Thursday, August 30, 2007

The alphabet Meme

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Found this really interesting and insightful meme at Blue’s.

This was so different from the usual memes and this tells so much about the person doing it, that I decided to do it.(I always fall for things that make me think, introspect and ruminate) Here it is.

Rule 1: Without changing the first word, after each letter of the alphabet, write a sentence that captures you/your essence.
Rule 2: Tag as many people as you want, but do tag at least one. This is an eye opening experience and can express to those who read it, things about you that they did not really understand before.
Rule 3: List who you are tagging.

I have no idea why the word after G is ‘leave’ But I decided to let it GO and not change it.I also do not know why Y is missing but I let that go as well! :-)

*A* Accept that not everyone is going to like you or appreciate you, no matter what you do
*B* Break. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
*C* Create a wealth of true friends
*D* Decide that you will listen to your inner voice
*E* Explore all possibilities in a given situation.
*F*Forgive but do not forget. It makes you wiser.
*G* Leave things that do not need fixing alone!
*H* Hope is the greatest driving force.
*I* Ignore those who say that you cannot do it.
*J* Journey is sometimes better than the destination
*K* Know yourself inside out. It helps you in knowing others!
*L* Love lasts forever and ever—Only the partner changes! LOL.
*M*Manage changes. They are the only permanent things.
*N*Notice one good thing about the person next to you right now and SAY it to them.
*O* Open your hearts and minds and think of others for a little while.
*P* Play a sport regularly.
*Q* Question anything negative that you hear about others—and dismiss it immediately.
*R* Relax –Its so important to preserve your sanity!
*S* Share a smile.It changes everything.
*T* Try to see things from the other person’s perspective.
*U* Use your brain.Think!
*V* Value people who love you truely.
*W* Work hard.It eventually pays off.
*X* X-ray your innermost thoughts and get a positive picture.
*Z* Zoom up above into space and we realize how insignificant we really are!

I tag everyone on my blogroll on the right side of this page( If you feel like it, that is! It is fun!)If anyone else wants to do it, please let me know--I'll be sure to come and read it.
After I published this post, my friend Guto (see comment box) wrote and gave me the missing alphabets.So those doing the tag can add these
*B*-Break away from convention.Normal is boring!
*G* - Grow in thoughts and good deeds.
*Y *- Yield to laughter.Nothing rejuvenates you more and keeps you young!

Thank you Guto!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wordless Wednesday No.3

Click to enlarge.There are actually three kittens there--and they have made my patio their home!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

You can fool your dad but you can never fool mom!

Mothers are clairvoyant when it comes to you. One look and they can tell what is wrong.(or isn't!) Sometimes they just sense it—they don’t even have to look!

When I was a child, my mom would take one look at me and tell me exactly what might be upsetting me. It was uncanny how she was always right .I used to ask her “But mom, HOW did you know?!!” She used to just smile in reply.

Now that I have kids of my own I know how! For nine months they have been inside you, and it feels almost like they are an extension of a part of your own body. You just sense things and you just know some things. Many a time, I can even tell what they are thinking by just looking at them. If it wasn’t so common and the case universally with all mothers, I would call it eerie.
Poor dads have no such advantage. It is so easy to fool them. (I guess!)

My 6 year old daughter Purvi, and her best friend (who is also her age) spend a lot of time, playing together. They exchange clothes, eat in each other’s homes and are living in each other’s pockets most of the time. Yesterday they both were engrossed in creating a picture. Needless to say, both made the same picture. They left it on the bed and ran out to play.

Later, when Satish (my husband) and I found it, I could immediately say that the one on the left was my daughter’s. I could tell by the strokes and the way she had drawn the tree.

Satish: But how do you know—both look the same to me.
Me: I know they seem to be alike, but there are differences.
Satish called out to Purvi ,who confirmed that the one I had identified was indeed hers.

Now, when my kids ask me “But Mom, HOW did you know?!!” I just smile in reply.

Mothers always know. Always.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Each dot matters!

