Don't let age put you in a cage!

When was the last time you did something that people your age usually do not do? (and of course I am not referring to drinking binges or having sex in case you are a minor reading this and on second thoughts, it applies to non-minors too. heh heh) Think back. Think hard. If you cannot remember, then you probably need a good, extra large healthy dose of fun.

I went on a rope swing recently (and I am 37 :) ) It was really nice, good fun.(Yes, that is me in the video you see above) This was at a place called Bewilderwood where we spent a whole day recently. The tagline said 'a curious tree house adventure' and it was indeed a curious one. 'Deep in the woods is a land of Boggles, twiggles and Thorny crocklebogs' said the flier. There were more details and pictures and it sounded good.

It was. (To get a good idea of what it is all about as well as see a really nice video about it, click on the coloured word.)

Often we get bogged down by the word AGE. It frightens many people I know. Many people feel a bit apologetic about their ages, especially if they are past 40. I fail to understand why. I have been fortunate to be inspired by some amazing people who are in their seventies and sixties and late fifties and who are fitter, smarter and more vivacious than some 25 year olds I know. It makes me believe what someone said--"Age is no barrier. It is the limitation you put on your mind." How very right!

Today a good friend of mine told me about how he had befriended a sixty year old and a seventy five year old on a very demanding 10 day-nine night trek that he did in the Valley of flowers. One was a Doctor and the other had been a commodities trader. I was amazed that they had the inclination and enthusiasm to do this trek. (Have a look at the program chart here and you will know how physically demanding it is). My friend said that he felt they were the coolest people in the group.

If people at 60 and 75 can have fun and live life to the fullest what is your excuse?!

I may not be able to post over the next three days, so I am asking the Monday question now. I will upload the photos of the handmade cards which I will be giving away to three people as soon as I finish making them. (They are work in progress at the moment) Click here for details if you are a first time reader of my blog.

My Monday question is this:

Have you ever done any different/silly/funny/unusual things (perhaps age inappropriate but its not a prerequisite) that make you laugh whenever you think of it? :-)

Even if you have not, please don't worry! :-) It is still not too late. :-)

I would be choosing three comments that appealed to me (and no, I wont be judging on 'what you did' but just what you say about this post which strikes me as 'YES' in some way) and mailing them handmade cards. Shachi wrote to say she has received hers. To the others I mention in my previous posts--yours should reach you soon.

Keep watching this space for photos of the cards :-) and may those comments flow! :-)

Update 1. Here are the pictures of the three cards I made this time.

Update 2 shall be posted on Thursday 10.00.a.m my time (2.30.p.m IST) with names of three people who will be getting these cards.
Mayank and Prashant too have received their cards.

Update 2 (as promised)

Here are the three people whose comments appealed to me the most. (Of course I loved all the other comments too--but these three were the ones that stuck in my head) Their names are links.

Sundari : I couldn't stop laughing for a full five minutes after I read her comment. Even as I type this I am smiling a big grin at what she said. Perhaps why I found it so funny was that I could so relate to it because I am exactly like that too.I can just picture myself doing something similar. When Satish came home I narrated her comment with all details and he didn't even smile! :-) (That made me laugh harder of course!) He asked me what was so funny. I don't know how to explain--but I laughed so much. So if you don't find the comment funny--what can I say! And since it is my blog, I get to decide what is funny and what is not so funny..heh heh.

Prats (from Bangalore) There are two Prats who comment regularly on my blog..One is a guy from Pune and other is a lady from Bangalore. In my head I refer to them as Boy-Prats and Girl-Prats :) Prat's comment really appealed to me. What a delight she is! May she always remain that way.

: She lives in the U.S and makes beautiful cards too :-) When I read her comment I really burst out laughing--not at what happened but at her rueful wish where she said that her mother should have taken her home in an auto instead of a cycle rickshaw. That cracked me up completely as I imagined vividly the whole scene :-) (I have always been into Sports and fainting is the ultimate embarrassment! I can just imagine how difficult it must have been for a non-sporting person)

Please send me your addresses and I shall mail you the cards.

too received her card from my previous posts.

With that these Monday questions come to an end. I have done it for four weeks now (as promised) and made about a dozen cards.

Hope you all had as much fun as I did.


