Apologies if you have come here looking for a post to read. This will soon appear in my 3rd book called 'A 2nd Jar of Bubblegums and Candies'. I had to remove it as making it available online would be very unfair to my publishers who have placed so much trust in me.


  1. Why don't I apply some of the management principles that your kids are teaching me to the comment that you left on my blog?

    This is a cute post! :D

    Let me ask you this. When would be a good time to talk to you? Do you know that it has been 11 months since we last spoke? ( The last time was when I was in India late last year!! )

  2. ha ha ha...your kids are really clever!! :-) Enjoyed reading this post!

  3. Brillinat strategies there....and oh yes! Icecream always does the trick...have learnt my lessons well....

  4. Kid - Doggy - TV - Computer - Ice Cream. Hahaha.... Your kids are not only cute but very intelligent :)

    That cartoon and the post is very cute. Perfect example for a win-win situation. I hope some management guru reads this.

  5. Very interestingly written :-) And all for ice-creams!! I am sure both of them will love to read all of this when they grow up. This sure is a treasure that's growing bigger with every passing day :-)

  6. hi have really written the scene well. we didnt miss anything ( maybe ur frowns) ho it was a sweet really have their matter what ( happy they win)

  7. Wow! Into management already :)
    And Ice cream's a good idea. Though I sneak in a slab or two of chocolates as well :)

  8. ROTFL... This is the better than the best of negotiation strategy I have ever seen in my workplace.

  9. with each passing becoming a bigger fan of ur children:)
    clever kids:)..might end up writing "management funda" books:)to benefit one n all:)
    cute post needless to say that:D

  10. Hey... Love your kids... I guess I can do the same for a bowl of Icecream..Yummm!!!

  11. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Thats really smart yet tricky.

    Request for another baby & doggy can be nullified with ice-cream :)

  12. U knw I knew exactly where it was heading coz the very same happens at home. But u are way superior to me coz u knw where the conversation is heading whereas I the local tubelight will realise only after 30 mins that I got conned into giving into their demands.

    Lovely Post Preethi....and I have to tell u that I marvel at the way u keep putting up worthy posts week after week.

  13. Applause for Atul and Purvi !

  14. that was very clever Atu and Pui... :)

    I am taking notes... can use against B :)

    so... i shud start by asking for babies nah ;)?


  15. Tessie: of course--problem is Bobby may say yes :)

    Nilaav:How do u know their names?!

    Reflections:I think all kids do it.Only the degree of what they ask for differs! Thanks for the compliments Nancy.

    Rohit: Yeah! Ice cream will work in most cases :-) U serving ice cream at Club hack?;-)

  16. Chirpy paro : Its not liek I deny them Ice cream:-)

    Santasizing:They aren't that good also!Will write a post soon about how they drive me up the wall.:)

    Prats from pune:Yeah! If you want a mouse, you have to ask for an elephant! :-)

    Meira:They help themselves to chocolate and don't even ask! :-)

    Rm: i won too! i did not have to deliver--the babies or the Ice cream;-) LOL

    Stillness speaks:Will call you! Have been meaning to. Had guests over.

    Varun : :-) see my reply to prats from pune.

    Prats: Do yours deploy such tactics too?I'm sure they do.

    Pretty woman:All kids are!

    Vidya: Between 5 and 6 India time--but wont that be real early for you? Otherwise week-ends, as I wont have that much of mummy duties or single parenting.(Its been crazy)

  17. Ha ha cleaver kids.. That's what they say putting things in perspective.. :P Start with impossible ones and come down to what u want.. Had they started with ice-cream I doubt if you would have agreed ;)

  18. or it means that if you want ice-cream you start with baby sibling :D

  19. PS, I have sent you a mail on last Diwali and you replied that its like a diwali gift :)

    Hope you got me :)

    Cheers !

  20. haha.....after all they are not really innocent!:)...conveys the message very well!

  21. Smart kids.
    Could not talk to them during 34's launch.
    Will do during your next launch.


  22. hahahhahaha....too much :D

    brilliant kids :)

    now thats how u bargain...they always wanted the icecream :D


    luvly strip at the top..beautiful message :)

  23. Prakhar: i wanted Ice cream too :P

    Nikhil:You'll come home for lunch or dinner before that.

    Broca: Little devils they are--not innocent at all.

    Nilavu: peru paranjal manasil aavum! Eppo oru pidiyum kittunilla!(I get many mails a day--so have no clue)

    Cris: Absolutely! U want a mouse, start with an elephant.

    Dhnaya:Usually I dont say not to ice cream unless its just before a meal :)

  24. Ha ha! I wonder if your kids actually wanted the ice cream but started their bargain with a baby :D If not, you sure got off easy :)

  25. Hee hee...sounds like a yummy win win situation for all parties concerned :)

  26. hahahah brillaint
    loved the psot...hehehe wat stratagists...

  27. Preeti,

    I am still laughing. What a way to manage out of tricky situation! Baby - Puppy - TV / PC to Icecream.

    Take care

  28. LOL... i should have taken some classes from them when I met them :)

    for me storing up ice cream never happens - the monet i buy it, i finishes it.. if there is some portion left in the fridge, i will not get santhi till the last drop is empties... :|

  29. Lol!

    Ice cream always works huh! ;) Loved the comic strip and man how true is that!

