What’s your indulgence?

A couple of years ago, I was spring cleaning my wardrobe, when my good friend and next door neighbour rang my bell. I had emptied the entire contents of my cupboard-- clothes, makeup, jewellery, jackets, handbags and many other things on my bed and was sorting and re arranging them. Since we are really close, I didn’t mind her seeing the contents of my wardrobe or my mess and so invited her right into my bedroom.

She sat cross-legged on my bed while I put away my stuff neatly. It reminded me a bit of my college days—I don’t think I have shared the contents of my wardrobe with anyone since those days.

As I was putting away each one, she was looking at them and we were talking about clothes like only two women can.

“So where are the rest of your pairs of jeans?” she asked

“These are it” I said. I had only two—blue and black.

She could not believe it.

“You have ONLY two pairs?” she asked , incredulous.

I had only two. "How can a woman live with just two pairs of Jeans?!" She asked

“How many do you have?” I asked her

I could not believe when she said she has seventeen!

Seventeen!! I don’t think I have ever had seventeen even if you counted the ones I have worn and outgrown my entire life starting from the time I was a little girl!

Then we compared notes about our clothes and make up and other stuff.

I had just four skirts (Two knee length, two short ones) two trousers, three formal shirts, twelve casual tees, two lipsticks (yes, I still have ONLY two) and ONE eye liner, no belts and no scarves.(I don’t use both) I had lots of sarees. (very expensive ones gifted to me at the time of my wedding--all packed away neatly in a suitcase on top of my wardrobe as these are all heavy silk that cannot be worn on a daily basis.I wear them only for special occasions)

She simply could not believe it. She found my wardrobe bordering on the frugal. She, I think must have had more than 20 of each item. Except the eye-liner. She had about seven of those. :-)

One thing I hate shopping for, is clothes. This same friend LOVED shopping for clothes and would drag me on her shopping sprees. I would be totally bored while she looked at clothes. I shop for clothes only when it’s absolutely necessary. I hate browsing through racks and racks of clothes. I’m extremely choosy when it comes to buying clothes. I am very hard to please. I also buy quickly as I know exactly what I want.[and I usually don’t find it :-) ]

Maybe my hatred for clothes shopping stems back to those days when all I could afford was cheap imitations of top of the end brands, bought off fashion street in Mumbai—they looked good—but a fake is a fake. I hated it and swore that when I could afford, I’d buy only the real thing.

Today almost all my clothes are branded ones--really nice higher end brands. I value them because it reminds me of those days when I could not afford them. And it’s rarely that I really like something in clothes—when I do, I buy two or three in the same style in different colours. (Most of my women friends say that in clothes, I shop like a guy—why buy three of the same style in different colours, they ask. It saves me the trouble of shopping for at least a year, I answer.)

But there are some things that I completely indulge in –Books (we have a collection of more than 400 books and it keeps growing), Long distance phone calls (to good friends), Art material and Expensive perfumes and not in that order necessarily. [So there, now you know what to gift me on my birthday--heh heh] I can spend hours in a book store or browsing through stationery section even in a super market. I simply love looking at different kinds of paper---water colour paper, handmade paper, quilling paper, craft paper origami paper, oil-paints, acrylic tubes, poster colours, brushes, craft material, erasers, tools, palettes, easels –all of it interests me.

But ask me to spend time looking at clothes and to be honest, I’d rather run on a treadmill for half an hour.(which is exactly what I am going to do just now--all this clothes talk itself makes me want to run) :-)

To each their own, I guess. That’s what makes each one of us unique. We all have our eccentricities, indulgences, fancies, whims, likes and dislikes.

So what is your indulgence? What do you spend on?


  1. This is so so rare, I'm the first today :)

    Lol! Your post made me smile and I really like this insight about you, so original! :)
    I hate shopping, I know it sounds weird but I just hate shopping and my sisters think I'm really crazy.

    I totally indulge in food, movies and books.

  2. Still thinking: oh yeah--I love movies too--and hooray--I am not the only woman who hates shopping :-)I feel so much better now.lol. :-)

  3. Hi Preeti....
    first time i read ur blog n sweets u r so original...cos its a female instinct to show more of clothes in ur closet.......
    m too in ur brigade.i shop only wen im in dire need of sumthing..i rather spend my time reading or watching movies or spending time wid my niec n nephew...
    now feel more good after getting 3rd non-shopper female in ur team.

