On Rifles, chocolate cakes and lifetime bonds.

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Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. Yessss...this is sooo true. Nothing compares to siblings..noone can replace them. Ther is noone in this world till now with whom i can talk and discuss as freely and openly as with my sis and bro.
    Nice write up as always. You touch such beautiful aspects of life so beautifully.

  2. so true... such a lovely post.. had tears in my eyes towards the end :) remembering all the good times with my younger sisters...feeling too choked to write anything else

  3. Beautiful post Preethi....Siblings indeed are special....more conscious of it esp. when we live far away from them:-P

  4. Awesome Post and it triggered something which was going a lot in my subconscious mind.

    "I do feel a bit sorry for those who have grown up without siblings. A sibling is always special. The bond remains forever. Blood is indeed thicker than water—don’t you agree?"

    I am one of the people who belong to the above mentioned category. if you ask me have I missed something in my life the answer is yes. If you think a got something in extra in life the answer is yes.

  5. Life begins:Blessed are the ones who have a close bond with siblings.Thanks.

    Monika:I always wanted to have a sister!wonderful that you shared great times.

    Reflections:Distance makes the siblings grow closer :P

    Prats:Are you an only child?

  6. Beautiful! :)

    I have a couple of elder sisters both of whom are married now. I never used to like it when they ganged up against their little brother, but I badly wish for those days to come back.

    Yeah, siblings are just brilliant, aren't they! :)

  7. Nice, nostalgic one! n you're right..its so much fun to have sibling. The fights, the partnering in mischief and the sharing is the best part of growing up!

  8. Being the elder one in our joint family, I understand the need to feel pampered. But I must say, having a sibling is aboslutely divine. Now after so many years, when we ( my sis, cousin brother) and I sit down to chat, I understand, all the fights we had, all the petty issues we built mountains out of, were all worth it. Each and every one of their achievement is a milestone for our own hapiness quotient.
    Today, its my lil sister who does the pampering and also pampers my sons silly and that is so precious to me. I remember writing a post on her once here

  9. I am really lucky to have an elder sister and according to me, she is the world's best sister :). Her name is Chaitra.

    As far as learning is concerned she was my guiding light everywhere. In school, in college, in our neighborhood etc. I have taught her few of my tricks too. Holding a cricket bat was surely one of them.

    Your post has given me inspiration to write something about her on my blog. I'll do it soon. She always keeps complaining that I have not written anything about her.

  10. lovely one..
    a new reader of your blog that iam..i truly loved each word of this post...because it reminded me of something which I dont have..a sibling..and believe me..its not a very nice feeling to not have a sibling to grow up with..
    loved your post...:-)and will be buying ur book too:-)

  11. I always wanted a 1 yr elder or 1 yr younger sister... but yeah, my bro is not so bad either.. in fact, he is quiet fun to be with, and we are partners in crime ;)

    BSA rifle- wow.. just wow... I have an Indian make Daws, and i am dreaming of having a Diana one day.. may be, I will get a BSA itself... :-D

    the words of ur bro r really motivative and powerful :-D

    u r lucky to have someone like him - just like I am lucky to have some one like my bro :-)

    I am sure - those who r growing up without a sibling is missing the fun...

  12. That was a nice gesture :)

    But can't agree on this one-"I do feel a bit sorry for those who have grown up without siblings." I don't have siblings neither I regret about it. There are siblings who always fight n their parents supporting the other. Sometimes were even jealous that I had no sibling.

  13. a post after my heart...

    i have two sisters...and gems they are...i've noticed the bond strengthening with the years...

  14. Ps,
    Nice post.
    Now I remember my brother hitting me on my forehead with a chappathi roller, not intending to hit though and me having a part of my forehead swollen! He would have been 3-4 years old then.And me 8-9!
    I almost had to skip school that day.

    I had plans to sell him off once.:D

    Many many such stories.Do not want to hijack your comment section.


