Ping-tones and online happiness recharge

There are some things that exist online that give one a  jolt of pleasure, spiking like a surcharge of electric current, giving you an instant lift, much like the Adnan Sami song. I list them here in no particular order.

1. Inbox (n) :  Where n is a value > 0. Never mind even if its which has mailed me the word of the day (yes, I subscribe to it), I still feel happy to a see something new in my Inbox! If it is a book-praise mail, pleasure doubles instantly. If it is from good friends, pleasure increases in geometric progression depending on degree of friendship and the varying coefficient of  degree of  intensity of the warmth being felt towards person in question, being experienced :-) Apologies for being mathematical (Somehow I love Math--I must be a closet geek  as I admitted to not only liking a much hated subject but also subscribing to  that too in same paragraph! Eeks! What is happening to me? I must have drunk more Chardonnay  than usual! :P )

2.The Ping  sound on chat from a few very good friends: Need I say more? :-)  I think like ringtones google should innovate and personalise the pings. So you know by the sound of the ping, who has pinged. This is particularly useful if you have left your system logged in, but are in another room, trying to do a  million few things (like rearranging wardrobe so that when you open it you are not buried under a flood of stuff that gushes out like  water from Bhakra Nangal dam) that cannot be postponed any longer. Depending on the ping-tone which tells you who is behind the ping, you can then decide to prioritise (or compromise based on how bad the overstuffed wardrobe really was in the first place)! :-) You can even set a Himesh Reshamaiya tone  (Yes--go ahead click on the link. You know you want to. Himesh bhai will not disappoint you. heh heh heh :) ) for that contact who pings at inappropriate moments with inappropriate things or maybe you can assign 'emosional atyachar' as ping-tone to the one who pings but does not respond back when you answer. The possibilities of ping-tones are endless!

While on the topic of chats, I must mention that I find the G-mail emoticon for 'laugh' particularly amusing. When I type ':D' when I have said something funny or the other person has, and the way it turns around into a face and smiles at me really makes me giggle.Earlier a friend and I used to use yahoo-chat and the ROFL emoticon on that, is really funny! We used to chat with each other for hours and laugh like total lunatics!

3.Comments at the bottom of each new post..  x nice people wrote back!(where value of x is higher than 42  for having the pleasure spike. For some reason 42 is minimum acceptable comments for me to feel happy. And no, 42 has nothing to do with a certain Douglas Adams. Each comment is valued, read and replied to. I do have a special connection  (not to mention a very soft corner in my heart--those lurking take the hint please!) with those who take the trouble to comment--but you already know that, don't you?

4. Statistics on my site meter, number of followers of this blog, and  number of readers of this blog: Each time it increases even by one, I feel so very g.o.o.d! Thank you all who follow and all who subscribe and read.

5. Marvellous Images or posts that I stumble upon: I love looking at photos.They fill me with a sense of wonder. They make me think.They transport me for a few moments into another world. I also like reading thoughts of positivity. I am particularly fond of Gillian's images (I absolutely love her posts too) and I also love Joe's.

If you're like me, I suspect these are the very things that make you happy too. Is it? Or do you enjoy some thing else online? No--we're not talking about that something else! Hush! People under 18 too read my blog you know. ;-)

Are there anymore online happiness 'chota pack' recharges that I am missing here? Enlighten please ! :)


  1. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Here is a comment to get closer to 42. I love seeing unread mails too, it is like a high.

  2. Add another one to your list. When we see a new post from a certain Preeti Shenoy :)

  3. I think your attitude is fantastic. You are clued in to the things that bring you gratitude. That is bound to attract in more happiness tenfold.

    42 is an awful lot of comments, you do set your sights high! But as usual, you have no problem logging comments off the charts. You are a magnet Preeti...people are uplifted by you.

    Know that I'm beyond flattered that you like my photos. That is very good for my soul. xo

    Keep up the angelic good works missy. xoxo

  4. Oh surely :) Except for point 3 & 4 :( No bog :( I keep refreshing my inbox at office just to check if there are any new mails. Even the mail from will do for me :) Oh ya they should defintely personalise the pings. Personalise in a way so that it can read my mind & prioritise ;) Tooo much i guess !! But i still love hearing the sound.Emoticons are always part of the conversation:) See there goes one..:) I just cant write,chat without it these days. Too much chatting makes you do this :) Talking about photos i love browsing through them :) I keep looking for it. Me & one of my friend keep exchanging photo links :) Will pass it on to you if i find really good links :)

  5. I subscribe to Wordsmith, Preeti!(shreiked with delight when I read that you subcribe to hehe!!) And as always a wowie post by you. For readers like me, your posts are 'chota pack' instant happiness chargers :-) :-) I too love all the 5 wonderful simple happiness boosters that you put forth.

