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5 things women really want from men

Reams and reams have been written about how women are complicated and how women are from Venus and men are from Mars and how it is impossible to understand what a woman wants.

Mel Gibson even got inside women's minds to figure it out.

But I think it is simple.
Here are five things every woman will want from her man.

1. Tell us we look beautiful. Notice the small things about us. Like the ear-rings and heels. Notice the new eye-liner. I know most men don't even notice something as trivial as an eye-liner. :)

[A few years back,  I wanted Satish to notice my new eye-liner. I stood in front of him and coyly fluttered my eye-lashes. He genuinely looked puzzled. I fluttered them some more. Then an enlightened look dawned on his face. I waited for him to compliment me about how lost he was in my eyes.  He asked if I was trying to imitate Lalita Pawar.  :D

You can be sure he now appreciates not only my eye-liner, but he can also distinguish between a water-proof mascara, a non-water proof one, eye shadow, smudge and  Kohl. yeah, he has progressed a lot since then.  :)
(The things men have to do to please women, I tell you!) ]

2. Please talk. Articulate! Talk to us about stuff that interests you. A new movie? A new book? Even call of duty black ops is fine! Really :). What do you like? What goes on inside that head?  Just talk!

[I think I ought to put Satish on National Television--under Arnab Goswami's scanner and say 'Preeti demands answers and she needs them  now. Talk Satish Talk!]

3. Please dress well. Please make some effort in looking nice when you take us out. Please don't dress like this.

 [Fortunately for me, full marks for Satish in this department. After all, he asks me now and then if what he has picked to wear goes well or asks me to pick out his clothes. :P :D ]

4. Get us little presents for no reason. Anything really! Flowers, a book, a card, a music CD. The gift need not be expensive, but please show that some effort went in choosing that gift. while on the subject I must clarify--table-mats for the house is not a good gift. Neither is a weighing scale :)

[I must further clarify that Satish has never gifted me either of the above. But he came close once when he gifted me Speakers :) They were not even Bose. So ungrateful I am, I know. The poor guy goes and gets a gift for me, and I crib about it on my blog. Women I tell you--so hard to please!]

5.Please listen! I mean really listen when we speak. Pay attention. I know what our girlfriend's sister's cousin wore and whom she talked to and where she went and what her boss told her at work, doesn't really interest you. I know. But listen, will you? And empathise. Be genuinely interested. Or at least try. Women will love you for it.

[Satish has perfected this art too. When I speak (usually a long monologue with 'hmms' from him at appropriate intervals) I pause after five minutes or so and then test him. I ask him 'what did I just say?' and he will repeat verbatim the last few sentences. Then I say--but you didn't react. His standard response to that is 'Oh I didnt know I was supposed to react. What do you want me to say?'
(Yeah I know--women are not happy even when you listen. What do they want really!)]

Recent pic of satish and me. I made sure he appreciated not only my eye-liner but also my bindi, saree, Jhumkas, bangles, everything ;-) and several times--not just once :D

I am quickly and gleefully publishing this post while Satish is watching some cricket on TV :) He has no clue what I am up to. I told him I am working and not to disturb me.
By the time he realises what I have done, it will be too late. Heh heh. Wicked wicked me.

The best he can do as a retort is a come-back post on what men want from women.
And yes--I shall be graceful enough and publish it as a guest post on this blog :)

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  1. Good One Preeti :) Will make my hubby read it :)

    1. awesome lines...every male should read this to have a better understanding of females...loved ur writings..preethi....

  2. That was really nice mam.....
    This is what a girl/woma actually wants from her partner.....

  3. Lol!!! Loved reading this and yes I expect that reaction from Satish too..
    Hey but he did get you speakers, and you didnt appreciate...I'm like that too :( Me bad

    1. Please! Speakers!! What kind of gift is that?! and top of that when I told him, he is saying he bought it because it was on a discount!!! :D :D

  4. Dear Satish,

    Let's head out for a beer...and talk about if we REALLY want to understand women...

    BUT if we do have our spouses around - we'd tag team and compliment them...I've also found this wonderful place that has small gift wrapped presents (they sort of guarantee that its generic enough for most women to like :-))... Great, isn't it? Buy a whole bunch and surprise them :-)

    Oh Preeti - hello :) too...

    1. Helooooooo anand--You just burst the cheekiness barometer with that comment of yours! ;-)
      Had me chuckling :)

  5. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Preethi...Really amusing stuff...!!
    The most imp thing that caught my fancy is, the way you won your ways of likability from Mr.Sensible Satish... TouchWood..wishing u many more wonderful years & times of making perfect for each other!

    1. Heh heh..It was all in a lighter vein shalini :)
      Thanks for the wishes. Much appreciate!

  6. Too good. esp. "Please Talk." - The Silence pinches like anything. If you have a problem, a confusion or anything, Talk..Silence leaves me in a state of utter confusion and complication :) :)

  7. awesome post! i can relate to this one so much! i wish some of male friends read this!!! would certainly share this on my blog!