  4. Made me smile after reading this. You are just so down to earth!! (How can someone be that way!!!)

    Right now I'm in the "can't afford it" stage of my life so the only indulgence is books for now :-)

  5. 2 pair of jeans, 2 lipsticks and four skirts - do they still make good packages like you? :)

    shopping for dress is not my forte... but I do spend money on books, Food and wine, and on my Bikes and for my interests... not necessary in same order :)

  6. hehehe..I am sucker at shopping too...more of a instinctive shopper than a planned one...and strange thing is I hate checking into countless shops to buy the elusive one..Almost feel guilty if I enter a shop and come out empty handed...ofcoz my favourite are various shades of black..;-P

    If you ask me about indulgences I have habit of buying curio items from any city I visit..I am a tourist shoppers paradise..Already have send kilos of stuff home which I plan to use in my dream home!:-)

  7. I tell you what, This post reminds me of a conversation with one of my friends. Like all girls she took a hell of a time to choose clothes and I don't know why but I am the preferred shopping partner for a lot of female friends, either because of my ability to convince whatever they like looks good on them or because of my ability to get glued to the Books/Kids Section (Yes i like watching kids stroll through the toys section and see the All I want is everything look in their innocent eyes) without bothering them.
    However I was complaining to them regarding the time they take and she explained me the fact, In our office where there are arnd 10000 girls and 15000 guys in the same campus mostly young she told me how many guys you can find wearing light blue shirt and a black pant. I actually potted 4 in the next 4-5 mins., Now she said can you spot two females wearing same attire and I swear till date I haven't found any. No wonder your friend had so many of dresses and accessories.

    Hmm My Indulgences- Sunglasses, Computers & Gadgets, Books, Coffee, Perfumes. You can read abt them here-

  8. Books! I can easily spend hours at the library.

  9. hey very enlightening post abt u....now i like shopping for my stuff at times and at times not....well i guess i have 2 lipstics in my bag....but do hav unused ones too as mom buys the colour i want and comes as i dont get it here...then clothes..heheh well i do buy the necessary things and finally wen i get bored of it we give it away to the needy and unused ones to cousins who want it...well mom has taught me to give give and give and forces me tooo lol

    One thing i spend so much time on money on r books...just too crazy abt reading....my collection of books r growing too....i can spend loong hours in a libray etc and tend to forget the time....

  10. books and stationary...hmm and vegetables :-)

  11. hi, first time on your blog. seen the name in a couple of blogrolls before but somehow the title always dittered me from venturing in. i did not want to read another mommy blog.
    i'm glad i did click on the link today. enjoyed reading this post. i indulge in clothes, books and shoes..lots of shoes. i can identify with you on the fashion street part. i did that too and swore i'll never buy off the street again if i can afford it. I spend on clothes then and i spend on clothes now. the shop and the brand differs. that all :)

    will be back

  12. No 2 ways about it... novels. I have a stack of novels since the time i was in 8th standard... collection was well over 100.. but then, friends helped 'redistribute' those novels all around the world.. how depressing is it when u find our ur novels have been to Spain and Denmark and you haven't !!!!

  13. I think you have great creative interests and the way you have pursued your interests puts in the rare species category.Anyway I have not come across a single girl in my life with such an adverse outlook towards clothes and accessories.I do like spending time in the company of books and still continues to be a die hard cricket fan...

  14. Hehe...guess what??? Even I have just 2 pairs of Jeans just tht both r diff shades of blue. And u knw wht...I just very recently realised tht I dont have a single black outfit...whether top, bottom or otherwise...do u think somethings wrong with me:-o????
    as usual wandering away from the topic....
    Indulgence hmmm...books oh yes, I can spend hrs in a bookshop.
    ...ummm I also have a weakness for chocolate & Ice cream & I'm paying for it:-(

  15. Anonymous5:28 PM

    books, travel, food, bags and shoes!

  16. Reflections: OMG--I have mostly black--four of my causual outfits are black :-) Somehow i like black.Each to his own!

