A tag--7 secrets confessed :)

Rohit from "The journey" tagged me with this one and gave me an award too! How can I refuse now? :-) This is a really hard one because actually it would be a lie if I confessed 7 things that NO ONE knows about me. Come on! How can no one not know? Someone would have known but might have chosen to keep quiet or might have forgotten, isn’t it? I have blogged so much now, for the last three years that I honestly do not remember exactly what I have written. So with that concession in place, here goes my post:

1. I can write legibly with my left hand. When I was a child I fell down and fractured my right hand. I had to go to school though with a cast. I was so bored in class, of sitting still ,that I began writing with my left.

2. I cannot cook and talk on the phone. Yeah I know, women are supposed to be good at multi-tasking. But for some reason, I can’t cook and talk at the same the time. If I am cooking I hang up.

3. I know to handle an Air Rifle and my aim is good. My brother owned one and we used to take turns shooting, as teenagers. No—we didn’t kill any living things. (except a snake once) He did shoot a cockroach though :-) Recently at a fair, I used a ‘tommy gun’ which had a laser aim .It was much heavier than the ones I was used to but I really enjoyed it.(yes that is me in the picture)

4. I Love basket ball. I used to play National level basketball once upon a time when I was in school/college. I still play as there is a basketball court near my house.

5. I have received a certificate for being in top 2 percent of academic performers in the country in CBSE exams in both class 10 and class 12. I have several academic degrees/diplomas and I stood first all India, in the P.R and Advertising exam (which is one of my Post graduate qualifications). But I usually never mention this to anyone, as I always feel academic achievements really do not matter. I am truly not impressed by anyone’s academic achievements either, even if they have done a doctorate from the world’s top universities. The best teacher is indeed the school called LIFE.

6. I cannot sing to save my life. If I start singing my children and husband ask me to shut up. Despite this, I sing the song Chanda hai tu to my children with full and complete maternal emotions substituting the words, adding my own words. They quickly tell me that yes, they get the gist. :-)

7. I can skim throw a stone. I learnt it as a child. If you do not know what skim throwing is watch this video.

Now I am supposed to tag seven people. I am picking the first seven people who had left a comment on my last post .(All the names and descriptions are links to their blogs)

You are tagged and you have been given an award! (para-ra para-para..trumpets, bugles) :-)

1.Ayush: (I don't think you have a blog but you can write in my comment box)

2.Vinoo John:. I went to college with Vinoo. We used to be very close in college and now by a strange twist of fate we are both in UK. We plan to meet soon.

3.Gayathri :A lovely person a mother and a green thumber who makes wonderful pictures and cards

4.Laksh: She writes about daily life and her posts make me ponder.

5.Thoughtful train: We discovered that we are related too! True to her name she is really thoughtful and a genuinely nice person!

6.Chandni: A superb cook, one od my greatest motivators, a warm friendly person who has tonnes of friends

7.Mindspace: She writes a personal blog,A simple, kind and striaght forward person who finds joy in the smallest things of life

If anyone else wants to do the tag (and trust me it is very hard) I would be more than happy to read and surely will leave a comment if you let me know you have done it.


  1. That sure was interesting trivia! You were a topper throughout just doesn't come as a surprise :D Gosh! You are way too humble! I'd have shouted from the rooftops :D

    Cooking really needs concentration! You change the quantity of ingredients and you've a new dish everytime :D

  2. Waa thats very intresting, by any chance are you " Super mom" or "wonder women" in disguise ? ;)

  3. Anonymous9:47 AM

    what wonderful secrets!! :-P I totally agree with the sentiment expressed in point 5. In fact I do have a draft on education, I should post it sometime soon!
    Thanks for your sweet words for me! I will be sure to pick this tag! :-)

  4. These things I din't know about you :P
    And most of these things come to us as c child, no? I still think I was more adventurous as a kid than I am now! Need to change that asap :D

  5. The best teacher is indeed the school called LIFE.

    I love that quote. It is so true.

  6. Thanks Preeti for tagging....will soon post my secrets...like you said secrets hopefully most people

  7. nice one, preeti...learnt two new things about you now(skim throwing and singing) :)

    so did you win anything at the fair?