  15. Hey Preeti...this is such a lovely post. An elder brother was something I took for granted as the guy who got an extra chicken piece or taught me cycling. Unfortunately he died a few years back in an accident and in too, he taught me never to take anyone for granted and to always say bye so that I never regret that I never got a chance to say good bye to anyone ever

  16. I am an older brother too. After my dad's untimely demise I had wished a million times that I had someone to shoulder the responsibilities instead of being the one to do it.

    But I am sure that I never wanted it (though I wished for it) as what I learned during that phase and also from my younger brother was priceless in itself...

    And hey....welcome back to regular blogging!!!

  17. Harish: happy b'day again and thanks for the welcome too :) I did not know that your dad passed away suddenly.Felt moved when i read your comment.

    SMM: :( Life is so unpredictable.Felt deeply moved reading what you said.

    Nikhil:No wonder you are so enthusiastic--it must have been that chappathi roller effect :) ;-)

    Suma:Lucky lucky you! I have noticed sisters are always closer than siblings of opposite sex.

  18. Manasa: It was not a gesture at all.It was heartfelt. yeah--there are always siblings who fight.But I still feel a bit sorry for those who don't know what it is to have a loving bond,a lifetime-unbreakable bond with one.Especially so, when a parent passes away which happened in my case. Friends are friends--and siblings are siblings.But it is very good that you don't miss having one.

    xh:Yeah--crimes were make it so much fun!!How many years difference between you and your bro? And I didn't know you were into rifles too.

    santasizing fantasizing: thank you and Welcome to my blog.Tried to read yours but its open only to invited people?

  19. Varun:How many years difference between you?Will look forward to reading your post.

    Prats:will surely read. Yeah--its tough being the older one :)

    Meira:yes!!The Mischiefs are the best part!! :D

    Hari:I would have thought they pampered you!What with girls having the mothering instinct.I used to pamper my brother rotten.

  20. Very moving.
    unlucky me, i have always felt the vaccum. being the only son.

  21. Age difference between me and my sis is around 5.5 years.

  22. Varun: okay..was just curious, so asked.

    Sunny: It was never my intention to make anyone feel they were unlucky.I'm sorry if the post made you feel that way.For every loving sibling bond, there is one where they have fights over property and money.I am fortunate that will not ever happen in my case.

  23. very heartfelt post and so true, it reminded me one thing..my son wanted to have a younger brother so that he cud have an assistant and bowler(he wanted to bat only:), but since he was given a sister, now they are so close, will do anything for each other. Even i am very close to my siblings.
    But now all my family has one child only:(

  24. Its good to read about Prem! I actually thought of him while I read the last 5 posts and wondered how come you never mentioned him...

    I remember one photograph of both of you that you had shown in lets say about 18 years ago..- Prem shorter than you and how he disliked you showing it to anyone...do you remember?

    Nice Post and he is definitely a big man now!

  25. hey PS,
    laughed out loud reading abt the sari..hmm 16 holes n 16 yrs..!!

    I too have a sister whom I wanted to return to the hospital when she was born..and brought home..!!But now am happy that we didnt do it..:))


  26. Hey chill
    i have always felt so from many days, ur post dint hurt me :)

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  28. This is the reason why I just cannot resist your blog. It is simply irresistible! I love to read what you write - it's so warm and heartfelt. When I first read your blog, the very same day I wrote a post on my sister (I realized how much she meant to me)-I did give you the credit too and few days later about blogging. I've treasured the word 'family' in your blog. I have two older sisters and I love them loads and they love me to death :)

    Thank you Preeti. Good you have a brother, sister's can be really tough when you fight, we have all the liberty to pull each others' hair :D

    How you doing?

  29. Still thinking: :-) You just made me feel 6 feet tall--Almost as tall as my bro :-)Don't remember that post you wrote--can you share the link pls?