    Sushobhan: yeah--i love books too--and thank you for calling me a girl. LOL.

    Roshan: Books I lend to ONLY very very close pals and movies i don't lend to anyone.You are indeed generous!

    A: Welcome. i do have some 'mam moments' on my blog--but not cloying oy annoying :-) And Touch wood (for both of us)--Buying clothes from street days are far behind now.

    Rm :Veggies? really?!!

  17. U virtually shared the contents of ur wardrobe with your blog readers :)

  18. Enigma: My mom does not use lipstick--mebbe if she did and if she lived with me, i'd just borrow hers :-) Books--yes I can relate to.

    Chandni: Travel--oh yes--me too!

    Priyanka: me too!

    Prats from pune: heh heh--yeah wearing the same outfit as another woman is like a horror story come true. For most guys it makes no difference I guess.Will read your post.

    Mathew: i love black too!!Four of my Tees and two of my shirts are black :-) I too used to collect curios--but now I just collect memories :-)

    xh: Vat to do?!I am like this vonly! :-)

    Stillness speaks: See my comment to xh above! :-) And you are still very young--so plenty of time to catch up for you, on other indulgences.

    Nidhi:hurrah--welcome to the club! :-)and i too love movies.

  19. Sunny Raju: you forget that I have only revealed what i want you to see :-)(ala Billy joel) Happy peeping!:-)

  20. hahaha! reminds me of my tshirt in three colors because it fit well...i am not a great fan of shopping...and do my clothes shopping when i get that mood, and then its one binge as fast as possible...

    i indulge in books...travel...chocolate cake...among other things :)

  21. Wowee! A fellow shopping-hater! Goody :D
    I love window shopping though. Or so it seems! I go to malls making up my mind to buy something, end up empty handed (not quite if there is a book store in there) and frustrated at not buying anything yet again :D
    So yes, books it is. Since childhood!And nice writing paper.I really miss the days we used to write letters to family n friends!

  22. Meira: oh yes!! I love nice writng paper too..Recently i wrote a letter on some nice marbled paper to a friend.And yes--i can so very well relate to the frustration too!!

    Suma: I can't tell you how good i feel to know there ar more like me--i was made to feel like some kind of a specimen when one of my friends discovered that I bought same t-shirt in diff colours :-)

  23. Hey Preethi...I'm a complete shopaholic (as you might have figured out by now. I love shopping period. Books, bags, clothes, shoes, stationary, knickknacsk. Not a very god thing I know but well I do exercise alot of control

  24. Haha..I'm new round here! Hopefully welcome ;)

    Well..okay! There are certain hi-fis who think living with two jeans can be a BIG DEAL..but thats not really it..I'm a paint and paper person as wlel..which clears off the notion that girls can only be *all-perfume-and-pink-and-trendy*..but I think being the boho and original people tht we are..is better than being a fake clothed-up girl..
    And btw..I don't agree with the point that "only whats branded is good"..nthing else..Nope..I purchase Levi'z and Wrangler jeans but some times even a normal track pant from a small shop may suit me..only if its pretty..tht is.
    Nice template..

    tc and do drop by my blog sometime

  25. So now we know that we can't gift you art material or perfume (these are high involvement objects, strongly dictated by individual tastes and style). There is also no point in buying you a book (you will have them anyway). So looks like the best thing to gift you will be long-distance calling cards.

  26. I think for me it's seasonal.. I'm also very choosy abt cloths and so buy it whenever I find something that I like. Most of the times I come back empty handed when I go to buy cloths for myself but might pick up stuff if I see an interesting piece when I accompany friends. And yes I do indulge in books and sometimes on art materials also :)

  27. Dhanya: Same pinch!:-)

    Ambuj: Yay!! :-)I'm getting a calling card for my b'day--hooray!

    Crystal:Welcome!Nopes--my friend wasnt being hi-fi or anything--she was genuinely surprised :-)And hey--i do like dressing up--its shopping that I'm choosy about :)And i said i Valued my branded stuff.Never said anything else isn't good!! :-)

    SMM: well--to each his own!vive la difference!