  8. You're ambidextrous!!!! Wow!
    You're a post grad in Advt and you told me you didn't understand the terms???!!!! Talk about playing it down! I feel so stupid now :(
    But why am I not surprised? :D

    I really learnt something new about you today - wow!The tag was a success :)

    P.S: I can cook and talk on the phone all the time! Yay! Don't dare ask me the taste of my food :(

  9. Sparkling: Oh no--i am not really ambidextrous. I am right-handed only. But writing with left was one of the things I was forced to learn :)

    Suma: yeah--two soft toys :)

    Vinoo: Would love to read :)

    Marj: Very true it is.

    Meira; Very rightly said. We need to keep that child alive :)

  10. Thoughtful train:Thanks :) Will look forward to reading urs :)

    Srivats: Most things I mentioned here were 'long back' ones :)

    Tranquility: Honestly I think its no big deal. Raising two children well is far more a challange and far more superior and difficult than academic achievements.

  11. Nicely done tag...

  12. Thanx a ton P, for sharing ur secrets. u really amaze me...always!!

  13. Hi Preeti

    Thanks for the award and the tag! Will definitely post my secrets here soon :))

  14. Its interesting what you say about academic achievements. I agree Life indeed is the biggest techer, but find most ppl being judged by their qualifications (& what they do).
    Your write-ups re very nice :)

  15. Aparna: true--most people judge others like that. But I definitely do not :) Thanks a lot :)

    Ayush: Will look forward to that.

    Chandni: I stil amaze you? :-) I thought you knew me by now :)

    Prats:Thank you :)

  16. Dear Preeti,
    A nice and thoughtful post and thank you very much for the award. I have never won one like this before(heh..could that be a secret?:) Will post mine soon.

    Happy thoughts,

  17. Thank you so much .... for getting the time out for tagging.... and put your 7 unknown forgotten things!!

    1. wow....
    2. Good.... And I prefer the 1st one.
    3. What? Did i hear.... 'shooting'....Bhagooooooooooooooo!!

  18. Just out of curiosity - what are your other post graduate qualifications? I know you have mentioned that you do not give much weightage to them. But a person's education does reveal a certain something about her. It does require a certain dedication and effort to successfully complete a certain course.

  19. Cool tag! Think I’ve done a variation of it before.

    Being able to shoot is so cool! N the left hand thingy proves that when there is a need we can do anything!

    BTW..i think I wont be able to cook if I’m NOT on the phone! My cooking time is the time I devote to keeping in touch with friends n fmly!

    Hmm..n abt secrets…I think there do exist somethings that ONLY the self knows..of crse they are not just “facts” about u and they are a lot more personal…the kind of stuff…u don’t really want ANYONE to know! n definitely not tag material! :)

  20. Pavi: heheh very right about secrets, :-)

    Pals world: Many and varied that include a Masters in Sociology and one in International travel and tourism.

    Rohit: :-) yes--better beware :P

    Gayu: let me know when you do.

  21. Nice facts.. You are just out of this world :)

  22. AHA :) Thanks for sharing these with us.

    And a masters in International Travel and Tourism? I would SOOOOOOOOO love to do that!!!!

  23. Shachi: :-)

    Dhanya: thank you :)

  24. Anonymous5:34 AM

    love the image of the woman with the gun
    even if it is just a carnival

    go girl power!

  25. As promised, here are 7 things about me that are not so well known...Some are known mostly to my close friends only and some others have probably been long forgotten by now!

    1. I did write a blog once :)) Then Twitter came along and I just lost interest in the blog :)

    2. I want to learn how to aim an Air Rifle. I had an Air Gun once, but then lost it somewhere!

    3. I can't swim. I have tried learning off and on. But my first experience with swimming was not good (courtesy an overworked trainer) and I have never been able to swim since.

    4. I have an Advanced Diploma in German. And I've studied it for 9 years in school and 2 years during graduation. Used to be very fluent at one point of time and it used to give me immense pleasure.

    5. I have a major "spice tooth". I sprinkle chaat masala liberally on any dish at the slightest hint of a bland taste.

    6. I was a content developer for a major CAT coaching company. I developed content for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. :))

    7. I have an innate curiosity to know everything about everything. And it has got me into trouble more times than I care to remember. It also led to some very interesting moments in school. ;) But more about that later!

    So those were my seven. Now, am looking forward to reading what others have written/will write! :)

  26. Ayush: that was really interesting to know :) I am also a lot like you on curiosity factor :) And nice to know you developed those comprehensions tests for the CAT coaching company :)


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