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If it still hurts...

Last night I came across this visual and it immediately struck a chord. I posted it on my FB page as well as on my Pinterest board and I realised it resonated in many hearts. 

Why do we hurt for something that can never be? 
Why can't we let go?

It should be easy, right? That person is no longer in your life--so shut them out and move on.
But it never is. 

Memories of happy times come back to dance on the edges of reason to mock and jeer you. 

And it hurts.
Like hell.
Like jagged edges of a broken glass.
Like pin pricks of a million needles. 

You long for their voice, you want to be with them, you yearn for the old warmth and easy laughter. You yearn for the time when you used to talk to each other and instantly the world would be a better place. 

But it is long gone  now, and the relationship lives only in your memories.

You never think something that gave you such joy can cause you this much pain. Yet it does. But you learn to cope. You smile bravely and pretend it does not matter anymore.  But deep down you remember it all. You might have pushed it into a box and shut it tight, deliberately distracting yourself with other things so you do not have to think about it. But the box does open, many a time so unexpectedly with such little keys--like a song on the radio which held a special memory, or may be someone saying something which used to be the special phrase you used when it was just the two of you. 

It never leaves really, does it? How can you erase something that has already been? 

That is precisely why the above lines make so much sense. "If it still hurts, you still care."

I guess some things will always be. Maybe shut in a box, maybe pushed into the attic. But existing nevertheless. 

To deny would be lying to yourself just as mourning for something that cannot be and wallowing it it would be shutting the doors to many more happy memories waiting to happen. 

Life is full of surprises. And time is ticking.
So go out there, give your best smile, Grab it, LIVE it, revel in it. 

You may be amazed at what it gives back. _________________________________________________________________________________ 
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  1. hurts....cos it is still there....deep down somewhere....when u accidently come accross some old letters....some old photos....some gifts....

    yes its all there...but we need to move on...but do we really move on...??????


  2. How True!!! However hard we try, it's just "impossible" to shut those memories. All of a sudden a song, a phrase can bring tons of memories with them! But once we learn to take life as it comes,it becomes much easier to float in the surprises and happiness!

    Thanks for writing this!!


  3. yayyyy...i was first....the first time:)

  4. yes its true i already came through this situation and now i am fine

  5. great yaar that nice one... really touched my heart and i cAN't impress my feeling after reading this...


  6. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Waw..nice one..and yes life is full of surprises..we don't know what will happen next,So Enjoy your life at the fullest.

    Nice post preeti.


  7. Anonymous11:13 AM

    You have the knack of writing about what's in my heart!! :)

  8. Wonderful post Preeti. Very relevant and so very true.

  9. Preethi
    really worthy post. wishing u all the succcess in the publishing field and in life also

  10. those lines are very true .. after seeing it on Twitter, I have shared them everywhere now ..

  11. very true...have experienced this.
    nice post :)

  12. So true! Nice read indeed:)

  13. Sometimes, the more we pretend not to care, the more we keep hurting from within.
    The best solution is to accept that we care, it still hurts and then start the journey again.
    Walk through it to walk out of it.


  14. though we dont care it hurts badly

  15. Time's the only healer which inevitably hurts you and then makes you learn to live with that void created by memories until a new surprise; a new confiding soul comes into your life to embellish it yet again with his/her own distinct personality.

    But there are some splinters of memories which are embedded deep inside which can't be extruded, time makes us live with those memories and smile sometime later in life. :)

    Life's a gift and we mustn't waste even a moment of it being somber and depressed. I remember a line, "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

    Sorry Preeti, comment itself is like an inept, untitled summary of my thoughts. It's a bit long. I hope you have time to read this much!
    Loved this post. If you forcefully don't care, it'll still hurt. Maybe more. :D

  16. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Yes, you were right, this post does hit the right strings!
    It's like you try your hand with every facet of emotion; when you try to forgive but you can't, when you try to placate yourself with 'whatever happens, happens for the best' but you can't, when you try to be neutral and ignorant, again you fail and when you finally think of grabbing hold of 'hatred' hoping it to be your trump card to help you walk through but that just doesn't help either, maybe because even hatred is a form of love, right?

    Sometimes, there's just no way to expurgate that part even if you know it is the one responsible for the disease.

    The only solution is to apprise your heart that, that disease was once the receptacle circulating 'life' in you! It at least gave you happiness at that point of time.

    And the best of all, let the box be inside you, just throw away its key to an idyll, who knows Edward Cullen might just catch it! ;P

  17. Yes, some memories can be very powerful, even after years. you can never truly escape them , though time makes you push them at a remote corner of your heart.

    They may come back, but you need to move on after a few minutes of reflection. cos life is all about living in the PRESENT.

  18. How true and well said Preeti di? we all gone through this life phase in many ways.It really hurts if u care much.

  19. Memories and the pain will always be there.u become emotional when we r really involved.

  20. nice post :-)

    -vinod rai

  21. True it never gets easy, and like you said there's always something that keeps reminding us, great post! Hey how come you don't paint anymore...I know you're busy but was just curious :)

  22. Anonymous10:01 AM

    So true! Even if the person may have stepped out of your life, their memories always linger in your mind. And in some way or the other, I believe, you will always love them. :)

  23. Very well said !

  24. And this line and what you've said, would remain with me too for a long, long time!

  25. Some very nice and true lines. Perfectly described, it's really very hard to always smile and say that you are fine when you really are not...

    I must appreciate the way how you described these beautiful lines so wonderfully...

  26. Hi!!!

    very nice thought infact this is exactly whats been playing on my mind for last couple of months....

    yes, we all put a brave face with a smile when we think back... but very few realize how much pain it causes to go back down the memory lane...... its very painful but, we do want to go that path... How I wish i can stop myself from the pain and hurt which comes from these memories.... But, Do I really want to stop my self is the question I always ask....

  27. This post just went straight to my's as if you wrote this for me...just for me!!!!

    How can a person who doesn't even know me, write so well about all my feelings?????

    Who are you Preeti? I want to know you all over again!

  28. Hi Preety, Its amazing, how everytime, every single time I log on to your page and I find something which seems specially written for me.. You are such a wonderful person. God bless and thanks.. this is beautiful and so so... true..take care

  29. Hey,
    I was just sitting andd came across with this blog of your. And you are certainly right. It hurts each and everytime, you think about that person. That person because of which you feel happiness and who told you to cry when you dont know that. Infact the thing is life is just like a broken mirror without that person.

  30. so true. Its been 4 years have not seen my father nor spoke to him. The way he made his few dialogues in our last meeting still hurts a lot. Being a pampered child for 27 years and all of sudden behaving so rudely made my heart broken into pieces. since then feels like a orphan, feels so alone though having loving husband and a toddler. still remembers my happy days with my father but as soon as I reached to the last interaction I simply cry for hours. So true.


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