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Looking younger than one's years

Some people look much younger than their actual age  and some people look so much older. With a 'youth obsessed society' the former might seem an enviable option, what with scientists conducting successful experiments in mice to reverse ageing  (I don't think it made an iota of difference to the mice though :-)), but it does come with its own set of problems, which might seem comical to the ones who do not go through it.

One of my favourite cousins, a single working mum, who lives in the U.S,  looks a lot younger than she actually is. She is 43 now (and yes that is her very recent picture on the left! Isn't she gorgeous? :-)) and she really looks like her daughter's older sister.When she was about 36, she had taken her daughter to Disneyland (USA) and they were giving balloons to the children who were visiting--and yeah--you guessed it--they gave her a balloon as they presumed she was a teen! I laughed my head off, when I heard of the incident  :-)

When I was in the UK (a couple of months back) , an animal rights activist  rang my doorbell. After explaining his cause very enthusiastically, he then gave me a form and a brochure, and enquired politely if there was anyone who could sign for it. The penny did not immediately drop and I said I would sign, whereupon he cleared his throat a bit embarrassed and said someone older than 25 had to sign.

When I had tried to buy liquor in the UK, they asked me for proof of age. (They are very strict there now about not selling alcohol to those under 25 unless ID proof which shows age is produced)

To me, it is mildly flattering and  hugely amusing. I have now learnt to deal with it, but it still does amuse me (no end) each time it happens, as I  have been told so many times now, mostly in puzzled bewilderment and sometimes in  undisguised disbelief, that I look much younger than I actually am and how is it possible and what do I do.(and I am quite proud to say I  am 39 and I have no qualms about admitting my age.  Heck, I have lived each day  and have  earned my wisdom :-D) People do not believe that I indeed have a 13 year old son and a nine year old daughter.

Looking younger than one's years--I think it is partly genetic.  Partly it is also how one feels, how active one is and how fit one keeps one self.

I know several women who look so much younger than their ages.Several of my friends, who are much older than me and who have adult children, look just half their age. When I sat and thought about why it could be so and were there any common factors in all these women, the following was what I observed.

1.They all have had their children before hitting 27 and they have all breast-fed their children for over an year.
2.They all are very particular about their fitness. They either walk or do yoga or play a sport.
3.They all have a fabulous dress sense and wear lovely, flattering, well fitted clothes.
4.They are all such fun loving individuals. I always have a whale of a time with them.
5.They are very confident,sassy and bold and are very sure of themselves and what they want out of life and what they want in a man. (Maybe it comes with age!) Some of them are big flirts too! :-)
6.None of them want to be any younger and all of them without an exception are happy to be at the age that they are and even more happy that their twenties and thirties are over! They are truly happy to be in their forties and fifties. (makes me want to get there!)
7.They all inevitably have a fabulous equation with the younger folks in their twenties. Their children's friends are sometimes their friends and all of them are very popular among the younger crowd. (may be the younger crowd considers them role models?)

8.None of them use make-up on a regular basis.
9.They all have such enthusiasm for life.They are willing to learn new things.
10.They have multiple interests and they all DEFINITELY have a life other than their husbands and children.They may not necessarily be having careers but they all do something or the other on their own.
11.They have their own  friends who are only their friends and not common friends with their spouse.
12.They all smile a lot!

I have no idea how these women manage to do it. All I know is  these women inspire me. I admire all of them, not just for their looks, but for their attitude to life. I sure want to be like them when I get there.

Who knows maybe they have all cracked the secret to some magic formula which made Bryam Adams croon "18 till i die" :-)  Whatever be their secret, their attitude sure is infectious!


  1. Fantastic post! Could relate to it very well! A very important factor for staying young (and looking younger) is to always keep learning and growing and involving yourself in new and challenging things ! I think boredom makes you age! :)

  2. :D Apart from the weight issues I have I could fit into the category. You left out one point, many of them are genetically blessed with good skin and do not take medicines unless its absolutely necessary. And yes, in the past, I have been asked to furnish age proof so often that it stopped being funny.

  3. My mum was once asked to call 'her dad', i.e. My dad to sign an important document.
    My hostel warden actually entered my parents' relation to me as 'brother and sister' when I was 7.
    So i'm hoping it's in the genes :P

    Great post, agree with every point you made. Mom has all of those and so do you :)
    Here's to a long, 'young' life :D

  4. that was a wonderful post Preethi. Right now the sleepless nights with my small child is definitely making me look & feel 15 years older :) Hopefully that'll pass as she grows. Having met and known babi personally, i have to say she is the most wonderful, thoughtful, loving (i could go on) human being in this world apart from being an awesome mom ! Look how well anni turned out to be. 3 cheers to babi !!! I simply love that woman.