  6. Chota pack: Opening Google reader to find more than one unread post.
    Psst Eoin Colfers' sequel to the Hitchhiker's Guide? I liked it. Not as great as Adams, but good nonetheless :)

  7. i subscribe to too :D

    and i love seeing my inbox with new messages...

    online happiness recharge - nice phrase

    fun post :)

  8. Very interesting and original phrase- online happiness recharge :)

    Most of us would agree with you I'm sure...however for me 42 is a number that'll probably take an eternity to reach :P

  9. Stumbling unexpectedly onto wonderful blogs like yours...they are definitely much more than 'chota pack' recharges :)))


  10. Hi.....Preeti
    Online happiness 'chotta pack recharge' .........definately a post from certain Ms.Shenoy who not only manages to bring a smile on your face and uplit your mood by her positivity but also manages to connect with you with her posts instantly....its almost like "yeah i feel the same u know"....Are you a mind reader by any chance..if not you do qualify for one.....
    A good food post too does the same for me :)) see i m so used to using the smilie ...... connecting with long lost friends and collegues thr social networking sites or gtalk is great too.....
    I also love commenting on posts that i like or connect too( no surprises here.....)
    I bought a copy of your book again just yesterday and read it again(the earlier copy which I had bought, has been generously gifted to one of my good friends) It brought a smile to my face again......
    I was planning on mailing you to tell you that the second read is as much fun if not more than the first time read ......I think i must mail you imm. so that you get the jolt of pleasure by seeing it in your inbox :))

  11. Even i feel the same. Same pinch to you. Excellent correlation with math. 200/100 to you.

    Chota recharge pack - when you google a key word and find your blog listing amongst other listings and your long lost friend send an invite on FB/orkut.

  12. heyyy...

    Thats a cool one. U never run out of novel ideas, do u? This made a good read. And yes, these things make me happy as well. Though its not online, when my phone rings or beeps, I'm happy. It might be from the vodafone call centre for all u know, still there is a sudden high. And I have blogrolled most of my fav blogs. So when I see on the side of my blog that a fav blog has been updated, I'm happy. At the end of a chat, if someone says, "miss u", I'm happy. And I hope they mean it.

  13. :) lovely...
    as always a wonderful post.
    Worked like a big pack of happiness :) :) :) :D

  14. hey, one more comment. mk 42 fast :-). nice post - keep at it with the chardonnay - its only helping!!

  15. All points you mentioned (Happy with 20 comments :D) and when I get replies to the emails I send :)

  16. To add to my comment above. I love it when my comments on blog posts get replies. It's never a cause of concern on your blog as I have never seen you disappoint anyone but I do wait for replies when I post comments on other blogs.

  17. So very true for me as well :)

  18. i just loooove to see unread mails.. there is a hope that it is something i have looking forward for a while.. now buzzes also cause some interest.. an SMS too can cause!! but I GET MSGs only FROM my BEST SMS Friend: TATA DOCOMO these days :(

  19. Wow, its the same for me too, I love the messages in inbox..and then when someone leaves u a message on facebook...i love that too and well, comments on blogger tops the list...

  20. Loved the mathematical explanations (n>=42) part :) 42 is an important number :) Loved the post. Dunno whether to thank you for it or the bottle of chardonnay :)
    Agree with the idea of pingtones completely :)

  21. Hi,

    I love all the 'chota pack' recharges you mentioned- particularly comments on blog. 42 is a nice number though all the comments I have ever received wouldn't reach that number as of now.

    Great post. Keep it up.

  22. Inbox so totally needs to have some mail when it is checked in the morning! you are so right!

    Also is it fine if I add you to my blogroll ?

  23. Anonymous5:36 PM

    online happiness recharge .. so nicely put up .. great post indeed :)

  24. Online after a long time and I get a 'Preeti-ish' post! Small things in life can make us smile. Like they say, big things in life comes in small packages!

  25. There are a number of times when I am told by the boss that she is busy with work. I assumed it was her portraits and the second book -since she works in the 2nd floor room not wanting to be disturbed.

    Now I realise the :D, Himesh and ROFL were at work instead. Used to wonder also what the noises where earlier - clarity now dawns.
    I must also admit that whilst I read all the posts without fail, I am a lurker in most cases unless there is a specific view I wanted to express. The excuse is that I just do not get time. Will try and leave my views more often going forward.

  26. Forgot to mention Personally I hate emails and especially my inbox. I get hundreds at work especially ones which you are cc'd on without requiring you to do anything and it just takes up so much time to go through all the mails. Which is why I sit on the Blackberry at home.

  27. waiting for ur post is also a chota pack for me

  28. totally loved the post.. the ringtone ka thing is a wndrful idea.. u can ask google 4 a patent r somthng if they do use it - u may nvr kno;)...

    ma 2nd comment @ ur space but read a lot abt ur book at ning netwrk(hope i got tht rt) those were rly grt reviews... makin me wanna grab it asap...

    wil comment a lot better with time.. its prbly tht commentophobia tht nancy mentioned in her blog... esply the 1st few.. ;)


  29. Happie post :)

    I've never been a chat person - hardly ever chat, so I cant relate to the ping tones....but I love emails from friends that are written for me - not forwards or mass emails, but personal ones.

    I don't get many, but I cherish whichever ones I get. And I write them often....sometimes memories, sometimes haikus or poems, etc.

    Blog - u r exceptional in this area....