    Sunny Raju:Phew!:-)

    Geetha:Yeah!!We imagined that lady wearing that saree and I still laugh thinking about it.16 years was a coincidence I didnt notice till you pointed it out :)

    Vinoo:Yeah?!!I don't remember that incident at all!! :-) Am sure he does not remember too--must ask him.Yes--he used to be much shorter than me--but that was once upon a time :)

    Renu:heh heh--even my son wanted a younger bro--and now he and his sister are really close!

  30. ya, its true, there is nothing like your own blood, my brother is older by 2.5 yrs)....and he knows what makes me laugh, we have shared wonderful moments together, i miss being with him...we still have fights but we forget it the next minute, cause both of us are matured now and know that we can never be replaced....

  31. Funny, I always wanted an older brother too, which is like wanting the impossible. I'm happy you got a younger brother at least but you don't have to be sorry for me for not having siblings.

  32. Devi Mood:Okay,since u say so, i wont ;-)

    Priya:Cheers to you and your brother.

  33. Another Candy!!

    **if they can achieve it, so can you**

    very true...same logic helped me quit smokin!

    nd m also happy with my chocolate cake...lil sis...3 nd half years younger :D

  34. OMG PS..u’ve opened up a box of memories…a box that was never shut In the first place.

    I have an elder sis who I adore n love. We have an age gap of just 2 yrs..n shesz been everything to me..friend, philosopher, mother, guide. The kind of naughty things we 2 have been upto is our secret..but I can tell u..we had a wild time! Until the day she got married n went away to Delhi I’ve almost alwez been used to sleeping with her arm arnd me…[the nite she went away was terrible.I don’t even want to start recollectin it].
    As children ur relatives used to tease us sayin “Is she[referring to sis] ur mom or she[my actual mom]?!?!”
    The routine used to be to goto Chennai for Dusshera vacations to my nana-jis’s place..one yr my sis cldn’t come…n that year..every day of that week..my sis n I wrote letters to each other. :D ! most of the letters of crse reached after we were back together :P!
    Gosh I miss her soo much..almost tempted to call her at midnite n say I love u… n I know her response will be “ur so mad pavi. Of crse I love u too” 

  35. Funny image of sari with 6 pellet holes! Good post.

  36. awesome post preeti! and i feel exactly the same way! i always wanted an elder brother for the same reasons that you mentioned and since that was not happening in this reality, i proceeded to make my younger brother, an elder one!

    i would tell him all my woes an dproblems, using him as a bouncing board for teenage issues...and i think all my years of talking paid off! He is 5 yrs younger to me and today is more mature than i was at his age...

    We are now more friends than siblings - telling each other everything! Often calling each other late into the night to just talk as we both go to sleep in our respective beds...similar to what we used to do when we shared a room together!

    Sorry for the loong comment - i can go onn talking about my bro!! :)

  37. Bindu: 16 not 6 :-) Thanks.

    Pavi: Lucky lucky U.I have always felt that sisters are closer than brothers. i always missed having a sister. Best wishes to both of you--and may your bond grow as the years go by.How wonderful to have someone like that for life!

    Prakhar: A bubble-gummy Candy ,me thinks! I know how hard it is to quit smoking. Glad you managed to achieve that.Dont ever go back to starting again, come what may--ok? I have known people who have quit for 5-7 years and then went back to it.

  38. Thanks PS..actually i have two blogs of the same name..one is only for my silly entries...and the other one is open to all...so the second one what you can see...
    posting the link here..just in case:)

  39. awesome!!awesome!!awesome!! :)

    btw,i stay at Calicut,kerala..I have been book searching at odessey for a while now..they say its not yet come... :(

  40. Multimenon:Thanks! Please join the circle at 34bubblegumsandcandies.ning.com I have been mailing updates about when and where the book is available! if u want to order it online I can send u the links--mail me on ps@preetisatish.com

    santasizing fanstasizing--Ok! :) will chk :)

