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Ten Day Challenge. post 2 Nine loves

This post is a continuation of a nine day series, that I started yesterday. Thanks to all who jumped in with me :) I have read and commented too :)

Nine loves..Only nine?! I have so many many many loves :)
Do I pick people or things or activities? I can easily pick 9 in each of the three. But that would make it 27 and the post says 9.

I am making this a picture post.
Here are pictures of my Nine Loves (in no specific order)

1.No prizes for guessing what it is :) The Red tag on top says it all.

2. He's my biggest asset, my strength, My world and the love of my life. I feel blessed that he adores me.

And also


Need I say more?

3. Lostris. She is indeed my 3rd baby

4.Books. At any given point of time I am reading at least 3 books. Each room in my home will have a book which I am reading. I have a huge collection. The photo above was clicked one summer afternoon in Norwich,UK, when I had volunteered at a book-stall to sell books. I enjoyed every moment of it :)

5.Yoga. I have been practising yoga  for the past 22 years or so. Sometimes I slack off and do not do my asanas for 5-6 days. Then I feel all uneasy and start it again.

6.  My Art. I'd go crazy if my art was taken away from me. For more of my art work and all my other paintings (some of them very bizarre) click here.

7. My good friend Mayank Mittal whom I might have mentioned before in my blog. He makes me laugh so much and cheers me up.He's a lot of fun. He also mostly understands whatever I am talking about (not bad considering he is only 26 and not even married. He's gonna kill me for saying this. heh heh.). He has made countless International calls to me when I was in the UK and continues to. He also never forgets my birthdays and sends roses and teddybear and wine and cake and other gifts. (Yeah, I know---awwww :-) )The good thing now is that we're in the same time zone and no need of International texts or calls.

8. I do thoroughly enjoy my cocktails, wine and vodka and martini too. But I strongly feel that to indulge in a drink, one has to be old enough and responsible enough.(I will never drink if I am alone with my two children).  I'll consider you old enough and responsible enough only if you're financially independent and living on your own.If you're a student, you have no business to be drinking. You gotta earn your right to drink. Somehow I don't believe in 'drinking with your parents money'. I am old fashioned that way. I had my first drink only when I started working. There is nothing 'great'  or 'heroic' in indulging in alcohol at all.

basketball Pictures, Images and Photos
9. Basketball. Used to play at national level many years back. Whenever I have moved homes, I always choose a home with proximity to a basketball court. I can go and shoot baskets all alone and have done that many times. Sadly no women my age play (except  one of my best friends Jayu but she lives in another city) and so I always end up playing with teenage kids or young men.(and I do not much like the fowl language they use--they think it is cool)

 There you have it..Nine loves of mine. (I don't think there were any surprises there--or were there?)

Tomorrow's post is going to be eight fears. (That is going to be a tough one!)

See you tomorrow!


  1. LOVED this one. I was expecting poetry/garden/flowers/travel on the list as well...but you only had 9 things to pick so this is good :)

  2. @ Mayank bhai - why waste the prime of your life by getting into a coop.?
    Stay single, stay wise, stay happy ;-)
    Point #5 - 22 years. OMG! Take a bow madam.

  3. wow.. a picture post! Lovely :)
    Cocktails ... well thats one of my loves too!

  4. Cocktails?? I had one once... Not great i must say... I love books too.. but the most important love of my life after my Family and Friends would be Food... i love and live to eat ;) and one look at me will prove it too ;) :D

  5. wowwieee---- so good to connect with someone real for once :D
    im writing my 9 loves too- do check when youre free :D

  6. Ah, we share some of these loves and ideas. Fun to read as usual and you look so lovely in your pictures :)

  7. Okay, I had said 3-4 when I should have said I knew all 9. Maybe more :P
    cos of your blogs of course :)

    And OUCH. You killed me with 'no drinking befoore you're working'.
    That way medical students are the most deprived lot :| :P

  8. Sucheta: You have been one of my biggest 'encouragers' :-) You would know it all ;-) :-) Also these were not 'secrets' ..They are my loves and those do not change easily :) As regards drinking, somehow students drinking--so many many do it. But I did not as I was fiercely independent and determined that I'd do it with what I earned.

    DM:Thank you! Nice to see you back on my blog!

    Eve-o-lution: will see :)

    Shanthu:To each his own. I do enjoy my drink(s) :)

    Aathira:Same pinch :) S makes lovely ones. :)

  9. Karthick : :-) I'll let Mayank answer that if he wants to :) Yeah--i have been doing yoga for long.

    Shachi:Thank you :)

  10. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Hi Preeti di...

    am in too! loved ur post as always!

    I do not comment much in your space. Sorry! but i do follow regularly... :)

    U R an inspiration... ;)


  11. Hey..

    This is an interesting tag. For one, it gives u smthg to write about for 10 days straight1 Also, it reveals a lot about the blogger. Iam doing a team blog with 3 of my friends. Maybe we should each do this tag. Do u mind if I take it up?

  12. Interesting list of what you love the most.....though most of them were already evident from your various posts.....

  13. Anonymous11:43 AM

    There are some people who can make ur day..I understand the depth of friendship with mayank and relationship with ur hubby..blessed r u!!touch wood

  14. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I like the tag , I will do it too .. :)

    and you played national basketball WOWO.. My head still humms when i think of basketball, I was playing and there was this big girl who fell on top of me rather on my head :)

    congrats once again on a national bestseller :)

    and three cheers to friendship :)



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