Silver lining in the cloud

Today was a warm, wonderful, sunny day. But suddenly, out of nowhere, the clouds came. I stood and stared in surprise and wonder. I gazed at the beauty of the scene which was unfolding in front of me. It was as though the sun  and the clouds were enacting an opera, just for me. It was as though someone has come striding on a chariot, opened a bag and let loose a volley of clouds which had grown and grown and surrounded the sun. The light was still shining through and the proverbial silver lining in the cloud came to life. I had to click a picture.

 It made me think how much like life this was.

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what you do, every once in a way, things will go wrong. That best friend you thought you could count on, no matter what, will fail to come through. That promotion you were hoping for  and which you know you deserve will go to the nerd who is very good at sucking up. Health will fail when there was no reason for it to. People will completely misunderstand what you said, twist it and cut you off from their life. Even if you have worked very hard at something and given it all you have got, you will still not get anticipated results. That guy you thought you clicked with and who you thought might be 'The one' will turn out to be just another one after all. Same for the woman who you thought was 'special' and who you were hoping to make a life with. Sometimes, she might walk off with another guy. Sometimes  all these happen all together. But sometimes, they space out. But you can be sure, each one of us, has our share of disappointments, failures and our share of 'what could have been'.

Then I thought about a  good friend. He had this as his status message on facebook

There comes a point in life when you realise who matters , who never did , who wont anymore ,and who always will . So don't worry about people from the past , there is a reason why they didn't make it to your future .

 It struck me as very true!
After I have become a published author, life has changed for me in many ways. I am still the same person, but the way people look at me and perceive me has completely changed. Sadly I have lost some people whom I considered very good friends. But on the positive side, I know know who my real friends are and I feel so good that I have them.

Things change. Sometimes they change suddenly but sometimes it happens slowly. No matter how good or how bad the situation is right now, it will change.

We all have our clouds. But what we should remember is sunshine is there right behind it.

We just cannot see it yet.


  1. Trust u to make a post out of the sun & the clouds :) But the point is very valid. No matter how good or bad the situation is, it will change. And so will the people in your life.

  2. Beautiful post...A fact explained beautifully with an apt picture and thought provoking words...Jus loved it!!

  3. Very true, Preetiakka! it feels so unnatural when everything you do starts falling apart! You find yourself amidst disappointments and failures... I can relate pretty closely to this post since I'm going through a similar phase. Thanks for these words... gives me some motivation to keep moving ahead. :)

  4. I am sure everybody is going through ups and downs in their life. When ever i have a 'down' moment i always say in my mother tongue ' idhuvum kadandhu pogum'( this too shall passl) just like the clouds. You beautifully correlated the clouds to our life.

  5. *sigh* very true. Things change, people change, infact even we change....thats the way life is.

    Well written post!

    And yes, I miss your marathon, thinking of writing another one anytime soon?

  6. lovely post...wonder how u can relate life so beautifully with the clouds. :D..what you said is so true..I have been trying on something very hard with minimum hope n confidence n shockingly m seeing results for it now...So I strongly believe that there is always sunshine behind those clouds..

    grt motivational post preeti

  7. Sagarika: Thank you so much. I hope I also see results soon. I too, like you, have been working real hard at something.

    Raam Pyari: Anothe marathon?!! No way in the near future! Exhausted with this one. It took a huge toll on my time (but not complaining it was worth it) and other things need to be done too :)

    Asha: thanks so much for sharing that saying in tamil. very true and inspiring words indeed.

    Purnima; I was writing to motivate myself:) Bald it helped you too!

    Scorpio: thank you so much.

    Palsworld: What is 'trust you to make a post of sun and clouds' supposed to mean? The sun and clouds are very important my friend. Thing is most people take it soo for granted that they dont even notice the beauty. But thnks for commenting.

  8. Wonderful post. And so so true. Even in the black cloud of my Net Nanny, there's a silver lining that allowed me to post a comment on this post, but not the 30 ones that preceded this !!

  9. hey wonderful and a very motivational post.. liked it especially the status message..:)

  10. i loved that picture! and i loved the message even more...

  11. that is one amazing picture!
    the sky holds so's like you look up to a whole other realm of being!
    (one of my favourite pass times!)

    and well said :)

  12. Very true. Someone once told me, that I needed to expand my horizons as well and not lament about those who decided to walk out. Maybe they walked out, because a better lot was waiting to walk in..

  13. I could apply each & every word to some situations in life - past, present and future(near future). Some things are never in our control. So when the silver lining emerges, it is sooo magical :) Lovely post.

  14. Hi, I am amazed with the way you use words to explain your thoughts. I really admire this capacity , probably, for the same reason, I keep coming back to read your blog. Keep writing.

    & the status message really sets you thinking


  15. awesome post... very thoughful... there's always a lining... we just have to notice it..

  16. hi.....
    ah.. this post..
    I felt this was specially for me!!
    thank you..
    and loved the blog marothen start to end..
    yes, I did not listen to the songs.. neither commented on all the posts.. but i have read each one..

  17. you captured it so well, and a wonderful message to go with the image! And very true about the message - We all have our clouds. But what we should remember is sunshine is there right behind it. But not always can all of us be so optimistic - can we?!!

  18. Inspiring picture and message..
    your space here often reminds us of the sunshine when we are lost in the clouds :)

    Wonderful blog marathon yet to catch them up all

  19. Hey Preeti,

    Well said !! Just to add one quote that i firmly believe in : " There is always a bright side to the darkest circumstance, you only have to have the courage to look for it".

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sunita Nayak Sharma

  20. Preeti, nice post.
    Its true that life is sprinkled with disappointments and tough times.

    During tough times I always tell my self that there is a good time just ahead. It helped me a lot in crossing the tough times. Its true in fact.

    Btn your cloud capture is beautiful.

  21. Very true, I believe whatever happens, happens for a reason :) ... and more often than not, it happens for a good reason :)

  22. Loved reading this 1st post after BM. It is nice and fresh.

  23. :) Love the way you interpret simple things in an exceptional manner.

  24. Lovely message :). I love absorbing nature in my mind and thoughts the way you did in this post.

  25. There is a saying, 'Every cloud has a silver lining'.. :)

  26. great post! something we can all relate to :) It also reminded me of the song from the film Mr. India--Zindagi ki yahi reet hai... :)

  27. great post! something everyone can relate to... It also reminded me of this song from the film Mr. India... Zindagi ki yahi reet hai...Haar ke baad he jeet hai :)

  28. my comment disappeared :( that too twice!

  29. Anonymous2:52 PM

    The moment I started reading it I thought as if you have jotted down some real time experience of yours. And yes, I am quite fascinated by the second last and last line:
    "We all have our clouds. But what we should remember is sunshine is there right behind it.
    We just cannot see it yet."
    Thank you.

  30. first time in your blog..heartfelt and intricately written..loved it. keep smiling and may you never lose your hope. :)


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