  1. When I take my kid to the park, he has my company on each and every slide and ride he gets on :-)

  2. Oh and by my company, not just to hold/help him. but to actually take the ride/slide by myself too

  3. I've walked into a restaurant and had dinner all by myself at 9:30 PM in a sleepy suburb of Bangalore. :) Was of those things I never would have done if not for some strange impulse to go eat parathas. :)

  4. "Act your age"....those must be words many parents dish out to their kids...but what do you say to a mom who has the kids watching in wonder cos this silly aunty can't stop herself from playing the hoop with the lil girls and mking a fool of herself waddling away...she does try to climb cocunut trees, she manages to reach a few feet above, but the rest, teh treee says " its ok.."
    Last holiday when I went river crossing over the Beas river...I was the only adult after all the nimble footed kids( esp mine) ..I managed to reach the 3/4th mark, and then my hands gave way and so did my energy :(...thats when I started laughing so hard,I was hanging from the rope, and thats it....what a silly sight that was, my kids saying" you can do it ma!! but this ma!! was out and out, the instructor had to pull me across...but it was one thing i'll made me laugh so hard and my family loved me cos I didnt give up

  5. Hooohooooo..the video looks great,i need to do something fun and get some adrenaline rush to chase the winter blues here!

    This happened during my engagement ceremony.
    now the ceremony was in a hall on 2 nd floor and we were in a room in 8 th floor where I got dressed, freshened up and all that as it was in Aj s home town.
    Since the ceremony was to start,and my mum was required to be there,she went ahead,instructing my 2 aunts and my little cousin to get me the hall when she calls us.
    So here I was all dressed up,decked in a heavy kanjivaram saree and topeed up with jewels,when for some reason my aunt s left one after other leaving me and my cousin.
    that s when my mum called asking me to come down immediatly,there s been some confusin regarding the mahurat(auspicious time).
    I agreed and got ready to leave when we realised we dint have the keys to lock the room.
    I tried calling mum,dad ,sis and why does it always happen that you are never able to contact anyone when you need ! :P
    So I did the best, decided to leave my little cousin there , gave her my phone ,told her I am sending someone in 5 minutes[I dint want her to get lost in that building) closed the door and reached the elevator to find,it was not working!!
    next scene:
    People expecially ajay s relatives saw a large eyed gurl,holding up her sareee slightly,running into the hall all the way down 5 floors, so slightly gasping for breath..
    So much for a first impression when instead of going to my parents,I loudly called out for my aunt and told her to go to her daughter upstairs immediatly!!
    and then I realised,where I was :(
    The thought bubble in my head: this cannot be happening for real!
    as my suprised parents took a flushed,blushing me to the mantap for the ceremony!

  6. You are so young @ heart, and that is what matters isn't it, and that is what mattered in those elderly people going for a trek.

    some times, me and my friend used to bang at neighbors'door at night and run as u did in that hotel corridor.

  7. I have an entire blogpost dedicated to that :-)

    Thinking of my spiderman sprawl on the rockface always brings a smile to my face.

  8. My MIL is great at this. Every time we go to the kiddie park, she HAS to do the swing! She even tries out see saw and other toys that interest her. Sometimes her enthu gets to me and I do the swing as well. But most of the times, I try to act my age ;)

  9. You know Priti I am actually getting goosebumps as I write this but last night I received an email inviting me to a session of Wall Climbing followed by Lunch. It’s going to be a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends and the only thing that was stopping me from saying yes was the term “Wall Climbing”. I have never done it before and while driving to work today all I could think was how I am too old and too out of shape for all this kid stuff (Actually I am just 34!). You can say my heart really wanted me to go but my more “logical” mind kept saying No!.
    On reaching work I checked on your blog to see if there was something new and lo and behold I find this post about not letting age put you in a cage!
    You know what Priti I am going to go Wall Climbing now. Thanks so much for making me realize what I was going to miss. And now I firmly believe that there is some sort of telepathy that exists between fellow bloggers !

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  11. 37 Lolzzz finally the truth spilled out....

