A car chase, a new site and more! Happy birthday Ajay Chauhan!

There are friends that call you up and wish you on your birthday. Then there are friends who send mails wishing you. Then there are friends who are happy to wish you through Orkut scraps and Facebook walls.
Very rarely do you find a friend who travels 2061 kilometres,  goofs up  on the ticket date, buys a new ticket at the airport without even a second thought about cost involved, and takes off a day from work, just so he can be with you on your birthday.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such a friend.(Yes, the above snap was clicked on my birthday)  I have mentioned him quite a few times on my blog and today I cannot help mentioning him again because...yes—you guessed it..it’s his birthday today! :-)

Because of the nature of his job, which is really a high-stress one, he does not get home before 1.00.a.m most nights. Yet, he has been helping me so much, with not only content on my new website but a lot of other things as well.  He was as happy as me  when it finally went live yesterday.  (Yes! It is live! Check out http://preetishenoy.com/  for a lot of stuff about me that you perhaps did not know :-))  

For my second book, he has been the one  pushing me so much to go on and write (especially at times when I felt like giving it up), reading my drafts, suggesting changes, pouncing on grammar  I might have missed (yeah the guy is really sharp. Maybe he gets it from his mother who is a writer too) , encouraging me such a lot  and being almost as involved as me . (and yes, my second book is finally complete too. I will be announcing  here  the final date of when  it will be out. It would take a few months more. Thank you for being patient!)

Now, a special request—actually it is not a request, it is a quest. Will the girl who chased him in a silver SX 4 on 22nd April on the roads of Gurgaon at around 11.30 in the morning, please contact him? He wants to ask you out for coffee and has been desperately trying to find out who you are!

 He even had it as his g-talk status message for 2 whole weeks hoping that someone would be able to tell him who she was. He says he does not know any girl who drives a silver sx4. He was driving to office Shumacher style, as he was late, when this car started following him like crazy. An Italian job  style Hollywood car chase ensued. He finally pulled to the side and this really cute girl pulls up beside him ,waves to him and drives off! Since the glasses were tinted in both cars he could not make out who it was and if he wasn’t getting late to work, he’d have jumped out and asked her for coffee right there!

In case any of you who read my blog (and more than 700 people read me —thank you folks, I am  honoured and delighted!) knows this girl, please pass on this message to her :-) It’s his b’day after all. Let us make the birthday boy’s day!

Happy birthday Ajay Chauhan!  Here is a little something  for you apart from that other something that I sent through another good friend. (Thank you Mayank!)

May you continue to shine and grow and may you get whatever you heart truly desires.

 Loads of wishes and positive vibes are being sent your way.

And yes—may you find that perfect girl too, with or without the car chase! ;-)


  1. nice birthday gift! loved the post as well.. also Happy birthday mate!

  2. Wow, so cool, what a birthday gift! I would love one too, but the only thing is I don't remember anyone chasing me in a car=)Nice post.Have a great day!

  3. Hey that's a lovely birthday gift.. happy Birthday Ajay.. :)

    Btw waiting eagerly for the launch of your next book.. :)

  4. Happy B'day Ajay!!

    Cool new site..

  5. Love the post...friendship is a beautiful feeling and you wrote wonderfully about it..Happy birthday to Ajay...All the best for your 2nd book :)

  6. Happy Birthday Ajay! Car chases are fabulous,aren't they? :D And ur site is nice,shall be catching up with everything there.. :


  7. Car chase...sounds so thrilling! And Preeti, I will be equally thrilled if your blog helps him meet her! :) Fingers crossed :P

    Also, a very very happy birthday to Ajay! :D

  8. I did not know Chauhan had a thing for girls who drive Italian Job style :)

    Happy Birthday to him ...

  9. Lol! Wow! One is surely lucky to have you as a best friend, Preeti -you definitely know how to take them all the way to cloud 9! :)

    Happy Birthday, Ajay! Have a great one and hope you meet your speed wheels girl soon! :)

  10. Thats such a nice gesture and hope Ajay finds his lady..or chaser...
    Happy Birthday to you Ajay and all the best.

  11. Thanks a lot Preeti for the "something" and the other something :) Loved both the gifts :)
    And thanks a ton for putting up that car chase piece of action on your blog too :)
    Thanks Mihir, Rubashini, Sushoban, Sundari, Sagarika, Nikhil, Mamta Sparkling and Sindhu :)
    Aathira, you have no idea :) Thanks though.

    Just for the girl re-'quested' - I was in a grey swift and this happened near RBS in Gurgaon. :)

  12. Ajay: :) :)

    Sindhu: Thank U :)

    Sparkling: :) Shall quote your words to my closest friends often and remind them just how lucky they are! :D Thanks :)

    Aathira: :)

    Mamta: who knows-such crazy coincidences have happened on my blog in the past! :)

    Nikhil: They're nice as long as noone gets hurt :P :)Thanks for the compliments about my site!

    Sagarika: Thank you and thank you!

  13. Sundari: thank U! feels good to hear after all the work that has gone into it.

    Sushobhan: thanks so much for the interest. I am waiting eagerly too!

    Rubashini: heheh :) Thanks :)

    Mihir: thank you--glad u liked the post.

  14. Ajay surely is lucky to have a friend like you as I am sure you are to have a friend like him.

    Happy Birthday Ajay!

    And eagerly awaiting your second book, Preeti. PLEASE have a book launch in Mumbai.

  15. Happy birthday Ajay. Have a great day and be careful on the speed factor.


  16. Wow that a sweet B'day gift :) Happy B'day Ajay and hope u find the girl fast :)
    n Preeti loved your site.. it's beautiful and very organised too :)

  17. Ohh such a nice friend. Happy bday Ajay and wil surely let u know if I get to know abt the girl ;)
    Congrats on the website PS :)

  18. Swaram: thank u thank u :)

    Dhanya: Thanks a lot :)

    Palsworld: I do hope to. A lot depends on publisher. Thank u!

  19. Happy Birthday Ajay.

    Ps: Good luck on the new book. Website is fab.

  20. this is total bollywood style! i also hope it has a blooywood style ending where he ends up chasing her care and they finally pull over at a coffee shop!!! :)

    hey preeti, all the best for your second book launch. here's a prediction - it will outsell the first book and will do this in a shorter span of time!

  21. Guru: i hope so too :) And you're getting a BIG treat from me for just saying that second part of your comment :)

    Chitra; thank you so much!

  22. Thanks Satish. Advice duly noted :)
    Guruprasad, amen :)
    Thanks Chitra :)
    Thanks a lot Dhanya :)
    Swaram, thanks. I promise you a nice dinner if that happens :)
    Palsworld, totally agree with you :) Thanks

  23. whoa!! would love to come across someone like that - chase n all that!! best of luck to him in his quest... hope you find her Ajay :)
    and belated best wished for your birthday too.

  24. A lovely post Preeti!!!!
    When I was a teenager I noted down this quote I came across in my diary, it goes something like... Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy and art.... it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.
    Even now the quote holds good for me :-P.
    God Bless!!!!!

    Congrats on the new website:-))!!!!


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