What WON'T YOU do for love?

Something nice happened to me yesterday. It was a total blast from the past. I got a message on Facebook from a cousin's husband who had met me just twice--once  when I was 12 years old and then met me once again when I was 22. That was the last we met. I did not remember him at all. I did not even remember the second meeting.  I scanned my memory trying to salvage a teeny weeny scrap, trying hard to recall something  but I came up with a big zilch. (and that happens very rarely!)

But the stuff he mentioned  about me was absolutely right  and it made me chuckle.

 He mentioned my fascination with Ghost stories when I was 12 which was absolutely correct. All my younger cousins used to be totally enraptured and used to sit in rapt attention and pin drop silence as I went wild spinning tales after tales, lowering my voice dramatically and then suddenly screaming (and at this point they all fell out of their chairs in fright! I was such a wicked little thing) and frightening the living daylights out of them.

He mentioned that when I was 22, I had told him that my favourite band was Meatloaf! I have absolutely no recollection of this either! But I remember how my brother and I used to go completely crazy and berserk with our imaginations on the lyrics of this song. (See the video embedded below. It is a nice song)

For those of you for whom Meatloaf is ancient , let me tell you how the song goes. It goes:

"I 'd do anything for love, but I won't do THAT.."

My brother and I used to ask each other, what WON'T you do for love?

Then we would try to outdo each other with our answers which would range from "I won't drink the water from the toilet bowl" to "I won't eat a plate of cockroaches" to-- ahem-- more wild things which I cannot mention here as this blog is read by those under 18 too. So those above 18 reading this, feel free to use your imaginations . Heh Heh Heh! :)

This exercise of ours, completely took away the depth of the lyrics of the song , which are indeed beautiful and deep--but we were such sillies, ridiculing every single thing. Nothing was sacred to us, and how we would roll on the floor laughing at what we presumed was our own cleverness. :) We used to especially giggle over the lines "No-one else can save me now but you." :) Powerful lines, but how they made us laugh because by then we had got into that crazy laughing mode! :)

Now here is my question for you.

What won't  YOU do for love?

Tell me , tell me! I'd love to know :)  (but tone down the R rated factor please--some of my friend's kids do read this) :)


  1. LOL..that was hilarious...
    now i need to think -....me thinking thinking thinking...

  2. What I won't do for love...hmmm tough question actually.

    May be I won't loose myself.

  3. hmmmmmm.. I would not betray my love for Love :P

  4. Well.. I won't forget my deep-rooted beliefs...

  5. I wont stop loving for love

  6. I wont stop seeing Beautiful girls arounf me after being in love :P :P

  7. I wont eat bananas for love !! ;-)

  8. ermm... change myself (that sort encompasses everything I do or love doing)
    try n catch the moon n stars
    serenade all night (not enthu enuf anymore :P)
    dance (can't do that to save my life)
    and... anything that i find disgusting
    transform into a fairy tale prince

    that's all i can think of, bet there are more. nice question

  9. Well..I won't stop being honest!!

  10. Hmmm Ok I wont give up reading Preeti's Posts Justamotherof tworocks !! :)

  11. Ummm..I wont give up vegetarianism.

  12. hmm well I think I cannot stop smiling for my love..I thought of many things but at the end it's just a smile which I can't resist for my love :)

  13. I'd never EVER eat an organ meat, by that, ahem, I mean KIDNEYS or LIVER...like EWWW.

    And I wouldn't iron a shirt. Or iron anything.

    And I'd never EVER lick peanut butter off a hobo's toe. No matter how much I like peanut butter! lol
    (Joke: my daughter and I play "would you rather..." and we give each other two gross alternatives. We have to choose one! So we asked would you rather lick peanut butter off a hobo's toe or eat a bucket of live worms? And my daughter answered I love peanut butter!!!!!)

  14. I remember this song. Its such a loooong one! :) Me - I won't share chocolates or toothbrush for love! :D

  15. Lol!

    Hmmm...I'd never...
    Shit!Lost my train of thought...