    I do a lot of crazy things which actually are things I used to do in my childhood just to experience the old days- Playing Video games, Reading Comics, who can eat more Laddoos in 15 minutes contest.
    The idea is to have fun and I have plenty of it :-)

  12. //37 Lolzzz finally the truth spilled out..../

    LOL :D :D :D

    hmmm..."acting my age"..hmm..thts pretty tough one for me :) i nver know how a person of my age shd actually be :) in all our office parties we organise events/games which are mostly like the ones we played as kids...hopping n catching..chain cut.. :) we once played a game called as "kings" where one guy wud begin as catcher..he wud throw the ball at other guys who wud be dodging to avoid getting hit..whoever gets hit..wud then become the sounds so silly..but the very thought that u get to hit ur manager and come out winner is sheer motivation for the crowd which came in :D :D it was so funny that soon rules were forgotten and it was war cries everywhere and all hell broke loose:D :D we were laafing so much that our mouths ached and throat went dry :D

  13. completely agree with you on this one...and probably thats why my family still considers me a little child trying to grow up;)

    a crazy thing that i have done...well there are many...and i dont know which one to include here...
    my friends call me AICN(All India Cartoon Network),which i assume,they have reasons for:)

  14. I do silly things all the time ! :)and i genuinely feel age is just a number.

    While reading your post I was instantly reminded of an incident that happened just a few months ago. Elephants fascinate me and it so happened that I'd jumped with excitement in the middle of the road on seeing an elephant that was taking a stroll with its Mahavat and accepting money from passersby. My brother who was with me was shocked at my behaviour. He even told me that he wanted to tell people around that he wasn't accompanying me! :P

    I have also tried sitting on a handcart while I was with my friends without realizing that it would topple:D :D

  15. Mamta: LOL :D Hee hee.Have made a mental note to try the handcart :P :)

    Santasizing: AICN!! :) Its nice to be like that, me thinks.

    Prats (from Pune): Yeh nahi dekha kya ab tak? Bade bade akshoron mein right side pe link bhi diya hai!My age was never a secret--i am very proud of it :)

    Gils: At your quoting the lolz see my comment to Prats above. In case you don't follow Hindi I shall be happy to translate in Tamil :-) :) Hitting the boss with balls sounds fun when it does not sound dirty :D :-)

  16. Ruch: Wow--amazing coincidence. Dont let a wall stop you now! :)

    SS: Wow..your MIL really knows how to live! Would love to meet her!

    Raaga: surely surely will read and comment :)

    Sunny Raju: yes..very true. And i used to do that too :P But i would also pull the bolt across the door so when they tried to get out they would be locked in :) heh heh. But i took care never to play the trick on elderly (what if it was a genuine emergency?) but only on younger sportive crowd in my apartment complex. :)

  17. Swathy: I could just imagine that!!! :D Bride to be running out! :)

    Prats: Lady you rock!! U're my kind of woman! (and you aint no aunty) :-)

    Laksh: heh heh heh.. :) I must blog about what i did once (something similar) :)

    Dil se: Same pinch!! I have done that recently too :) and my kids don't need help--they are 11 and 8! :)

  18. Preeti - Sure - ab mere aur adventure sports ke beech koi deewar nahi aa sakti !
    Post on "wall climbing experience coming up !"

  19. I am exactly one of those people who get high pressure from the age factor - this is because I was pretty late to graduate, marry, etc. - all by my family's standards (but I love them, so max I can do is pretend I don't care). All my life I've been told that every hour and minute is precious and shouldn't be wasted on sleeping or on activities that do not "build character". As a result I am often found doing inappropriate things - by standards of age, gender, upbringing, etc. I admire those who live life with the gusto that blows away these limitations. Unfortunately I am not too proud of some of the crap I have pulled.

    This one time I jumped off a moving train to give a friend a final hug goodbye. I landed on my face, got up, hugged her and ran back to catch up and jump right back on. On hindsight, it was the dumbest thing to do as I could have slipped and fallen into the gap between the platform and the train and been crushed to death. But at that time it felt great. That was a new lease of life. My cousin stood at the door of the train watching this 30 second episode with her mouth wide open, thinking she'd have to travel without me.

  20. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I sat and drank beer and sang songs with two strangers-turned-friends by the seine!!!

    I'm just 19 and it was my first trip abroad and I befriended so many people and had such great experiences that I'd die before I listed them all but this one is my favourite!)

  21. Hey PS,

    Sometimes, I feel I am a dinosaur (& I am only going to be 30 this year) since most of the people in my office are in their early-mid 20s. What you said about we putting limitations on ourself is very true, however. Most of the time, before even trying out anything, we think to ourselves, How can we possibly do that? What will others say? Am I not too old to be doing it? etc. etc.

