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Ten day Challenge.Post 8. Three movies.

This post is a part of the ten day challenge I started .here.

  For a  huge movie aficionado like me (though I do not claim to be an expert in this field at all!), asking me to choose just three movies is like taking a child to a 10,000 square feet candy store filled with all the imaginable shapes and sizes of colourful, sweet, mouthwatering candies with a variety of flavours and then telling the child that it can choose just one out of these millions of sweets displayed!
I truly found it very very hard to pick just three.There are so many brilliant movies out there ..Life is beautiful is a must watch but I think everyone would have seen it and heard of it (if you haven't, click on the title). I am also not picking 'cult movies' like Matrix, Inception, Fight Club etc.  So I am picking three other movies which I absoutlely loved for what I could take away from them. (okay I picked four!) .

1.Shawshank Redemption

This is  an all time classic. I think everybody would have heard and watched this one too. It's tagline 'Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free' is totally brilliant. I was really inspired after I watched this movie. It is a feeling hard to explain. I was exalted, I was 'wow', I was amazed, speechless and it made me so enthused and so full of spirit. It made me believe that with persistence anything is indeed possible. Watch this movie if you haven't. (Its not suitable for kids). Here is the Trailer.

2.The Bucket List

Sometime back I had gifted this movie to one of my good friends. This is a tale of living life to the fullest and of deep and true bonds that we form and how TRUE friendships can be found in the unlikeliest of places between people who are so different from each other. I loved this movie.

3.Bridge toTerabithia

This  movie just proves Einstien's words--"Imagination is more important than knowledge".This is again a movie of deep friendships. It is one of my all time favourite  movies.

3 :)  Brokeback Mountain

I strongly believe in Gay rights.Each person has a complete right to their own sexuality. I hate how some Bollywood movies ridicule Gays. How crude and insensitive! I am  extremely happy that the DNA newspaper has started an entire page for LGBT articles. I hate how it is still illegal in some countries. I strongly believe that anything is okay between two consenting adults. They do know to live their lives --the law has no business peering into their bedrooms and telling them what is okay and what is not as long as it is between two consenting adults.

This movie stayed with me for very long after I saw it. It is a deep, powerful and moving story--but it is not for everybody. I loved this movie too.

Have you seen any of the above? If you are doing this tag, please do leave me a link. I love to learn about good movies (and what made an impact about that movie on you) and recommendations are always welcome!
ps: tomorrow--two songs :-)


  1. Have seen Shawshank Redemption...really gud of the classic movies...the stars, the story...everything was gud...

  2. Have watched all of them except "Bridge to Terabithia"....I know its a good one, have just missed watching it.

    How come no hindi ones feature on the list? now, having said that, they probably won't feature on my list too coz somehow I just cannot relate to them as well as I do with the hollywood movies. Some hindi oldies are gems, but none of the new ones are as appealing.

  3. I have seen The Bucket List and loved it too....a great film!!
    It has many special memories/tags attached to it....That makes the film
    much more memorable....

  4. Have watched all except for Brokeback Mountain.

    Loved Bridge to Terabithia and also Shawshank Redemption(persistence is the key here)

  5. The bucket list i smy all time fav too... got to see brokeback mountain!!

  6. Hi Preeti, I've been following your blog for long time but never actually commented. I liked your choice of movies. Bucket list is one my fav too. The one i would recommend is "Pursuit of Happyness". I simply adore that movie for the sheer grit of protagonist. Will Smith is simply out of this world in that movie! I'm sure you must have seen it.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Shawshank Redemption would feature in my list too... Brilliant movie...

  9. I have heard about all these except "bridge to.... "... But "life is beautiful" is the only one I watched... Though the entire movie didn't capture me, there were some moments for sure :)

  10. I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain.
    I share the same thoughts on the other movies that you have listed here.
    My PICK

  11. Dear Preeti,

    I wanted to join the Ten day challenge too but I am unable to post/upload anything in Blogger since past 4 is giving error message...hopefully the fault gets rectified and I can post my Ten Day Challenge...
    Loved reading abt u and ur likes, dislikes, fears....
    I was wanting to watch Shawshank Redemption..ur post ensures that i watch it asap...
    Best Wishes and Love..

  12. Hey Preeti, Among your list I have only managed to check on Bucket List..a very touching movie. I myself have put up a Bucket list in my room.. ( although i do not know when I'm gonna hot the bucket) but it's an indication to my hubby that I need to do those things before i GO!

    I have watched Life is Beautiful too and although it's a great movie, it is painful. Would not watch it a second time.

    Anyways, I could never have been able to select my fave three like you did as i mentioned yday, Food music and movies are extremely difficult to select.

  13. Seen and love all of the above except Bridge to Terabithia ( have not seen it )

    Shawshank Redemption is my all time favourite :) Have lost count as to how many times I have seen it.

    Another two which I have seen N number of times is Harry met Sally and You've got mail :)

  14. Haven't seen bridge to Terabithia and brokeback mountain. Which kind of makes me feel bad.

    Shawshank redemption is the best movie of all time on imdb for a reason :)
    Mine would include: dead poets society, before sunrise/sunset and juno or Into the wild. The last two are subject to change!

    Though I think Indian cinema is really coming of age now.

  15. Ooh also, Casablanca!! The golden age, sig.

  16. Sucheta: i too love all the one you mentioned :)

    Aathira: Oh yes--I really like those two too!

    Flowing thoughts: Good luck with your bucket list!

    Ruj: hope blogger behaves soon!

    Karthick: Chekec out your post.Have seen all you listed :)

    Cocktail party: OMG--Life is beautiful did no move you?!!! It took me a week to recover after I watched it.. Are we talking of the same movie here?

    Prtas;Same pinch! :)

  17. Aparna: of course! Pursuit of Happyness is simply a TERRIFIC movie too..

    Eve: i don't know if you will like brokeback--its a very intense kind of a movie.

    Horizon; ok :) See my comment above.

    Vidya: i agree :)

    Shachi: Somehow English ones are more realistic..I do love certain hindi ones--RDB, Bheja Fry, Mixed doubles, parineeta, Omkara are the few which immediately come to mind.

    Naina: yep :)

  18. The bucket list my favourite from the three.. I have my own bucket list which i am trying ot fulfill so when the time comes I dont have anything left that i wanted to do ...


  19. hi preeti,
    loved your choice of movies and books as well. The Time Traveller's wife is one of my fave books too. Apart from the movies you mentioned, Running Scared, Memento are amongst my fave's. Actually am a movie buff like you, given a choice, i would never be able to come up with just 3 movies. There are so many favourites. I love the dialogue from 'Bridge to Terabithia' where the little girl says 'It's a free Country u know'.

  20. I have seen Shashank redemption and Bucket list. I luved Shasahnk redemption. It really does reinstall hope in everyone. :)

    Bucket list, I decided to watch because I couldn't resist the stars-combo. Jack Nicholson acting was too good in this movie. But felt that I should grow up more to enjoy the movie. :P .

    I have seen Life is beautiful too. I like the protagonist's characterization. My all-time favourite characters. Btw, sorry for the long comment, ;).

  21. The shawshank redemption...great taste u've about these mam...
    My List(short):
    "A Walk to Remember",
    "Remember me",
    "Never Let Me Go"
    "Beautiful Mind"
    "Little Manhattan"
    "A Moment to Remember"
    "A Millionaire's First Love"

  22. my sisters keeper is also a great movie,heart toching.

  23. i have only watched one bridge to good movie.i'll say my sisters keeper is also good movie.


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