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Making love out of nothing at all

Anyone, just anyone ( no matter what their age) who has  ever been in love, knows just how much a song can say. Since time immemorial, men have serenaded women with love songs. (and vice versa too). There have been some  truly brilliant and amazing pieces of music that have been composed for the object of the affection, but the magic of music is such that each one hearing it, feels the emotion as though it were their own. 

Music is pure joy. Music is magic. Music is love.
Life without music is truly barren, empty and to me, it is a life without passion.(Incidentally, the only thing I watch on television are the music channels)

People connect over music. Often we find an unexplainable delight in meeting another who enjoys the same songs as we do. 'Oh,You like Kailash Kher? Me too!' and an instant bond is formed.

Songs often bring back memories too. Even the deeply buried ones that you thought were buried so deep down and so far inside that they would never surface. But music has a way of gently drawing them out and before you realise you have travelled back in time and you are standing right there at that instant when it all happened and when the song swept you off your feet. Years fade away and you re-live that moment as though it just happened a few seconds ago.

This morning it happened to me, when I heard a song. Many years back someone had dedicated this song to me.

He didn't just dedicate it, he sang it.(and he does sing well). He looked right into my eyes as he sang (oh yes, he knew how to serenade women all right) and he meant the lyrics too with all his heart.

And I know just where to touch you
And I know just what to prove
I know when to pull you closer
And I know when to let you loose
And I know the night is fading
And I know the time's gonna fly
And I'm never gonna tell you
Everything I gotta tell you
But I know I gotta give it a try

And I know the roads to riches
And I know the ways to fame
I know all the rules
And I know how to break 'em
And I always know the name of the game

But I don't know how to leave you
And I'll never let you fall
And I don't know how you do it
Making love out of nothing at all

Everytime I see you all the rays of the sun
Are streaming through the waves in your hair
And every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes
Like a spotlight

The beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost
And it's looking for a rhythm like you
You can take the darkness from the pit of the night
And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright

I've gotta follow it 'cause everything I know
Well it's nothing till I give it to you 

What chance did I stand against such a guy? Of course I fell for him. I fell so madly in love with him that I married him forty days later. :-) (yeah, that quickly.)

This morning when the song was playing he sang along again.
I called out to my our children and said  " Your papa sang this for me many years back."
They both listened in rapt attention with wide eyes. :-)

I am still smiling and finding it hard to wipe the grin off my face.
And as for the the song, it is still playing inside my head.


  1. Hi Preeti,

    Such a lovely post and such a lovely song... words and words are all I have to take your breath away :)))
    May God bless you both always with Happiness and good health
    Interesting Love Story.......

  2. awww... so romantic! :) I like!!

  3. Awwwww.....LOVEly post Preeti! "Life without music is a life without passion" beautifully said!!

  4. Wow! Nice to recall and re-live those wonderful moments...

  5. I absolutely LOVE this song!
    You lucky lucky girl!

    True, music connects. Connects people. Connects generations. I was thinking on the same lines about humour today, don't you think?

    Great post once again, echo my thoughts on life without music being bland and without any passion.


  6. and talking about music taking you to a different place in time, remember in before sunset, ethan hawkes talks about this idea of a book in the span of a pop song where he is watching both his 4 year old kid and his girlfriend from when he was 16 dance to the same song?

    He has put the nostalgia generated by music very beautifully there. Just remembered and couldn't help but post it. :P

  7. Oh how I love this song :)! My hubby sings really well....he sang a wonderful song for me over the phone on my birthday last month....we both are lucky :)

  8.'s so romantic and heart-touching too :)
    As i went line by line,I felt like- oh my god! you are going to disclose about ur x-boy frnd :P
    but thankfully i was wrong :D :P :P

  9. amazing lyrics.... no wonder u fell for him... :)

  10. Lovely song and I can just picture S singing it :):)

  11. Beautiful.... No words to describe the feeling. Even more interesting that the love pledged in those lines still stays... Wish and pray that it last for ever and ever...

  12. Congratulations for having a lovely man in your life who is worth every salt.

  13. no words! awesome post!

    wish I could find someone who can sing love songs to me

  14. Aparna: :-) U will

    Geeta: thanks :)

    Sasi: Hope so--touch wood :)

    Ramesh: Yes :) we have to meet again.

    Caterpillar: Yes--superb lyrics indeed

    Aish: heh heh :)

  15. Shachi: Very sweet indeed! Touch wood.

    Sucheta: Yeah--music does connect and i think i have watched the other one (before sunset)

    Pia: true!

    Asha: Thanks :)

    Durga: Thank you

    Mamta: At the time of posting didnt feel it was :P Now that you mention, yeah i guess it is :)

    Ruj:Thank you so much!

  16. I LOVE this song Preeti...You are lucky to have a husband like Satish who serenaded you enough with this song for you to marry him :)

  17. This is very romantic Preeti! I wish you happiest times ahead :)

  18. Wonderful song.. but so far i have been touched the most by Bryan Adam's Everything i do.. just mind blowing..

  19. My favourite from Air supply..such a beautiful post. xx

  20. awww how sweet :D...he sure knew how to melt a women's heart :D

  21. 40 days??? OMG! I am speechless! That's so sweet=)The power of music is as such isn't it, it always feels some songs are written ONLY for you and it describes every bit of your emotions.May your love last forever!Have a nice day.Take care.

  22. wonderful post preeti...loved brought tears to ma eyes...may god bless each one wid such beautiful love evrywer everytime....

  23. Beautiful, in an almost Touching, subtle way..And yes, credit to both the song and the story you wove around it..

  24. Hi Preeti, such a lovely post.. so touching and full of love.. :)


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