Why oh why?!

While reading the newspaper (Times of India)  yesterday, the following headline caught my eye:

Army man held in Kochi for impersonation

I read it with interest as I have spent a part of my life at Kochi  and  mysecond book 'Life is what you make it' is partly set in Kochi, and Kochi is also mentioned in my fourth book 'The secret wish list.

After I read the piece I was quite surprised.

This is what the brief news-story says:

Kochi: The city police on Tuesday arrested an Army man after he allegedly married a woman impersonating another person by creating a fake identity proof.Police said the arrested identified as Rajeev (48) of Chengannur was already married and had two children.He faked his identity by keeping his first marriage a secret.
Police said the accused was working at the digital mapping unit of the Indian Army in Bangalore.
The accused will be sent to judicial custody after producing him before the court on Wednesday.
Police said the accused,who responded to a matrimonial advertisement in a newspaper,introduced himself as Sreekumar,an Army officer staying alone in Bangalore,to the family members of the woman.He met the victim,who came on leave from Riyadh,and fixed the marriage with her family members.On May 26,the marriage was held at a temple.Though the victims family had organized a reception at a city auditorium,he refused to attend it and instead wanted her to accompany him to a hotel where he was staying.
One of the relatives of the girl, questioned this guy and he gave inconsistent answers. The relative grew suspicious when he probed further and then finally they alerted the cops, who caught him in no time.
It is obvious that the guy wasn't really in love with the girl he married.  Or was he?

Why would a married man (that too a father of two children) go to such great lengths as to impersonate another man, respond to a matrimonial ad and get married a second time? If he was in it, just for sex, he could have easily got it elsewhere!  Was he after her money? (The report doesn't say whether the girl is wealthy). If he was after her money, wouldn't he have attended the wedding reception, kept on the charade on for a few months more, won her trust completely and then vanished with the money?

I found the story fascinating.

What is your take on this? Why did he do it?
Any theories?

Would love to know what you think!

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  1. Aaaah why!!?? I feel there is more to the story. The full details might not be published
    ?! If the parents fixed the marriage, there should have been relatives of the guy too involved? Then it must be more for the money?
    But seriously, it is hard to believe that people like this guy too exist, and they survive well too!!

  2. I think there is money angle involved which either is not known or not discussed in this report.....simply doing this without any motive, does not come across as very wise idea to me...!!

  3. It is a tragedy and the report doesn't delve deep to give other details. I'll go for the money angle involved and many cases, involve money factor. I wonder what the law has to say in such cases.

  4. I think there is something called as psychic behavior. Many people are really having some mental problem and they are unaware of this fact. They do it intentionally or unintentionally,it's up to them. No one likes to get into all these troubles, at least not a married man who has two children. If he wants to, he will never give ad in matrimony and why a girl from riyadh? Well, up to my understanding, he either has some mental problem or the trut lies unsaid.

  5. @hello..Yes, i also think it is a psychological disorder. As if he was after the money, he would have waited for a few months, then absconded.

  6. May be a psyco.Today we see strange addictions among people.So may be another example of psycological disorder.

  7. May be a psyco.Today we see strange addictions among people.So may be another example of psycological disorder.

  8. "I found the story fascinating" - maybe intriguing but cant accept fascination on an incident like this one.

    Money, easy chance to go abroad, moving into a better lifestyle... sometimes a marriage can bring in a lot. Handle with care!

    1. I found it fascinating as it can form the plot for a book ;-)

  9. Exactly.There is a lot of scope for the plot of a book here.

  10. The complete details of the guy with respect to his profession have not been published but since i am an ex army officer i can suggest a different angle to it. Of course this is when i presume that the guy was serving army as a PBOR (Personnel Below Officer Rank). Sometimes we come across cases wherein these guys have personality crisis rather insecurity about their not being in officer cadre. This is especially in cases where a guy desperately wants to be an officer but due to some reason does'nt make it and land up being a PBOR. I have seen similar cases where a PBOR impersonated being an officer during marriage or at other places also. May be get a kick behav

  11. May be they get a kick impersonating as an officer and receiving respect for being one. So this can be a similar kind of case.

    1. Of all the explanations offered so far, yours sounds the most interesting. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  12. This is really sad... had a similar incident in my family.... that too all thorough investigation was done about that guy.. but unfortunately it turned out after all the investigation was not that thorough....The guy was married to someone in US already.. thankfully the marriage of cousin did not take place...but it did cause lot of emotional trauma.. The guy said he was being forced by his parents to marry an Indian girl :( .. In the above case the guy is a obviously a fraud who will go to any extent to cheat someone..

  13. I myself is a victim of such a marriage though I find it really fascinating .....i do feel sorry for the girl.....she would have undergone same pain that I have undergone....hope she will come out of it.....unfortunately all these comes from gods own country what a pity .....for such a beautiful place

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