  28. my indulgence is in everythin u mentioned
    be it clothes, accessories, books, small stationaries(blv me i loved this part of the post, i really am so much fond of stationaries, and no one around me understands that thing :) )
    anyways i surely dun have 400 of books.. jealous :P
    apart frm tht, movies, talkin on phone, roaming around, yea specially driving - going on a long drives, spending hours at coffee shops.. drawing, dancing, clay work, playin wid kids, spending money, family get togethers... i love all these things... seems, m way too normal :D

  29. its all things papyrus for me - those with meaningful words written on them as well as those artful ones :-)

    on a side note, i wonder how people have come to accept audio books and even that sony reader to read and store your digital versions in :-) now a devoted inhabitant of this progressively digital world, i still find it the hardest to replicate the joy of thumbing through my favorite title "wuthering heights" which incidently has the preface and introduction by the Author's sister a real rare find. printed priced was $1.99 for something i would have parted with $100 easily :-) and wudn't even think of trading-off for the Diors, Chanels or Vuittons of the world.

    yeah... "alice in wonderland" is what i am in a bookstore :-)

  30. oh preeti, i looooove shopping for clothes, when i drop my kid in school and dont have the mood to go home, i hit the mall, buy a crepe sandwich (am crazy about food) and try different shirts and pants...i most probably try to buy branded shirts that are on sale, that way i feel u get more bang for the buck, ya, u r right, to each her own....

  31. Hey Preeti,
    Whenever I want to do something refreshing either I go for cooking or dancing...
    I enjoy cooking...And its the best thing my hubby can get from me... :))

    But yeah I am a shopping freak..in the sense i love to try clothes and accessories...but its most of the times window shooppping.. :)

  32. movie,making mnemonics[love it],blogging,food and fiction novels...:)

  33. I love footwear, I usually have footwear more expensive than any of my clothes in my cupboard:)

    I love clothes too but I rarely find what I like and I dont buy something unless I love it. Usually my clothes run for years and I mean like 5-6 years :)

  34. You know..those small moments in life...which give u happiness...those small incidents which teach u so much...many times we miss them..but you capture them all ..and you put them across us..to think and realize the beauty of it...
    for me thats the strength of your writing..so keep writing Magician! :)

    Well you are the first ...woman who hate shopping for clothes...nd is quick in her shopping
    **Most of my women friends say that in clothes, I shop like a guy**.. I concur..now this (quickness) is a guy's attribute :D

    btw 7 eyeliners is really too much :P
    **ll this clothes talk itself makes me want to run) :-)** ...mee too...for some very obvious reasons :D

    ...I really thought abt it...I dun have any indulgence :( ..is this bad??..

    PS when is ur b'day?? :D

  35. books, music, fuel - for the motorcycle, for my tummy, and for the head (read booze!)

    it is pleasant to note that a celebrity writer is frugal when it comes to her clothes collection :)

    how have you been?

  36. Ahhhwww Preeti,
    I loveeee shopping for clothes, shoes , bags, books !!
    Love traveling as well.

  37. i have created a blog http://sushobhan-readtoenjoy.blogspot.com/ . do read it and tell me about ur comments

  38. well...for a bachelor, shopping is not the thing! but we do spend a lot on booze and pub hopping !

  39. I buy just enough clothes I think, but I think I also have only 2-3 jeans at a time. I love buying books as well. But lately I have started collecting journals - they are so pretty that I feel like I can't write in them. Another thing I collect is fabric - I plan on making quilts one day. great post :)

  40. All women-love-nothing-but-clothes branders should read this. I'd love to say hey so am I - just to be the untypical but I am so not. For the past year though I have pretty much kept out of shopping clothes, not cause I got tired of it but I know if I went in I'd end up buying something - and though I like shopping I hate the rest of the months when I sulk around guiltily at having bought it! Bags too, oh the joy.

    My current obsession - borrow or take on rent whatever books and write ups I can, take feed from a lot many blogs, keep tons of emails from tons of e-groups, juicily to read and curse self at end of day for having almost all of it pending and piling! -- err the curse part isnt part of the obsession.
    Wait I got it... my current obsession is job hunting! I apply for anything!

    I like stationaries too, but not obsessed - I somehow still glare at the fancy pencil boxes and sharpeners and erasers, rulers and pencils longingly just the way I did as a 7 year old!

