Are you a vicitim of technological assaut? Five ways to fight back.

Often, especially in today's world of 'Instant- communication', we tend to lose an important thing called 'slowing down'. We are impatient and our smart phones and Internet are, I must say, big culprits in this being contributors in this regard.

We expect instant replies when we message someone, especially if there is that option which tells you when the message was seen and read. If they do not get back instantly, there is that slight feeling of 'rejection' that seeps in.

I know of people who obsessively check out 'last seen at..' on whatsapp, when the person fails to get back, within the expected time of response.

Many a time, people are so busy that they not only do not pick up your calls, but even neglect to return missed calls, unless of course it is 'work related'.

People agree to meet and then cancel at the last minute, because 'something urgent and unavoidable' came up at work--never mind that your friend, who had juggled many things to come and see you, was left dangling.

I call all the above 'technology assault'.

If you feel you are a victim of technology assault, here are five things that you can do:

1. Take a 'technology fast': Go off the phone and Internet for two hours each day. No facebook, no twitter, no blog, heck not even google. You will be amazed how you feel and what you do instead in those two hours. (try it and tell me)

2.. Get out of your office early. (and no, the office will not collapse without you). Go to a beach. Or a Fort. Or a mountain. Anywhere really. Be still for a while and watch the sunset. (Do it)

Most evenings I walk. Today, just as I stepped outside, this was the site that greeted me.
I stood for a full five minutes, gazing at the colours, marveling at the beauty, feeling so blessed to be able to enjoy it.

3. Divert your mind: If you are still obsessing over a set of friends  who haven't got back to you and you keep looking at their 'last seen at'  then it is time to divert your mind. Go read a book that has you spell bound. (Read mine!)

4.Find people who have time for you: If you are constantly let down by your 'friends', it is time to widen your circle.Go join a dance class--or a cooking class  or a bar-tender's course or a wine-appreciation course---anything really, which you have some interest in. You will meet like-minded folks and even if you don't, you will have a great time.

5.Reward your body by exercise: Go for a walk. Find a park or a walking track in your neighbourhood. Go and walk for 20 minutes. Walk briskly. Do not be lost in your thoughts but observe the people who have come there. Especially the older people. Think about what their life was like, when they were younger. Do they look happy now? Resigned? Content?

Whatever you do, do not be a passive victim of this 'technology assault'.

Fight back! Go LIVE your life--and it does not consist of checking out your friends activities on Facebook! Go get some real fun, real action and have real meetings with real people.

Else before you realise it, your life would have sped you by---while you were checking out tweets and 'last seen at' on your phone.

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  1. Absolutely Correct! I must tell you Preeti, my life changed after reading your books, picked life is____ in 2012 and after that I have followed all the above points. today I laugh, I live :) Really!! No Exaggeration.

    1. Very happy for you Priyaa and glad my writing had an impact.

  2. I used to pride myself on not becoming a technology slave. But I am slowly falling into the trap. Now I deliberately stay away from the internet over the weekend. Its paying in so many ways. I read more, I walk more I even cook now !

  3. Hi Preeti,

    What you wrote stiked a chord! A pretty strong one that too. I think it was meant for me. The feeling of rejection that you wrote about is so true! I am a compulsive checker of my phone. It feels weird if my phone is not buzzing for 5 mins and I am not exaggerating. Will definitely try the 5 points. Hopefully I would be able to stay off phone/laptop for more than half an hour. Small steps :-)

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Many can relate as you can see from the comments.
      I guess one needs to look within oneself for the answers instead of filling that void by expecting approval from others?

  4. So correct preeti.. Previously I was not very tech savvy, however I now feel I am slowly falling for it.. The feeling of rejection is so right, like not getting replies from closed one within time makes me panic like what not.. will try and follow what you wrote..

  5. Simply true one...
    We became slaves for Social Networking sites. Last week i draw line for using facebook & twitter...
    I guess those lines were vanished due to last week heavy rain at chennai (Ha ha ha).
    This post could be a Real eye opener for every single one of us.
    Thanks for the feeding.


  6. You are my Guardian Angel Preeti. I don't know how your posts (and also your books) are bang on time with an apt message everytime. I am a very sensitive person and I go into depression if things don't go as I expected. And facebook has played a big part on that. I have reduced social networking to a minimum. And yes, I have so much time on hands and am doing most of the things you suggested. I started blogging regularly also. :)

    Thank You for this wonderful post.

    1. That is a HUGE compliment. Thank you!

  7. So true Preeti! I am currently in the process of shifting my house. The first thing that acted as a filter was whether the house has a readily available internet connection and whether the mobile network has any current issues or not. Sad but true. Similarly, there is an intense pressure on me to change my handphone just because the current one doesn't let me install whatsapp :(

    1. Whatsapp is another big time-drainer but very useful when you don't want to talk.

  8. I've been mulling over the same things for the past few days now. I was even thinking of deactivating my account on facebook (difficult to do, but at least I think I'm going to get away from it for a while). Heck load of books to read, heck load of stories to tell. Thanks for writing this.

  9. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Totally True! Loved it!

  10. This is so true. I feel this everyday. Thanks for this wondergul blog Mam!!

    1. You are not alone! many write to me saying this, hence the post.
      hope it helped!

  11. I experienced it a few days ago, it does hurt. A lot. Whenever it happens to me, i feel hollow inside, a part of me feels sort of incomplete
    Thank You Mam, :) You are a life saver :D

  12. Anonymous11:17 AM

    That's very true. Many of us are opting for a life ahead instead of living in the present. We want to make new friends in twitter/facebook etc and in the meanwhile the existing ones. What a pity. Nice points to follow, if one gets bogged down by the feeling of rejection.

  13. I absolutely agree with it. And yes, watching the sunset is divine.Many people just miss this but I go for a walk in the evening and the feeling it gives me + The magnificent color of the sky, shapes of cloud that keeps on changing every 2 minute is divine :)

  14. Exactly correct maam...So inspirational..

  15. Yup

    Its definitely effective. I have tried it and it works!

  16. Hi Ma'am,
    We are actually losing our originality and identity in the digitized generation.We knowingly or unknowingly find emotional attachment with the social platforms and create a special relation with our our concerned internet mates.Life is very precious.One can only feel it when one strikes a balance between social associations and the speeding technology.I do not stand by the fact that we are the victims of technology assault .Our growing companionship with the digital world is the end result of the thirst for knowledge,competition and fame.There are adverse impacts of these associations too.We strain our eyes as we are in the magic spell of the internet world.Some take it positively whereas some imbibe negative views too.All I say is that we should learn to spare time for every move that counts because every step leads to different avenues.All the steps mentioned by Preeti ma'am are indeed valuable and if approached may have super good results.

  17. well, i too read books when i feel neglected by a person who sees my text(which i come to know from the "Seen at" facility) but doesn't reply.. ill like to try other methods too, since I've realized that I'm a victim of technological assault!!

  18. Thank you Ma'am.

    I moved Whatsapp to my tablet which I use rarely and made sure that I logout of facebook and twitter

    I feel much better after reading your post, Have a nice day :D

  19. I couldn't tell how much this post is helping me right now... Thanks a lot preethi for penning this down

  20. Thank You Thank you Thank you so very much! This post is the answer of my feelings rite now! Sometimes in the midst of busy life you feel alone for no reason! The suggestions are really well and I am trying to follow atleast 2 of them! Thanks :)


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