Cherish those small moments (wordless wednesday No.16)

Hello everybody,

hello, hello hello! (waving hand in the air. Everyone applauds. Thank you!) :-)

Yes, I am alive. Yes, I am well.

Thank you so much to all who called, to all who mailed and to all who asked. I haven’t been online at all as I wasn’t well for a few days (horrible flu but not the swine) and then as soon as I recovered I went to Derby to visit Niall. It was awesome! (Picture clicked in Niall’s drawing room. You can see his brilliant work on the wall. It was a privilege for me to see his pictures which I am so familiar with.)

My portraiture course is really intensive and it takes up almost all my time. Add to that writing my second book and of course, the famous housework which I mentioned in my previous post , precious time with my darling babies and you can see why it took me so long to even reply to my blog comments. I am sure you will understand.

This morning I got a request in my mail box (request ho tho aisi!) from Ruch of Nirjharini. This is what she wrote:

The Lament of a Blog Reader

No new poems and no world less Wednesdays

No new musings and nothing amusing

No mama moments and no blog marathons

Nothing new to ponder or dwell on

I know you are busy sketching

And those portraits look so very fetching

But please do write a line

Coz its for a new post that we pine!

Ok I know this is very lousy poetry and written in great haste, but can I please please have a new blog post :-)

I so look fwd to them.

BTW I hope you are doing well and are in good health.

Take care


I Loved her poem! She is being very humble to call it lousy. It might have been written in haste but what made it special for me was the thoughtfulness behind it. I immediately mailed her back and this was my reply:

How can I this request deny?

Promptly I shall comply.

You will see a new post at the end of the day.

Will reproduce your poem on my blog with credit to you, If I may? :)

She again replied back in verse granting permission :-)

So here is my post for today. It is really not wordless but I am filing it under Wordless Wednesday as it has a lot of photos which is what Wordless Wednesdays are about.

Often in life, we forget the small things. We are so busy in the mornings that we see but we don’t notice, we listen but we don’t hear, we glance but we don’t absorb, we eat but we don’t savour.

Last night I had a very bad nightmare. It was depressing, vivid and worst of all it felt so real and it was a possibility which I would not wish even on my worst enemies. I cried this morning as I narrated my nightmare to my husband –they were tears of relief that it was only a nightmare. But it did teach me a lesson—it reminded me to be grateful for good health, to be grateful for food on the table, to be grateful for friends who care and most of all, to really live each day, not merely exist dragging a weary soul behind you.

We don’t have to wait for marvellous things to happen to enjoy life. Life is mostly small moments strung together like beads in a necklace. Some are beads of happiness, some are beads of laughter, some are beads of disappointment—they are all there, but they fit marvellously to make life beautiful. It is up to you to notice the beads and savour the ones that make you feel good and quickly passing over the ones that don’t.

I clicked a few pictures this morning—all clicked in my kitchen and one in my drawing room. These are the things that I was truly grateful for this morning.

I hope you find your moments too!



Flowers in my drawing room. I love flowers.

Flowers on my kitchen window sill too. I did mean it when I said I love flowers :-)

Burgers I made for lunch that I packed for Satish and the kids, this morning. (There are aloo tikkis inside! Yum!) :-)

Soft spongy ildis (Yes I make good idlis and sambar and I painstakingly grind my own batter too. Not readymade mix) and steaming hot sambar that we had for breakfast :-) (yeah I am showing off now. heh heh.)

And finally a cup of tea that I did not have to make myself :-) Ah! Bliss!


  1. Aaah so truly said. live life savoring every moment of it. luvly pics too. ur sambar made my mouth water. thanxx for sharing ur moments!!

  2. Absolutely...!! ..Like now, I find joy in reading your blog post and posting a comment here! :) :)

  3. :-) It was fun to converse in verse wasn’t it!
    Life is indeed made up of small small things and its definitely up to us to savor them and not let them pass in our maddening rush.

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  5. Yay...finally she updates!
    Those are some pretty flowers, store bought or picked from the wild?

