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A letter to my twenty five year old self

Dear me at twenty five,
You don't know this yet, but you will lose him. He will not ever come back.You will cry and weep. Everyone will tell you that life goes on. No one will tell you how hard it is and  no one will understand. Worst of all, nobody will tell you that you will never move on and you will still break down when you see his picture and recall the happy memories. But you will learn to channelise the pain. You will learn to write and write.
And nobody will tell you that you will become a published author of two national best-sellers. And if they did, you'd probably think they were high on weed for saying so.

You will indeed have two lovely children. Yes, TWO--a boy and a girl. You will give up your corporate career happily and willingly. Nothing will make you want to entrust your precious  babies to another's care even for even a few hours. You will stay at home and look after your children. Bathing your babies and caring for them and reading to them will be the happiest moments of your life. You will find so much joy and contentment in it.
But if someone tells you this is how it will turn out to be, you will not believe them for even a moment.

You will lose your best friends.Even the ones you thought would never leave. You will grapple for years and search for meaning. You will examine your actions a hundred million times. It will happen again and again.Finally you will realise that you have only behaved with utmost respect and you have only been the most sincere friend. You have done everything you could. You will realise that the ones who walk away truly do not deserve your love. You will realise that time changes every single thing. You will also realise that some amazing people will enter your life, simply because you will eventually let go.

You will finally realise that the only thing that matters in the long run is  spending time with your loved ones and telling them that you love them a lot.  You will also realise that laughing a lot, exercising, eating healthy,being kind to others as well as yourself and cherishing each and every day will indeed  pay off.

So just let go. It will not matter really fifteen years from now.
Lots and lots of love
Your Older self (at 39)


  1. The best blog ever..!!!! The best! Awesome Preeti.. You only make me look forward to your blogs more and more!!

  2. Love you for writing this. Bang on...something I would have written verbatim.

  3. yes Preeti I agree with each and every word....nothing really matters...with time we learn to grow...learn to see the bigger picture....

    I am doing the 10 day challenge do visit when you get time:)

  4. Very nice letter, shows how much you have achieved after 25! remarkable

  5. OMGGG Preeti.... do you read minds????

    My 29th bday coming in a week and this is what Ive been thinking of my past too....
    I love you for writing this!!!

  6. Yes, this post is very apt..there are so many things which we think we will never do and then life has its way of putting it in perspective. I never ever thought I would give up my career but now that I have a baby I am considering giving it up to stay at home. well, that is life!
    Beautiful post indeed

  7. Sometimes letting go off is the toughest thing..but we realize later it was for some good.

    Nice post!!

  8. This is one of the best of your posts.Just lovely :)

  9. Just love the way you put your thoughts together and have more often than not,blogged something your readers can relate too. Am 29 now, and in Sept. would be 30. Few years ago, I intended to write a book 'Life until 25' but did not get a good response from those who had just crossed 25 ): Have not ruled out that possibility yet. Anyway, am putting in efforts now to write a collection of short-stories themed on love. It would be nice to have your constructive feedback on my third work of fiction - and the first based on love which is on my blog. Thank You.

  10. i can relate to all the things u said in this blog....Made me feel relaxed....u really made my day!
    Amazing letter indeed!!!

  11. Lovely. I wrote a similar one a long time ago. Do visit

  12. IF I told you this when you were 25 would have kicked me out of your house...and sulked for a week at the least!

  13. One of your best posts.

  14. I just turned 25 and desperately wanted to hear from someone well-experienced the exact words you have written!
    Thankyou Preeti! :)()

  15. Anonymous8:21 PM

    awwww.... As much as I realize that I end up repeating the same comment every time I visit this place, I don't think anything else echoes my heart better than "awwwwww!"

    Loved every bit of it as always :)

    Cheers Preeti di!

  16. When I turn 25 I will come back and read this again for sure:)

  17. Raksha: How old are you?:)

    Sblifeonsuch: thanks! :)

    Vidya: my pleasure :)


    Vinoo--but at twenty five you did not know any of it either.

    Ritu:Read and commented too!

    Vidya: Thanks!

  18. Basil: have replied to you on FB.

    Horizon: Yes--that is life indeed.


    Eve-o-lution: heh heh..happy b'day in advance.

    Sundari:Very true!


  19. Gayu: Will try. Thanks!

    Shachi: Same pinch! :)

    Crazyhouse:Thanks for those fab compliments!

  20. Well said, Preeti....

  21. You know after reading your blog for more than 3 years, I could actually predict the outline of the letter :-)

    Its amazing how blogging can connect you to people you wouldn't have met otherwise.

    Btw Beautifully worded letter... mesmerising to read :-)

  22. Hi Preethi,
    How true,life really teaches us a lot of lessons.Thats very true,when I lost mom thats what I heard people say,Time is the healer...but still when something good or bad happens or when I just want to talk,I still miss her even after 10 years,I still feel tears flowing..Loved your intro.was great
    best wishes
    Love Mangala

  23. i am on my way to 25....still i feel what u said is very true...everything that happens to u in life is just a lesson to make the way ahead smoother...well said Preeti didi...

  24. 24:)wil be back here soon!

  25. Beautiful post from a beautiful person.....ur 25 yr old self would be so proud of U:-)).
    I've gone one step ahead and am imagining the letter ur 54 yr old year self will be writing to the 39 yr old. I'm getting goosebumps now:-).

    God Bless!!!!!

  26. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Lovely post. I'm 23, and I don't believe anything you say, but when it happens, it seems I'll cherish it :)

  27. Shooting star: Thanks--but So very obviously what is true for me may not be true for you. You have a long long way to go! ;-)

    Reflections: nobody has seen tomo and its not wise to count chickens before they hatch ;-)

    Raksha: Come back anytime!

    Sree;Thanks :)

    Mangala: Very true. Much love to you too.

    Prats:Thanks :)

    nisharajeev: thank you.

  28. //You will also realise that some amazing people will enter your life, simply because you will eventually let go.//

    To receive some better good things ones hand need to emptied. whenever we loose something more better things reach us.

  29. Hi preeti, the letter is the great work of you. nothing to say other than, great. nice post. you made me remember my past. thanks for such a nice post.

  30. Bang on. Hope you will make this post a part of your future book. Thank you for this great post.

  31. Hey preeti:) Loved the post. Its beautifully written. Sort of scared me though :P I am 25 and i do not know the course the future will take. TRYING to just live in the present and make the most of it.

    But i would like to clarify this.
    "Worst of all, nobody will tell you that you will never move on and you will still break down when you see his picture and recall the happy memories. But you will learn to channelise the pain. You will learn to write and write."

    So somewhere deep down this person does live. His absence in a physical sense, yet his presence in the memories, steered you towards stringing words together, to create magic?

  32. Lovey letter :-)
    Now, even I want to write one to my 20 year old self!

  33. wow amazing...!!!!
    Dont cry about ur present 2day n tomrw will be d best for you...!!!

  34. Can't thank you enough for writing this !!

  35. great writing, its always inspire me

  36. lot of thing to be learnt from this.


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