    Absolutely adorable kids, bisous to them! :)

  30. omg - they sound like my kids. Ice cream is definitely magical. The other day my daughter banged her head and won't stop crying - my mom offered her some ice cream and the pain was instantly forgotten :)

    great post - your kids are very clever. And great come back with the dog response :)

  31. I guess this is what might be called guided negotiations where you know the outcome before the children realises's just a matter of convincing them to make the right choice. I believe that we men are particularly suseptable to this technique...our female partners either in business or life have a knack of guiding things whereby we think we've actually made our minds up about where we go on we paint our houses..what type of furniture we buy etc etc...but in reality, it's usually the female of the species who has already put these things in motion and convinced us it was our idea...we sit back happy and contented in our dellusion.....or is it just me?

  32. Hahaha! ur kids sure know how to get wat they want! smart li'l ones :)

    n u may not blv this..but thats xactly how i ask any1..any1 including the hubby for sumthing that i know is hard to get..I say "Nu, promise me u'll say yes, no." no response. "okay fine, if you love me will u MUST say yes" :D :D n our man will be full-alert knowin therz some big demand on its way!

  33. “See—I told you mama will agree for Ice-creams.” :-)

    It seems more like your kids planned for ice-cream only, baby-dog-tv was just a trick to distract and convince you.

    Even in that case, good funda !!

  34. Phoenix:See Niall's comment above.He got it absolutely right--and I have never denied them ice creams that they had to 'trick' or 'convince' me.:)

    Pavi: :-) Errr--ahem--do u let him use Ice creams?;-)

    Niall: :-) You are adorable!

    Pink Dogwood: :-)Oh yes--Ice cream solves everything!And I think only you noticed the comeback :-)

  35. Still thinking: Will give bisous to them for sure :)

    xh: I do that with potato chips! :P

    Jack: :-)

    Enigma:Thank myou.

    SMM: i think you were one of the very few who got the true essence of the post! Thanks!

    SS: Well i'd anyday deliver ice creams than a baby :)

  36. :D:D:D

    kids r tricky!! :D.. i gt one sis who gets me frm time 2 time :D

  37. Hi di/ "seasoned mom"( loved the way u ve written it)Must say first - the title is so so apt...
    This post sent me in splits within seconds!!
    But surely your angels have given me a ver good tip!!
    Smart move angels!!

  38. Hi Preeti,
    I could totally relate to this entire episode without blinking.. because me being a mother of two can totally get it especially one more baby & puppy part.. very well written

    Keep writing.

  39. awww that was too cute!! It reminds me of similar bargaining me and my bro used to do with my mom...and its true! the younger, cuter one always gets what he/she wants!! :)

    lovely post Ps! :)

  40. with the brilliance of your kids, i wudnt be surprised if all the rest of the demands were to lead to the ice cream...


    now tht wud be something to think abt...

  41. I found your site about two - three weeks back while surfing the net and have been hooked to it since then. spent the last two weeks reading almost all your articles in this as well as sulekha...and yeah i have been a lurker! which i intend to change now!

    dont have kids yet, but a hubby is an equivalent in my books ;) am not crazy abt ice creams hubby is ....keep the freezer stocked with it so that i can use it for house MANAGEMENT LESSONS ;)

    he relies on chocolates for his management sessions!

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. Chips: Welcome and thanks for de-lurking! Smiling about the chocolates.

    Tys: I think all kids are like that :)


    Sanjana/Teju: I think this is the first time you are commenting. Welcome! And thanks so much!

    Swathy: :-) All kids are like that.

    Shimmer: :-) :-) What fun to have a sibling like that!

    Manoj: Thanks for the unsolicited advice. And you're entitled to your opinion.(and allowed to keep it, just as I am) Peace. :-)

  44. Atul and Purvi are very smart. We face this problem on and off from out daughter. She has a point actually.

  45. were we also this smart when we were kids??!! :D

    loved reading this PS!



  46. gud management tactics.I do agree that ice creams are a favourite among the kids.Anyway those grey cells really work a lot better amongst the kids especially when they are on the look out for some mischief.Nonetheless enjoyed reading the post..:)

  47. gud management tactics.I do agree that ice creams are a favourite among the kids.Anyway those grey cells really work a lot better amongst the kids especially when they are on the look out for some mischief.Nonetheless enjoyed reading the post..:)

  48. Sushobhan:I tried to access your blog from your blogger profile but its not listed in that! Please give the blog link in your profile so i can access it from my comment box.And thanks!


    Bimal:All kids do this.

  49. chocolate ....i have been a great fan and its worst slave...

    clever and adorable kids

  50. ROFL!!!! nice one..

  51. AV :-)Thanks :-)

    Gazal: I love chocolate too. :)

  52. I think they wanted ice cream in the first place... :)) And I do that too with ice creams and chocolates - ask my daughter to get an extra bowl or piece for me...

  53. Hey PS ... Ur kids remind me of my darling kid brothers who are really adorable but know how to get things done with a lot of sweet talking .. :D BTW, your blog is fantastic .. Keep writing and inspriring .. Luv, Ashwini

  54. i am still laughing out loud.

  55. sorry for late replies !!
    damn pretty kids .. smart brilliant ! what should one say and u have posted it amazingly so well :)
    Chennai ? kab aa rahen hain ji ??


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