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Each dot matters!

Niall Young is an amazing artist who uses ONLY dots to create his pictures. Millions and millions of tiny dots. When I first discovered his site, (through his brother Tim, whose site I just chanced upon, while randomly hitting the ‘next blog’ button) I was completely blown away. And so awestruck by his pictures, that I couldn’t even leave a comment. What he was doing was just brilliant—and so incredible.
At that time, I was fairly new to blogging and I had started the blog mainly to get over my grief of losing my dad. I returned back to Niall’s site, because it was mesmerizing. I still did not leave a comment, as I was so intimidated by his work! I mean—here was a real, live artist, drawing such spectacular pictures, using ONLY dots.(at that time I hadn’t even heard of the term ‘hyper pointillism’, a term Niall uses to describe his work) Of course I had heard of Georges Suerat but had never imagined, that in this day and time, someone would actually be making pictures, this painstaking way. Meanwhile, Niall discovered my site, through the comment I had left on Tim’s blog, and left a very encouraging remark. This was in November, last year. Click here to in case you like to read what he wrote.
Incidentally, Tim is also a very talented artist but he does not pursue it full time.His other gift is writing poetry and his blog is a poetry blog. (words in colour are links)

Over the next few days I went back to Niall’s blog and read almost all his archives. His sensitivity, and some of the things he had written made me cry. I hesitatingly ventured forth to leave my nervous comments (Here I was, totally awed by a really talented person—Was I even ‘qualified’ to comment on such brilliant work?) I was pleasantly surprised by his response. He was prompt, warm and delighted to hear from me. (and so very humble too!) After that, we were constantly in touch through emails and our respective blogs. We learnt so much about each other, each other’s cultures, countries, perspectives. Our wavelengths and way of thinking matched, on so many things.

Niall is a person who updates his blog every single day (unlike some of us!) showing us, his progress, on the picture, he is currently working on. Sometime back, when he did not update his blog for four consecutive days, I called him up from India, and we spoke briefly. Later, he sent me a mail saying “You are real, Preeti!” and I laughed at that.

If I rave anymore about Niall, you may begin to think that he paid me to write this piece about him! Hop over to his blog and see for yourself, what I am so impressed about. Scroll down, click on the pictures and see them enlarged, only then one sees the dots. His work is so fine and precise. Oh-- if you arent too awestruck, please leave him a comment too! :-)

This is the link to his blog: Niall's blog
This is the link to his art site where you can buy his pictures online: Niall's art site
And tell me—I am right, am I not?


  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

    I followed the link. It was indeed a great experience. The effort to do it, and the diffrent stages, give an indication of the gargantuan concentration and commitment required.He is truly gifted. And works hard to take that gift out.


  2. Kulpreet: that was quick! I logged out and logged back in to make a small change in my post--and lo! You had already commented!
    Oh yes--it does take gargantuan effort, and this is what he does for a living!

  3. :) a beautiful friendship was born. And yes i checked some of his art. I was stucked for a while. It was beautiful. Looked so real and with DOTS! Wow. Talented indeeds.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. am already perplexed..i dont get how can a person actually be so realistic by just dots..i still havent understood the art completely but whatever tis, am wondering y isnt he already famous?

  5. I'm always a visitor to Niall's blog though I don't get to go by as often as I would like. But that is true of all my blog friends at the moment. Of course I make a special effort to coem and see you! :)

    Niall's work is amazing, not least in terms of his technique, but also in terms of his creativity.

  6. Sweetsticky: Yes--so very real--almost like a photo.Some pictures take more than 60 hours of work!

    Wacko: How many people know Georges Suerat?(and he was a great master!) Niall should be famous.Cant say I didn't do my bit!

  7. Need to visit that link. Don't like the new template though to be honest.

  8. Bob-Kat:I know you are and I know that you do!

  9. The pointillism technique... first time me hearing this and about Niall. 60 hours on just piece.. man sure has a lot of patience.. and I mean a loooooooooooott!!!

  10. Aditya: Even my husband hated the new template! I simply LOVED it :-)
    Do check out the link--its amazing.

    J:Oh yes--some of the pieces take even more time!