    I too love sitting on swings (the local park obviously wouldnt allow a 30-year old to sit on one though :()

    I remember one crazy incident about 10 years back - when my elder niece was about 4 years old, we had dressed up my tall, lanky brother as Santa Claus & made him distribute gifts-chocolates to my niece & her friends. It was an amazing experience which still brings tears to our eyes when we laugh over it (specially the satin-velvet Santa Claus gown :)).


  22. Absolutely true. There's no such thing as too old for anything.

    See, I even took up blogging at a "ripe old age" !!

  23. very true..

    and the joy you get doing something not your age, esp doing something kiddo, is manifold
    i think we have forgotten to enjoy our life and just to cover this we invented this beautiful word 'age'
    otherwise where is it written that a 40 year old guy cant do or cant fing joy in things that are meant for 5 year old kids

    abt your monday question
    yeah.. many things
    but u knw the problem is not abt we can or we cant do.. but what others will say and wont they laugh on us...
    being the sane people of our society we are expected to behave according to our age, and i dont know who decides whats apt for oyr age or not
    amazing post...

  24. That was an awesome swing..i have done some rappling, but havent tried this rope swing..will try it out when i get a chance..

    An coming to ur question..

    This happened when we were in was during our 3rd year i got a PC to myself in fulltime
    we were playing games, watching movies n having fun.As per hostel rules ( which we never follow) after 10:30 pm
    everyone is expected to be in their respective room's. That day we got a CD for a new movie from our class guys,
    so in mess during dinner it was decided we will watch it by 11. Around 30 ppl jam packed in my room..switched off lights
    and all were seriouly watching movie..i was sitting in the corner of the bed and deeply involved in movie and watching
    suddenly i felt someone standing beside me for a long time..when i turned to my right i got a glimpse
    of a person standing with their hands on hip (just exactly like our warden)..i din bother about it..cont to watch movie..
    but for abt 5-6mins she was standing in same posture..i turned 2-3 times to see ..but it din strike me at tat time

    I turned to my friend next to me n told
    "Gays, see someone is imitating our warden n standing like her"
    she turned to see who it was..n screamed
    "Oh sundu its our warden only"

    Then lights went ON..we all got left n day we were taken to principal's room...
    one weekend assiting in mess was the punishment..though we enjoyed n had fun there too...

    But till now we are searching which idiot entered the room last and forgot to lock the door..

    Days in college were always fun..

  25. That was fun! u managed to do it safely haha.. Read somewhere whats the point in being grown up if you cannot be child at times, so very true. I dont act my age mostly. Once I was watering plants at my friends place, back in chennai. Another friend was wiping the motorcycle and another one seriously starring at the newpaper with coffee. I sprinkeld some water on the new paper guy and we suddenly decided to give the other guy a wash, we filled on full bucket water and poured on all over him. Then it was water war.And another friend also joined in. Running around the house in wet :) i have done stuff like this with my friends many at time. Doesnot sounds funny now or eligible for greeting cards hehe.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Up, up and away!! And there you are back again!! It was magical to see you gone and you coming back again!

    Age is just a number that one must play with. Though I am quite quiet by nature, I like to think I am a child at heart. I often muddle up words! Like the other I said Mawnlover and Ganzebo(read Lawnmower and Gazebo)with which Sachin had a field day pulling my leg!! Another time I reminded my friend to take her drum coz its raining outside! :-D I love LOLing at jackass, no-brains-required movies! I am not quite sure if this is an answer to your question - it is just what people wouldn't expect me to be like when they see how quiet I am!! ;-)

  28. Dear P.S,

    That video reminded me of Jane n Tarzan..(n his call..OOOOoooo..!!)
    Good job..!!I'd like to try that someday..:)

    Growing OLD is inevitable but Growing UP is optional..isn't it??

    Am sure whatever I do isn't age appropriate..LOL..!!Many a times I've felt that I act like a sister to my son..!!I am caring, protective and all..But I also fight with him for silly things..!!hehee..

    Answer to your question:-

    Last year during summer holidays,I learned roller skating with my 6 year old son..:) It was one of my childhood dreams for which I never got a chance then..n I thought..'Ok why not now??'..:) In that whole rink..I was the only adult taking baby steps with the skates on..n I lost count of how many times I fell..LOL.

