Some bumps in life can make you smile

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. very nice post. :)

  2. Thank you Guru :) Writing this post was the only thing I could do to cheer myself up :)

  3. Pregnant woman collapsing - so scary even to imagine! :) I am thankful at your stars that you were ultimately fine!

  4. Shalini: I did have the presence of mind to sit down before I collapsed :) So it did work out well. I would like to think it was like a kind of graceful slide :) and at that time too I found it hilarious :)

  5. :) Really nice, here's hoping your back pain vanishes soon. Take care.

  6. Take as much as rest as possible. That is the best way to counter back pain.

    Get well soon!

    Blog posts can wait. We are going no where :)

  7. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Pooh pooh - go away back pain! :D

    Thats a cute account but I can imagine how worried your folks might have been. Are you talking about Eloor Lending Library? The narrow stairs - so typical of it! That was my haunt in those days and I might have run into you there ;-) And I rem the nerdy guy - poor fella might have had the shock of his life! ;-D

  8. OMG much ur parents wud hav frightened..

    //and I burst out laughing...//
    LOL :):)

    And on that internal switch..i guess everyone would wish for one such switch..oh i need one badly to escape from this longggg running meetings ;)

    Nice post preeti...and on that back pain..keep laughing it will run away from u :)

    Get well soon !!

  9. so cute!!! :)
    i rememeber last yr wen i had a v. bad lower back ache, my father suggested i shd get married because that would take care of the back pain :D
    i still have not figured out the connection, but well!!! ;-)

  10. ayyo..hope you get well soon...and back to your active self soon!!

    btw my uncle had similar trouble too when he used to go the library...but in his case it was the beer belly!!;-P

  11. mathew: LOL :) heh heh heh. Thankfully no beer in my belly :)

    Piggy little: That he suggested as then your husband would have to take care of you and they could be absolved :)

    Sundari: The expression on his face was really hilarious :) Internal switch is a great idea :)

    Thoughtful train: yes--and yes :)

    Varun: If I didnt blog I'd have died of boredom :) Thanks. rest assured and pun intended :)

  12. Lol! I'm imagining the librarian's reaction and just can't help laughing :D

    Ouch! I hate back aches!
    Rest that back Preeti and take care. Guess 'Moov' and 'Tiger' ain't helping huh...

    You know what? Watch some comedies, it will surely take your mind off that pain :)
    It works for me :D

  13. Awww..Get well soon!

    n while ur more books, write more posts,work on ur book,read more blogs,have your children read to u(im sure they 'll LOVE the role reversal...n u wont know where all the time flew at the end of it!

    Take Care ps!

    n abt the switch..i have it, i hear only wat i want to and can ignore the rest. n YES its V.V helpful!

  14. Hey, you really are strong to have survived that.
    I hope you get out of bed this time pretty soon !!
    About the switch, I remember, I used to teach my brother for his exams, And after while he would say to me in a very serious tone "didi, no matter how hard you try now,nothing more is going into this head, kyonki apni to batti gul ho chuki hai :-). So lets just stop studying now"

  15. heyyy.. Get well soon Preeti. From ur blogs I know that you are a very active person. So hope ur back on ur feet soooon :)

  16. I couldnt help suppressing a laughter :-)
    It was really a tough day in office today, with things going awry, every time I started to clamp down things.
    A real stress buster, after reading your piece of work.
    You just tickled my funny bone :-)
    Btw, get well soon.

  17. Hi preeti,
    Even my dad is suffering frm back pain since last 1 year.Now he is slowly recovering frm it.He went for the accupuncture tretment.I know wat the pain ur facing tdy.I wish u a speed recovery.

    take care

  18. hi..wishing u a speedy sure very soon u will be up and about..enjoyed reading your post. btw were u in ekm at tht time..since u mentioned kerala..somehow the images coming in my mind are of the eloor library :-P

  19. Namita: oh yes--same Eloor only :) And do you remember that librarian :) Thinking about him I am laughing now :)

    Jyotiajay: Thank you. really appreciate it.

    Nandagopan: :) Glad it made you smile.

    Pointblank: yes--I really hope so too.

    Dil se: Oh yes!! My kids also tell me the same thing! That no more will enter their brain and brain is full :)

    Pavi: Thanks..Yes--switch is indeed useful

  20. Sparkling: Yes :) Moov and tiger--should shoot the people who made the ads ;-) Yeah--that librarian was a sight! poor guy! I am chuckling now when i Imagine his face!! :)

  21. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I can imagine how terrified your parents and the librarian must have been :)

    Hope you get our of the current state of bedrest. Take care.

  22. the horror in the eyes of the librarian was subtly described!! loved it!! it was fun to read and go thru the post!! loved it.. best wishes for your back pain.. get well soon!!

  23. Hey Hi, how are you... i guess by the time you read my comments you should be back in action... with a strong back...