  41. Hi Preeti ,

    This is Karthika from Cochin. I'm a Business Analyst with an IT firm. I came across your blog couple of days back via a link from someones blog, the title struck (after visiting ur blog i was so impressed that i forgot where i landed from as i know the url now :-))The very first time i visited it, i read the max of articles i could, though i was in office as i couldnt just stop reading. Ever since ur book got launched i have been going up and down the bookshps here for a copy but havent managed to get one yet :-( Its with great difficulty that i drag Saj (my husband) to the city just for ur book. From day one i have been following all ur articles now .. and all of them are simply great. i always discover something new in me that was perhaps hidden as ur blogs always strike a chord. I have been in the blogosphere since sometime but i dont blog all that regularly except for last month when I tried bloging regularly but failed to manage writing a post daily. i would love to be a writer like you but u know..all are not equally blessed. Anyways , keep writing .. God bless. Hope i get hold of ur book this weekend.
    Btw .. are u a malayalee? some places where i see reference, i feel that u r .. i guess a born malayalee but brought up outside kerala..is it ?

  42. >>But today, when I look back I can say I am completely satisfied with that chocolate cake I got. The other person’s chocolate cake does not look better anymore.<<

    Too true...Beautiful lines.
    Loved this post.

    Here is my chronicle of sibling-memoirs. I came to earth with an older brother waiting for me, hmm he actually wanted a boy but when someone told him I will make him good ice-creams in the future he fell for it. And now hes grown up enough to realize there were no ice creams coming from this little sister and the good man still treasures me :-)

  43. Cris:I enjoyed reading your post too.

    Karthika: Nice to hear from you and thanks for the compliments!Do join the circle at 34bubblegumsandcnadies.ning.com as I keep sending updates about the book, where it is available etc. DC books in Kerala are supposed to display the book by this weekend or early next week.As regards the question whether i am a malayalee I guess this postexplains it well.If you want me to send you links where you can order the book online mail me on ps@preetisatish.com and thank you so much for continuing to read whatever I write.Regards to Saj too.

  44. I'm sorry Preeti..the question was never meant to irk you. Was just curious..thats all.

  45. 'Murti lahaan punn kirti thor' (sorry it's in marathi but it sounds the best only in marathi) - but your murti is also tall (atleast you're not 5.1' like me) :D

    Here is the link Preeti, sorry I wasn't adept at hyperlink then.


  46. Karthika: Oh no!!It did not irk me at all--I am used to it by now.Just find explaining difficult therefore gave the link, which is not possible in real life, while having a conversation!Pls do not apologise!!Maybe I'll delete that line in the post!

    Still thinking:No clue what U said but thanks as i figure its something nice :)--My height is 5'4and a half..so not really'tall' as in 'tall-tall' :)

  47. you couldn't be more right about siblings. i have an younger brother too, although all his life he has behaved like an elder brother :). he was the one who taught me how to tie my shoe lace, ride a bike, taught me about cricket and so much more. He would never sneer at me playing with him and his friends, i was part of the IT boys crowd :) i cherish his presence in my life so much.

  48. Such a lovely post.. I had tears in my eyes.. I grew up as a single child and the one thing that I still miss in life is a sibling. Actually I also had a younger bro but we lost him in the beginning itself.. So that's something that I always missed and still miss n your post made it even more painful..

  49. Dhanya:Really sorry about that.Not my intention to make people who don't have siblings feel bad.

    Ranjini: Yes!I can relate so much to what you are saying about your bro :)

  50. oh could so well relate to the post! Having a younger brother has its perks too i guess, having someone to run errands, if it was a elder sibling the tables wouldve turned!! so guess we should count ourselves lucky on that account! :)

    and ya the thing about blood being thicker strikes you more when you are with your siblings' kids, and your relationship with them, is proof enough, how the heart swells, and thrills!! :)

    enjoy your comments equally, and like the general chatty flow you maintain. glad you had a good round of reviews and the general response from all around. and good to have you back too with your awesome posts. :)

  51. HI Preeti,

    Your whole post is well summed in the last but one para of the post. The fact could not have been put more authentically.

