An experiment-7 days of positivity (day 1)

Naren who is a  motivational speaker at Alma Mater sent me a beautiful mail yesterday. It had a very powerful message about what to choose to focus on. It is nothing new--we all know it. But the way Naren illustrated it with personal examples and anecdotes made all the difference.

It set me thinking about the 'Gratitude Journal' which again many of you must have heard of. It also made me think about 'Laws of Attraction' and positivity both of which have been discussed so much especially after Rhonda Byrne's 'Secret' became a huge success.

People tell me that I am an extremely positive person and they feel happy to be around me. I too have my down (sometimes very down) moments, trust me! It is just that I am a fighter and I bounce back quick and refuse to give up without a good fight.(and I am going through a very tough time right now)

Focussing on the positives does help not only in emotional happiness but also helps in living richer lives. The thing is, it is easier said than done. When things are going wrong, or when something does not quite go the way you want it to, is it really possible to focus on 'positives'?

The answer is 'Yes'. It can be done but sometimes we just need to force ourselves a bit. The good thing is positivity multiplies.When you feel happy from the inside, you make those around you happy. It is a snowball effect. And the simple act of writing down or declaring what you feel grateful for, does help. (Because it forces you to think "hey yes--that is a good thing indeed")

So here is an experiment:
For the next seven days I am going to do a post every single day, focussing on 5 things which made me happy or made me feel grateful. I would like you to join me in this experiment.

I would like you to write 5 things which made you feel good or happy.

On days where there is nothing to feel good about, one can just be grateful for a cup of tea. The point here I am trying to make is 'Life need not be perfect for it to become great' and by changing our focus we can indeed change how we feel.

Here are my five things which made me feel grateful today:

1. This mail which I got from a good friend  really made me feel great. It led to my ribbing him about what a big liar he is and he retorted back saying that I never think about him and only he does. (which I totally deny. See Mayank--I even admitted it on my blog!) :-) Finally it led to a nice phone call  too :)

2.  A bit of the  mental work of my second book got done as a very close friend and I skyped and discussed it and took it apart, bit by bit. It gave me a rejuvenated enthusiasm to work on it. (It is in editing stages and  it is a very painful process)

3. Got a lovely long mail from Reflections. where she said some things which made a lot of sense. I felt grateful to have got it.

4 .I was able to witness my daughter's Sports day. It meant a lot to her and even though it meant my heavily cutting into my work time, I was glad to be there for both sessions. (They had two sessions morning and afternoon which effectively meant one whole working day) The joy on her face was worth it.

5. I bought myself a set a charcoal pencils. It is the first time I will be trying to use charcoal pencils instead of sticks. (I had a hard time trying to sharpen them--but hey-I am supposed to focus on positives here!)

This was harder than I thought! I had to really think to pick out five things.

Are you in this with me? If so leave your comments here. (or if you are doing it on your blog link back to this post)

It is tough, but trust me it will be worth it. I am feeling great already!
Current Mood Video:  Que sera sera


  1. Nice idea... Have a happy day :-)

  2. thats a good idea. my five things for which i am happy now.

    * happy that inspite of everything you are updating blog everyday and thus giving me a chance to read.

    * happy that i have spare time in office to read.

    * happy that i have an office

    * happy that the boy brings me tea , that i sip and enjoy reading,
    * happy - that i am able to read, for the eyes, education and the infrastructure,
    * happy that i have a real world around , a family where i can relate to what i read.
    * happy that i still love reading.

    yaaa it really felt good. hope everything turns out the way u want . Have patience....( we know u have) and editing is a tough job tougher than diciplining ur child ( i think) good luck and wishes.

  3. Sounds like fun and something I need to focus on too! I am going to do this too :)

  4. Hey,

    if you speak konkani.. please do visit my audio blog too...

    Its about GSB culture and tradition and humor around us.. :)


  5. Perfect timing for the experiment ! I am On ! and here are my mood uplifter for the day !

    Cheer up and hope the tough days go away real soon :)

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  8. where did my comment go !!
    Mood video -Que sera sera - my sentiments exactly !

