A very special post (part 1)

This post is very special. So it is lengthy.Therefore I will spilt it into two parts. But I know you don't mind that! As a special treat, you can play some lovely music too.(just click on current mood video on your right for a superb piece of music). So get that cup of coffee or that drink, settle back into your chair and enjoy the read. :)

I did! Because I didn't write this post at all. But hey--that is not why it is special. 
It is special because it is my 400th post!!  (yes FOUR HUNDRED!)

I wanted to do something different from my usual posts. When I think back, I have gained so much from blogging. Most importantly I have made some amazing friends (most of whom I met in real life too later on) only because of my blog.So as a tribute to blogging, I thought I'd ask a set of very interesting questions to a set of interesting people and put up their answers/interviews.If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would probably remember me mentioning these people from time to time in my posts. Now you can meet them here :) I really enjoyed reading their responses and it made me think. I am sure it would make you think too.

These are the five questions I asked:

1.Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?
2.Would you rather spend the rest of your life without a significant other, or would you rather have a partner who is extremely difficult? 
3.Would you like to know the day you’re going to die ahead of time? Why or why not? 
4.What does love mean to you?   
5.Do you think it is okay to lie? When would it be alright?

I put forth these questions to ten people. I heard back from 7 of them.   I am putting up the answers in the chronological order in which I received their answers.
Guru blogs here.
He writes beautiful poetry that strikes a chord. He also sends me these hilarious jokes and interesting stuff from time to time (which I then quickly forward to a set of my close friends). He is a devoted Dad and husband and is someone who believes in living life to the fullest.

1.       Being invisible was one of the greatest fantasies in my youth, for obvious reasons! So I think I'll stick with that, for emotional reasons now! :P

2. Without a significant other. because then you at least have a shot at happiness by yourself! :)

3. Nah! I think if I don't know the date then I will live longer than that fir sure! (I can't prove myself wrong here anyway!) :P

4. For me constant thought is love. Thoughts that inadvertantly bring a smile on my face is love. Seeing myself completely in the other person is love.

5. It is ok, sometimes. Especially, when the pain of the truth is just not worth the pain. When you don't want to burden someone with the truth!

Click on her name to be taken to her truly amazing blog. Gillian is based in Canada and owns a spa. She clicks the most amazing pictures. She is one of the most inspiring and positive individuals I have known. She is also a mother of two though she does not look it at all. (She looks more like a model).

1.I think both powers would cause too much trouble. :-)  But if forced to choose only one, I’d read minds.  Invisibility doesn’t appeal to me much, but perhaps reading minds could be helpful in ways we haven’t even thought of.  Medically for example, being able to know what coma patients or other infirmed people think and go through.  It could be a means to really helping others.   

2.If I chose the partner that was extremely difficult, that wouldn’t be true to me.  I’d have to say that I’d spend the rest of my life without a significant other.  I do enjoy my own company, I do have friends, and I’m sure I could find a date. :-)  But life is short and precious and if someone is determined to be difficult for the sake of being difficult then they don’t value me.  I deserved to be valued.  Quality of life is important too.  I’m not afraid to be alone.

3. I would not like to know the date of my death.  I’d forever see it as a black mark on my horizon, it would limit me.  Not knowing makes me free.  I love to be free.

4.Love means many things to me.  Mostly it means looking at everything, everyone, and every situation through eyes of tolerance, caring & respect.  Expect love and you shall find it everywhere.  Love is all there is.  I’m very sure that even in the darkest of days….love is there.  I dreamed about this once, and so I have this notion that we are all here to experience varying contrasts of love.  It is a plan that we will all be made aware of one sweet day. 

5.Lying a tricky one.  In situations it may be required.  To save your life for example.  To make lying a habit or lifestyle choice such as people who lie to make themselves more appealing, or to make others jealous, or to just deceive is plain wrong.  But lying can have its place.  If your intention is to help, then I think it is okay.  I hope that makes sense.  By nature I don’t lie.  I simply can’t, and have no desire to.  And that’s no lie.:-)

    He needs no introduction. At least, not on this blog. Still for those who are curious, you can click on his name :-)
    I didn't meet him through the blog, but I am able to blog only because of him :-)

    1.Power to read minds especially that of a woman's. You would be able to go miles ahead from where you are if you had that power. Remember that movie with Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson? (He has the power to read what women are thinking) - Right up my alley :-)
    2.I guess with a difficult partner because if I had the power to read her mind then would do things appropriately so that she was not difficult any longer. Also at least you would have someone whom you could discuss things with rather than be lonely and have only the television as your companion. Having said that I do not have a difficult partner so just need point 1 to be fulfilled.                                                   

    3.No. It is certain that you will die one day. So why know when it is and start worrying about the fact that it is coming nearer. In any case when you die it does not make a difference to you perse - the problem is for people who are left behind.

    4.Love to me, normally would mean having someone whom you can talk to, express your worries, discuss silly things and not having them judge you for what you are not but for what you are. However there is an additional aspect when kids are there and that is giving and getting affections without involving any give and take.

