Mr.Watch and Ms.Keys

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. Hi.....Nice blog...something which happens everyday....I keep hunting for my watch everyday...:-)

  2. Your watch must be a female then :)

  3. very nice. something so mundane and two objects so regular brought to light. I don't hunt for either. They both have their respective places and that's where they go when i'm home. But I must tell you that they were well trained :) and they have learned well for before they were everywhere :D

  4. hilarious! :D

    i must ask the big boss to read this... she will believe she's in good company! with us its not just the keys and the watch. its files, papers, scissors, books, medicines... the list is endless! too many women in the house, i guess! :P

  5. Hi Preeti,

    I am Divya, a silent follower of your blog.

    In my case, Mr. Watch always waits for me, at his usual place. But Ms. Keys seems to be a 'bad girl' at times!.

    Nice post.

  6. i should add my hairband to this too...that truly is a bad band..never ever there, esp when i need it to tie up my hair decently..and i end up scaring the bus driver every morning :)

    loved reading this, preeti...

  7. I can so identify with it .. I always wonder if my stuff develop feet overnight .. party and pass out there :)
    I spend so much of my time looking for stuff and like good ol Murphy says "You will always find something in the last place you look. "
    Nice post :D

  8. What a timing for this post. I've been unable to trace my watch since 2 days :P

    Thankfully my keys don't wander around and stay put over the TV shelf unless used by Mr.

  9. One more silent follower of your blog, I just decided that i wouldn't be silent follower anymore !
    About this post - At least you misplace your things and find out eventually. I have a very very bad habit of losing things, i always leave my things in hotel (if i am traveling) , train , relatives place , mall , theater etc. etc . But if i manage to brings things back home then i keep it in one place at home. So the moment i don't find my stuff in that particular place - I declare that "I have lost it !" (there is no need to find it..:))

  10. I used to think its only my keys that play hide n seek with me..but i guess have someone to company me.
    My keys are always in my big purse...but whenever i put my hand in it to pull them out..they disappear...and its strange that my hubby always find it back in purse only...Of course they play games with me... :((

  11. well preeti, my case entails a bit more tragedy drama soap.Since i stay with my friends, everyone of us have a different key but the matter of fact is that someone or the other keeps losing the key someday or the other. We have done those "Great Indian Key Hunt" and somehow managed to find them but the odds always stack against us considering our poor record in finding the keys. Anyways liked the blog verry much..:)

  12. Aaaah Preethi U've just written the story of my life:-(....not my watch but my keys & mobile are having fun at my expense all the time. Everyday I have to call from my landline atleast twice to find out where the mobile is, but atleast it can be found tht way but there is no easy way to track the keys.
    U knw I just remembered another thing which keeps disappearing-the childrens comb. It is never in its place and has to be hunted out. We now have 2 of them but the situation remains the same:-S.

    And as for ur question.....there's no doubt abt it, that my keys are evil!!!!!!

  13. lol - this was hilarious!! i dint even know it was possible for Ms Keys to get lost in sooo many places!! :D

    mine usually dont act up so badly and there are limited places where they can be i guess they are not exactly evil keys! :)

  14. Just when I am running late for a devious mobile decides to spring into action and play a game of hide n seek with me. Being in the silent mode is always a rule of the game....
    In the list of valid excuses for being late (like traffic and car break down) having wandering mischievous mobiles, keys etc. should be added :)

  15. I would go crazy if I had live like quite carefully with my keys..or rather over cautious... the only thing which i find hard to find everytime are my glasses..;-D

  16. haha.. lol
    my keys are good, i have a fixed place to keep them and they dont go wherever they want :)

  17. Interesting.
    Guess Key-nesian theories deal with these issues!

    May be you can check info on the net :P


  18. the post would have been extremely funny and i would have been ROTFL-ing now,if i were able to completely,absolutely forget the time,times, i lost my keys and had to wait next door till someone came,listening to my neighbour's remarks about how thin-dark-stupid i was compared to her daughter!grr!

    keys have made my life miserable. if i accept the theory they come alive at night,then there is a probability that they do impart the wisdom to others too..i mean,i am sure,they might have started classes at midnight to all those things which come in pairs-shoes,socks,earrings,shirts and to play hide and seek!

    hope they do take time out to read blogs too..


  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. My keys are very well behaved and generally stay where I put will probably not be suprised to hear that being a man, i have more trouble with dissapearing television remote controls!..and not only that...but controls for DVD,Video,hifi they all manage to hide in very seperate and disatant places is beyond me!..I actually think that my keys are rather like the 'Fagin ' character sitting smugly in their place whilst 'choreographing the misbehaviour of the remotes...remote by name...remote by nature!

