All I want from you

Photo by Ajay Chauhan

When I reach a plateau
All I want you to do is
To point out the mountains that are still there to climb
(Obscured by the mist)

When I retreat into a shell
All I want you to do is
Coax me out gently but firmly
(Reminding me of the dreams still left to chase)

When I do not respond to you
All I want you to do is
Keep persisting doggedly.
(And not give up on me)

When I ask you to leave me alone
All I want you to do is
Not believe me.
(It is just a camouflaged cry for help)

When I talk to you
All I want you to do
Is look into my eyes.
(To see the adulation and unwavering faith)

Perhaps the mist is not really in the Hills after all.
It is in our minds
And I need to sever the layers.
(To help you look through it)

© 2009 Preeti Shenoy

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The above poem was written by me recently. These simple lines just came to me almost effortlessly. When I finished and re-read it I realised it could be a poem from anybody to a loved one.

Deep inside, isn't this (what the poem expresses) what we all want?


  1. Anonymous3:34 PM

    nice one .. I always enjoy reading your posts and poems :)

  2. Anonymous3:35 PM

    didn't notice i'm the first one to comment .. yay ;)

  3. Yes Rina, you are the first! :)

    Thank you so much.

  4. beautiful lines, totally heart felt.

  5. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Beautiful poem PS. I had to comment on reading this. Want to tell you a few other things too, will comment more in a little while. :-)

  6. Beautiful poem which shares lot of things in a beautiful way.Good snap by ajay chauhan.

  7. Anonymous5:35 PM

    came up effortlessly??
    I am still drenched into it....Thanks for sharing!You laughed away at my question, and haven't answered it yet, PS! What are you made of??

  8. That is really nice. :) I agree that this is probably all we ask for

    And even better since it is effortless :)

  9. when i write about mirrors
    all i want you to do is
    not stick them on the ceiling
    (and send my imagination on a hike)


    on a serious note, i like this poem.

  10. Suma: Imagination may not make the heart grow fonder but it can make the libido soar ;-) :-) heh heh.Thank you.

    Raaga:Thank you :)

    athivas: What question? I looked at the previuos post and one before that--Am I missing something?

    Jyotiajay: Thank you. I liked the photo too.

    thoughtfultain: Thank you. :-) Guessing that 'something more' is what you told me on chat just now :)

  11. //When I retreat into a shell
    All I want you to do is
    Coax me out gently but firmly
    (Reminding me of the dreams still left to chase) //

    Just loved these lines a lot...

    Simply superb...

    All I/we want you to do is
    Write many more such beautiful poems :)

  12. Beautiful :)
    Just...Beautiful! :)

  13. Anu: Beaming now! Thank you :)

    Sundari: Smile just stretched into a beam :) thank you :)

  14. your poems force me to comment :)

    even if its only a one-liner like this that i manage!

  15. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Forget it,PS! I mentioned about my question on this post: You are such sweet to check if you have missed something. On a serious note, do write a post on time management.

  16. This one is just perfect!!!

  17. Beautiful thoughts as always! You give us so much food for thought and I am already half lost in my thoughts.

    And yes so true - this is what we all want actually.

  18. Simply awesome :))

  19. Awesome :) Loved it!!!!

  20. What a splendid poem! Enjoyed every word of it, Preeti. It is encouraging and inspiring all the way!

  21. ...and brilliant photography( I forgot to add it to my comment :))

  22. Loved the part about "When I ask you to leave me alone".....that is almost always true for most of us.

    Awesome poem PS.

  23. Gayathri: thank you! Your words are encouraging and inspiring all the way too :)

    Shachi: Thank you!

    G3: thank you!!

    Life begins: we want it but we don't say it and expect the other to understand.

    prats:Thank you!

    athivas: :) heh heh--will go and see now.

    Guruprasad: your poems too. please write!

  24. Palsworld: yes--but if one looks hard one can see through it, isn't it?

    Gayathri: I liked it too (reply to your second comment)

  25. excellent poem! "These simple lines just came to me almost effortlessly" --- couldn't be happier for you! :)


  26. wow this style is nice :)

  27. Anonymous1:33 AM

    If there is a finishing school for men who are getting married, this should be in in the syllabus!! ;-) And the photo along with your words made me read the poem again and again! Boy, am I glad these poems comes effortlessly for you !! :-)

  28. Thoughtful train : :-) The photo is of Neelkanth mountains early in the morn. I too loved the photo--it went so well with my poem. The poem actually came to me in a semi sleep state. I scribbled on the writing pad next to me (which I always keep) and later typed it out.

