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Happy Birthday Niall

It was on 14 of November 2006 that I met someone called Niall Young. It was a virtual meeting. I was new to blogging and had been browsing the Internet by clicking ‘next blog’ and suddenly a poetry blog caught my eye. The writing was heart-warming, different and unique. The blog belonged to someone called Tim Young. I found the writing beautiful and so I left a comment.

And the next thing I know, I get a comment from Tim’s brother, Niall. Those days hardly anyone read my blog. I was delighted when Niall left a comment on this post of mine saying “I discovered your Blog after reading your comments on my Brother's site (Forever England).You have such a deep an special heart. You have obviously known pain, and because of that, you feel that of others too. Love yourself, care for yourself and lift your hands to the sky in the mornings rising sun. You are here for a purpose! Keep writing”

Then a few more posts and a few more comments later, we exchanged email ids. We started writing to each other and became great friends.

I am a big fan of Niall’s work and I couldn’t believe the photograph like pictures he churns out. It is hard to believe that some of his pictures are not photos—they are so brilliant. I have written about it in a post called Each dot matters’ (click on it to read it –its worth your time)

Once Niall did not update his blog for four days. There was no mail from him too. I was worried and I called him up.(By now we had exchanged phone numbers too) That was the first time we were speaking on the phone to each other and he sounded ‘oh-so-charming’ with a wonderful deep voice and an English accent to match. He was happy that I had called.

After that we spoke on and off and we continued writing regularly.

Then when I traveled to UK we met in London. It was really memorable for me as well as him. (yes—that’s him and me in the picture you see. I had cut my hair really short in October 2007) I have blogged about the meeting HERE and so has he, HERE.

Niall gifted me an original painting of his —something that very few people have had the privilege of! I really treasure his pictures and count them among the few valuable things I have. He gave me many prints too. I was overwhelmed. The picture you see at the start of this post is one of the pictures which he gifted me, which I really liked.

So why am I telling you all this today, again?

Because it’s Niall’s birthday today.

I am very glad that a random click on the Internet led to an enriching friendship.

I am happy that blogging has widened my world.

I am delighted that I got a chance to meet him and Jan his wife and his daughter Annie.

I am happy that my kids got on so well with Annie.

But most of all I am so glad that I have a truly dependable friend for life.

Happy birthday Niall— May your amazing talent for churning out pictures that are so alive continue to delight thousands more!


Niall’s official site:

Niall’s blog:


  1. happy bday to Niall..:-)
    it was nice to find his site through this place...would have missed those wonderful works of creativity!!

  2. Cheers to friendship :)
    Here's to many more good friends, for all of us.
    *going to Niall's blog to wish him*

  3. that previous poem was awwwwesome p!

  4. wow.. it was heartening to read how a random click culminated to a warm friendship :-D
    Happy b'day to Nial - his works are awesome.. glad that I got the link, thanks to you :)

  5. Sometimes friendship like this between two creative persons really does wonders.

    I really started writing after a online friend told me to do so and today I am pleased about that.

    Cheers to the great friendship.

  6. One will never know what to anticipate at their next turn on the road....its so heartening to find such wonderful people like Niall.
    Yes, and you are one of those lucky ones who can look at his original work....he is amazing. I cme to know of him through your blog I must thank you for that.

    would love to wish Niall a very Happy Birthdya and lots of loved moments all year long!!

  7. whoa..!! Really amazing..!!

    Two wonderful bloggers made for 'life long' friends...

    Well.. A very Happy Birthday to Niall .. :)

    I might be new here but have become a fan of ur blog.. :)

    Thank You..


  8. Hi Preeti,

    I have never left a comment here before , though i have been following up for quite some time now. A few days back i did read a post of your about "lurking" and i did read the post about "money" today. I like your posts, i completely relate to most of them, and you do have a beautiful way of putting them down to words. :-).

  9. Happy B'day Niall :-)

    Ps, great to know this story.


  10. I have read you previous posts where you had mentioned about Niall.. And I reallly adore his paintingss....

    Many Manny returns of the day Niall!!

  11. I had once received an anonymous comment on my blog saying that blogging is waste of time and I won't find any friends here. I would like to show this post to that anonymous guy/girl who commented on my post and tell him/her that random clicks do lead to great friendships.

    Wished Niall first and then came back to comment here.

    If you happen to speak to him, please convey my wishes.

  12. Nikhil: does that men it will be on DP? :P

    Shwetha:Thanks for de lurking and glad you could relate!


    Prats: Yes--i do feel his is a talent worth publicising.

  13. Suresh Kumar: its great when online contact become good friends.Cheers to your friendship too.

    Chirpy paro: he is great!

    Varun: It depends. Mnay also told me that online friends are not 'real'. But it depens on how much of sincerity each one has and how much the minds meet.That is important--for the wavelengths to match.Will be calling him up today.Will convey your wishes.

    xh:Yeah! we met really randomly!