    And the story is really nice, as i am able to correlate this a bit... as currently one of my dear friend completed 5th month(of pregnancy)... and trust me as of today she is the most active member in our GANG :-0

    She is on more movie first... and just today we all booked ticket for US open Woman finals... and she was most happy & energetic in this... already started up with cheering go go go

    Still do take care and stay fit
    cheers, Anish

  24. Anish: i just published the post a few hours ago..but yes I am feeling better :) Thanks for the wishes.

    Parv: Heh heh. Thanks

    Wordzndreamz: yes they were petrified but since I was perfectly fine I found it really hilarious. Better now--thank you.

  25. Oh Preeti, whatever happened to your back.. pls do take care and hope it gets well back soon...

    hope the kids are taking good care and doing all what you say :)without you having to put in much effort...


  26. Tara: kids's father is :) Thanks a lot. Hopefully it will go away tomo.

  27. Nice post, Preeti. It had me laughing right from that cute cartoon!
    Take care and get well soooooon!

  28. interesting post!:) loved reading it

  29. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Only a few ppl have the trait of laughing away the pains...Take care,PS, and wish you a speedy recovery...
    About the library incident, I imagined the librarian's pale face and your taking advantage of his sympathy to borrow more books...Ha,ha, Was a good laugh!!

  30. Oh my I can just imagine the poor librarian's face...anyway take care of your back Preeti.Take lots of rest and I'm sure your gettign lots of TLC :)

  31. You always keep yourself so fit and exercise regularly. Then why the back pain! It's worrisome!

    Do you have something like Move or it's equivalent there? Take ample amount of rest

    And get back to fighting fit real soon :)

  32. you sure scared the hell out of your parents..and the poor librarian :P

    Hey get well soon..prayers for you :D

  33. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Hi Ms. Preeti!

    A very Good write up indeed. Wish you get well soon. Best! Kulpreet

  34. that picture was cute! the pic you put up at the start of the post not the one of you collapsing and scaring a poor librarian! :)

    do take care and don't you touch that internal switch :D

  35. hahhahah... loved it...i seriously could imagin you in library huffing.... Take care dear...hope u recover soon and back running all around...meanwhile i m sure ur kids are pretty happy since u cant nag them now..:))

  36. You indeed are one tough cookie :)

    Get well soon!

  37. Hope u get well soon! :) N abt incidentg! Gosh u r REALLY determined!

  38. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Take care! I have a bad back and neck pain too for sometime. So I take brief blog break from time to time.

    Get well soon!


  39. Its funny how one incident brings back memories of another:-)). U must be in really terrible pain to be taking complete bed rest. Please do take care coz TOTAL bed rest or surgery is the only effective medicine for back pain. My better-half lives with this horrible pain 265 out of 365 days:-(.

  40. And when u r better I want one of those lovely cards u make for ur readers. I TOTALLY think I DESERVE one....I've been ur faithful follower & reader & commenter & everything.

  41. :-)

    Have backups Ps for such problems :D
    Get well soon Ps.


  42. Hope the back gets better soon... was a nice read! funny:) :)

  43. dear preeti
    rest well(easier said then done) and get well soon.
    however do remember back pain is a nuisance and once it has started it wont go away completely and easily.
    you will have to take care of your back properly once you recover from it this time so that it doesnt resurface again and again.
    there are certain physiotherapy exercises for the back which are to be religiously done after your pain subsides .
    do get in touch with a physiotherapist if you have`nt done it so far.
    take care
    p.s -i underwent a spine surgery 10 months back.thats why the above lecture.
    had recurring back pain for 7-8 yrs.finally the surgery.
    now i am absolutely fine(touchwood).

  44. Just somene: yes--it was filed under 'Funny/amusing' :) Thank you.

    Reflections: you absolutely deserve a card. Do send me your postal address.

    Nikhil: I have you :) That speaks volumes :)

    Solilo: Is yours chronic. Mine I think should clear soon.

    Shruti: If after all that i did not get the books what a waste it would have been! :)

    Prakhar: That I am :P :)

  45. Piyali: Glad you are ok now. Mine is not really lower back--it is more of a sprain on the hip because of one specific thing I did. Hopefully it should clear. I have been doing yoga for many years now. So i do have a flexible body. lets see.

    Priyanka: kids fuss over me :) that feels good :)

    Suma :) Yes m'am. Whatever you say :)

    Kulpreet: thank you :)

  46. ani_aset: yes i did --but unintentional though :) Thank you :)

    Tranquility speaks: Much better today. thank you :)

    SMM: I am --thank you :)

    athivas: heh heh--what else could I do?! :) thank you.

    Tamizhmaangani: thank you :)

    Gayathri:Thank you :)

  47. LOL.. poor librarian n of course ur parents..
    Get well soon Preeti

  48. LOL :D That was hilarious. The poor librarian would have been bugged by hiccups by now because of so many people remembering him :)

    Get well soon :)

  49. nice post, and i know I was on bed rest almost all of my pregnancy and the books were my only companions

    thankfully blore had a online library with a home delivery facility... i would get my stock delivered every week :)

    get well soon girl

  50. Dear P.S,

    Get Well Now..!!


  51. Alright now, just one point; in what way do I fall short in deserving a card? :p

    Sorry, before I forget, I know the back is getting better ;)


  52. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Aww... you not well? Do take care please!