  52. Hari: yep!!

    Onlooker:my bro used to make ME run errands!! Some people have all the luck i guess!

  53. Hi Preethi

    Just read a feature in a Puen Newspaper about you, and I logged in to check your blog. As a new blogger, it felt good to see how successful a stay at home, work from home mum could become. I totally identify with certain aspects of your life - I have a kid, I blog and I too have started my fitness journey.

    Must get my hands on your book.

    3 cheers!

  54. Hi Preeti, thanks for dropping. Just put up a post, mebbe you missed it by a few minutes. Do drop in when free.

  55. Such a lovely post !
    so many similarities ...
    exceppt 4 the rifle :D ... yes my bro is also 3 yrs younger and is still in college ...
    great to have a sibling as its always so nice to share and care !:)

    Superb post
    pls pls let me know when u ll b at Chennai
    i checked at Odeyssey here in Chennai and landmark didnt find the book pls let me know
    take care

  56. Such a toughing article P...I totally agree..I have 2 elder brothers and though I fought with them always when we were small,I herish the relation that we share today.My second bro is exactly like you mentioned..he was very protective of me and to cross question me whenever I came back from school/college..!!While I got married,he told me..ahh I can have the tv all for myself...but he told amma that they shouldn't have got me married so early and the house is so empty..:-)As always..a great post!!

  57. gosh...so many typos..I meant touching article..I cherish..!!;-)

  58. Menu: sorry to interfere, but Odyssey hardly ever has any book, why not try land mark?

  59. YOUR BOOK IS OUT!!!!!

    I just found out...me gonna get one...maybe later I will get it autographed by you...have already told mads to pick it up...

    so cool...

    wife and kids were with me for 15 days....and was busy with them...2 weeks of total non blogging..and so missed all the excitement here..

  60. Tys: yes!! And i met Gazal,Prats, Anoop and many others too! :-) It was GREAT. Nice to have you back--but I'm sure the moments spent with your family are truly priceless.

    Renu: They will soon have it.

    Divya:Yes--dont worry--I figured out the typos.Esp as I have just been doing proof reading and proof reading of my book :-) And you know what--my bro also told the same thing about the room when i got married!! :-) Brothers!! They are all the same!

    Meenu:It will be reaching Chennai soon.If you want I'll check with publishers and let you know. Chennai launch wont be for at least a month.Nothing decided yet. In case you wish to order directly from the publisher you can do so and they will not charge any shipping.Mail me on ps@preetisatish.com and i can give you details.

    Sharon: Welcome--thank you so much and nice to connect!

  61. A great little tale!..I always wanted a sister...I suppose that would account for all my cross dressing episodes!

  62. Hey Preeti,
    Have been reading your blogs since quite a while...I love them
    My brother never actually thought me to be sensible enough to share thing with him...Its only after marriage tat he talks some serious stuff...
    And its best talking to them...Makes you so comfortable telling them...

  63. I just came across an article about your book and blog in The Times of India and true to it's word I find your blog irresistable! What is just so amazing about you is that you take the time to respond to everyone's comments! Who does that! I wish you all the success.May your literary career touch dizzying heights, and may you one day get the Booker Prize!

  64. Stillness speaks: for me its so important to connect to people.Especially those who are kind enough to read my blog and leave comments!I just replied to your comment on the other post and I come here and see this one :) I also have an interctive circle at 34bubblegumsandcandies.ning.com as for me, the book is to reach out to people and to convey the message of living life fully, more than anything else.Thanks for the lovely things you have said! :-)

    Chirpy-paro: I am presuming he is older :-)Oh yes--its nice to talk to siblings as they give you an uncluttered perspective.