  21. Wow, I mean that is cool, I am a kind of person who generally do not miss keys & watches (Touch wood). I generally always know where my keys are.

    With keys I have an interesting incident, When I was setting up my place in Hyderabad I bought an Almirah. I made two set of keys with me and gave one of them to my best friend. If I loose one just in case so I have a back up.

    Then I had to shift to Pune (which was supposed to be for 3 months) but I ended up being longer, so I asked my friend to courier me some of the stuff I needed from my Almirah. The Irony is now she can not find the keys which she claims she had kept very secure place for she knew if she lost it, i will kill her. Just that she can't remember the place secured retrieval place and I have couriered my pair of keys back to Hyderabad so she can open my cupboards.

  22. Hahaha...good one here P. enjoyed reading it a lot. i have specific places to keep these things n sumhow never lost them till date. the only thing i have to keep searching is anything my hubby misplaces. drives me mad, when finally he finds it(in his pocket or wallet) or remembers it wssnt where he told me it wud be. Grrrrr....

  23. Good one - though the blog ended up disclosing your age. :)

  24. ouch ..
    Girls wud be girls ..
    I m bad at keys ..but not that bad..
    the worst one so far has been the washing machine one...
    otherwise i simply assume they were never meant to be Break the damn lock it its restricting u to access nything ..
    btw sweet post :D

  25. Tht was a gud one....

    But i wish d keys were more kind to u....!!!
    But indeed they are having a gud time. They get an opportunity to travel all thru ur house (ryt frm d sink, washing machine, shoe rack- almost everything......)
    N gud thing is dat u bother to give it a nice detergent wash once a while



  26. Hey.. Great post.. Just happened to pass by your blog.. Really nice blog.. Keep writing..

  27. hee hee... I kind of like Mr. Watch and Ms.Keys! They sound like fun! ;) Well my keys are decent and well behaved..but my watch is like yours...always go do my hair clips..I'll NEVER be able to find them when I want them...which is just when I need to leave home and others are waiting for me...I'll have one hand holding up my hair and searching for the hair clips!! Grrr....

  28. Haha that was funny.I have a tough time digging out keys from my bag but fortunately they are always there. What I always misplace is my winter gloves...always... these days I dont bother looking for them because I figured they eventually make their way back to me :)

  29. The good life:Then they are loyal even if they wander :)

    Wannabe writer : :) Scroll up and see Suma's comment :)

    Riya:Thanks :) Appreciate your telling me.

    Tejo:My keys are sadists :)

    Vivek: :-)

    Nevermind: my age was never a sceret--scroll down the page and see my b'day post.I'm quite proud to be as old as I am.

    Pai:Over here, when i misplace my key I borrow my husband's and sometimes misplace those too. LOL

    Prats: Ha ha ha--Is your friend a saggitarian by any chance?

  30. Niall: good and clever one!!:)

    Damsel in distress: Why did u delete second comment?!!Had thought of a good reply for that :P

    Nikhil: When the Lord of quizzing speaks everyone else jut listens :)

    preeti:Please ask your keys to teach mine to behave :)

    Mathew:I look for my glasses too :)

    Abhilasha: mine is always on super loud mode and I ring for it at least twice a day :)

    Sunshine:your keys must be male :)

  31. Reflections: same pinch!!

    sushobhan: thanks :)

    Chirpy paro: Welcome to the club :)

    Radhika:Thanks for breaking your silence :) Thats a clever solution indeed!!

    NM: here I sometimes manage to misplace his keys too!!

    Deepti:Thanks :)

    Suma: Found your comment hilariuos :)

    Nilav: :) Thanks

    Guruprasad:You have no idea how relieved i felt to know that there are people like me--I too have to hunt for things like cello-tape and scissors :)

    Just call me A: please send them over to train mine :)

  32. I liked the key-found-in-keyholder bit the best..!!Sooo funny!!
    My keys are brought up under strict they dont dare move from their place..hehe!!
    But my hubby,you see is not soo strict..and it is sometimes like this in our house too..My favorite thing is to follow the advice of Mr. Sherlock Holmes..'Remove the'll reach the probable'!!..

    Funny Post.


  33. I have more trouble finding my keys inside of my handbag....and that too while i'm struggling with a couple of bags and then the need to go to the loo is strongest.....oh yes!!! the keys canbe downright bad!!!

  34. Hey Preeti,
    Awesome blog!
    My keys and watch must be good friends of yours I guess. They disappear and appear as they please. May be they meet up and have a party or something. And not to forget my ear rings too....

  35. Hahahha PS! i don't believe this! I'm truly surprised!!! Where all u put ur keys gurl!
    Gosh i shld make sure the hubby doesnt read this post..coz i tell him "its only u men, who can keep the keys where-ever" haha!! n look at u!!

    u guessed keys,watches n jewellery are all goin to heaven...they are all good n can be found at the same place every single day!
    my cellphone is another story!they are worse than ur keys!!