    Pictures - they amaze me too. I love clicking them also - my ideal profession would be a travel writer where I could weave stories out of the pictures I click :)

  30. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Wow...did we reach 42 already? Or am I too late?

  31. Now aren't we so similar :D Loved to see unread messages (put off by spam though) and messages on the cell phone, missed rings (makes me smile to see something was thinking of me, while I was away (mostly sleeping). I religiously check who visited me and it gives a kick to see someone far off drop in to read :D

  32. Nice; Interesting!!! :) :)

  33. Stumbled through the blogworld onto your post. Enjoyed reading this post. No. 5 is my favourite too. Going on to check your links.

  34. It is great to have such a valuable network of friends being in touch through various sources ;) Another feel good post from you Preeti.

  35. gud post.. I can relate so many things with this post..

    I always refresh my gmail account to check for new mails.

  36. Preeti I'm quite tired of parroting lovely post everytime I reach ur comment section;-/. I think I better subscribe to to enhance my vocab;-D

    Let me see, yeah I like to receive nice newsy mails from family & friends which btw has drastically reduced in the past 2 years;-(. Next I love the comments I get. Then am super excited when I see the updated posts in my blogroll and take all the credit for it as most of them post just to get me off their back;-(. Not u ofcourse!!!!

    And oh yes I too am partial to the gmail emotions in the chat esp the square fellas;-D

  37. And how cd I forget to mention...I love tht Lift kara de song;-D

  38. Unread msg count and Ping tones for sure brings an instant smile..

    Having an option to set various tones for ping from each person is a MOST welcome idea :) I use pidgin chat client wherein i hav configured gtalk, yahoo , AOL and my official a diff tone for each ping wud b gr8 help ;) Not very sure if there is a plugin for it already..
    Though my frnds are far away from me i have never felt as missing anyone bcos of these technologies.
    Staying online has bcome a part of us.

  39. Sunadari: I too feel connected to my friends in India, only because of online chats. :-)

    Reflections: thank you! even if u get tired of parroting I will never tire of hearing :-) U've got Mail,btw, :-)

    Kavya: me too :)

    Lakshmi: yes, rightly said. Thanks :)

    Joshi: welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay :-)

    SS:Thank you :)

    Tranquility: i too hate spam. Gmail keeps most spam out. :)

    Nilu: Never too late :)

    Shachi: Thank you for that fab compliment on my blog! :) Yes i know you love clicking pics too. I didnt know you dont chat :)

    Sulo: Your comment was just fine! :) Glad you got over the commentophobia! Welcome to my blog :)

    Jyotiajay: Thank you!! :)

  40. Satish: :-) :-) Happy to see you here. :P :-) 22 Chapters need a little bit of inspiration and little bit of relaxation. That is where ROFL and Himesh step in :-) I work hard. i earned them. I am sure you cannot deny that :)

    Aditya: But i am not small :P :D

    Rina:Thank you :)

    Ram pyaari: of course! You dont even have to ask! Thank you :)

    Suresh: good luck to reach 42 :) and thank you :)

  41. Ajay: Chardonnay becomes her--she becomes Chardonnay.Merged together its hard to separate the two. So you can thank either! :)Thank you for commenting :P

    Sindhu: same pinch :)

    Shantharam: we already discussed this on buzz :) So not replying same thing again :)

    Swati:same pinch :)

  42. Varun: Yeah--sometimes people don't bother to reply to emails. Irks me a bit. 20 is achievable me thinks. 42 is ambitious :)

    Aparna: I will :) Sound advice :P :)

    Life begins: happy to make you happy :)

    Pointblank: Oh yes--that makes me happy too (when someone says I miss you) --and i also hope they mean it! :)

    Asha; same pinch same pinch..and you also like math, don't you? :)

    Rujuta: Read your comment thrice :) now my happiness is also tripled! :) thank you so very much and happy you liked the book so much.

    Palsworld: And comments like yours too :)

    Varsh: It just might come sooner than you think :)

    Suma: Same pinch..thank you :)

    Meira: have not read the sequel (yet) :)

    Gayu:Thank you, thank you :)

    Gillian: you are so right when you talk about attracting happiness and consciously seeking it. Your posts help too, you know :) Thank you! xoxo

    Ramesh: You are one of the nicest and most gentlemanly souls in the blogosphere as well as on earth :) Thank you!

    Andwewent; And this makes 42 :-) Thank you :)

    Mridula: :) Yes--i know what you mean about emoticons. Do mail me the links to good photo sites that you come across.

  43. these ping moments are so truly cherished. I love all these too....though the stats on my blog now is a lil laidback...but mails and chat responses can eb such mood-lifters.
    Staying in an apartment, there are times, when a familiar face popping up near my balcony window brings a smile on my face too.

  44. Hi Preeti...

    You really write very well... Love reading your posts. You have got a way with words that keeps readers hooked...Your posts are really sincere..
    Waiting to read many more...


  45. i love comments on my blog, love looking at pictures on flickr...sometimes i jus go on looking at them for hrs n end up with a stiff back :D


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