    Niall: :-) :-) :-)Check your inbox.

  65. Hey Ps,

    Was hooked on to ur blog for a long. Havent finished the ones you wrote this year yet. In the meantime i managed a post for my blog and have dedicated it to you :-)

    Go thru if time permits .

  66. Karthika:Done :) That was a lovely post and I am honoured.

  67. Preeti : I'm so delighted that you dropped by. What a pleasant surprise early in the morning to start with my work. Thanks for the book info but i'm not sure whether i'll be able to catch hold of it in the next 2 weeks as i'll be travelling. I'm on a 10 day vacation to Mumbai n Pune. My cousins live there. You too live there rt ? got any places to suggest for a visit ?

  68. The only sentence I can think of is, "I am stumped!". I wasn't expecting a response to my comment, and certainly not for both:-) You really made my day Ma'm :-)

  69. Stillness speaks: :-) happy to help ;-)(to borrow a much used tagline) You haven't published my comment on your blog.

    Karthika: Books are now all over DC stores :-)Many in Kerala have already bought.As regards places to see, go to virtualpune.com . You'll get all info there. Have a good trip!

  70. Anonymous12:21 PM

    can i have your email id.. need a help..


    this is the reason why i need the help

  71. having a sibling is gr8...ya i have an younger brother and he has grown up into being a fine young man but still needs to be told a lot of things :P

    "It is so important to nourish a relationship—It does not come easy. If you have it, value it, cherish it and make that bond grow. "

    thats so true, its too important to nourish it and it certainly doesnt come easy....we had our probs too and there was a time wen i was too angry, but i somehow forgave him and love him a lot even though he needs solid kicks now and then...i miss him a lot too since he is in london and i dont get to c him much

  72. Siblings are fun... I have ONE too!!
    her name is TINA!

    We're exactly 3 years apart(3 years and 1 day actually) and you can't say who is older!!

    She's settled in the US this last 1 year after entering into matrimony
    I miss her

  73. Preeti!
    That was my complete wish as well, for the longest while. Though I have no brother, I do have the best-est youngest sister and the pride and joy you feel when your younger sibling does something can not be replaced and now I would never want it to be replaced.

    I agree. Siblings are extremely special.
    I love one of the last lines of the post -
    It is so important to nourish a relationship—It does not come easy. If you have it, value it, cherish it and make that bond grow.

    -the other shru

  74. Absolutely right!!! Having sibling is lot of fun. Just the mere thought of the time spent together gives smile and joy. Those are the memories which will last forever. I have a younger sister...and for her i'm so special :-)


  75. first time reader of your blog.. Actually i have gone through your book "34 Candies and Bubblegums" and really found myself as if talking with you while reading the book.You reaaly made the whole reading a pleasure.The daily chores looked so vibrant and full of life that i bet that the various self-help books that cover the shelves of pessimistics should give a kind attention to your book.Although your writing is very lucid and sometimes plain simple yet it has the charisma that keeps away the monotony at bay... Hats off to you,Mrs.radiator...

  76. Sorry about that...I tried using the "moderate comments" feature of blogger and it gave me no intimation that I have 2 comments from you waiting :-)

  77. Great post PS - I agree whole heatedly - siblings are very special and I am lucky to have two of them :)

    I should have my friends who are still debating whether they should have the second kid read this post :)

  78. A very well written ... as always.
    The best part I liked in that was putting a "The" in front of your brothers name... The Prem Kamath... I think it sounds like Prem Kamath is a symbol of achievement and strength and you are trying to say with pride that you are linked to it. Did I interpret it correct :-)

    Oh BTW, remember you sent me a link to ask the publisher if I could get your book here in Canada.. I didnot hear back. But my friend is coming from India.. I hope he gets it. All the best. Keep writing.

