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Ten day challenge. Post 6. Five foods.

This post is a part of the ten day challenge.

Post 6 is Five Foods.

I must confess, I am not a foodie at all. Some time back I had mentioned that if someone invented a pill that gave all nutrition instead of going through the bother of eating, I'd opt for that. A reader had commented on that post saying why can't I indulge in sweets and 'tasty food' once in  way? Why do I have to be so health conscious all the time?
Fact is I do not enjoy food like many people do. Many people find great pleasure in eating 'tasty stuff'. They go 'yum' and they drool and they say certain things are 'mouthwatering'. I truly couldn't care less. I am tired of telling people that I do not enjoy sweets or ice cream(yeah not even ice cream) or fried stuff or paneer or fried chicken or pakodas or things most people go ga-ga over and stuff that people say they cannot resist eating. I guess I am lucky that way--I have no food temptations at all. It is supreme indifference which characterises me when it comes to food. I believe in 'healthy food' (yeah, I am so boring ;-) ) and I abhor gluttony. Gluttons somehow put me off big time.
One other person who I found shared similar thoughts as me on food is Ramesh of Business Musings who writes a brilliant business blog.. I was happy to find a kindred soul. I felt good to find that out about him, as till then, I  thought I was the only one in the world, who did not enjoy food.

But this post has to be about Five foods. (Very hard for me).
If I were forced to choose my five favourite foods, I'd choose the following:

1. Puttu kadala For those interested click on the words to learn how to make it.

2. The humble South Indian Idli: It's an all time favourite food of mine as it's so healthy.

5. Of late, I am into Sattvic food in a big way.

Just before I hit the 'publish post' button, I re-read what I have just written :-) I realised that all those years of living in Chennai seemed to have rubbed off. My taste in food is clearly south Indian and very simple.

I do hate rich food. I must be sounding like a 80 year old here :-)
Maybe  I am growing comfortably old ;-)


  1. You don't like food? Then don't ever visit my blog then:P You'll probably think I'm a glutton and then proceed to hate me.

    The list tells me you are, even otherwise, a simple soul. That so?

    Filter kaapi, best kind of coffee there is. And the inherent Malayali in me applauds that you chose puttu and kadala.

    I'm having a lot of fun following your blog.


  2. Priyanka: Thanks :) Oh no--I am not a simple soul at all..Only I can't be bothered about food :P My Art work (my original paintings) speaks volumes about what kind of a person I am :) Thanks for the interest in my blog.

  3. Was waiting to see what foods you would come up with since you are absolutely not a foodie...
    Love the Simple choice of food....
    Puttu kadala is my fav food too and curd rice and pickle is my choice of comfort food any time

  4. I dislike deeply fried food, sweets and ice creams too. Add cold drinks and chuskis and what have you.

    Though I do love going out to eat and trying new cuisines! (not glutton, almost a foodie. Please still love me! :P)

    You are SO like my folks in this regard. That's one reason I love being home...only healthy food works here ;)
    I didn't know what puttu kadala is...looks interesting!

    Filter kaapi gets a thumbs up!

  5. OMGGG Im a biggg foodie and I keep experimenting in food so that me or my hubby dont get bored eating the same stuff.. hehehe
    Im in 3rd post now ... :((

  6. Hurray!! Happy that you like KAPI too, Preeti. I L..O...V...E it! I have just a tumbler every morning fondly made by my hubby with oodles of love and there is nothing like it!! (I like the sound of it too-KAPI) and for the idlis,need I say...the BEST couple in the world...idli and Kapi!! Loved reading this today!Thanks Preeti!

  7. Oh - one exception to my disdain of food - whenever I taste what you make. Not at all sure how come you aren't a "foodie" and yet such a nice cook .

    Thanks for the mention.

  8. I love puttu kadala and kaapi very much.....
    As always, this post shows your uniqueness.....your views on food and favorite foods are very different!!!
    I am not much of a foodie too but i do have my temptations and weaknesses when it comes to food!!!

  9. Gosh ! For a foodie like me, this post is such blasphemy :)

    But I too love Filter Kaapi; up for it anytime, anywhere. And though it has been only 9 months since I relocated to b'lore, I have fallen in love with curd rice. There cannot be a better way to end a meal.

  10. Idli with sambhar :)
    and kaafee slurpppppppppp

    what is sattvic food ...


  11. Puttu Kadala :) That was my predominant craving all through pregnancy ! Adore it!

  12. are the first person I am meeting, who doesn't like sweets/ice cream/chocolate..
    No wonder you are so fit!

  13. OMG!!! Given the amount of food and coffee I gulped down my throat last time when we met you would be hating me as a glutton :-(

  14. Preeti..Good choice...simple tasty food..!

    yes Gluttony is horrid..! I remember this person who always landed up at marriages and the 1000 odd functions just because she could eat..! She would eat so much that she would go back home and throw up. She always wondered how I never loved gorging on "FREE FOOD"!

  15. HI Preeti,

    I am so happy to see that there is someone out in this world who do not like eating (junk food) and is a excercise freek too. I remember whenever i use to go out with my friends to eat my favorite order use to be plate "Idli". They still tease me to date that i am always on IDli diet. I was trying to loose my weight at that time and took all my excercise routine very seriously. I can produly say that i lost 40 pounds (20 kgs). It was real big achievement for me :)

    I really love the fact that you are excercise freek and also eat healthy food :)


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