  8. I totally agree. This post to include in 8th std syllabus,:-)

    1. Yes, they will take about 10-12 years to come close to learning the tricks/facts before they decide to get married ;)

  9. This post should actually read 5 Things that Preeti wants from Satish. Just a few words of clarification from my end just to clarify the male perspective since all the women readers loved this post so much and immediately wanted their husbands to read etc.
    Firstly if you want to succeed in life make it seem like the other person won. See I wanted to watch cricket (even though our guys have made it a habbit of losing to tom dick and even Misbah now). So when Preeti says she is busy working and not to disturb etc. give her full support. The worst that can happen is you respond to the blogpost a bit later right? Win Win. On her 5 specific points above my take is:
    1. On this do not take the hit and miss approach and learn like I did. The moment she flutters her eyes search her face to see what has changed. Compliment her on that. If you cannot find anything different tell her she is looking even better than a few minutes back and what has she done and she will head for point 5 which is 'she talks and you listen'.
    2. My advice - do not fight this one. Men cannot beat women at this one. No offense but I am amazed at the amount they talk. If we could tap this source and use it for electrcity purposes the world would never be dark. And if I am put on Arnab's show then just adopt the Abhijit approach. I aplogise and withdraw my competition from this event.
    3. No harm in agreeing on this one. Boss is also happy and I get some new clothes too. Win Win.
    4. Glad Preeti thinks so. Just between you and me the kids and I wanted the speakers for the comp. Preeti is happy that I gifted her something while at the same time guilty that she is complaining about my gift. ROTFL. On a serious note this is one of the most difficult things to do. Get a gift for a lady. Damned if you do and damned if you dont. You will never win this one too since each ones taste is so different.
    5. Never get this one wrong. Be able to repeat at least the last 5 lines of what she said even if you are focussing on something else. If she asks you more than that god help you. You need to be good at multi tasking and listening while noit listening. The alternative is to give up all those innocuous things like watching cricket etc.

    Anand - a drink is always a good option ;)
    Ok now that I have clarified let me go and make the counch in front of the TV ready for me to sleep on tonight. Cheers.

    1. Yeah darling. I love you too :D

    2. Anonymous3:08 PM

      You guys are the best couple i ever met.

    3. Anonymous3:09 PM

      You guys are the best couple i ever met.

  10. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Agree with points number 2 and 5 :)

  11. Black Ops too :) That would be cool if the GF / Wife knows stuff like that.. :) Many of them hardly know :'(

    1. I play black ops also--even though I always get killed :P :D

  12. Not a chance. Women - please remain in Venus

    1. We have been brought up to tell the truth, so can't do :) It must also be understood that the male gaze is at a slightly lower altitude than eye liners. By the way, what's an eyeliner ??

    2. As if we get a chance. Point 2 is completely contradictory to Point 5. Just goes to show that logical continuity is not the strong point of the ummm fair(er) sex

    3. Sure we do. Kachcha and banian is a very elegant dress with incredible degrees of freedom.

    4. Can't do. Wallet is empty courtesy Bose speakers.

    5. Tough to do without a serious risk of tinnitus and we are very careful about our health

    Baag Baag DK Bose, et al. Ducking in a 15 ft concerete bunker :):)

    1. My hands are itching to throw something at Ramesh, but am unable to do anything abt it because of the distance....will u please do the honours when he visits you next Preeti;-/.

  13. Hahah Extremely funny and well written! We get raw stones and spend so much time polishing them n atlast they dont sparkle :-P

    Btw it made my day when I realised that your book that I ordered from Flipkart was signed by you :-) :-) :-) :-)

  14. Good one Preeti and I'd like to add to the 'Please listen' point...when you are listening please just listen we are not asking for ur opinion;-P

    And Satish's answer had me in splits....u really should have got him to guest-post his take but I guess this is better bcoz then all the guys wd have taken the opportunity to gang up on us;-D.

  15. I guess all the five points apply to any person - substitute 'handsome' for 'beautiful' in case of men for the first point. Everyone likes being talked to and heard. And I guess most people would love gifts for no reason. Men may crib about women wasting money when they buy gifts for them, but trust me, from the inside, they too, love gifts.

  16. the moment I read the title of the post, I thought "hmm, sure bhavaji is gonna come up with a crisp reply to this one." I am sorry, I like what you write, but I am totally in love with his comeback posts. (now for all the expectations I have from him, please make him write a post? been a long time no?)

  17. Preeti..
    My hubby notices things,and he tells me,Oh,U shopped again..!!! ;)

  18. very basic very true, definitely men will have their version of it.

  19. DUH! Me jumped bhavaji's comment before opening my big mouth here saying how much I love his writing over yours on your blog! what an "oooopsie" moment for me!

  20. hahahaha.. enjoyed this post so much! Can relate to it completely!! :D
    Good one by Satish.. no need to publish a separate post ;) and even if you do.. it's going to be even funnier! :D Cheers to you guys!!

  21. preeti shenoy wrote some where,"I do appreciate his point of view but he is definitely sleeping on the couch tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  22. I would love to see a guest blog on the topic. will give me some interesting insight... please use your magic (flutter your eyes or use your smile) Preeti and cajole him to write on the topic!

  23. Well written.Of course we should be good listeners also.

  24. I second you Preeti on most of the points you mentioned. Once my husband bought me a Harddisk as my birthday gift and i didnt knw what to react :( as i never used that HD till date.

    This blog url is on the way to my hubby's inbox ;)

  25. I had written something on similar might want to read and comment on it...will like it if you do so.. :)..

    Link to that post of mine..

  26. Hi Preeti,

    Amazing blog...while u have beautifully expressed the way we women feel, just to take care of all these aspects in the early stages of relationship. But once they have us, they become their usual self...In fact, I have written something on this...u might like...

  27. Dear Love (as your name means),

    I am an ardent fan of yours after reading your book The Secret Wishlist. Wish I could meet you in person in Bangalore's launch. But good news is I stay in same city as yours and would keep a hawk eye on next event.

    I love the blog you have written and also I would add to it, by sharing the blog I wrote about what women want

    Preeti Chandrashekar-Vaidya (also from Pune and now in Bangalore)


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