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Of launches, friendships and the silence between.

Apologies for missing the Wishlist Wednesday, last week. If you have connected with me on Facebook, you would be aware that I have been running around like a headless chicken, in the western parts of the country (Mumbai and Pune  to be precise, where I visited a LOT of book stores)  doing book launches (click on the names of cities to see photos of the events) and 'meet n greets' .

The rest of the month doesn't look any less busy either. But Wish list Wednesdays will run as scheduled till the end of the month. The results will be announced all together at the end of the month, instead of the following week. (That will give me some breathing space--thank you :) )

I would also be at the Taj Lit fest happening in Agra between 1st and 3rd February 2013. I would be in discussion with the renowned Prahalad Kakkar, on 2nd february at 2.45 pm. We would be having a discussion on 'creativity in daily life'. Come and say a hi if you are around :)

To tell you the truth, writing a book is easier than doing all this.  Honest.
For one, there is this business of clothes.
I have so many events now that wardrobe planning has become a thing-that-takes-considerable-time. Of course I want to look nice at my events :)
So even though I detest shopping, I am forced to.

If I had my way, I would just turn up at these events in my shorts and T-shirt and flip-flops. But a little voice in my head tells me  that it isn't  a good idea  and I think I will listen to that little voice :) For now :).

Then, at all my events there is the press. It is nice of course to be interviewed and asked about my books and to be featured. (Click here for press coverage--I have been getting some awesome ones).
It is hugely stressful to smile and pose for the pictures and answer all questions patiently with a smile on your face even though it is the 100th time you have been asked the same question.

And then there are those people whom you expect to be there at your event, but do not turn up. My book launch is a big event for me, and of course it means a lot for me to have people I consider close, present there. Maybe, much more than I care to admit. And it  is bad when some people are conspicuous by their absence.(It is interesting to note how last minute things crop up all of a sudden whenever my event happens at the city they live in).
So I am doubly grateful for all the ones who take the trouble and effort to attend my launches.


I was overjoyed to see Manish Rahul, my classmate, at the launch, and also Vasumathi, my senior. We all studied in the same school, KVIIT-Chennai.

Manish recently completed the Mumbai half-marathon and I was very proud of him. Manish and I used to play basket-ball together and our school  truly encourages sports a great deal. (we both went on to play for KVS nationals later)

 I was meeting Manish after eight years! I was meeting Vasumathi for the first time.

It was wonderful to reminisce about our school days.

I was also meeting a very dear friend after ten years. I was delighted she could make it. We were both very overwhelmed and I had to hold back tears of joy. The photographer captured the moment so well.

There is indeed something magical and marvellous about old friendships that are true friendships (Not all are). Sometimes time stands still and it feels as though nothing has changed, even though so much has happened in the interim. There are  a few friendships in my life that have stood the test of time--and I value them such a lot.  (They always find a way back into my writings--for example the friendship between Tanu and Dikhsa in The secret wishlist).

Apart from my friends, fans and readers, support from my fellow authors  means a lot to me.
I was very happy to have Kiran Manral (author of 'The reluctant detective) launch my book. I was also very happy to have Ravi Subramanian (author of several best sellers including the recent Bankster) at the launch. Thank-you to both of you!
Kiran has blogged about it here.

At Pune, I was in conversation with Dr.Manjiri Prabhu (author and film maker) and that was great as well.

At the end of three days, I was so exhausted, it was a miracle that I managed to stand up straight.While I enjoyed my events and meeting so many well-wishers, I also heaved a sigh of relief when it ended. I had been missing my work outs.I had been missing my yoga.I had been missing my quiet time. I had been missing writing in my blog. I had been missing my comfy t-shirt and shorts. I had been missing just being myself..I had also been missing the three people closest to me--the three who know me inside out, and who love me no matter what. I had also been missing my 3rd baby (my doberman) and I was overjoyed to be reunited with her.

And so for now, it is back to routine.

Until the next round starts.

I am grateful for all the success.
I am grateful for all the peace and the quiet time too.

It is so important, you know, the silence between.

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  1. I think you would look super even if you turn up in shorts and T shirt :P.I am not surprised you need quiet time after the launches .. I suppose even super women need their moments of rest :P
    And I agree there is something magical and marvellous about old friendships !
    Trying very hard to be there at Agra. Hope I can make it !

    1. Heh heh..thanks for that vote of confidence. I hope you can too :)

  2. It was great to meet you last week and i cannot express in words how much your books and posts here has impacted me. There is always something in your books that i can connect. I with all my heart hope that this success keeps increasing exponentially.

    I can hardly recognize myself now, i have changed a lot from my college days and you have had a huge say in that. My perspective on so many things, the way i think about life has changed drastically. There is still a long way to go but now i know i can do it. Thanks a lot Preeti :)

    1. Thanks a lot Shanthu and it was great to meet you too.

  3. It is nice to see you back on the blog! Missed the Bangalore event as we had a family reunion then. Hope Hyderabad features in some future event.

    Love and luck for the coming months,


    1. Thank you :) Yes maybe sometime in the future!

  4. Awwwww...the pic with your third baby is so cute!!! I just wrote a blogpost about the event:) However, could not upload the pics:(
    The event was fantastic!!!!! and thank you so much for coming overr to Mumbai:)
    Love n Hugs

    1. Big hug and lots of love :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 'Old is gold' though the wise saying has been and is being much used,it hasn't attained tear and wear.Your post and its description helped me have voyage through my old friends and activities, as it(the post) was so endearing that I couldn't withdraw my eyes. I am proud to read that you are a K.V product, since I too have connection with K.V.

    1. I have studied in KVs from 1st standard to 12th :) Thanks!

  7. This is wonderful Preeti! I missed your launch event, the event day being a working day :( All the best once again for your launch events. And agree with you on the need for "silence" - very important, and always available in short supply

    1. So true what you say about silence. Thanks!

  8. Is there any programs for u in chennai ??? because u got fans in chennai also and v wish to say u hi :)

    1. Thanks Harish. Yes 3rd week of Feb, chennai is on the cards :)

    2. Wow :) tats great:)

  9. Of all the pictures, I love the one with your dobe, the most. It looks like both of you are smiling from heart, for the photo :)

    1. ha ha..yeah I guess we both were! :) My dog is indeed smiling in that pic :)

  10. Preeti - it was GREAT meeting you - after all the interactions we've had thru our alumni group and Facebook. And I really did burst with pride, seeing you launch the book. All the best and I am hoping for a day in Blore when we just sit over a cup of coffee....!

    1. We will. It was fantastic to meet you as well :) Felt so good to see you so proud! :) Thank you!

  11. So super woman finished her tour..lovely..:)

    1. I am ordinary woman :) Struggling to cope :)

  12. ""I am grateful for all the success.
    I am grateful for all the peace and the quiet time too.

    It is so important, you know, the silence between.""

    i like it...

  13. What with no updates on the blog I knew you would be busy with your launches. Good that it went well and now you have the much needed break before the next one starts.

    Love your picture. is that a Falguni and Shane peacock collection by any chance?


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