  53. Oh!! first of all wish you a very speedy recovery :) hope that back pain goes away like shoo mantar ;) I hat bed rests..80 days is seriously long.. gosh!!.. recently i contracted Viral fever with my lymph glands all swollen or something like that. I did not take any rest at all, i was reading books, watching TV or playing in my comp...

  54. aww hope u r doing better now dear... back pains r certainly a real pain in the wrong place and i suffer from it a lot...
    hehe poor librarian lol... r u talking abt eloor lending library in convent rd...hehe ahh my favourite haunt... just love tyhe place...have spend so much time there and the amount of books i have taken from there surprises my parents no amount lol#
    hey any suggestions for good reading books - well want to read somethin good during this preggy time and everone keeps tellin me dont read that dont read this now etc...

  55. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Hope u recover soon. Your blog is great and I don't know why I didn't stumble upon it earlier.

  56. hi didi
    nice post,sry reading ur blog after a
    long time.just that am so busy these days that i sleep once in 3 days.
    hows your back now ?
    get well soon
    wishing you good health

  57. OH!!! back pain??

    Get well Soon....

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Absolutely hilarious post - was laughing out loud till I reached the last line and learnt of your back ache. Aww ..get well soon and take care.
    (psst - a little secret abt the wall climbing- guess who managed to bang her knee against the damn wall and who is limping her way ard now :-))

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. imagining that sight just cracked me up...

    get well soon!

  62. Raaga: heh heh--Yes--am okay now. Just put an addendum.

    Ruch: Ouch! But I'd say the limp was worth it. Proof that you are living not existing :)

    Suree: Am okay now :) Thanks

    Krish: am ok now. Why only once in 3 days?!

    Shwetha: Now that you are here, welcome aboard! :)

  63. was laughing like any thing when i imagined the situation!!!!

    Bold enough to climb stairs even after bed rest advice! :P

    n regd back pain.. hope u r out of it now

    take care

  64. Enigma: I think you can read anything unless of course it is depressing stuff. Usually happy thoughts are ideal. I would recommend but I don't know your tastes--it is highly an individual thing isn't it? See back cover and reviews and then decide.

    Shantharam: if I could play comp games in bed during my pregnancy I would have :) Thank you for your wishes--am ok now.

    Partywithneha: yes--am ok now :)

    Sparkling:Right as usual on both counts. Send me your address please.

    Geetha: yes m'am :) done :)

    Monika: Mine was eleven years back in cochin :) So no onlin or home delivery--lucky u :)

  65. Ajay : :) Aye Aye Capitan. Whatever you say ;-)

    Dhanya: Yes..But in retrospect was funny. Am fine now :)Thank you.

  66. Hunter: I think you left the comment while I was updating the post :)heh heh--glad it made you laugh :)
    Yes I am fine now. I was bold as it was my last surge of freedom :) After that I would be in bed for sooo long! Besides the prospect of nothing to do in bed was more terrifying than the prospect of climbing stairs :)

  67. As usual it rocks with fun and ur style of narration. Good to see you up and about, happy times again!

  68. avvvv....7 months pregnant!! climbing stairs and fainting!! seriously scary thot...

  69. Thank goodness you got well. And Blog Adda recommended the comment section too , for fun reading :P

    @Reflections: They were spectacular, every single one of them :)

  70. Meira: :) yes--I noticed that :)Don't know wht they said that though :) Mebbe coz LOL, ROTFL etc is infectious :)

    Gils: Why is pregnancy scary? it isn't a disease! Its normal and natural :)

    Srivats:Thank you! :)

  71. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Preethi, it is always good to be back on your blog after a long time away from the blog world. Take care of your back and glad to hear that you are better.

  72. I am so glad that you are fit-n-fine once again. We all really missed you and your wonderful posts :) ..

  73. I read your posts - but don't comment. Why? coz I don't know what to say :) But this one was different as we are expecting a baby in near future and I am kind of overwhelmed by the possibilities.
    But comments or no comments, I would keep visiting with hope that you keep writing :)
    luv & blessings,

  74. oh! I was late here. Good to read your addendem. So we can expect more from you here soon.Take care

  75. Hey...How are you?..hope everythingz fine..and no more pain :)

  76. This post brought a smile on my face. It was the smile of admiration also-of your activeness and love towards life.

  77. i liked the bit where you came back to your senses to laugh at what was in store for you...n that internal switch is truly a Gods gift for protect( i wouldn't have survived my teens without that.forget teens, even now).

    Enjoyed it...

  78. Back ache is a pain in the neck! So glad you've recovered and risen anew from your bed!

  79. Hi...havn't had the chance to check your blogs in a while but love reading them when time permits.....I really liked your anecdote about your trip to the library( although, I must add, thank god you were fine after that.... ) Was that by any chance Eloor Lending Library? ( I couldn't do without that place at one point of time...: ) You really know how to see the humourous side to things : )...Hope you recover soon from your backpain, TC..: )

  80. Anonymous11:53 PM

    You are so very positive and have such good comic timing. I was almost feeling guilty for being amused about a very pregnant woman blacking out!
    Thanks for sharing :)


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