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A Need for love (Wordless wednesday no.20)

I think we are drawn to dogs because they are the uninhibited creatures we might be if we weren't certain we knew better.  They fight for honor at the first challenge, make love with no moral restraint, and they do not for all their marvelous instincts appear to know about death.  Being such wonderfully uncomplicated beings, they need us to do their worrying. 

~George Bird Evans, Troubles with Bird Dogs

If you can look at a dog and not feel vicarious excitement and affection, you must be a cat.  ~Author Unknown


The top two pictures are of the same dog that I clicked in Kerala . I don't know whom he belonged to. He was always roaming around on the road, in my mom's village.

I don't know why, but Children and Dogs always come to me and they absolutely adore me :) I too love dogs and most children.

On the left is a picture clicked on my Birthday, when we came out after a nice meal in a restaurant in Bangalore. It was a stray on the side of the road who wanted me to keep petting him. The moment I stopped, he would  nudge me with one paw to continue! I was so surprised at how demanding he was. 

A good friend who was with me, bought a bun for him from the bakery, but he refused to touch it. He didn't want food. He was only hungry for love.

Aren't we all, deep down like that, Mute stray dog?

PS: 1.For those who are  still doubting , here is scientific proof.

2. On a different note, Just Books (which is a venture by a group of IIM grads) have just published an interview with me and also said some very sweet things about me. Click here to read it.


  1. Read the interview :) Very nice!

    I have not read any books by Anita Nair - which one should I read first?

    The quotes are so so true - and the message behind the post too.

    During my most down moments, all I need is a hug or a phone call or a sweet gesture from a loved one to lift me up!

  2. im sort of scared of dogs but love the one in ur pictures...he looks absolutely adorable! :)

    nice interview! im finally going to get ur book as a friend of mine coming from india will be bringing it! :)

  3. read the interview.nice one.

  4. read the interview.. very nice.

    I also adore dogs very much and wanted to own one. But constraint of space and time, we are not able to own..

    Photos are too good.

  5. Very cute pics and loved the interview

  6. Very true, All creatures crave for companionship.

  7. I don't think I will ever pamper stray dogs; may be I should lock my fear for animals before I even attempt to do that! Heehehee.. however I swear, I am never a cat!

  8. Dogs are just amazing by the way,they respond to emotions..I absolutely love them though never had the luck to pet one yet,thanks to life on the sky scrapers and hostels. :(

    But,I would one day,get to have one.. :)

    You are awesome!!!! :D


  9. Hi....Preeti
    Lovely interview......So looking forward to your second book...
    You are so right.....deep down all of us want love........

  10. :) Nice! I agree.

  11. And it was meant to me wordless :p

    And maybe I'm just a cat :)

  12. btw,I forgot..nice header and thats a very beautiful looking you,preetso.. :)))


  13. Sparkling: Yeah--but I just couldn't be wordless!! :) These dogs surely deserved a post You're a cool cat for sure :)

    Mamta: :-) U a dog lover? I am.

    Rujuta:Thank you :)

    Multimenon:Thank you.Header was made by me. Snap was clicked on my b'day and i was very happy that day as i was with my family and closest friends.

  14. SS: Even my SS (satish :)) hates strays and animals in general :) Maybe you're all cool cats :)

    Ariel: i think for love more than companionship.

    Swati:Thank you!

    never endng memories: I too loved these photos :) Yes i too want to have a dog but it involves HUGE commitment.

    jyoi ajay: Thank you--and thanks for commenting on the interview too.

    sunshine: Yeah he was very gentle :)

    Shachi: Thanks :) I liked Mistress and Ladies coupe a lot.

  15. i love dogs and it's really nice to see another person who likes it. hope those dogs are well taken-care of. my WW is here.

  16. Hey Preeti,

    I finally managed to buy your book (I know it's terribly late but better late than never :)) Needless to say, I LOVED each and every word written by you. I have had a first speed reading and plan to have a second slow reading soon.

    Best wishes for your 2nd book.

    The next time you are in Mumbai, I hope to get my copy autographed :)


  17. Shall we say living beings, in general , adore you :).

    On that note, rowdy children and wild dogs behave very well around me. There have been many such incidences :).