  41. hmm..u really made me think hard!!i used to spend a lot on fancy earrings..(recently that craze has come down)!!then foto prints..even in this digital age i need to have prints..:)travelling n eating out..(if they can b considered as indulgences)..thats pretty much it i guess.


  42. Jewellery..not gold,diamond or any precious stones-wala..simple junk jewellery..thats wat i indulge in!

    n i love clothes n bags n books n cards n shoes..never-the-less..i don't necessarily indulge in them!Also..i'm not one for branded clothes..i prefer fake..i really do..for me..what i buy has GOT TO BE worth the price..n most often..thts not true with branded clothes.

  43. I can't stand clothes shopping either! But can spend hours at the bookstore too, or an athletic gear store. Maybe it was something in the KVIIT water! :)

  44. Bindu: Yeah!! It was definitely the water:-)And maybe Marker's magic-- heh heh--remember him?

    Pavi: To each his own! We'll agree to disagree about branded clothes :)and I love junk jewellry too.

    Geetha:Even I love prints--but too lazy to go and give it to the photo shop for developing!

    Cris: You are the first person have come across who enjoys group emails! As regards pencl boxes--me too, me too! :-)

    Vinni: Spoken like a true representative of your tribe! :-)

  45. Pink Dogwood: i love journals too and have a nice little collection :-) Still have not decided what to fill in all :-) Quilt sounds so good.Wish i could stitch!

    Sushobhan:Will do--and congrat on your blog.

    Chitra:Me too loves travelling--regarding that thing you asked me, completely slipped my mind. Will check with satish for contact details and mail you.

    Dharmabum: Me needs fuel for the head too..hee hee. I've been doing great :-) There's a chapter in my book called 'Free wheelie' on motorcycle--something tells me you'll enjoy it ;-)

  46. Prakhar: I am positively BEAMING after reading your comment. If there was an award for best comment you would have won it hands down. heh heh.Yes--men are usually quicker than women when it comes to shopping. I agree.
    And my birthday--U're the only one who asked for my b'day!December 21st--DONT FORGET--:-) Put an alarm in your mobile--mark your calendar--post stick it notes--do whatever it takes--but DO NOT FORGET, Ok? :-) :-)

  47. Aathira: :-) Yep--i too have friends who love shoes.

    Broca:Have to look up what making mnemonics is.

    Chirpy-paro:Me too loves dancing--and I love to try out new recipes too.

    Priya: Many of my friends love shopping for clothes too.They find me weird :-)

    Manasi: somehow even I dont like digital books--as regards a book and a perfume--hmmm..lets say i'd be very very tempted to buy the perfume--first! ;-)

    Phoenix: me too!! i too love ALL the things you mentioned!Cheers!

  48. I enjoy my shopping only when I get what I want :). Very much like you, I usually know what I want but it usually happens that I don't get it in the colour or the size I desire.

    I love watching movies and the gossip that it brings along with it. I love driving. I love wrist watches. My sis recently fulfilled my wish of owning a swatch. And perfumes... Oh yes!! I love them too.

  49. Hi PS,
    Had a nice time going through all ur write ups ;-)
    Too Gud !!! And will surely Own 34 Bubblegums and Candies ...


  50. :)

    i dont have too many clothes either! neither shoes! somehow i still cant bring myself to spend lots on clothes and perfumes even though i quite like both!

    but then i am pretty quick in my shopping too. ofcos with my current size there aint much choice anywayz!! :p

    i love eating out at good places! i love to try new khaana and restos and dont mind spending thte money! and yeah watching movies in theatres! DVDs!

    and i buy lipsticks (only make i know to use) when first ones get over! :D

    LOVED the post!



  51. Hey...
    First of all...i wanted to tell you that I finished reading ur book in one go..since i was travelling to jaipur,I didnt get a chance to visit the big book stores and hence was looking around at every possible one to find the book..I was surprised when I got it at a small little shop at the station:-)
    and post that,I request you to do me a favour by hugging both ur kids from my side..Im so totally in love with their innocent talks...

    and now about my indulgences:-)
    unlike u..its clothes shopping...I go berserk when I look at clothes and suddenly i want to own all of the ones i see in front of me..
    apart from that tha latest is my six strings..every moment I get,i just grab my guitar and try and hum something..(im still learning)
    these two can be followed by,shoe shoppping,bag shopping,eating,gossipping,chatting with my friends,playing with my pups and driving...not necessarily in the same order though:-)

  52. Santasizing: Yes--will gladly do that!! Did not know that station books stores too had my book!Which station did you buy? Satish is also crazy about the Guitar and can ply a few tunes.(he's still learning too)And if my kids know that u have pups--finished!That will be the end of me! :-)I enjoy driving too.