  36. I usually know where my keys and watch are; but my glasses and the portable phone are a different matter. The portable phone has been known to frequent the linen closet and under the cushions of the sofa. My glasses have been in the safe, the medicine chest, a son's backpack and the bottom of the laundry basket. My credit cards are free spirits, they do not like my wallet, they prefer to be in a coat pocket, pants pocket or just floating in my purse.

  37. oh, I have a addittion to the 'bad gang'.. a cell phone on silent.mode...
    occassionaly i turn it on silent during office hours and after reaching home if i forget to put it back on to normal!!god save me!!
    and it silently disappears off the face of earth!!
    so when hubby darling hunts for the keys n his watch [ i ve taken a vow not to take my bad gurl s out. all 6 girls re in the dressing drawer].. I hunt for the silent guy [has to be a guy..]
    my cell phone!! :P :P :P
    Had a great time reading your blog di!!

  38. This was SUCH a funny post to read!!
    Omg I really wouldnt have thought ms. keys could be that bad!

    I must say I scold my keys for being bad unnecessarily then, cause compared to yours mine only wander to a few known places!

  39. ah!was kinda hoping you missed the comment! :P..what was the reply?

  40. Happy New year Preeti. Hilarious. How you can make a great post out of something simple. Yes i surely know the problem. My son was mad about keys when he was small and took anybodies so we have searched for keys for hours and hours.
    I still lose them sometimes and my wallet but than through my own doing

  41. Ha ha ha.. i used to have a goof time searching for my bad keys.. now ,having designed a bag with a key pouch they stay put.. that's in case if they remember to get into the pouch.. ;-)

  42. ha ha ha.. my keys are better behaved when they are at home. Once they enter my hand bag looks like they conspire and suddenly each and every important item of mine gets lost! The mobile phone simply jumps off to remote corner and key along with the access card decides not to come out of its hiding. Some how I manage to find the keys but the mobile phone has scared me so many times,wasted so much of my precious tears. One of the days If i actually miss my mobile no one is going to believe me. They might end up saying that its in my bag..
    my dad though has this problem he leaves the keys in the car or two wheeler and then makes us search the whole house. These days the first thing that we do when he misplaces any key is to search his car first!One occasion where I actually missed the keys was when I was in hurry I just put them in my wardrobe and when I had to go to meet my friend I searched the whole house except for wardrobe!!

  43. My mom had the habit of playing hide and seek with us using her glasses .. she would hide her glasses and the whole family would seek it for her..and sometimes, it would be so effectively hidden, we would actually congratulate her for finding a yet another brilliant hiding location

    great post Preeti..

  44. Veena: Thanks :)

    UJ: your mobile is a bad girl :)

    Rat: I too have a pouch for my keys :)A Pouch that causes more ouch :)

    Marja: ha ha ha.. :)

    Damsel: I wanted to say that if a guy disappeared and came back I'd still demand a written explanation for 50 pages so that he would think twice about doing it again :)

    Only one: Your keys must be male :)

    Swathy : ha ha ha :) Yeah--definitely male :)

  45. Gem: I'd have been in panic if my credit cards wandered!! :)

    Pavi: I don't put them there--I'm tellig you they wander.How can you accuse me?!Hmph!! :)

    Durga: :) I think they should meet Pavi's keys so they can learn from her :)

    Prats:In my bag no trouble as they are always in an easy to reach outer pocket. But placing them there takes effort :)

    Geetha: Please train my keys :)

  46. Hi Preeti,
    Nice post ... cud relate to it :). In my case, watch isnt lost coz either i keep it @ its fixed place or doze off wearing it! i love watches,so, i m careful bout it! :). Yaa keys r a prob but tht too happens quiet occassionally :).

  47. Excellent narration. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! :-) Pssst, in my house its my husband hunting for the keys. I am a good girl and so are my keys!!

  48. Ha ha. Had a good laugh! I belong to the former group - never miss my keys :)

  49. Omingosh I have company & was really worried If its a serious prob. In my case its easier to find My Keys & watch when the house is in a mess than when tidied up LOL. Last week We went to the Rly station to see off a relative .Guess what I locked car with keys keys inside the car & the house keys were inside the car . The duplicate car keys were in the house .

  50. i could say same pinch to u on this... its sight to see me get in my car, i fumble for minutes to find the key in my purse every single time, I have lost my office drawer key twice already... sigh these keys have minds of their own

  51. ROFL!!!
    I'm the third silent follower owning up I guess :). Came here through the Lord of quizzing...
    Tell me about it... my mis-adventures with missing keys were on an all time high in hostel,
    especially with those press locks and forgetting the keys inside.
    Me n roomie were locked out countless number of times with either one of us losing our keys. We kinda became experts in picking locks with our miss-key-adventures ;)
    Loved your post :).