    Pointblank:Long time--how have u been.Thank you!

    Meira: yes--cheers--and may many more such friendships bloom.Sweet of you to wish him.

    Mathew : :-)

  14. Thank you so much for your valued input into my life Preeti..I often tell people about our friendship and almost casually mention " We met on the 'net'"...but when I actually think about it, how amazing that it should be by chance. Now I know plenty of realists and cynics will put it all down to coincidence..that may be so..but I believe certain people are meant to meet...readers of Paulo Coelho will understand about the universe and it's contrivances!.

    Friendship is a wonderful thing...ours exists over thousands of miles, and we've only met once..I have other valued friends who I've never met and probably never will..and i know from reading the comments here that this is a phenomenon (spelling?) that is not unusual...linked by hearts and that not a wonderful thing?!

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes everyone...I am truly touched and not a little love to you all!!

  15. Wow! And your writings just churn out the most amazing hidden emotions for which I have no words to elucidate on :)

    I'm glad you made a friend for life.

    Happy Birthday Niall, your paintings are really amazing! :)

  16. Preeti,

    Visiting you after a longish gap. Read this and previous post. Will read rest later. We do miss out opportunity due to fear of unknown. And surely who knows what good relations we miss. Grandmother's advice is needed for all teenagers. Wish parents have time to talk to them in friendly manner as these days it is nucleus families so no grandparents who can guide youngsters.

    Do visit me if you find time.

    Take care

  17. happy birthday NIAll. wish you lots of happiness and joy.
    friendships are special and such bonds turn out to be the most cherished in our life.A great way to celebrate friendship.I didnt have an eperience of online friendship but still treasure the great moments spent in the company of college and school friends.

  18. i have updated my blog. do visit..:)

  19. Happy birth day sir,

    Hi preethi, i too met few ppl virtually and became good pals. :)
    and our brother sister bond is really strong

  20. belated happy birthday dear niall...

    i never believed that a random click would some times yield better frndship and new happy for this newly found friend of urs.....ur writings r awesome and far appreciable.....i have found ur blog later this week and that was thru one of my blogger frnd....

  21. A wonderful ode PS..some of us can only feel such things..the way u bring them out in words is truly amazing!

    Here'z wishing Niall a Very Very Happy B'day! May God bless!

    Abt the frendship u two have...such relationships are rare n shld be treasured!Touchwood! n i cant help sayin..isn't this a gr8 eg of destiny :)

  22. Great friendship to cherish....

    I continue to read Niall's Blog along with yours.....

    Happy Birthday Niall...

    And your writings are exemplary by all standards...Keep it up my good friend!

  23. Lucky you two.
    Keep growing and cherishing it.
    It's worth it.
    Love and Peace.

  24. Hey Preeti,
    Happy Birthday to Niall:)
    Glad that you wrote it..his art is commendable..and im so totally mesmerised:)

  25. I found him through your blog and what a great find - happy birthday to Niall :)

  26. Hommages to friends are never too many! Wonderful :)

  27. thanks for sharing this wonderful story!!!
    Wish Niall has an awesome birthday!! (or had in this case!)

    -the other shru

  28. hi there
    wonder if u remember.. i had posted my first comment on ur previous blog and u replied sayng u couldn find the link to mine... hope ths time u do cos my bog is finally activated and i m a real neonate at this.. still gasping air into my blog lungs at its initial inception :)
    well.. friends are such a blessing n life u r truly blessed to have chanced upon one.. wish u dozens more :)

  29. I never believed that net friendship will turn out to be a real one. And i'm happy that im wrong... And it is a beautiful gift to Niall...

    Cheers :-)

  30. happy to hear that frndship prospers..many many happy returns on this frnship.

  31. Rm:Thank you!

    Karthik: Yeah--virtual can become real :-)

    Nups:Thanks! Yes--will surely check out your blog.

    Other shru:Yeah--he did. :-)

    Devil mood: I agree with you fully about homages to friends.

  32. Pink Dogwood: yes..he is talented!

    santasizing: :-)

    Phoenix:Thank you.

    Vinoo: Love and friendship do have a power>Thank you my friend for your good wishes.

    Pavi: It sure is.

  33. Solitary writer: Guess you meant earlier this week..Thanks!

    Sunny Raju:That's good to hear!

    Sushobhan:Will do!

    Jack:Will do. Yeah--I guess a 'frank talk' is what is needed but missing these days.

    Still thinking: :-) You are good for my soul

  34. Niall, I believe in Paulo Coelho's words, entirely. I also belive that some things are destined to be just so.

  35. Happy birthday to Niall. His first comment is indeed very special I read your post about him a while ago and seen his work. A remarkable friend. Good to have them
    Have a great day PS


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