  5. too good post! I would take all your points as tips to look young while growing older [i am 25 now - I surely look much older than that

  6. Lovely post Preeti. Soooooo honored to have a mention. I also must say living with an attitude of GRATITUDE is also one of the secrets!!! :D
    lots of love,
    Babiakka. (aaj mein upar aasmaan neeche..... thanks to your post. you made my day!!! ummmaaaa. hugs.)

  7. Totally true preeti, been off your blog for a while now...good to see ur super post;-)))))

  8. Great post Preeti.
    You know being a girl(I still don’t like calling myself a woman :) ) of 25 people still think i am just out of school or something. Not college.. School!
    I have the same problem when buying alcohol and the worst part is when people at work think you are just a cute little girl who does not know a thing and never take you seriously.
    So much for looking younger than your age eh??

  9. As everyone above said it's an awesome post .And I am the first male commenting on it. May be I should not, but the magic you weave with words on the reader, makes it simply irresistible to comment on it.

  10. sahi observations :)....feeling good about what you do, what you wear, how you carry yourself, how you express your views n opinions and "living" life not just existing - this and more.....goes a long way in bringing that youth and glow on one's face. Oh, and we must not forget that a smile costs nothing :)

  11. OMG- 43 did u say--ur cousin looks absolutely stunning.
    I think once women have kids then they really dont think much about fitness which is according to me the key to look and feel energetic and young. And apart from all that the thought that --Dil to Bachha Hai Ji :)

  12. Anonymous12:26 AM

    I would say a very keen observation of you which reflected in your 12 good reasons to stay younger ;). And if I want to summarise your 12 points then it would be stay happy:D :D and don't bother about the things much.
    Again I want to appreciate your observation.I too want to become a very keen observer.I know it comes with age.;):P

  13. Good One Preeti. Some people never age and that comes with how they lead their day 2 day lives...Keep Smiling and Keep Growing YOUNGER..Have a good weekend

  14. Great topic Preeti!
    I for one think that age is not chronological but what you feel...and I feel younger by the year :P

  15. :D I think I need to keep those points in mind :D
    lovely post :D

  16. What a post! I just loved it...

    and must agree that well fitted clothes make a huge difference. (i used to dress in loose outfits in my twenties and looked older then!)

    psst... i still have to get over that pic which Atul took of you jumping envious of that waist and those slim legs!


  17. Being young at heart - thats what all of you are and it clearly reflects in the face and the smiles, I will say!!! Inspiring post and points duly noted...:D

  18. Good one Preethi !

    And most important mantra of all ..


  19. VPP: Yes true! :)

    SK : thanks :) yeah the women I talked about are quite awesome :)

    Suma: :)Thanks :)Those legs=years and years of basketball in hot blistering sun :)

    Rajlaksmi:Thanks! :-)

    Sheila: touchwood--lucky U! I do agree :)

  20. justbecause2ppl: So very true. It all depends on how they lead their lives.

    Vipul: :) Are u trying to flatter me? :)

    Horizon: yeah--she is one amazing lady! I agree about fitness part after having kids.

    Shachi: very well said my friend!

    allthatmatters: heh heh heheh :) I find it very amusing when it happens to others too :)Yeah i agree about people not taking you seriuosly..happens to me. But when I speak then they know i mean business.

    Gagndeep: thank you so very much for those kind words!

  21. Priya Rajesh: welcome back and thanks :)

    Babbiakka/Gayathri: Ummmmmmmma and hugs back :) Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

    Pia Vinay: :)Thanks!

  22. Ranjini:Yes when kids are small it is hard. Yes--babbiakka is indeed awesome! :)

    Sucheta: you have been in hostel since age of seven?! :-0

    Ritu: having 'conversed' with you once I can see you are really youthful!Kudos to you :)

    Ruch:Yes you did make an important point there! thanks!

  23. Anonymous8:00 PM

    No.I was appreciating your observation only.:)

  24. Vipul: Appreciate your observation about my observation :) thank you :)

  25. Haha yea I was. Dad's in mining and he got posted in weird places when I was a kid. I even met with an accident in my school bus once, so a hostel was more 'stable'. I was in a hostel from the ages of 7-12 and then 16 onwards!

    Contrary to popular belief, it worked out well :)

  26. Also, I forgot to mention.. your cousin is a stunner ;)
    she looks so full of life :)

  27. Hi Preeti di,

    I totally agree with ur post. And guess what, I have written on the same lines wherein I have mentioned about you and few other fellow bloggers ---

    So, I was actually surprised to see this post on ur blog today :) I dont comment often so you might not know me but man! you sure are an inspiration ;)

    loved the post...

  28. Great Post Preethi.. even I have a relative who doesnt look her age at all , and all the points that you have observed about such people go very well with her too...

    I love all your posts and I am looking forward to reading your next book...

    Keep writing! :)

  29. Sometimes ppl say I look my age n some say I look younger but i never really bothered with how i dressed up or what makeup to wear...your friend in the pic sure does look very young for someone who's in her forties...n i'd like to know the secret too :)

  30. I loved this one- suits me too much. At 32 i look hardly 23.


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