  52. ROFL.. that was quite hilarious.. my watch is a very good girl.. always in it's place.. keys are 'almost' good. but at times they also go out for a night out..

  53. Anonymous2:06 PM

    My keys are wonderful! It went missing just when we were about to leave for the station for my husband to go back after the weekend with me. Needless to say, he missed the train and had to stay back that night :)). We found the keys on the bed!

    Ever searched for them and found them in your own hand?

  54. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Sometime do a blog on how you managed to find a publisher (plz give the link if you have done it already). It will be a great help to amateurs like us.
    And yeah, nice blog this.

  55. Lol! Where do these brilliant analogies out from? Hell, what a stupid question! But of course, from your brilliant mind.

    My keys are good, so unlike moi. Guess they just don't understand the word 'adventure' :)

    I loved this post. I feel as if you wrote this piece in few minutes while you were smiling all the way - coz it felt just like that while reading (so smooth) :)

  56. Definitely Ms. Keys rule.... once they were found in the Ice cream freezer of my college canteen.... in my jest to pick out my favourite cup I had kept them there.....the rest of the night is history well imprinted in the minds of many :P.....

  57. The blog reminds me of the story of the cobbler who had to finish making shoes but he fell asleep at night only to find that elves had finished the work :) Lets assume that your keys and watch are magical. Watch to time travel and keys to unravel the mystery :)

  58. haha, my watch does require hunt parties at times. the keys are a better lot and choose to hook on to my jeans' belt loop most of the times

  59. Lol! Hilarious post..You can make an ordinary part of life seem so special and funny ;)

    Btw, I'm an absent-minded person as well..misplace keys, watch, mobile, anything :D

  60. Wandering Gypsy: :) yeah--even ordinary things have magic and beauty if we really look :)

    Santulan: If only your watch had a ringer like a mobile :)

    Inolongeram: of course the are magical. :)

    Sagarika: LOL!!

  61. Still thinking : :-) Thanks for appreciating :)

    Summer diary:Just sent manuscripts to many after enquiring and got accepted--thats all.

    Payi:OMG! I have never missed a train or plane in my life--so far!!

    Dhanya: :)

    JJ: Glad u spoke :)and BTW I have played basketball and volleyball regionals in KV pattom years ago! :)

  62. Monika: Lets just say our minds are filled with creativity and imagination that we can't bother with mundane things like keys :)

    Rajashree : :)OMG!Then how did you finally sort out the mess?

    SS: :-)

    Cool Cancerian: :-) Is your husband a Fire sign--an Aries, Leo or Saggi?

    Maggi: :)These days my watch has stopped wandering.

  63. oh! i used to have verry bad keys but now with Hubby's hollering they seem to have improved!

    now i usually always keep them in my bag and my bike keys are in jeans pocket! thyey change pockets!! :p

    and havent worn watch since the discovery of cell phones!



  64. Hey Preethy,

    From afternoon, till now.. i have been reading ur posts! Felt good! :)

  65. Preeti,

    Very bad. You all came to Delhi and we did not meet. Please remember next time.

    Ms Keys and Mr Watch. LOL LOL LOL. Actually it is upto you how you bring them up. Mine are there where I want them.

    Waiting for your visit.

    Take care

  66. Hehe, sounds like you need one of these gadgets, Preeti.


  67. Keys...keys...keys...
    LOL - i have not seen a funnier take on Ms Keys and Mr Watch...

    I always used to have trouble remembering where I kept my bike key when i am out (at home, i have a particular place to keep them and that is one of the first few things i do when i enter the home. recently I found a solution for this unwanted wandering of my key set - i added a clip from wildcraft and now, the moment i take keys from my bike, i attaches it to my jeans...

    and watch - well, i NEVER remove watch from my wrist.. :)

  68. my keys are usually good.. but just yesterday, I had to go back home instead of the hostel coz my keys managed to sneak out of my bag.. had to search so much after going home.. finally found it in a pouch along with lots of chains, locks and other keys.. under my book shelf. The bad thing about going home on a weekday is that the next day I have to wake up the Gods to reach college in time

  69. this is pretty much the story of my life as well.

  70. There was time when my keys were found in the freezer. Frozen stiff. I supect it sneaked in for the leftover ice-cream. I hate the sneakyness. all they had to do was ask

  71. I have to hunt for my keys many times so guess they are bad :)
    but i have now mastered the act of keeping it in one of the 3 'allowed' ones so that the hunt is restricted to these 3 places! nice blog you have here and am blogrolling you!


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