    Mama-mia:I don't spend on perfumes :-)Mostly get them as gifts;-)Movies--me too!

    Myoni:Welcome and Thank you!!

    Varun:Another thing I too indulge in is nice watches!! :-) My prized possesion is a baby-G.(was wearing it at the launch)G-shock is too big for my wrist.

  53. Wow !
    When i say that to my friends they look at me asking if i am a girl some say i am a boring person .. but then this is the same thing i like and dislike.. i hate shopping for clothes .,i shop like guys .. yes so do i ! '
    But i love being in a book store and amcrazy and dont mind the time if i am in a books tore . if u ask me i wouldnthave missed bookstores in chennai but surely haventy been to most of the clothe /fashion outlets ..
    stationery yes .. i love colours, paper, note , brushes, pens and pencils and would surely pick obneevery time i am out to such stores..
    I love to do another shopping too one thing probably i define as girlish is bags .,. ilove to shop 4 bags and i alos love to watch the retail crowd .. but else i dont like shopping aty all .. !
    Strange that i did see someone who shares something of my taste which often s stated as weird !
    nice post ..

  54. Wow !
    When i say that to my friends they look at me asking if i am a girl some say i am a boring person .. but then this is the same thing i like and dislike.. i hate shopping for clothes .,i shop like guys .. yes so do i ! '
    But i love being in a book store and amcrazy and dont mind the time if i am in a books tore . if u ask me i wouldnthave missed bookstores in chennai but surely haventy been to most of the clothe /fashion outlets ..
    stationery yes .. i love colours, paper, note , brushes, pens and pencils and would surely pick obneevery time i am out to such stores..
    I love to do another shopping too one thing probably i define as girlish is bags .,. ilove to shop 4 bags and i alos love to watch the retail crowd .. but else i dont like shopping aty all .. !
    Strange that i did see someone who shares something of my taste which often s stated as weird !
    nice post ..
    well there r many other things i love to .. list s bit long but surely nevr shopping 4 clothes and jewellery !:D

  55. I have lots of indulgences, but no money to spend it on..the best currency I DO have is time...I spend it on my artwork....

    and as for clothes shopping..it's in your ...genes.

  56. hey nice blog here! :) Ummmm its really surprising for any girl to have only 2 pairs of jeans ;) but hey its u! ur style. I wear only one pair at one time, i. e. until I buy a new one, or its time for laundary and I got none left.

    Lemme guess what do I indulge in! Shoes, handbags for sure, and just accessories.... like scarves and stuff. Yup, books! and movies a lot. I've spent so much on Blockbuster last 6 months, watching all hollywood classics and stuff every week! :)

  57. My sentiments! I only have two pair of jeans. I hate clothes shopping and when I do I want quality, not quantity. I buy classics that last forever. Boring, huh? But how much is enough???

  58. One more to join the gang. i hate shopping for clothes!!! n yeah my fave indulgence is buying recipe books!!(now u too know wat to gift me;) loll) n books on alternate medicine n nature cure is all i spend on. nothing else interests me...not even movies! Enjoyyyy Hating shopping!!;)

  59. since even at the age of 39, iam given a pocket money to spend, i indulge in books...have this rustic book shop in the bylanes of dubai that rents and sells second hand books...i buy every month books for 100 dhs..it gets me about 4 books...i can spend hours between those shelves...i love second hand books more coz i get more out of less and mainly becoz sometimes these books has a personality....u find scribbles on the side made by the previous owner...u find notes, corrections...i have even got a history book on dubai which has been corrected in its content with bold pencil cross outs by another old timer who was actualy there when it all happened...

    dont like shopping for cloths....so i just buy black in bulk...it saves me time and thought...

