativity and intelligence like Ankita, and love for your work similar to Abhi's love (passionate). Wow! You're beautiful inside-out. Preeti, its so amazing to interact with
    you on twitter. Not many are like you.
    Lots of love
    Best wishes
    @xxxDEVxxx on twitter. :)

  22. Awesome! Loved them all! :-)you are an inspiration to youngsters like me. You juggle so many things and so beautifully at that. I really admire you and love all your work and books. This is my first comment to any post ever.i follow u regularly.My no is 29.

  23. Anonymous1:14 AM

    It is indeed wonderful. This creative skill can give tough competition to writing skill. :)

    and so I chose 24.

  24. hey preeti, the cards r beautiful. I hav always loved handmade cards. A lot of effort, love, joy and hardwork go into it.I always used to make small personal cards for my parents birthdays and wedding anniversary.hey i choose the number - 3 (three).

  25. Heyloz! Beautiful cards :)
    My favs are 2 n 4

    I'd choose 77 as my number...


  26. i'd choose 44 :)

    love all cards!! :)

  27. Dang! Now there is a giveaway and I have to compete with so many people :P. I think there should be a giveaway for the most regular commenters - LOL!

    Loved all of them - especially the butterfly ones...coz the kiddo these days is obsessed with butterflies. I have a few craft activities lined up for her to make butterflies....

    And thank you for posting the itshandmade link...its a wonderful website that I did not know about....when I visit India next time, I will shop something from there.

    I choose number 8 :)

  28. I love the Second card Preeti :)
    Number i choose - 68

  29. The cards are brilliant. Seeing this reminds me of trying to do something like this as a kid. Fond memories :)

    And i chose 25.

  30. hi, am a regular reader of your blog, infact ur blogs inspired me to read ,i was a poor reader. Ihave read ur fav books recommended Tuesdays with morrie. Excellent book , thanks for the same. I choose 33(my age :p)

  31. Nice designs preeti:-)..... I choose no. 65

  32. Let me choose No 48!!

    By the way I am still waiting for the details of Courier!

  33. Hmm, let me try my luck and win these lovely cards:) my number-40

  34. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Hey Preeti.. Need I say yet again that those are lovely cards.. I'm glad to be part of this giveaway.. And I choose 23.. ;-)

  35. Hry Preeti...lovely cards....chose the no 84

  36. Hi preeti i'd like to choose, No#-9,
    Your handmade cards are awesome.

  37. Each of them is so very beautiful Preeti!
    I'd surely try my luck for one of these, my number: 26. :)

    You have to keep making these for eternity, 'cause things like these never ever go to the dustbin! They're containers of memories ma'am. :)

  38. great cards..i choose 6

  39. nice cards...really lovely..wish I was as creative as you
    I choose 2(my date of birth is 2nd May :P)

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Hi Preeti...

    few days back one of my frnd suggst ur book "life is wat u make it".truly speaking i hv never heard abt u(i don't read much books) i was gooing thru ur book..i started searching abt u..and was so surpised ...GOD ur so talented..ur blog,ur books,ur handmade card..evn i m also a kvn...from gujarat(rajkot) ..and the best thing is that though u are a celebrity still u r available(thru ur blog) to common people like us..
    love u..

    one more addition to ur fan list..

    sorry i forgot to comment on ur current post....

    ur cards r just marvellous.. and i choose number 10

  42. I have been following your blog for a long time and have been reading all posts since the marathon started. They are just lovely. I know its mean to comment now but the cards are lovely and I would love to win one. My number is 77.

  43. ur blogathon rocks :) i choose no. 19 :) wish me good luck :D:P

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. preeti... could u do us a favour... can u list the links for online purchase of craft material... cardstock, embellishments, quilling strips n all... i believe it would be useful for many of us :) thanks in advance :D

  46. number 27 for me :D

  47. i choose no. 3
    great post btw :D and lovely cards

  48. hey Preeti,
    Lovely cards!!!
    Also, I tried the cucumber salad recipe that you posted exactly the way you suggested and it was great!! My daughter is a picky eater and I was bowled over to see that she liked it that way!!!!!!! Thanks a ton!
    For the card, marathon, I pick the number 82! Regards,

  49. As always... grt efforts :)
    I chose number 5.

  50. Beautiful cards...these also de-stresses the people who see your collection, atleast me for they are really beautiful..
    I chose No. 14 ( Birth date of the guy I like :P )

  51. Urgh! All the good numbers have already been taken up :O
    Anyways, i choose number 31 :) *fingerscrossed*
    In case, i don't win, i'll make some myself...will send you pics :) ♥

  52. As always love your blog. My number is 17

  53. Love ur cards!!
    Love ur blog!!
    Love you!!
    Thnks 4 all the inspiration :)
    i would lyk to choose 13 (hope am lucky enough to have ur cards)

  54. I've just found your blog and wow, your cards are amazing. :) Thanks for doing this giveaway! I'm going to pick number 42.

    If I win, my email is grigory99 at yahoo dot com *crosses fingers*

  55. Hi, I would like to take number 6. However, as someone else has already taken it. I am going to take 33(3+3=6) Also, I would like to tell you that you are the best Indian writer ever. I love reading books and you've never disappointed me. I don't even think once before buying your book. Hope your next book will come soon(I know it takes time but i think I am addicted now and really can't wait)...... :):):)

  56. Really Very beautiful cards...

    Would like to have one of tehm.
    My chosen number is 71.

    - Inderjit

  57. BEAUTIFUL cards Preeti!!! As ALWAYS!!! I'm really amazed by your creativity! Who wouldn't love to receive these cards!!!

    Trying my luck with no. 34 (Thirty Four). Eagerly waiting for the results!!

  58. Wow....lovely cards...I choose no. 95... :)

  59. Awesome cards !!!! I choose no. 31 :)

  60. Lovely cards .. I am choosing #90..

  61. The roses are pretty Preeti:)
    And 36 is the number for me:)

  62. Deepti Khanna: My number is 21

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. loved the cards...espcially the long no.100!!i want them...ppppppppppplllllzzzzzzzz!;-)

  65. Cards are beautiful, as usual!!!

    I really wonder how u get time to do cards in between your busy book writing schedule and portraiture!

    btw, when is ur next portraiture workshop... interested in joining!

    n these blog marothon!!! lovely!!! daily I have something interesting to read!! :)

    i choose 99! ;)

  66. awesome cards--i choose 15


  67. Hey Preeti, I love ur handmade cards. They are all awesome. I remember last time i couldn't win your cards so i m trying for them this time. Hope i get atleat 1 of ur pretty cards Preeti Shenoy.

    I choose the number 42

  68. All such beautiful cards. We must have been having the same kinds of thoughts. Especially i like last one. I appreciate for your work.

    little giant ladders

  69. I love them...I will try to make one for my special someone, ur cards inspired me :)
    and I will choose no. 61

  70. Hi Preethi,

    Just a question if you will why did you delete my comment?



  71. @deepti: I havent deleted any comment! why should I do that! I havent even had the time to look at all the comments on this post!

    Will be ssing who won after the randome number generator picks two numbers.

    Please re-post if your comment has not appeared. Must eb some issue with blogger.

    And please be assured I value comments! Why in the world will I delete them?!!!

  72. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Thanks to you, I have started quilling too:) Like you mentioned, it is quite addictive. Love your cards. I would be really happy if you will visit my post (whenever you can spare some time) where I have displayed a few quilled cards:
    And I choose No.14

  73. So very generous of u
    would love to have 5 if not 14 or 23 or 7 will do
    thank u


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