Smallest blessings are often the greatest ( Wordless wednesday No.22)


                    Thank you for the food we eat,
                    Thank you for the world so sweet,
                    Thank you for the birds that sing,
                    Thank you God for everything.  Amen.


  1. This is my nightly prayer. Ever since I was 5!

  2. Sweet! This used to be the daily prayer at my alma mater

  3. OH my God! I posted I went to leave my link at wordless Wednesday, I turned around and two comments already! Thank you!
    These are pictures of food I cooked. Last is a picture of my kitchen. We eat here everyday.

    Raaga: My children say this prayer too

    Ritu: It is a sweet,short prayer yet deep and all encompassing

  4. This food looks so yummy ....and makes me miss my mom's cooking a lot....:)

  5. One small, a very small piece will do too, of a juicy, hot gulab jamun after all that.
    We used to often joke as children...:Dear God, Give us this day our daily bread...with Amul Butter"

  6. Tagged you! Plz be fast!

  7. By the look of it the food looks yummy! :D and not to forget even the curd-rice mamma packed for today's lunch was really really very very yummy!! :)

  8. Meals are something we can tend to take for granted. At least until we have to miss one.

    My WW: Stacked

  9. Food is my weakness.. now that its month end.. living away from your homes.. food is one thing i try to eat less :( but fail miserably... :D

    BTW why do u eat sooooo less...

    The second pic reminds of what i use to have @ home,
    rice (lot more than this though) , chutney, pickles, upkari!! mostly potato(no wonder am so fat!!)..

    your kitchen is very clean and tidy...

  10. I just woke, hand me a banana please!! Thank you very much.

    Mine today is OCEAN SPRAY Do come visit me if you can find time. :o)

  11. Hootin' Anni: Done! Happy WW!

    Shanthu: I dont like to pile my plate high with food (bad manners :P) I do take second helpings :)

    SS: Amen!

    Grandma: Wisely said!

    Mamta: my i visiting me--I am gonna ask her to make curd rice too! Lunch time here and my mouth is watering now :D

    Varsh: Thank you--responded lightning quick :)

    Meira; :-) :-)

    Prabodh: Time to take leave and go home for a few days!

  12. Dear Preeti,

    Feeling so hungry when I opened this blog !!

    Kerala rice with palak thoran plus potato mizhukkupuratti... feeling hungry...

    Let me rush home to have food....

    Best Regards,
    Renjith, Bahrain

  13. that is so sweet and beautiful

  14. Just got reminded of this song in school days

    Count your blessings, name them one by one,
    Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
    Count your blessings, name them one by one,
    *Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.
    [*And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.]

  15. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Wooooooww!! Those yummy food in plates!! Just now had dinner, after seeing all this, again I'm feeling hungry!!

    After giving feast for thoughts, now u r giving feast for tummy (& eyes) uh? :)

  16. Dear Preeti,

    Lovely Post and awesome clicks.... I thought looking at your post......yaayy.... Preeti has turned a food blogger too..... btw.....any chance of you posting some wonderful recipes?
    The pictures are good and food is looking must be a great cook.....Your kitchen is very cute and cosy...... the prayer is the one which we said in school... though at home we say "anna he puranbrahm"
    And can i say its one of my fav posts bcos its related to food???(or would that be partiality :))

  17. I love the flowers on your kitchen table..they really brighten up the place !!

  18. Oh u bet! I was always someone who feels grateful and takes pleasure in an ordinary day. I realized this even more when I watched the movie "open water". Its one sad terrifying movie if you look at it from the loneliness aspect.

    Nice post!

  19. I like that sweet light streaming into ur kitchen and I am a beige freak too :).

  20. slurp!! am hungry!!;-D
    long time since had a good vegetarian meal..;-D

  21. lovely pics,a very inviting and warm kitchen, a much needed prayer and such a simple but really sweet post.

  22. Mmmm...Yummy-looking post,Preeti! Made me hungry...:-) Your breakfast nook is pretty! Cute plate presentation too!

  23. So simple yet so profound!

    We are truly blessed.


  24. Cant help but wonder what that little bit of read is some spicy pickle maybe. It all looks wonderful. Your family is lucky to have you!

  25. Preeti, mine is a typical malayali style of eating!!! :D

  26. Hi Preeti, I don’t remember how and when I came across your blog but I do remember that the couple of posts I read made me feel fresh and happy.
    felt like leaving a comment now, just to tell you that you write in wonderful and simple ways.