  60. Tys: I like second hand books and I love black too :)I too used to look at all the notes, cross outs etc made by previuos owners.

    Pai:yup--recipe books it shall be!

    Marilyn:True!Who decides how much is enough?!!

    Red soul:Thank you!I love movies too.

    Niall: what a Niall-ish answer!! sending you a mail :)

    Meenu: What is normal to someone may be weird to another! :-) Its ok to be normally weird or weirdly normal. heh heh.

  61. I end up getting lotsa dresses than my friend who would hav brought me jus as a company!!!!

    But then,more than dresses, its books that obsess me!

    Good post.. esp the pictures that u use for each of ur bloglet r jus awesome!

  62. Hunter: Thanks!!I do spend time trying to find just the right pic to go with my posts.Happy U noticed :)

  63. yeah..I picked it up from Nizamuddin station in New Delhi...and it was a sheer delight:-)
    about my pups...well yes..I have 2 saint bernards.One is a senior and the latest entrant is his baby..who is just one month old:-) and puts his dad in trouble just about all the time:-)

  64. yeah..I picked it up from Nizamuddin station in New Delhi...and it was a sheer delight:-)
    about my pups...well yes..I have 2 saint bernards.One is a senior and the latest entrant is his baby..who is just one month old:-) and puts his dad in trouble just about all the time:-)

  65. Since I have to wear uniform to the office, there is no need for me to buy clothes... very few is enough... I have less than 10 pairs...

    But, I love buying books and movies... Every month I buy one or two books (Either Tamil or English)..

    And happy to know that there are many more who indulge in books...

    Cheers :-)

  66. Karthik:yup--nice to know that many spend on books .

    Santasizing: They sound so cute!! Not telling my kids! :-)

  67. I own just 2 pairs of jeans too :( and the 3rd one is a decade old, but fits well still, so I find no need to go out buying some more... :( I'm pathetic when it comes to shopping for myself....I go out with money and come back with stuff for the kids...or veggies...I think I must be banned ;)
    I woul drather sit in the mall, and watch people go by...its far better than shopping

  68. :-) I am not a shopping freak either...The part I like best in the shopping malls here are the food courts and the cinema!!! :) I spend without giving a second thought on books (for me and my daughter), CDs with old songs, food and movies!

  69. wow I hate shopping too. My friends have also been like that, so I think thbit never tried to possess me either ;)
    The shopping I do is always with mom and lasts for about 15 minutes. I.. have no craze for anything as such. My collection of books is very precious to me.. and the other thing I indulge in? Communication! Ooh.. I think I don't spend on anything as much as I do for my phone and internet bills! :P

  70. Hi Preeti,

    I had put a comment earlier.. maybe did not save it.. so was wondering what happened to the comment. So here it goes..

    What a funny piece of blog.. on clothes :).. but yes.. i too love blacks.. and my indulgence is friends.. :)

    One more thing, I saw an article in the Deccan herald suplementary - talking about celebrity bloggers.. and was wondering if you were there.. and sure enough , I saw you there.. was very happy to see you there :)

  71. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Someone is back to the blog reading world :P

    Nice to see the virtual picture of your wardrobe. Now only thing we don't know is the particular shades of the colors :)

    When I started reading the post I was thinking why you wrote this whole & whats the point reading it but at the end I felt thats its good to write even this. These kind of posts get people thinking on small things which we generally ignore due to busy life.

    As they say, we miss small happiness while working hard for the bigger ones.

    My Indulgence: I'd have written a big story of online/e-world indulgence :)
    Offline world: freak its taking me time to think....ok, eatables, adventure sports. While shopping (which is like once in a blue moon thing) deo, clothes which are kind of in shame shade (blue/black family). Aaah, this is a difficult task.
    We'll talk sometime on online indulgence which include 80-90 domain names and stuff like that :)

  72. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Ooh wow! You have OpenID support on your blog :)

  73. WOW!
    A woman has just two jeans? Quite interesting....
    Usually, most women go for shopping clothes, just to pass time. I am rather amazed to hear that you don't like to have lots of clothes..

    And about me?
    I love to eat sweets.. I think this is one of the best things money can buy.... (And one more thing is you don't worry about piling up of sweets.. It's just a matter of minutes, I will finish it!)
    Apart from sweets, electronic gadgets are nice to spend on...
    And of course, Books!!!!