    Am happy n proud of myself..Woohooo!!


  29. Hi,commenting after ages,i crazy thing which still brings a smile is when couple of years back i wore a turban and a fake beard to work and asked my colleagues for me, i even asked my boss who innocently replied that i had not come to work,had a great laugh although some of the older colleagues opined that it was a childish act, lucky for me that my boss took it in good humour,bye n keep having fun

  30. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Another thought provoking question from you,PS! And the video is just awesome!

    To you question, yes, atleast once a while, we need to look at things with a child like attitude, unmindful of what others would say. Before marriage it was my niece and I. We were the partners in crime at home(She is exactly 20years younger to me,was born on my 20th b'day!). With strict order, she calls me by name and that helps in strengthening our relationship!Now, it's me and my husband- both of us love blowing balloons, and all year through, there is a stock of balloons at home...This is one reason kids of our friends look forward to come home and spend time with us!!We count ages only on our birthdays, then that's it, ages donot make a barrier in doing things we like to!!

  31. Great video, Preeti! looks like you had good fun!
    Answering the question you put forth, this incident happened when I was at school. I signed up for a marathon jubilantly, despite the fact that I had not even run a 100 meters before. So when the D-day came, I reached the starting point armed with glucose and water(just in case!). As soon as the whistle blew, I must have started running fast, because pretty soon I was exhausted and mostly likely passed out. After what seemed like an eternity on my feet, I realized that an anxious set of onlookers were peering at me, and I was just some yards from the start and nowhere near the finish line! With a positive attitude, I ambled to the finish line. At this point, I was super tired and my concerned mom took me back home on a cycle rickshaw . I was pink with embarrassment and wished she has taken me home faster in an auto rickshaw and saved me from my curious neighbors. That was one incident I would never forget and which still brings roars of laughter to me and my family members. On a happier note, I got a certificate just for trying! hehe hehe!

  32. You are completely right about what you write :)
    Nice new mood video. One of my favourite songs. Had never seen the video again.

  33. At 25, I'm neither too young to try out anything, nor too old for anything. Ain't it? But I think that I have a child in me. Everyone ought to have.

    But I do believe in those age-appropriate things. There is something called as ageing gracefully. We can do at 50, what we did at 15. But we better not. It won't even be that cute. It wud be cute to see a 15 year old talking excitedly about her bf. But it is totally uncool if a 50 year old says the same about her husband, how much ever they love each other.Sometimes it can be grossly repulsive to see 40 year olds act 20. We all grow old. So accept that, be proud of that and act your age. I don't want to be 15 again, I'm glad where I'm. And I definitely believe in acting my age. But again acting one's age doesn't mean forgetting to have fun. But it can be done with some dignity.

  34. oh i love doing that...the rope glide in the video...they have those in the adventure playgounds and we love doing them together..

    we play those impromptu catch/tag games in places other than playgrounds and it may look odd to some people but my 6yrold's laughter compensates!

    wow! you are a child's delight :)

  35. When teachers give you hard time we always used to wait for a chance to get back somehow...and when we got chance we made the most of it..One of our college lectures was a big prat and famous for his PJs, so when he accompanied us for our tour to Hyderabad, we went to this Snow palace, i tell you, it isnt any good, but what we did was to pelt him with snow from all corners and running away..and maybe he found out our plan and almost failed us in internal exams...he he.. But some others are bigger prats as well as bullies and poor creature that i am, i can only swear at them when their backs turned, or some teachers are soooo scared, that we really take the mickey out of them, like snoring in the classes, or making loud noises and asking doubts that can make a PhD holder think a bit, not that we knew anything about what we ask, we just find somethings in net and give it to them..

    There was a real funny thing when i was 12th, We had this Physics sir, who was obsessed with giving us practice on solving problems using some laws called Ohm's law, Kirchoff's law and crap like that, one day we got so mad that we drew circuits sooo complex and so full of all those elements that he was scratching his head and asked us where we got it, we said IIT practice papers..and he DID stop giving us practice questions..

    Most of the mad things i have done cant be put into the illustrious adventurous category, but i tell you this was great fun..and when you remember things like this you really have great time, when i see things in movies sometimes it reminds me of the things i do and even if the scene is slightly serious, i burst out laughing.. and people think am mad..barking mad rather...