  79. Hi PS,

    Yes, siblings are a blessing. I too have a younger bro :)


  80. I have an elder brother.. and when someone asks me what kind of a rapport I have with him.. I really cannot say it in words coz I think you can understand it only when you have a brother.. How else would you describe wrestling with each other till my grandma was sure we'll kill each other.. and then the next day on my birthday when my brother gifted me a bicycle.. it's something unique. And we are the lucky ones.. though sometimes luck comes with a few bruises and scratches ;)

  81. Inolongeram: ha ha! Very very true!!We used to have a lot of bruises and scratches too!

    Balu: Ok! I didnt know u had a younger bro--somehow i thought u had an older sis.

    Shailesh: :-) You can interpret it anyway U like --and U haven't heard of THE prem kamath?!!I'm genuinely surprised.;-) :-) I forgot which site I sent you..I did find a site which had my books which they ship to Germny and UK and US too--but if someone is coming to india, thats definitely the best way of getting it.

    Pink Dogwood: I was hoping my bro too would decide to have a second one--heh heh.

    Karthik: yes!Lucky she is!

  82. Sushobhan:Thanks so much!! :-) May i know where you are based? (want to know basiclly which place u bought my book from)

    Other shru:It becomes harder as one gets older,has one's own family and kids.So it is very important that an effort be made.

    Arjun:My very best wishes to Tina and the bond you share.

    Enigma: Oh yes--I can relate!! Mine too neends solid kicks at times :)

    Chriz:U already mailed me and I have responded too :)

  83. i am from kolkata.. I also like writing stuffs.I would like to send you a brief snippet of my description of a travelogue.I would appreciate your thoughts and insights on that.(Basically to know how good or bad i write and in future if I do plan to write a book,wheteher it attract the readers or not).If you are ok with it then I can send it to you on your email id.

  84. Sushobhan:Sure--do send it to me in a word file--and expect very honest feedback (if u are okay with that).ps@preetisatish.com is my mail id. and btw did u buy my book in kolkata?Is it available there?

  85. It's always a pleasure reading your posts. But it seems to be a long break now. How about breaking a break ??
    Take care.

  86. Ya infact i will prefer a honest feedback.Moreover i got your book from a crossword store here.It's available in kolkata.I will send the mail by today evevning or tomorrow morning.

  87. Just finished reading the "musings" section and particularly liked "Prickers Incorporated" and "Life is calling". I agree with you hands down on both of these :-)( And why I am I commenting here? Not sure if you'd notice a comment sitting there (Still greedy for replies ;-) )) I also agree with the last post which says there is nothing like permanent friends and enemies but the optimist in me never dies and still hopes that everything is for keeps :-)

  88. i like ur blogs...but that last line in this one made me feel bad...i sorta resent tat "feeling sorry for others" bit...i am an only child and dont miss a sibling at all...my cousins and friends sorta filled tat void..also, its a different life being single...doesnt mean its gud or bad...so plz dont feel sorry...then i might hav to feel sorry for ppl with siblings and the downsides of it...every coin has two sides...and i had rather look at the chocolate cake on my plate and enjoy it rather than waste time looking at others while my cake rots...

  89. p.s. k...i shudnt hav said void...wrong word to use...coz i dont feel an empty space at all...

  90. Tha: Really good for you! See--its highly a personal opinion--Its just like the saying that goes "People with kids and people without kids feel sorry for one another" :-) So if the hat fits, wear it!!

    Stillness speaks: Well--I am an optimist too--but i think my optimism is tinted with reality.Everything ends.Every darn single thing.

    Sushobhan :OK :-) Thks for the info.

    Phoenox:Presume what you mean is that u want a new post :-) Coming right up--soon.

  91. cheers to that special bond...

    my brother 6 yrs younger than me has resolved to avenge all childhood attrocities...he feels i committed on him.

  92. not that everyday passes smoothly for me(or for anyone!) but this post motivated me a lot.. i am so happy to discover your blog :) wonderful writing style..
    Just wanted to congratulate on your achievement


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