    5.To a loved one and family - Never. To outsiders I think at times maybe. For example if  a white lie you said made some kind of a difference to that person and made them happy then guess that is Ok.

    Prashant Dhanke

    The moment I  first read his blog I fell in love with his writing and his powers of observation. Click on his name and read his post "six whatevers" which are  6 stories in 2-3 sentences. I wasn't surprised when he was chosen as the Chief Blogger of Royal Challengers out of  thousands of applicants. Now he is also a good friend.

    1. The power to read minds will be a huge burden. I'll rather observe people invisibly and live with my own comforting model of the world. I can't give up on the luxury to make assumptions on people's feelings. I will however, like to know more about what people think in general, but not specifically about how those around me think or feel. Of course there are physical and financial advantages too of being invisible :).

    2. Definitely without a extremely difficult partner. I'll have an aquarium and a dog instead.

    3. The first reaction was yes, so that I can plan things. But having given it more thought, I'll like to live under the illusion of immortality for as long as I can. Not saying it jokingly.

    4. One of the many emotions. They always come entangled without clear boundaries. Describing my perspective on love, or jealousy for that matter is a tough and long task and I love being lazy :).

    5. It is not only ok, but necessary to survive and evolve. All of us lie, mostly to ourselves, albeit unknowingly many a times. The brain does it for you. On the other hand, deliberate lies should be avoided if one wants an easy life in the long run :). However, I'll still not tell my mom how much I spend at restaurants and pubs.

    I would give you my responses to these questions too--in part 2 of the post, along with three others who answered.

    And if anybody wants to answer these questions please do so in my comment box or on your blogs and I'd surely read.

    I am sure you enjoyed this post as much as I did, right? Right? Right? :-) 
    Ok, then write!


    1. Thank you so much Preeti.

      Isn't it interesting how each individual has different reasons for different answers.

      Three cheers to blog world :).

      I am now very curious to know your answers :)

    2. Prashant--True!I too find it fascinating how each one of us is so different :) yes--blog world has given me lots!

    3. Satish's answer were the best among these. Esp with points one and 2. When everyone wanted to avoid a difficult partner. He came up with a brilliant answer. Kudos!

      Preeti, congrats on the 400th post. When you had mentioned it would be special, i was wondering what it would be. I have been frequenting your blog every hour or so just to see if you have posted.

      Its a great post. Looking forward for the next post.

      I was listening to Harry Potter and Sorceror's stone audio book. And at the end Dumbeldore says something about Death, thought to share it here: "To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." Why fear, fear of something increases the fear. Never be scared of death, knowing or not knowing the death-date is unimportant, what matters is what imprints you leave behind. I truly believe that if i have done enough good things that atleast one person truly from their hearts remember me, its a life well lived.


    4. Hearty congrats on the 400th post.

      Nice questions & answers .

      Keep bloging :)

    5. Guru: thank you. I keep confusing you with this Guru whose answers I have put up today :)

      Shantharam: Thank you! :) So sweet to check on me so often! :P :) I liked everybody's answers. They are all special because it is what makes them the people they are! Yes--will be putting up my answers soon :)

    6. Dear Preeti,

      Congratulations on your 400th post. I surely understand the emotions as I too experience the same, being a relatively new blogger.

      Yes, this is a different blog post altogether. Most of the answers by the "interviewees" are interesting and thought provoking too.

      Please keep up this good work.

      Best Regards,
      Renjith P Sarada

    7. Great questions and wonderful and profound answers by every one. Congratulations on your 400th post,Preeti!! It is always a pleasure to read your posts! It puts a guaranteed smile on my face every time :-) Look forward to reading part-2 soon! Have a beautiful day!

    8. Gayu: Thanks so much :) Oh yes--I too really liked reading their answers :)

      Renjith: Thanks a lot! :)

    9. Congratulations Preethi. 400th post ? Wow !! Double Wow !!

      Lovely post to mark the milestone. Very interesting perspectives from top class bloggers.

      This is another reason why we love your blog. Through you, we are able to reach out to other superb bloggers, whom we may have never heard of otherwise.

    10. Congratulations on the 400th post Preeti. This was very different and interesting. You have introduced to us more interesting people in the blogging world. I loved reading different perspectives.

    11. Im new to your blog. Started following your blog from the last post, but i must say i was keen to read what the special post would be!..

      It is special. Great job. Gives me ideas too :)

    12. Congratulations on ur 400tyh post..May u write for a long long time and make my stay in the blogosphere a lot more pleasant with ur posts.. :)


    13. Congratulations on your 400th post. An achievement indeed.

      same set of questions but different answers/ thoughts and that too just among 10 of them. but a very good read.

      keep rocking.

    14. Vaazthukkal!!! 400 WOW!

      Answers to your questions

      1.Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds?
      Only to read minds. To correct my mistakes if I have to.

      2.Would you rather spend the rest of your life without a significant other, or would you rather have a partner who is extremely difficult?

      Marriage is not a bed of roses. But it is a game of love and affection.You may lose a game or win one. At the end the “Match” is always a win-win situation for sure.