    I remember seeing that picture very well :)

  18. That's sweet, sounds as thought it is well fed and just wants to be well loved.

  19. Dogs are the best things that happened to mankind(Potato chips & chocolate included in that list too :p) They give you unconditional love :) I absolutely Love them :) Me & dad both are animal lovers and we take care of all the stray dogs, stray cats that come to our neighborhood. Its a pleasure to watch them when they start wagging their tails when they see you :)

    Read the interview :) Very nice. You truly are an inspiration :) Good to have such people around us whom we can look up to :)
    Need to get my hands on your book :)

  20. long time since i read your posts..and it was nice to have come to see this one...i love dogs..but unfortunately my parents didn like keeping one..hopefully i will be able to have one now :)

  21. i had one,nice black doggy.
    love pets in general but the stray? arey baap rey... i m really scared.

  22. Read the interview -Real nice and a better format than the Femina one :-)
    BTW I think I am a cat coz I really don’t feel any vicarious excitement and affection towards dogs (don’t hate them but don’t love them too much either!)
    Boy am I weird !!

  23. Ruch: Thank you! Many people aren't dog lovers!! The guy who said that quote must have been one.Somehow I love dogs. :) You might be a cool cat :)

    Farheen: Oh yes--many are scared of strays..But they are really harmless--if you know how to handle them that is.

    Ani_aset: Good luck in your quest for a dog!

    Mridula: Your first para--I agree--i agree!! You're a woman after my own heart! I too used to feed all strays (dogs and cats) in India. Here in UK there are no strays!Thank you for the compliments about interview.

  24. Sukhmandir: yes..probably it was well fed. It was nice and roly poly :)

    Brown Phantom: What pic do you remember? Must be last one--had i shown it to you? And oh no--all living beings do not adore me :) Will mail u :)

    Pallavi: yes we will meet. Happy you liked it so much! :)

    Marites: Thank you for visiting. Yes--i love dogs too!

  25. Are all saggis dog lovers by any chance? :)

    Your interview as usual is great and so is the doggy in your post.

  26. Nice interview..

    Interesting scientific proof..yes indeed many times we are

    //Mute stray dog//

  27. Hi Preeti the interview! ..N.I.C.E! :-) *good going*

    And I don't have much to say on this post ..coz I'm not a big dog or cat fan! :P
    Still.. loved the post and the quotes!

    Btw, I finally bought your book ..can't wait to read it! :-)

  28. Anusha: Thank u:) Thank u for buying the book too :) and yeah its fine if one is not a dog/cat lover :)

  29. Sundari: the scientific proof did make a good read, right?

    Varun: Must be!! But I know a lot of Taureans too who love animals.

  30. aww I would soooo do that! I never leave a dog or cat in sight untouched :P
    :) cats follow me and my brother when we stop petting them and walk away.. :)
    It dint eat the bread? Whoa! Really love-thirsty dog :(

  31. We all have a love quotient that needs to be fulfilled daily!!!
    You need to fill up that love cup!

    Dogs are no different. They need it too. :D
    But dogs also give it away in petting them we think we are giving them love, but really-that is how they infuse US with love. We are the ones who need a refill. LOL!
    love, Gillian xoxox!

  32. So nice and sooo true! You have this knack of always writing what most of us feel:-)

    I belong to that category of ppl who is extra-terrified of all pets/animals/reptiles etc.. I can't even call myself cool cat!!

  33. Lostworld: But I can call you one! :):) Everyone does not have to like animals! Its fine :)

    Gillian: What a terrific thought!!So true! xoxo :)

    Shruti; That too my friend paid ten bucks for the bun!! :) Nice masala bun it was :)

  34. such dear things they are. could so well relate to the thoughts and impressions. :) absolutely fall in love with them. have been seized with this yearning for bringing up a dog, but right now it isnt the right time. saw recently the movie - Hatchiko, a dog story. it was so great. watch it sometime.

  35. 1. I Really like your new header (and your picture in it)
    2. I think you look absolutely fabulous and cute!
    3. I totally agreed with your post :-)

    (Pardon if I sound sugary sweet. Just being honest!)


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