    Ani_aset:Thank you. :)

    EM:Thanks so much. See my comment to thoughtful train above.

  29. //The above poem was written by me recently. These simple lines just came to me almost effortlessly. //

    No wonder here,you are such a honest writer :)

    //When I finished and re-read it I realised it could be a poem from anybody to a loved one.//

    Can totally relate to it, Such a nice lyrics and u may not add them in brackets, they would look jus fine without the brackets too :)

    Deep inside, isn't this (what the poem expresses) what we all want?//

    I couldnt agree more..this is all we want be a man or women

  30. You just read my heart and wrote this poem. loved reading it.

  31. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Its beauuuuuuuuutiful Preeti! I absolutely loved it. I could relate to everything, esply the "leave me alone" is just a cry for help!!!.. That is sooo true. I'm very bad at asking favours.

  32. Beautiful poem! Absolutely loved it..thanks for sharing! You should think of publishing a book with a collection of all your poems!

  33. Beautiful poem! Absolutely loved it..thanks for sharing! You should think of publishing a book with a collection of all your poems!

  34. and the most beautiful thing about poems is everyone draws their own interpretation from it...

    keep writing

  35. wouldn't you love to sleep more often now! u r inspiring preethi, to a lot of people, and very few have that gift :)

  36. EM: Thank you EM! :) "I'll sleep when I am dead" Bon Jovi :)

    Gazal: yes--a poem can be interpreted any way like a piece of art.

    Pratima: :-) How I wish you were a Poetry publisher. But hey--yes--nice suggestion. The thing is poetry is such a niche market. And hey--Thank you!

    Pointblank: Wow--thanks!!! :) Me too--I will never ever ask for help and that is not always good as others cannot read our minds.

    Rajshree; thank you so much!

    Srivtas: yes--honest it was :) I think brackets is what adds to the beauty of it. Fourth line in bracket is what is unexpressed. You want to say it but you don't. That is what makes the poem powerful (according to me) Thank you!

  37. loved it..:))..very true...a true reflection of what we want...:)


  38. If I say it was Mind blowing, it would be putting it very mildly! When I find the one, I will come back to this and ask you for copyrights so I can send this over to him :D

  39. such a lovely and nice poem!! loved it!!! i think i'll mail it to my gf!! but i dnt own the copyright?? plzz dnt sue me!!!

  40. The more I read the poem,the more I get drawn to it...seriously.
    And sorry for being repetitive but your poem is really beautiful :)

    And thank you for visiting my made my day :)

  41. When I read the lines in parenthesis, it makes me realize how vulnerable we’re in love and how it is that same love that makes us feel so STRONG.
    It makes me feel as if the lover is reaching out to her lover for an embrace that will make her feel all secure, making the world a better place to live in.

    Hmmm…I love love :)

    Beautiful Preeti :)

  42. Sparkling: Oh you describe it so well and say it so precisely!! Absolutely right what you said.Yes--I love love too :)

    Anu: Thank you so much :) And visiting your blog was my pleasure entirely.

    Parv: Thank you!please mail her link to this post..then she gets to see the photo as well and copyright problem also solved :)

    Stillness speaks: To mail link you don't need any copyright.Thank you so much!

    Deepti:Thanks a lot :)

  43. nice one. Loved it! :)

  44. Its been so long since I read sucha lovely was like a story unfolding...I kept smiling as I imagined these lines...

  45. it will be the understatement, if i say this poem was beautiful .. sometimes when one gets blown away by anything as profound as this, words fail..
    (if only there was a way to capture the silence and calm i felt after reading this)

  46. yes..the push,encouragement n motivation....the wonders that these things do! Well written ps!

  47. Pavi: Thank you.

    AJCL: That was a fabulous compliment. Thank you so much!

    Prats: True lines I guess--thats what made you smile.

    Mihir:Thank you.

  48. I love how insightful and thought provoking your poems are. teach me!

  49. Marjnhomer: :-) Thank you! Don't know how to teach! It is from the heart.

  50. One question though: How did you find out that this was me :D You never cease to amaze me! And here I was thinking that you've long forgotten me :)

  51. Stillness speaks=silence speaks=Tranquility speaks...Elementary my dear Watson :)

    I'll never forget, even if you do :)


  52. nice.. well said :) The closest ones always seem to understand though, that 'leave me alone' is a camouflaged cry for help :)

  53. Hi Preeti, Very beautifully put. At times, we don't seem to convey what we want and this post brings that out.


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