      3.Would you like to know the day you’re going to die ahead of time? Why or why not?
      No. One way it will put you under stress to meet obligations and to fulfill expectations. If you ask me, how you want to die………here it is……..After seeing off close kith and kin……embark a journey to a nearby mountain which is facing the sea. Sit on the cliff and enjoy twilight and slow birth of stars and distant moon. Listen to instrumental( Veena or flute) music. Pray and Thank God for giving this wonderful experience called Life. Close my eyes.

      4.What does love mean to you?

      1.Where I could be Just me and where the other person is Just he/she in my presence.
      2. Smile of a little kid which brings smile within
      3. A prayer for a pregnant women(complete stranger).I do this every time when I see a pregnant women on the streets,shopping malls etc. silently pray for safe and healthy delivery and for birth of another wonderful soul in this world.

      5.Do you think it is okay to lie? When would it be alright?

      Yes, If the situation demands or rather if that won’t harm anybody. There is a thirukkural ( Hope you know that!!)

    15. Hi......Preeti
      Congratulations on completing 400 posts......Amazing milestone....
      I was so looking forward to your special post....
      The post is great and different too..... The questions are very well thought of.....I loved reading all the answers....and m looking forward to reading yours bcos I am sure that your answers would be very different from the rest.....just like you are :))
      Blogging surely is a great way to connect with so many lovely people... and after reading your blog for sometime now......i really feel as if you are a friend i have know for long time :))
      Wishing you all the happiness ahead.......Happy Blogging
      Lots of Good Wishes & God Bless You.....

    16. Congrats, Preeti on your 400th post.Great questions and am looking forward to read the next set of answers.

    17. CONGRATULATIONS, Preeti!

      and lovely answers, all of them!I loved what Gillian had written, really beautifully written...

    18. Hello....most excellent Preeti of the 400 postings!!! congratulations. It is a busy weekend for most, including me so forgive me for being late here. I wanted to read each answer. Satish made me laugh out loud with his answer for number two. Good one! All the bloggers you interviewed have interesting and thoughtful perspectives. I look forward to reading what you write for your answers!

      Thank you for including me in this celebratory post, I'm honoured! I love your blog so keep up the excellent work. xoxo

    19. Nice! :)

      I personally loved Gillian's answers to your questions.

      I also liked Prashant's answer to the question on lying.

    20. nice post and happy 400 !

    21. Swati: thank you!

      Mamta: Thanks :) i liked everyone's answers--not being diplomatic here. Each one is unique as it shows their personality.

      Gillian: Its my pleasure entirely. I loved your answers too! Will put up part two soon.Have a Great monday! xoxo.

      Suma: yes! :) See my comment above :)

    22. Jyoti: Thanks!

      Rujuta: Thank you so very very much! Yes--blogging does connect people as it connects minds.I did visit your blogs and I am sure all the recipes you put up are great. But I couldnt leave any comment as Ihavent tried any recipe out :P

      Thank you!! Nopes--I don't know the Thirukural. My proficiency in Tamil isnt as high as you think :) I just learnt from watching movies after I lived in Chennai for 4 years. I also taught myself to read the basic--but apart from that I dont know. I loved the third point you said about love.Amazing!

      Asha:Thank you so much!

      Multimenon:Thanks a lot! :)

    23. Savvy Mom: thank you :) yes--interviewing others is something I enjoy as i love to hear perspectives.

      Lakshmi: Thanks :)
      yes--i too like to see how different people see same thing differently.

      Ramesh: thanks! But if you compare time frame, you have achieved much more than me :)

    24. What a wonderful, wonderful post!!!! I'm so amazed really at how 5 questions can be thought with such DIFFERENT perspectives;-o.
      Personally loved Prashant Dhanke's answers[LOL at his last line;-D]

      Now waiting for the 2nd post esp to read.....ur answers;-D

      Congratulations on reaching 400 posts!!! Phootoe, phallo may u post more and more!!!!!!

    25. Hello Preeti,

      There's always one thing I end up with after reading your posts -
      A smile :)

      Here's wishing you good luck for your future posts!

    26. I am but a dreamer: Smiles are infectious :) Now I am smiling too :)

      Reflections: :) thank you thank you :) I also smiled at prashant's answers. :-) Some of his posts are hilarious.

    27. Congrats on ur 400th blog, God how do u manange...u must be one dedicated person!
      And loved ur idea of making others write on ur special event!

    28. Anonymous8:39 PM

      I was wondering what would be the special post - Congratulations! I started with the second part first :)

    29. Sruoloc: Thank you! :)

      Sindhu: :) I love blogging. It helps me improve my writing skills too :)

    30. wow.. 400th post.. Congrats..Keep blogging

    31. i did not the answers.
      took note of the questions only to let not others to influence.
      try reading below and say whether it makes sense or not?
      1. Power to be invisible: No. Privacy of others will be violated frequently
      Power to read minds: No. Privacy violated in this case also.
      2. as spending already, whether significant or difficult only remains to be answered. I choose to signify.
      3. No. Because all the urges will die the instant knowing it.
      4. Love is a process by nature to keep me content as well yearning for more.
      5. Yes. Only to pacify or console.


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