Niall Young is an amazing artist who uses ONLY dots to create his pictures. Millions and millions of tiny dots. When I first discovered his site, (through his brother Tim, whose site I just chanced upon, while randomly hitting the ‘next blog’ button) I was completely blown away. And so awestruck by his pictures, that I couldn’t even leave a comment. What he was doing was just brilliant—and so incredible.
At that time, I was fairly new to blogging and I had started the blog mainly to get over my grief of losing my dad. I returned back to Niall’s site, because it was mesmerizing. I still did not leave a comment, as I was so intimidated by his work! I mean—here was a real, live artist, drawing such spectacular pictures, using ONLY dots.(at that time I hadn’t even heard of the term ‘hyper pointillism’, a term Niall uses to describe his work) Of course I had heard of Georges Suerat but had never imagined, that in this day and time, someone would actually be making pictures, this painstaking way. Meanwhile, Niall discovered my site, through the comment I had left on Tim’s blog, and left a very encouraging remark. This was in November, last year. Click here to in case you like to read what he wrote.
Incidentally, Tim is also a very talented artist but he does not pursue it full time.His other gift is writing poetry and his blog is a poetry blog. (words in colour are links)

Over the next few days I went back to Niall’s blog and read almost all his archives. His sensitivity, and some of the things he had written made me cry. I hesitatingly ventured forth to leave my nervous comments (Here I was, totally awed by a really talented person—Was I even ‘qualified’ to comment on such brilliant work?) I was pleasantly surprised by his response. He was prompt, warm and delighted to hear from me. (and so very humble too!) After that, we were constantly in touch through emails and our respective blogs. We learnt so much about each other, each other’s cultures, countries, perspectives. Our wavelengths and way of thinking matched, on so many things.

Niall is a person who updates his blog every single day (unlike some of us!) showing us, his progress, on the picture, he is currently working on. Sometime back, when he did not update his blog for four consecutive days, I called him up from India, and we spoke briefly. Later, he sent me a mail saying “You are real, Preeti!” and I laughed at that.

If I rave anymore about Niall, you may begin to think that he paid me to write this piece about him! Hop over to his blog and see for yourself, what I am so impressed about. Scroll down, click on the pictures and see them enlarged, only then one sees the dots. His work is so fine and precise. Oh-- if you arent too awestruck, please leave him a comment too! :-)

This is the link to his blog: Niall's blog
This is the link to his art site where you can buy his pictures online: Niall's art site
And tell me—I am right, am I not?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wordless Wednesday. (no.2)

This picture was clicked from my bedroom. I loved that wet rainy day while I sipped tea,standing at my window and gazing out,watching the world go by.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Bad drain attack.

Sometime back, I had written about Radiators and Drains.(If you don’t know what that is click on the underlined) As I grow older, I find that I am becoming increasingly intolerant, to the drains. Maybe it is because when one grows older, one realises that the cliché ‘Life is short’ is indeed, startlingly true. Therefore I find that I am becoming exceedingly selective, about whom I spend my time with. When one is a teen or a young adult, life seems to stretch endlessly, like an ocean. When one enters forties, I guess, it appears more like a lake. Probably, when one is in sixties, it will shrink, to look like a stream. So why waste even a single drop?

Unfortunately, at times, you just cannot avoid certain drains. They emerge like a sudden gust of wind, catching you unawares. You might have 98 good things going for you, but the drains will point out the 2 things that may be ‘not-so- good’. They seem to take great pleasure in pointing those two things out to you. (as though you did not know ).Or they may cleverly disguise put- downs, as compliments. At times, they do not say anything, but after a visit from them, you feel a bit worthless, sightly shaken and not so happy anymore.

Right now, I am just recovering from one such drain attack. This person has some ‘reserved opinions’ about my art, about my home and about a lot of other things that I do. Of course, this person is entitled to it. But why in the world would you want to tell someone, that something should be ‘this way’ and not ‘that way’? Why not keep quiet and look away if you don’t like something? (Considering the fact that it is not your home or your life and it does not even affect you remotely.)

It is ironical, as conventional wisdom has it that as one grows older, one becomes more accepting, more tolerant. But I find the opposite to be true. As I grow older, I am becoming more and more certain that it makes sense, to have only radiators in your life.