  11. Thanks to the 'next blog' option that got me here. It is really an amazing art form Niall has developed. Will check it out more often...

  12. Aprameya: Thank you for stopping by!

  13. A well-deserved tribute, I say :)
    I'm glad you found the courage to talk to him. I find that the internet limits those usual barriers and gives me more security to talk to who I really want to talk.

    By the way, the look is fab and I also love the new picture!

  14. Devil Mood:Yes--that was in the 'early days' when i just began blogging and did not know what to expect.Now it has given me so much!
    Thanks for the compliments about template.I have been getting comments from people (including my husband!)saying they dont like it! I LOVED it!!
    I guess you'll either like it or hate it!

  15. Phenomenal!
    I wonder why the talent of such ppl go unnoticed!?
    Fuckin ppl here think that MF Hussain is a great artist who draws all meaningless shit and tells to the world that its modern art!
    ah! this world is sooo fucked up!

    peace & love

  16. Oh! im sorry bout the F word btw!
    I guess i used it too many times here! sorry once again!

    peace & love

  17. I'm going to Niall's blog right away, but I just had to take the time to tell you how adorable it is of you to write like this about a talented friend!!!
    Have a nice weekend, PS!

  18. Oh My...60 Hours of work? This man deserves lotsa credit.

    KudoS Seriously!

    Have a good weekend PS.:D


  20. Rajeev:I like Hussain!! (even though many dont.I think he is amazing)Niall is superb.

    Jonice:you too my friend!And thank you!

    Sweetstickychewy:And some of thm take over 150 hours!! Imagine!

    Kaylee:I'm doing great.Thanks! I just sent you a poem.Check your blog!

  21. Rajeev:Ha ha ha--tis ok--just shows how 'passionately' you feel! ;-)
    Happy weekend!

  22. I am awestruck!!
    Amazing work.

  23. WOW..this guy sounds amazing!!!I'm heading right over to his site right now!....he sounds like the kind of guy I'd like to be one day!

  24. hey i have been to his site before.. but never did i know this intriguing fact abt his pictures.. this time i took a closer look n wow.. truely incredible!!

  25. Hi PS, I know your comments on the Blog mean such a lot to Niall, I have watched niall over the years grow as an artist and i agree with a few of the comments that he should be famous, so if any of you out there know any publishers of fine art, let them know about Niall. PS i love your Blog you offer some thing special to all who read it, please forgive me fpr not stopping by as often as i should

  26. I went to Niall's blog right after I read this write up! Mind you, I was a little skeptical because I am artistically challenged! :D

    But girl, I appreciate the fact that you have written a honest and sincere note about a cyber friend! You are such an open and wonderful person.

    By the way, regardless of artistic deprivation, I LOVED the concept of Lady in Red that Niall was creating! :D


  27. hey am back... neat layout... somehow reminds me of school days.

    and yea, niall is a great his work. Though, this pic..somehow it makes me laugh.

  28. Hershey: Welcome back! Yeah--he does have a sense of humour--and no he doesnt pose like this in all his pics ;-)

    Vidya:I guess from a cyber friend he has graduated to a good friend.Our daughters write to each other.And most probably we'll be meeting each other soon.

    Tim: I love what you write too. I didnt even know there are publishers of fine art.

    Diya:Yes--his work is so good that most people do not realise it is just individual dots.

  29. Niall: i dont know about you--I plan to meet him soon!LOL. ;-)

  30. Very cool! What a talent.

  31. Blue :I agree! :-)

  32. Truly amazing stuff!

    Here is the comment I left on his blog...not sure if it will get published....but it was awesome work!
    Niall- I read Preeti's post and came to your blog!
    Needless to say I was mesmerized by what you do althouth Preeti had mentioned "you" in every conversation I had about artists...I never comprehended its depth till I actually read your site and website. Truly Awesome!

    Then as analytical as I am I wanted to find all the information I could find on "HyperPointillism"-needless to say there is very little information out there so Niall you need to give the world a lot more on your art and creations and how it is done.- My humble contribution as a respect of your work I added you to Wikipedia the link
    I would have loved to write more but needed your permission and authority to do the same...

    I had one simple question - what motivates you and keeps you going? IF there is one thing I would like to learn from you it would be just that!


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