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Sometimes a hug is all you need.

You have probably seen the video and read about it too. When I first came across it, I was really touched.

Free Hugs is a campaign started by Juan Mann. The effect of the campaign was phenomenal. For the first fifteen minutes nobody respsonded.Probably people even thought he was crazy.To know more click here . It is REALLY worth knowing about.

If things are going bad for you just now, a good way to put it in perspective is to think, if it will really matter three months from now. Most great leaders,motivational speakers and life coaches recommend keeping a journal. I too keep a journal. (If you are scared of someone reading it you can always start one in livejournal and make the settings private) When I look back at what I was worrying about three months back, it seems so trivial now.

A close friend of mine just called and said with total conviction “You know, whatever happens does happen for the best, though it may not seem so at that moment. It may even take you a few months to figure it out—but there is always a good reason.”

It is completely true in my case. (Or maybe it is just a matter of perspective.)

Either ways—Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. wasn't that lovely...everytime i see it, i have a wide smile at the end of it...It never fails to touch me...and did you notice the women were the first to respond...?:D

  2. every tiem i watch thsi vid, it brings asmile on my face. true - we may not be able to figure thinsg out as and when it happends, but what ever happedns, happen for the best....

    the power of hug - it is something magical - have ben at the giving and reciving end, and can totally vouch for it...

  3. Oh that was lovely. I was smiling wide ear to ear while watching the video :-)

  4. When I first saw this, it really amused me to think that something as common as a hug could gain such popularity...but then jhappi ka jaadu...its always so heartwarming to be part of any hug trail...

  5. Yet another inspirational post Preeti! Yup, I have seen this video b4. And hugs are great!

    I was always called 'huggable' back in college! But yeah, its another thing tat I feel really funny hugging ppl m not comfortable with!

    And whaaataa cutie pie pic. Ur getting younger by the day. soon ul be competing with ur daughter ! Lol!

    oops! sorry! *HUGS*

  6. Yes, I saw it on tv when it first started. Great ideas, but I myself would hesitate in doing it.

    A virtual hug to you though <> :)

  7. Absolutely true. I beleive in what your friend said. Have to accept as I have been thtough unnecessary rough patches, which seem so so so trivial now.

  8. Hmmm... Yes... Food for thought I would say...for the weekend as well.

  9. Have a happy, friendly and hug filled weekend.

  10. We had FreeHugs here last year. It was fantastic. It can make such a difference to many people's days, perhaps weeks, perhaps even triggering a new attitude. Who knows?

    I really like that idea of thinking about our worries in three months.

  11. i am familiar with the campaign.. and i am all for it. I always have been this huggy, touchy person myself. If i see a friend five times a day, i will hug them five times a day.. hehe :-)

  12. i saw this guy on Oprah a couple of years back, its such a beautiful idea.

  13. Nice post and thanks for a wonderful start to this weekend.

  14. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Aussie Munnabhai eh ? Now what would it take Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh to give each other a hug ?

    I like the way the hugs get "innovative" towards the end. The skateboard idea was too good !

  15. had seen that video...its such a beautiful concept...what a brave and kind guy...

    nice way to start the week...wonder if it will catch on here?

  16. ya even i had seen that many first even i felt skeptical, but i know that at times just a hug can make u feel so much better... But i dont fell comfortable having a hug from just anyone...Ya i guess things do happen for the best, i try and think that way when things go so bad, well atleast there r some things that i feel happen for the best ...

  17. :) :) this is so wonderful :) sweet sweet video

  18. I totally know about this.
    A group of people are always holding these boards that say - Get your FREE hugs here! - at my university.
    Even if I dont get a hug, I definitely have a smile on my face seeing that and I swear that usually ends up making my day :)

    And I totally agree with you on the things look trivial a couple of months later.. :)

    -the other shru

  19. a lovely post. and very true too. problems today seem so trivial after sometime. But that doesnt make the problem u r facing then any simpler ;-).

  20. Hi this is really a nice post. I was really touched. Simply beautiful. Cant stop watching it often. Thanks for sharing this.

    Hugs and cheers :-)

  21. Inspirational post Just what I needed right now. Love the video.

  22. Preeti,

    Great minds think alike! Totally enjoyed the video!


  23. this is 'like Chappi of Munna bhai
    lovely post
    i miss you in Sulekha
    do come once in a while
    do come and see my latest blog

  24. Yeah, a simple hug can make someone feels better.

    Nice post!

    I have something for you... **HUGS**

  25. thats seriously an awesmome video.. loved it

  26. i agreee...sometimes a tight hug and squeezy is all you need. if you get a chance, watch this video by Dave Matthews Band "" , in case it doesn't open this way, you could search for it, it's called 'Everyday' - by Dave Matthews Band

  27. Aha...for some reason i NEVER believed that 'everything" thats happens in life happens for the good...i dont think it does..some things dont necessarily make life easier or better...they just happen randomly..and well we just have to accept them!

  28. Thanks for the post. I totally agree with your friend - Whatever happens, happens for a reason.

    I had the most painful experience of my life a few days back. Still trying to recover from the loss. Yet as I was going thru the pain, the comforting words of strangers, hugs and sympathetic words from friends, moved me so much.I understood the importance of what an innocent hug or a word of comfort could do to a grieving person. A lesson never to forget!

  29. I agree with your friend. I am starting to see in that perspective as well.

  30. It is a sweet video, but I think it's important to remember that peole ARE animals and evolved skepticism for a reason- it keeps us alive.

  31. It may not feel that is all for our good when it happens,because we are humans and we react momentously,but at the end it sure is the right thing to happen,we just need to accept that and move on:) life is so simple,its we who make it complicated:)
    Beautiful blog and i just wanted to delurk after reading your previous post,came here before also:)

  32. Lovely, how a simple "jadoo ki jhappi" can turn ur day around. *hugs*

  33. hi nice blog - good feel to the blog... love it. keep blogging more

  34. Karthik: thanks!


    Alapana:I used to think that when i was younger too--but now I have changed my mind! :-) Thanks for de lurking!

    Julie:How does skepticism keep us alive?I do agree about being animals.

    Sweetsticky: me too.

    Ekta:When i was younger I used to think that--now I am older and i like to think that i know better! :-) Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

    Ranjini:Thanks for that lovely link.I like their 'Where are you going'--it is the wake up song on my morn alarm!

    HM: I guess all we grow from pain.Suffering ennobles us in may strange ways.



    Sampath:True--It is like that.

    The other shru & shru : :-)

    Vidya,Marja,Karthik,Nancy: Thanks!

    xh, Raaji: Me too!

    Thinking aloud:Of course--all good things are done first by women! ;-)

    Tys: i doubt it will.Here loneliness isnt as much as it is is the West.

    VinayGmurthy: I wonder!

    Ritu: :-)Glad it made u think.

    Indrani,Pink dogwood:Thanks!

    pointblank; THANKS!! :-) U are good for my soul and ego ;-)

    Prats: Yes--even thoug it may SEEM superficial it does work.


    DM: It really would be wonderful IF it succeeded in triggering a new attitude.


  35. Animals learn to be skeptical of things like- those shiny red berries look good so they must taste good, too. A smart animal hangs back and waits to see if someone else will eat them first. Polar bears look very huggable, but if I tried to hug one.. I'm sure the results would not be pretty.

    On the emotional front, I will quote the band Morphine- Free Love. Don't Bank on it, Baby.

  36. I keep an online private journal too n its a coincidence i chose livejournal too...whenever i feel like trashing n bitching i jus go there n type it all out...


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