  74. my roomates who were guys was surprised to me how less clothes i had and volunteered to come with with me and shop !!!

  75. I hate shopping for clothes/shoes/accessories. My husband thinks I am not a "normal" woman. But I am glad to find that my kind exists too :)
    My indulgance - Vacations, vacations, vacations. 25% of my family income goes into that :D

  76. heheh...Thanks a lot for the award :D

    Ok..your B'day marked..incidentally it matches wid one of my childhood friend..so wont be forgettin it...u dun forget to collect your gift :)!!

  77. I noted the date as well; so what is your fave perfume? :D

  78. Still thinking: Heh heh--Thank you! Since you ask, its actually Imperial Majesty--but Calvin Klein's Eternity will do as well :D

    Prakhar:If I am in Blr I will!So remember what u said!

    SS:oh yes--Me too loves vacations to unexplored places.

    Anrosh: :-) What did u tell them?

    Neo:What kind of sweets?Chocolates or Indian sweets? Yep--Gizmos I think most men love, right?

    Rohit11: wowow--somebody is back to 'real world' :D I didnt know it supports open id. Thanks for telling me. and btw--when i read your posts also i fele the same way--Half of them I dont understand-but later i feel good ;-)

    Veena:Thanks--yes--I saw the e-version in Deccan herald.

    Shruti:Same pinch!!

    wannabe writer:Except for food I'm a lot like you too.

    Prats: OMG_-even I have done that sometimes!!! (going shopping for myself and then coming back with something for kids or groceries!) LOL--I could sooooo relate!

  79. Holy Moly! You really were serious when you said you loved branded stuff but I didn't know the penchant ran as deep as that for a Limited Edition :)
    Calvin Klein's Eternity, thank God for small mercies :D

  80. I like Bakery sweets(Mostly Indian and NO CAKES...)
    Dil pasand is my "routine"....
    Whenever I pass infront of his bakery, he calls me... and asks ...
    "Sir, What shall I give you
    Though chocolates are good, I don't eat them much... :)

    You know? there is a a saying-
    The difference between boys and men is
    "Price of their Toys"....

  81. Neo: nice saying!! So true! Hadnt heard that one before.Surprised u don't like chocolates.

    Still thinking: Chuckling after reading your comment :-) :-)

  82. Thank You for your wishes!!
    Hey! I didn't said I don't like chocolates, I do like them, but somehow I either forget to buy them, or some other sweet looks more attractive, and makes me think- "Ok, I will buy chocolate next time" :)

  83. Old saying : You are what you eat. Now a days it is 'You are what you read'. You being voracious reader have inclucated a good habit of managing your book. And that is a good thing :)

  84. nice to knw dat the r more ppl like me, who hate shoppin :D

  85. Noted down what gift I can give on your birthday!


    Do you know there is a book "Border" bookstore opened in Sharjah city centre?

  86. Well... I love gettin new dresses... But dont hv much patience to shop for them....( Mostly i get gifted by close ones so it saves me frm crowds and beads of sweat....!!! lolz )

    I love spendin bugs on Accessories, Buks and enablin my mob to call more... I mean rechargin as much as i can..... Wish i cd get hands on a whole time sponser.....

    Happy writin folks

  87. I am so glad to have people like you around..My friends laugh their hearts out when I prefer to sit outside the shops while they are on their shopping spreee..they cannot understand it!! I do like shopping when the need is, but otherwise ...window shopping ...argh !

    I indulge on food..love tryin out new places..and well virtual games ! :)

    PS: Liked ur blog !
    PPS: Your book seems interesting, will read that!

  88. hiii

    I know have read it too late :) you may not go thorugh the comment:)
    well i fit ur friends catagry i lov shoppin for clothes :)
    shoes , bags ,food clothes :)
    am complete shopoholic :)n

  89. it keeps changing...in college i used to spend a lot on books n ice-cream parlors/pav bhaji vendors/chocolates...now-a-days i spend a lot on clothes n of late make up too...on last count i had 18 lipglosses/lipbalms (i hate lipsticks) and 15 cardigans...


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