  9. You post sure does spread positivity around and I am all up for the 7-day experiment :)

    And the mood song - que-sera-sera is my fav..i also sing it to my daughter all the time. She knows half of it too :)

  10. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Love the post :)
    I started writing a gratitude blog... People said that they could smile for a second because of the 4 lines i penned about something I was grateful for.
    It takes a lot to filter through all that we dont have to find those little things to be grateful for, but its worth it, no?

  11. Lovely experiment. I will try and give it a shot.

  12. I did write up for today -

  13. Shankari : :) Commented

    Complusive writer: yes--very!

    Life begins: Will read urs :) I need all the positivity i can get :)

    Ruch: read yours and commented too :)

    Lokhabiraam: I do speak konkani. Good effort on your part.

    Pretty woman: Great! :)

    Rm: Smiled at having time in office--and oh yes..I am so grateful for my family too!

    Prats: happy day to you too sir!

  14. This is called neuro linguistic programming. Right. I travel down memory lane and think of all those beautiful and funny times i spent as a child and become a child for a few moments.

  15. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Good to see you back again PS! :-) Sending happy thoughts your way.

    Things I am happy for:

    1.Happy to have some quiet.
    2.Happy that I have days to look forward to.
    3.Happy about my tea! :D
    4.Happy that I have a lot of well wishers around me. (They aren't my closest friends but they are nice to me)
    5.Happy that I have some home decor shopping look forward to!

  16. Wow..thats a nice one Preeti. I'm gonna try this out!!

  17. Here it is..


  18. Loved the post Preeti!!!! But then I usually love all ur posts:-)!!!

    I'm usually this grateful person all the time that it is difficult to list them out...honest I am;-D.
    The other day I stepped off the pavement and fell flat on the was such a shock really coz I think I last fell like tht when I was a kid. I actually started crying loudly tht the kids were startled.
    I was helped up and I rotated my wrist and ankles and knees....they felt alright. I closed my eyes and thanked God.
    U see just last week my friend fell of her chair and suffered a hairline fracture on her spine. She's on complete bedrest for 3 weeks. Whenever I thk abt my fall I'm so grateful it was nothing serious.

    Thanks for the mention:-))!!!!

  19. I got here from Pretty Woman's blog...I'm obsessed with the idea of positivity and I have gr8 respect for the people who strive for it...Hope you have a gr8 success and KUDOS to Positivity !!

  20. This is truly a wonderful post, Preeti. And, if you haven't already, please do read The Secret. It's a great book which will force you to think positive thoughts always.

    By the way, here's my list:

    And, I love your Current Mood Video - whatever will be, will be. Hang in there, tough times never last, but tough people do.

  21. nice experiment my blog address :

  22. Ahh - I might pick this one up - will comment back once I have posted something later today :)

    wishing you a happie day :)

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  25. nice one...:)
    took it up...:)

  26. It is not an experiment anymore, it has become a movement already :)

    And here. I am with you in it.

    My post for the day:

  27. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Lovely post! Thinking and focusing on positives has helped me stay afloat despite a lot of downs in life!! Great thought to put it down :)Have done it sometimes but never for 5 things in a day! Should give this a try!!


    here's mine :)

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  30. 1. A SMS I recieved "it would not have happened without you.Thanx a lot".
    2.While entering a lift a child stopped crying seeing me(fear). But with that available few minutes, i made him to smile at me before I stepped out of lift.
    3.I rang a friend and "Why are you so late in wishing me?" was the instant response.Sometimes we smile and happy at people who take liberty
    4.Two unknown pregnant women I saw on my way.As usual a silent prayer for their safe childbirth.
    5.I told my daughter"You will do better and you can", when she felt bad for low marks.

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  33. Hey preeti...grt idea started by you and I can see its going great...:D..congrats...n here is my post

  34. Me in.
    Beginning is here

  35. Loved the idea :)

    Will take it up sometime soon :)

  36. Hi,

    How are you?
    Nice list 'n nice idea...Here is my list for first day.



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