  36. What's age after all - it's just a number! (And so I say it to myself) :)
    As they say, growing OLD is mandatory - growing up is OPTIONAL!

    Everytime I go to a park here, I never fail to sit on the swing, I'll wait my turn till all the kids have taken theirs - s'times I'll even beg to go before them :D

  37. Have you ever done any different/silly/funny/unusual things that makes you laugh whenever you think of it? :-)
    -- Yes yes and Yes!!! N the whole n sole credit goes to my super enthu hubby PC! As GF/BF we rode our sunny ( the 2 wheeler not Nissan sunny) 120 kms just bcos no1 would let us sit at 1 place for more than an hour. We did bungy jumping, under sea walking, para gliding.. sat in the crazy roller coaster n i'm really scared of water n rides! n last week on our trip to Goa, we danced solo on the stage. n we are lousy dancers just because he was there by my side, cheering :)
    Its really nice when u ask such questions cos it gets u thinking really hard and in nice kind of way :)

  38. I really don’t get all the fuss over age. I hv seen some ppl get overly worried abt turning old..i think its coz of all the bickering that ppl arnd do that plays on the mind.

    N then this comment abt “ohh..i cant do THAT at THIS age!.. Age is only a num….one is as old as they think or feel. We like it or not, therz a bit of a child and a bit of an old person in each one of us..wat we decide to bring to the forefront is upto us.

    I would like to age like my sis….she turns 30 next year, n while all her friends of the same age are cribbin abt it..shez so oblivious to it. And genuninely doesn’t u’stand wat all the hue n cry is about!

    I think all the creams that promise to make one look 20 yrs younger should be banned n one should instead be given the encouragement to age gracefully n beautifully.

    Hmm..An insane game of hide n seek; (I could hide in cupboards n inside the washer-dryer, thanks to my size) by a bunch of 20-odd year olds… …that’s the best thing we did, and is generally not xpected of people of my age. Hide-n-seek is for school kids they say! N unless u’ve played it as an adult u won’t know how much MORE fun it is this way!

  39. absolutely true Preethi physical Age is only secondary.... A ever young & alert mind is what keeps you young I still love watching Tom & Jerry, run races, play hide and seek with my nephew, Love listening to my teen aged daughters choice of music talk to her about the pranks we used to play in school & college ,taking part in cultural programmes even now & this definately keeps me not feel 40 plus!!

  40. This is a funny one, at least to me! :D

    There is a place in Downtown Dallas called the Fountain Place and as the name indicates, it has plenty of fountains and the fountains dance to a tune and are timed. My parents, when visiting the USA, and I went to this place. It was a balmy yet cool night. I suddenly decide that I am going to run across the fountain during the time water is not sprouting out! I timed it so bad that right when I stepped into the fountain block, water started gushing around, straight up my jeans, into my nose, in short, made me wet from head to toe!

    My parents were looking at me, aghast! The force of water was so strong that I lost my sense of direction and kept moving inside the water mass instead of coming out! Finally I managed to stumble out. Once I was able to stand on my feet again, I was giggling a LOT! The cool night was suddenly a cold night for me! My mother did not comment at all except to keep shaking her head. When I got home , dried off and still was giggling, my parents told me that I felt sorry for my sense of timing. Of course, they were sympathetic but I still laugh when I think back about this! :D


  41. Am a first time reader of ur blog..!!! am glad that i visited ur blog.. tis soo good..!!!
    now lemme try to answer ur question..
    It was in my 12th standard. Being the last year in the school we wanted to make our final excursion truly memorable.With all the enthu in the world we arranged the trip in a blazingly high speed but unfortunately things came to a stop @ a even more blazingly high speed. Yes just 2 hours into our journey our bus stuck in a huge huge traffic jam (a tree had fallen in the road some kms ahead of us) and there was no other way out for our bus.
    But inside the bus we weren't really much bothered with this delay.Instead a few us sat in the middle of the highway behind the bus and started playing the card game 'Ace of Spades' in broad daylight. We did get a lots of curious looks but we weren't bothered @ all.
    Today even if the same group of people meet again and if we are stuck in a similar scenario I really doubt that if we would be able to do that again.

    -- Vignesh

  42. Viki: Welcome to my blog and thank you! :-) When life gives you lemons make lemonade--that is exactly what you did with what otherwise would have been wasted time, isn't it?