After all, life is short!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


"There is no person so severely punished, as those who subject themselves to the whip of their own remorse"

~~~Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

This is an abstract painting (oil on canvas) ,an original piece of work, that I completed a few weeks back.It is called 'Remorse'. Look carefully--you might just spot a figure ( a profile)lamenting and questioning.

Remorse is a horrible emotion to experience.It is cruel.Terrifyingly cruel.It eats you up. It kills you .Slowly.

This painting expresses what I feel about it.
(In case you want to see more of my paintings, please click here)

Monday, August 13, 2007

So, who are you?

Sociology is one subject that has always smitten me. We as individuals, have our own beliefs, ideas, perceptions to the world around us, and to the society. Some of these are taught, some are learnt. All of us have some kind of social conditioning. We all have our own personalities.

Religion is a powerful tool, in shaping personalities. So powerful, that it sometimes clouds our vision. It is such a touchy topic, that I usually avoid discussing it, at all costs.
Most people (at least the ones I have met) aren’t able to discuss the ‘philosophy’ behind their religion. Most aren’t even interested in knowing about another religion or what it says.

I follow Hinduism. However, I have read the Bible (having studied in a Christian college) as well as the translation of the message of the Koran. I have also studied the message of Buddhism. I do not claim to be an expert at all. There is so much more to learn. Every religion has so much to teach.No religion is superior or better than the other.

In case you are interested in knowing about different world religions this is a good link.(click on underlined)

Personally, I find the philosophy in the Bhagavad Gita (a holy book of the Hindus, originally in Sanskrit, dating back to 300 or 400 BC) very useful. The Bhagavad Gita is the essence of the Vedas and Upanishads. It is a universal scripture applicable to people of all temperaments, for all times. It is a book with powerful thoughts and practical instructions. The Bhagavad Gita has influenced many great thinkers over the years.

This is the message of the Gita. (Courtesy—Google)


Why do you worry without cause? Whom do you fear without reason? Who can kill you? The soul is neither born, nor does it die.

Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. You need not have any regrets for the past. You need not worry for the future. The present is happening.

What did you lose that you cry about? What did you bring with you, which you think you have lost? What did you produce, which you think got destroyed? You did not bring anything - whatever you have, you received from here. Whatever you have given, you have given only here. Whatever you took, you took from God. Whatever you gave, you gave to him. You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. You are mistakenly enjoying the thought that this is yours. It is this false happiness that is the cause of your sorrows.

Change is the law of the universe. What you think of as death, is indeed life. In one instance you can be a millionaire, and in the other instance you can be steeped in poverty. Yours and mine, big and small - erase these ideas from your mind. Then everything is yours and you belong to everyone.

This body is not yours, neither are you of the body. The body is made of fire, water, air, earth and ether, and will disappear into these elements. But the soul is permanent - so, who are you?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stay or Stray?

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Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Had seen this in other people's blogs and finally I signed up. I liked the concept.If you want to join too go to

And here's my picture for Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 06, 2007

Annonymous comments by gutless rats

Actually, that is unfair to the rats-- even rats have some kind of guts. One thing that I hate is people who leave annonymous comments. They are not welcome on my blog.That is the reason I have enabled comment moderation.

When I share things, it is usually because they are heartfelt.When people write in to comment, I genuinely feel comforted.I feel happy.I feel consoled.I feel I'm not alone.

I received this comment about my last post

"Mom,What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who has looked at this blog is now dumber for having read this. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. What a bunch of arse"

Usually I'd have ignored such a comment. But a 'friend' told me that I am being a hypocrite if I dont publish the comment. I told him that my blog was not for annonymous idiots to vent out their feelings. I asked him if this annonymous person has ever lost a parent whom he/she was close to?Has he/she ever felt alone?Has he/she ever felt scared?Does he/she even have a child?Does he/she know what it means to feel so deeply that you lose sleep? This person(the one who left the annonymous comment) is not only nasty, rude and frustrated--he/she is also inhuman.

This friend accused me of just wanting 'sweet comments' and he said my blog didn't have a heart. Ha!! Everything I write is heartfelt and genuine. Everything is the truth too.

Why do people say nasty things? Does it make them feel more of a man? (or a woman) Is it jealousy that prompts such comments? Why is there so much hate?

Any reasons?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Some promises...

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.