Jai Hind!

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This morning I attended a flag hoisting event and proudly sang the National anthem, as the tricolour fluttered in the breeze. The stir of patriotism in me was a wave, a deluge.I texted  about twelve of my good friends  conveying the same, wishing them a Happy Republic day. Eight of them cared enough to text back and the pride in being Indian was obvious in their replies too.

Somehow, jokes about Republic day which are doing the rounds (stuff like 'conserve the patriotism') and jokes which do the rounds ridiculing India, do not go down well with me. I don't see anything frivolous about Republic day or Independence celebrations. We  as a nation, have indeed progressed a lot, even if we still have a far way to go. Yes, there might be a million things which are wrong, but surely there are many positives as well--it isn't all doom and gloom, as the pessimists might like to point out.

Many people do not even care about the freedom that we now have.It is taken for granted. Even as not so long back as 1932, there will still signboards in India, outside the European Clubs, which said "Indians and Dogs not allowed." My blood boils in outrage even as I type it. How can such a thing be a laughing matter? Hundreds of people like Pritilata Waddekar  laid down their lives. They believed in a cause. They cared.

It is the duty of every Indian citizen to at least respect the tricolour, attend a flag hoisting and be aware of our past. If they have children, it is indeed their responsibility to tell their children about people like Chandrashekar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Bhaga Jatin, Rani Laksmibai (Bundelo har bolo ke muh hame suni kahani thi, Khoob ladi mardani woh tho jhansi wali rani thi)  and many many more .(They are too many to name in one single blog post). 

Only in view of the Freedom movement and only against the backdrop of what it used to be like, can one fully understand the significance and importance of Independence Day as well as Republic day.(Many are not aware that we became a Republic only in 1950). 

As India celebrates its 62nd Republic day, as the Military might and Indian culture unfolds at the Parade at Rajpath, as I delightfully watch the floats I truly and whole heartedly take immaculate pride in my country and I nod in agreement as strains of 'Saare jahan se achcha ' fill the air.

It is definitely not uncool to be patriotic.
Jai Hind!


  1. Salute to the martyrs and being an optimist I too echo the same views as yours.. Though India has still a long way to go yet it has still a remarkable job in coming so far..:)

  2. Totally agree with every word you said :)
    And thanks for sharing the link about Pritilata Waddekar. What's striking is that she was 22 and a very promising young woman who was "doing well" in life and yet decided to act so selflessly. Most people in such situations become victim to apathy.

  3. Good post. I do believe that we should be proud of our history. But where are we NOW as a country? with so much corruption by the people with power and frustration among the people who "give" them the power.

    my take - http://www.potofthots.com/2011/01/india-republic-day.html

  4. Yes, you're right, its not "uncool" to be patriotic. Even today when I listen to our national anthem it gives me goosebumps. I can see many people sitting in Fame when they play our anthem before a movie but dont feel ashamed of standing during our anthem. Nice post, jai hind!

  5. Jai Hind!

    Patriotism is not something that can be taught...it comes when we understand and feel we're part of a country having such a diverse culture and a great history.Sadly,we're now more worried about our own "state"

  6. One of the things I've noticed is that I appreciate national events and symbols more when I am out of the country. There's a latent patriotism in all of us I think. We only differ on how we wear it on the sleeve. The republic day parade is a goosebumps experience for me these days.

  7. yes, I agree. We as a nation lack national pride. There is so much in india we should be proud of...I really cannot understand how all of this can be put right/....

  8. Indeed freedom is not a matter of joke... people had actually struggled and shed blood for it...
    Powerful post there...

  9. Pls read Makers Of Modern India by Ramachandra Guha.

  10. Happy republic Day to you 2.
    Proud to be an Indian.


  11. We as the generation next sometimes find it difficult to relate to the hardships of the pre independence era; the passion that fueled the youth then.

    However, we have to realize that every civilization has had to go through that phase in order to give it's future the power/freedom we have today.
    That should not go unappreciated.

    I think it is vital for the youth/children to feel a part of a larger body, be it the country or humanity in general.

    This, I believe is reason enough to watch the flag hoisting or celebrate republic/independence day. To feel the spirit.

    As far as the "pessimistic" messages are concerned, they do have an element of truth in them; it should only motivate us to do better.
    Different strokes for different folks ;)

    Jai Hind!

  12. Happy republic day to you too Preethi :) Even my heart swells with pride and I get goose pimples whenever I listen to the national anthem.. Yeah.. it is totally cool to be patriotic.. and I am a die hard patriotic right from my childhood... may be people find that to be a little weird.. but I love my country...! we have flaws.. but who does not? :)

  13. This feeling of patriotism should make us set at least one of those million things right and not indulge in cynicism.

  14. we had a flag hoisting at our complex, the organisers had even kept it as late as 10.30am, still not everyone turned up...(they were seen in full force at the carnival which happened later on)

    but it was wonderful to stand there, and see the flag flying high...

    lovely post, preeti...

  15. Happy Republic Day... Your post is an eye opener for many who do not value the freedom we have today...

  16. A very happy republic day
    This republic day was a special one for me..enjoyed the farewell party..my school days coming to an end :(

  17. Excellently put! Even we celebrated and attended the flag hoisting ceremony in our apartment.

    I had goose bumps when I saw little children dressed up like our freedom fighters and young girls and boys depicting and narrating unknown facts about our lovely Country.

    In no way are we inferior to other countries.BTW did you watch "patriotism knows no languages' video on TV. IF not, catch it. IT is simply beyond words.

  18. Anonymous3:55 PM

    This is one of the things I miss about not being in India - the republic day parade.

    - A proud Indian.

  19. Suoloc: I second you.

    Asha: nopes have not watched it. Will try to catch it.

    Aish: i did see the pics on FB )

    Pia: glad you think so :)

    Suma: Thank you! :)

  20. L: Whole heartedly agree. welcome to my blog.Thank you for leaving a comment :)

    Manasa: i agree completely about not focussing on flaws.

    Sucheta: I am not saying that they dont have an element of truth. But most of the youth these days feel no pride in the nation.They get a voter id card just so that they can get a sim card.

    Horizon: Same pinch seema :)

    Guru: will try to.

    Ram Pyaari: It has to come from within.

    Ramesh: Very relevant point made there about wearing it on your sleeve. But I must also say not everyone is patriotic--latent or otherwise. Some just do no care.

    Anu: Very true. Rightly said :)

    Kanupriya:Thank you! :) Of course i also stand for national anthem no matter where I hear it.

    Joe Sam: Read your post. The point i am making here is it is NOT all doom and gloom and we HAVE indeed come a long way.

  21. Ajay: Thank you. Long time no see ;-) :) Completely agree with you about how there was really 'no need' for Pritilata to leap into the movement and how she could have had a cushy life. But she cared and that made all the difference.

    Sushobhan: yes indeed.

  22. lovely post...the patriotic feeling that binds us Indians is great. Staying away from India, it is a matter of pride to see the young indians here celebrating Rday, marching and saluting the Indian flag - Jai Hind!!

  23. Sorry but I couldn't find your WW post :(


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