    Vidya: Aaah the wet, seductive maiden :) It did make me smile too and picture the whole thing :)

    Pavi: I agree completely and omg--you can hide in the dryer?!!

    Shruti: Glad to make you think and bring back those happy happy memories :)

  43. Rajashree: Oh yes-- i have seen that in you. No wonder Amy is so well brought up and you have a rocking relationship--touchwood!

    Sparkling: me too :P But I wait for the kids to finish :-) Being a mom does that to you :)

    Shantharam: ha ha ha--what devils you were!! It reminded me of the tricks we played too. Will blog about it sometime :-)

    Suma: Agree completely about laughter compensating bit.

    Pointblank: Yes. But why would it be repulsive to hear a 50 year old talking about her husband/lover/partner like that? I would admire her zest for life.

    Ajay: :-) To be honest I didn much like the animation--felt it took away the essence of song. But could not find a better video of this version of the song.(coward of county) But now it has changed :-)

    Gayu: LOL..that was hilarious! :-) But yes--full points for trying :)

    athivas: Coincidence to share birthdays and somehow that makes it special doesn't it? :)

    Geetha: Wow--you learnt?! I too tried (after my children were born) but could not manage to! :)

    thoughtfultrain: Thank u.Never in a million years would I have guessed that you are a quie person! U sound very chirpy on chat!

  44. Srivats: of course it was funny! Isn't monkeying around always funny?

    Sundari: i laughed for a full five minutes after I read your comment! It sounds exactly like something I would have done too as I too get totally drown into movies:) :)

    Aquarius: heh heh! U had the guts to pull it off?! :-)

    Comitted to life: Thank you. Sometimes we just have to stop living our lives based on what others will think.

    Ramesh: Big gain for the blogging world really.

    Palsworld: 30 certainly is no dinosaur :)happy memories with your bro.

    ki: Welcome to my blog. yes--making new friends is always an enriching experience at any age.

    Shades of grey: yes--but it was for that last hug which made such preciuos memories. Totally worth it in my opinion :) (In retrospect of course as you were safe)

    Ruch: send me link when done.

  45. @preeti looking forward for your devilish pranks too...he he

  46. Preeti, I'm just back from the VoF trek and still haven't recovered from the tiredness. It was bit too demanding - 60 kms of walk in the span of 5 days!! And even our group had some older people though not as old as 60 n 70. I'm ashamed to say that they were much better than me when I was huffing n puffing all the way up :(

  47. True that we dont think of doing some small things which make us happy because the idea is silly.

    I cant recollect something that I did recently simple coz I feel odd to do it alone :(

    But yes 2 yrs back, 3 of us (ages averaging 21) were in water falls park where we ended up having fun playing the seesaw and children swing.

    The complete one hr was great but trust me I would not have done these and enjoyed had I not got the company of my cousins.

  48. I’m pretty ya…I could fit into the dryer :D

    Here is the post where I’ve uploaded a pic of me hiding in a cupboard…

    n dryer is more recent times…we were so caught up with the game that no one remembered to take a pic :( im craving to play hide-n-seek.. !

  49. well i think i still do wat i enjoy doing..just that my passions keep changing way too frequently :D

    I liked the video :)

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Thanks for 'Wow'ing..:)!!

    Did you try the quads?Maybe you should try the inlines instead.Its easier to start with,I believe.


  52. Well, a couple of years ago I was at my eldest son's house; his partner's little boy (then 7) was playing on his skateboard, and since I figured I was pretty good on a skateboard when younger, I'd give it another go.

    For the first minute or so, I was doing well, doing a few turns, kick-flips, etc, but then, in the blink of an eye, I came a cropper.

    The kids were all laughing, saying that I literally 'bounced' when I hit the ground. My ego was more bruised than my body was.


  53. Wooooow...Thanks preeti :) :)

    //With that these Monday questions come to an end.//

    :( Is that so ...oh we wud miss so much of fun..

    Thanks for all your efforts..

    Mailing u the address

  54. Thank you so much for your wonderful card and also bringing back good laughs and also some funny memories, Preeti.
    We did have oodles of fun. I had a hearty laugh at my comment this morning too. Will eagerly await your card.

  55. Wonderful post Preethi and really love the way u've got ur commenters involved....I enjoyed reading the comments:-))


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