  6. I loved this post..We got poem,we got photos..Its like a feast:)and we all should thank Ruch for being the catalyst here..:)


  7. Thanks for sharing the pics:) Those burger pics made me a wordless wednesday how about a receipe ravivaar?;-)

  8. A very nice and happy post,Preeti. Lovely pictures by Niall. Thanks for sharing them and your idli-sambar, aloo-burgers looks very appetizing and mouth watering. Slurp! Slurp!

  9. Lovely post. And most importantly lovely pics. Being in the midst of a move, it's been two weeks since I had homemade food! Have never been an 'idli' person but seeing your pics makes me realise how much I miss their spongy softness.

  10. Mini: Good luck with the move! I think you will like my idlis :) They are tasty only if they are made very well (I hate the hotel ones) and served piping hot.

    Gayathri: burgers are very easy to make and Niall's pictures are truly amazing.

    Pooja: Heh heh. You can find recipe in hundreds of sites. You can make in two ways--either you can make a tikki or you can simply slice boiled potatoes and shallow fry on tawa with a little haldi and chillipowder. The you slice the burger buns, add mayo and mustard, place potato slices and cheese and crunchy lettuce leaves and close the burger--that's all.:)

    Geetha: Thank you and thank you Ruch :) :)

    Only one: Store bought :) I live in the city not in the wild :D

  11. Ruch: It indeed was! :) Small things do give so much joy, don't they?! :)

    Smilie: Your smile is indeed beautiful :) Is it your real name too or blog name? :)

    Chandni:Thanks for reading :)

  12. The sambhar sure brought back a lot of fond memories. Blast from the past! And it seems like last week!! I also remember the gun powder :D What I distinctly remember is how much I gobbled( a better word would be inhaled) till I could eat no more :D Thank you Ma'm. Thank you very much. They were delicious :D

    The flowers are so beautiful! They're real?

    Even a small cut on a finger is a BIG reminder to never take anything for granted and find happiness in the nooks and crannies of life. So agree with that idea :) Take care and stay warm :)

  13. Great Post... :-)

  14. Its true Preeti,happiness is enjoying the each and every moment of life.Take care.

  15. Lovely post!

    Flu has been making the rounds all over the world this year....I got it too for the first time in my life! Glad you are better now....

    Are these pictures using ur new Nikon DSLR? Nice clicks....

    Once you are less busy, maybe few of us bloggers shud do a weekly or monthly photo competition based on a theme....

    About your nightmare and living in the moment, I go through that so many times....and you are right - we should be grateful for being healthy and so blessed each day and cherish what we have, rather than crib about what we don't!

  16. U made me smile again.. take good care! :)

  17. Your wordiness is nice though gives a chance to know you. I'm guessing the aloo tikkis are a favorite with you family. The iddlis look great are they made from urid dhal? The flowers are so pretty and soft . Happy WW

  18. This was such a feel good post Preeti :)
    Loved those yummy pictures and i'm sure there are many yummy moments in your life too...
    Take care...

    Those wrks of Niall must have been so amazing to just look at...You are indeed lucky

  19. what i really really want is that cup of chai made by someone else! :)

    nice to have u back... :)

  20. This is not fair. You put up those pics of yummy looking burgers and idlis. Now I desparately want to eat those.

  21. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Hey Preethi.. good to know you are back healthy and cheerful as always. Take care.. am lagging on the blog too.. but then.. its been a crazy crazy week at work.

  22. I am waiting to eat your Sambhar too!....

  23. "Life is mostly small moments strung together like beads in a necklace."
    Wonderful line and how true !
    Your snaps are really refreshing and yummy too :-)
    Sometimes we(I am in the list) only see the big picture, that we(I), fail to notice the small and beautiful tapestry. We had a pretty big project rolling up in top gear(sometimes I wonder why is that most of the projects I step in, is when it is on 'RED' or is the other way around..he..he..he) and people are already stressed out spending long hours and working on Sat and Sun as well. It is a real challenge to keep a motivated team. And that is my excuse, why I was not able to drop a few lines after reading your wonderful posts ;-)
    Well, the first D-Day is over and we managed pulled out a good show and we are going for lunch(exactly one hour from now) to a star hotel to celebrate it. Today I plan to unwind and reach home on time(hopefully).