  27. If I could, I'd self invite myself and drop in for that sumptuous meal. They look SO appealing and I am sure they tasted better :)

  28. Tranquility: You know you're always welcome!

    Monali: Thank you for not lurking and letting me know! :)

    Shanthu: I know :)

    Sukhmandir: yes--it is a side dish. Thank you :)

    Shachi: yes--true. We're indeed blessed.

    Gayu: Its not really a 'nook' :P It seats six and is my dining table. Thanks :)

    Momo's ma: thank you! :)

  29. Mathew: look again! :P :)

    Fay: I keep changing the table cloth. But beige kinda looks nicer! :) Will bear the movie in mind.

    Ruch: I love flowers as is obvious:)

    Rujuta: :-) Thank you! Recipes for these dishes?--very simple cooking really. They can most probably be found on the net. Somehow lazy to write recipes!

    Kalyan: Bon apetit! :)

    Sundari: We should truly count our blessings.

    MarjNHomer: thank you :)

  30. Aruna: :-) Ok--we had a different prayer at school.

    Renjith: Bon apetit :)

  31. Along with Our Father my kids say this prayer every night:-)

    Lovely pics Fay says 'I was always someone who feels grateful and takes pleasure in an ordinary day.'

  32. Wow...what a way to bring home the simple things of life for which we need to be grateful...and the food looks tasty :)

  33. lovely prayer, the thing is we cannot be Grateful and unhappy :) for greatfulness brings happiness. Appreciation of life brings Appreciation .. of Life :)

    Sorry I might have missed few posts of urs, but very glad to be on ur followers list.

  34. hi!! how are you?
    i suppose i can remember that prayer. used to say that at school i think as a kid :)
    you a neat dining area. how is the weather at norwich now?

  35. such a nice prayer...really we should all be grateful for this world for the things it has given us.

  36. tagged you to write a post for IndusLadies

    The last date is 25th feb 2010 ...guess I'm a tad late :(

  37. Your posts are simply too good!

  38. who thinks egg is non-vegeterian anyways!!;-D

  39. This is beautiful Preeti. The whole meaning of the post and the pics. I esp loved your cosy dining area, very homely.

  40. Yummy Post :) Made me Hungry :) Typical south Indian Meal. Pickles are one thing i cant let go off :) Lovely Pictures Preeti. As they say you never know the value of it unless you miss it,Food is one thing that we need to thank god every day. This is what i learnt staying far away from home for years. And nice dinning area :) You enjoy food more only when you sit together & eat. The looks of it says that all of you sit together & have food , who would want to leave such a nice dinning area :)

  41. Mridula; thank you thank you. :) I agree about importance of having meals together.

    Ariel: thank you :)

    Mathew: Will mail u :)

    Shobs: :-) Thank you :-)


    Meira: will see..had got the invite from indus ladies too.

    Guru:True--hunger is really bestial. We're fortunate to not experience it.

    Sumit:Hi :) Weather--still cold :) But home and heart is warm :)

    Srivats: i agree 100%! I too have missed ur posts--will catch up.

    Palsworld: thank you :)

    Reflections: Ok :) I too think its very important to appreciate things we take for granted--like food.

  42. Thankful for YOU!
    Love your pictures. Small gratitudes are best. Only this morning my husband said to me, we could eat macaroni & cheese every night for dinner and I wouldn't care, if I had you.
    Oh man he is a charmer. xoxoxo

  43. Nice pictures Preeti. And I feel thankful for everything around me :)

  44. Laksmi: best attitude to have!

    Gillian: Absolute charmer indeed!

  45. One of our childhood school prayers, though we learnt it with the second line first and the first, second. Love the shots of your cooked meals - looks very homely. :O)

  46. hmmm. now I see what I missed when I had to eat the meal in office. Yes, one should indeed be grateful to god for what we get.

  47. Satish: What lies!! You only gobbled up everything !! :D

    Sgades of grey: Ok :) Yeah--homecooked food, i love best!

  48. Such cozy dining place. Neat :).
    I am gonna have to cook maggi now :).

  49. lovely pics, preeti :)...and that prayer is lovely and brings back so many memories :)

  50. Suma, prashant: You're both invited! :-) Come to Uk and I'll cook for you :-)

  51. I love(& believe strongly in) the power of prayers, even a simple plea!!:) The food looks sooo yummy. I'm hungry again!;)

  52. Preety is just superb at all rounder!! cho chweet of her cooking so delicious yummy food :)

  53. wow, beautiful house and mouth watering dishes...

  54. Sindhu: :-) Thank you :)

    Mindfulmeanderer:Delighted! Collected it too :) Thank you :)

    Shona; :) Thanks!

    Lostworld: Prayers are powerful too


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