  16. its been a while since i have been able to visit and comment here.. it was like i was missing something..something within myself... its good that i can now check and comment on your blog Preeti... Thanks for the birthday wishes.. would have left a comment in facebook if the proxy that we are using now allowed access to facebook... :(

    What i would NOT do for love is a huge list of things i do not like.. to cite one eating brinjals etc..

    On a more serious note I would never cheat for LOVE.. what i mean to say is i never want the GIRL to fall in love with me because of what i show to her but i want her to love me for what i am and the same is true vice versa...

    Have a nice day..

  17. I wont take humiliation for love, or be taken for a fool.

  18. Hehe....ooohhh sooo remember the song and many memories associated came rushing thru;-D

    Let me see...
    I wont give up my 8hr quota of sleep....I knw I'm boring but lack of sleep makes me totally cranky.

    Liked Ritu's answer:-)

  19. ooh this one's interesting!
    i wouldn't...give up any of "myself" for love.
    this covers most of it i guess (including the toilet bowl water stuff :P)

    but again, i would do a lot for love too ;)

  20. hey!! its been quite some time since I wrote here...and this post was one where I absolutely had to check out the comments and write one:))

    so, what wouldn't I do for love? I dont think I would love someone for years at an end, if its one sided..nt enuf enthu! bt pretty much nything else, i would definitely try and do for love...

  21. Anonymous5:37 PM

    LOL! The bond you had and have with our brother sounds like the one I have with my bros :D

    What wont I do?
    I wont change myself to the extent that I lose my identity. Who I am.

  22. I won't give up my values for love!

  23. Nice post.. I would not give up my love for cricket for love.. :)

  24. my comment disappeared!! :( well I said I wouldn't lose myself for love..! I've seen that happen to enough ppl & m super scared of what it does!

  25. Well I won't do for love like will not stop looking at other beauties, not stop playing tennis, I will not ignore my parents which is i think most important part in the life. Because love doesn't fill your stomach for ever.

  26. Shiny: :) Welcome to my blog. I agree about the parents bit.

    Sunshine: lose yourself? But how?!

    Sushobhan: Love for cricket or cricket for love? :)

    Bimal: I will not too :)

  27. Indyeah: Yeah--B(r)others are fun! :)

    Ayush: one sided I think I can do :P :) I may not express it though :)

    Sucheta: heheh. I also can do a lot :)

    Reflections: oh yes- I need my sleep too. But I rarely am able to sleep 8 hours at a stretch. Insomnia :)

    Ritu: I guess you mean bring cheated on? I guess i will not too.Self respect is very important to me.

    Shanthu: You are true and sincere--that is very good! Hope your birthday was great. Sorry I could not call you.

    Sparkling: :D heheheh.

  28. Lostworld: Both chocolates and toothbrushes do not bother me :P :) :) To each his own.

    Gillian: heheheheheh..Your daughter is soo cute! :) How in the world do u think of such ewwwwww ideas like licking a hobo's toe?! :D

    aish nini: wow what an answer?! are u sure u're only 17? :P :)

  29. aashi: Well thought out answer.

    Rajashree; I love you! :)

    Sundari: Sometimes kinder to lie :P :)

    Sumit: :D why no stars and moon? :)

    Ashwini: hehehehe--You hate bananas so much?!! :D

    Nischii: You shouldn't also! Love does not mean you stop being an individual or that you go blind ! :)

    Rev: wow :)

    Pointblank: religious or other things too?

    Mihir: I wouldn't too.

    Prats: Think think think :)

    Life begins: hehehehe. yeah was supposed to be a funny post :)

  30. I will never hurt my parents for love...........

    Love ur blog and feel more connected coz you have been in Pune and me 2 :)

  31. like forget the person that you originally were and change urself to suit the other person...!

  32. That was funny! :) Well, I won't judge another person for love, among many other things.....

  33. You wished me and that is more important not how you did it.. to take that second out of your busy schedule and remember me makes me feel more grateful to you.. Had lots of bumps and gr8 fun.. for full details you can ready my post(i know this is a cheap trick ;) sorry :) )

    Take care

  34. I wont turn a non- vegeterian for love!!

  35. There's nothing I won't do for love, because love is life.

  36. I won't stop loving for love :)

  37. I won't stop loving for love :)


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