  24. Welcome Back.. Nice post..

  25. First of all, thank you Ruch and second of all, thank you for writing Preeti :)

    Glad to hear you're doing better - flu, nightmare et al...and after all that the results are truly sumptuous! Wow! those idlis!
    Okay, I'm off carbs since the last 3 weeks, so I'm off from here for now...

    Ciao :p

    P.S: Take care and thank you for the bouquet of smiles :)

  26. lovely flowers, idli and burger. Looks like u have many things to keep you on toes :) Take care and write such posts when u find time.

  27. U may not believe it but I was definitely going to post a comment today asking whts up....I've been thinking abt it past 2 days and my only excuse tht I too am recovering from flu and no not of the swine variety;-D

    Thank U for the wonderful post and pictures and please tell Ruchi tht her poem is one of the best I've ever read coz for once in my life I cd understand and agree with every word in it;-D

  28. shameless enough to say,I've missed a great deal of ur posts..I am sorry.. :( shall be reading them all over,once time permits.. :)

    This one was awesome..Short and sweet..with a clear message..More like,what I needed.. :D

    *looks at those idlis with utter crave..its been 3 months.. :(


  29. I'll say this one's a thought-provoking post complimented with lovely pics that brings a smile on the reader's face.

    I agree life is about enjoying the little joy it brings to us each day and being hopeful in difficult times.

    And, I love idli sambar... looks so yum!

  30. Nice to see your lovely post after a long time! :)

  31. I like this one!
    Some small things in life are so important...
    Just that we fail to see and appreciate them a lot of dawns upon us one fine day and then that day turns out to be great..

  32. Glad your doing better!

    Ruchi's verse is soooo cute :) who can deny that kinda request :)

    n the pics are so appetizing! Makes me want to have the idly- sambhar on a table with those flowers! :)

    Get better n hope u dont have such nasty nightmares anmore!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  33. Pavi: Thank you so much for those kind wishes! :)

    Rohan: very true. We often miss the small moments in life.


    Mamta: It tastes as good as it looks and it is not an Idle-(i) boast :D

    Multimenon: thanks so much :) Welcome back :)

    Reflections; OMG--you also got the flu? Horrible isnt it? Hope you are fighting fit now..And thanks! :)

    Srivats:Thank you--and yes I will make time to post :)

  34. Sparkling: OMG--no carbs is one diet I can NEVER follow! Good luck with yours.

    neverending memories; Thank you :)

    Nandagopan:Glad you reconnected with your friends.Congrats for pulling off a successful project and thanks :)

    Vinoo: You're invited. Please come with your family.

    Sunshine: Where are you working if I may ask. What do you do?

    SS:they are easy to make :)

  35. Sunshine: And now I need it too :) But there is nobody home so I'll have to help myself :)

    Prats: yes--it was great to see his pics :)

    Sukhmandir: thanks! Happy WW. Yes--Idlis are made from soaking urad dal and rice.

    Shruti: thanks!

    Shachi: yep--clikced with my Nikon D 90. Thanks! Regarding contest--who would judge? each one would feel their pic is best isnt it? :)

    Jyotiajay:Thanks :)

    Prats from Pune: Thank you!

    Tranquility: i had forgotten that you had had idlis at my place :) Thanks for reminding! Do you remember atul's hindi nightmares? :)

  36. Lovely to see your post after the hiatus Preeti. See, your fan club won't let you get away - that was a lovely verse to rope you back right in.
    Thanks for the Wordful Wednesday - lovely mix of thoughts and pictures. Hope you are fully recovered and in fine fettle.

  37. Must say, the idlis look utterly delicious..

  38. Idli and Sambar !!!!!!!
    i just miss them :( :(

  39. i make my own idli n dosa batter too...the ready made stuff never works for me...


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