Bangalore Launch-34 Bubblegums and Candies

Many of you writing to me,
Asking me to post on launch at Bengaluru
I feel good, happy, elated
That you want some-moru :-)

Launch went off great,
R.K Misra was terrific,
A born leader, an orator, a patriot,
With an approach which was focused and specific,

Meeting you all in person,
Whom I met only online,
A meeting of minds,
That added glitter and shine,

Book signings, Book readings,
Laughter, deep thoughts, a connect
That’s sums up most of it,
A launch that to me was near perfect!

I think pictures speak louder than words. Xh (anoop) has clicked some great ones. Click Here to see lots of them.

Also, Varun, Gazal ,Bimal and Prats have blogged about it. Click on their names to read what they said.

I was very impressed with R.K Misra, (yes he has a blog too) who is so down to Earth, Humble, with no celebrity airs, despite having achieved so much. He means what he says.He brings professionalism and transparency to public governance and leaders like him is what our country needs. He started a movement called “Change India” after winning the Lead India Campaign from among 36,000 participants. His idea of a ‘private-public partnership’ has resulted in improving the lives of thousands of Indians. To know more click here.

I was so delighted when he told me that he loved my book. I got to spend some time with him, before the launch, in the morning and in the evening too, before the function started. I was pleasantly surprised when he told me that within a day of getting the book he had read many stories and he discussed minute details with me. He really liked my book. In his words “More I read your book more I was convinced to be a part of the book launch. It is a wonderful work, so simple to read and extremely insightful. My hearty congratulations and wishing you all the success.”

The Media coverage too was excellent. (click on each article to enlarge and read) But more than all that, I felt so happy to see my friends whom I had connected online. They made a special effort to come for the launch. Many had carried lovely gifts for me and the children. I felt really grateful to the people who made an effort to come—especially so, as many people whom we thought would surely come didn’t turn up. (Just like what happened at Pune) So I’d like to make a special mention of the following who not only came, but hung around till the very end and waited for me till I finished talking to the Media and posing for the paparazzi.

Xh (Anoop) He clicked lovely pics too

Anant: I had written about him. Click on his name to read it.

Prats : It was great meeting her. Apart from gifts for the kids,she also gave me a perfect egg shaped paper weight made of marble with a note that said “Wishing you lots more Manuscripts to weigh under. All the best”.I was touched by her thoughtfulness.

Chandini: She is not a blogger. I have blogged about her. You can read it by clicking on her name. She postponed her trip to Mumbai just so that she could attend my launch.

Varun: He left so quickly as it was his dad’s birthday the next day.It was great to meet him.

Pratima: I had been interacting with her online. She gave such cute Mugs to my children.My daughter now has 4 glasses of milk a day, without any murmur, because she liked the mug so much! Thanks Pratima!

Gazal: She too hung around till the very end.

Karthik: he came all the way from Chennai to attend my launch!

Praveen: it was nice to meet him.

Bimal : He has been very encouraging.Always reads what i write and encourages me to do better.

Nikhil: That ever smiling enthusiastic bundle was a joy to meet and he has been helping me a lot with my book promos.

Prakhar: He looked just like his picture :-) Not that he ought not to—but as soon as I saw him I recognized him.

Sushma: Who said had been reading my blog a lot.

My oldest friends Hrishikesh who I went to school with, and Jen whom I went to college with,(see pics) turned up—and I felt so happy! I was meeting Jen after 13 years, and Hrishi I had met a few months back, after 17 years!

There were many more well wishers—I felt great that they took out time and made an effort to come for my launch. Too many names to mention, so forgive me if I have left out yours. A big thanks to you all--not only the ones who attended the launch but also the ones who continue to read and and connect with me.


  1. it was my pleasure attending tehlaunch.. and meeting you,satish and juniors... :-D

    and it goes without saying that you where wonderful that evening :-D

  2. The Bangalore launch was just awesumm... Congrats!!!!!

  3. xh: My pleasure anoop!MINE :-)

    Jagjit:Thank you!

  4. Wow! My name on a celebrity blog :)

    I was attending my first ever book launch. There was absolutely no way that I could have missed it. It was an awesome experience and my pleasure.

    It was great meeting you, Satish and the sweethearts Atul and Purvi

  5. Hi Preeti,
    Lovely to hear about the launch.
    Hearty congratulations once again.
    My Best to you and the family.

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  7. Hi Preethi,

    I am Kavitha and a regular visitor to your blog. I have read all your articles and just loved it!!

    Congrats on your first book release and eagerly waiting to read the book.

    All The best.

  8. Hi Preethi,

    I am Kavitha and a regular visitor to your blog. I have read all your articles and just loved it!!

    Congrats on your first book release and eagerly waiting to read the book.

    All The best.

  9. Wow! I can almost feel the euphoria from reading the post :D

    Keep smiling, keep writing!

  10. You were great, Preeti.

  11. Ps,
    Was super excited to meet you.
    Good luck Ps!


    PS:Took a screen shot of how you described me :) :D

  12. the pleasure was entirely mine..meeting you was great..
    take care

  13. Thanks for my first ever 'personally signed by the author' book ! :)

  14. Prats:Why is the owl thinking? I felt great too.

    Nikhil : :-) Thanks for staying back and I do appreciate it, esp as it was a working day for you.

    Bimal: Thanks for rushing from work and so happy that you sat through the entire launch.

    Still thinking:Thanks!

  15. Anant: the kids were super thrilled to meet you :) for them it was a character whom their mama told them about, coming alive! i was also happy that we got some time together.

    Kavitha:Thanks so much!I apreciate your telling me.


    Varun:A big thank you :)

  16. And yes, I am amongst the super lucky few to get not ONE but TWO cute bookmarks made by atul and purvi respectively! Will treasure them ! :)

  17. It was really nice to meet you Preeti and your 2 lovely kids :) feels great to meet someone in person after you've interacted online for so long! It was the first ever book launch I attended and i'll remember the experience :)

    I absolutely loved the bookmark that atul & purvi made and am so glad they liked the mugs :)

  18. Saw all the pics xh uploaded.. Great going..

    All the best, Ps :) Couldn't make it this time.. If you're coming to Bangalore, I hope to meet you :)

  19. It was nice of u to remember and mention my name though u've met me only once there at the launch.
    it was an enjoyable experience especially the reading session where u read out those witty and sometimes touching stories from the book.I owe a special thanks to your kids for that cute personlised bookmark..give them a pat on the shoulder each on my behalf.

    started reading the book today...and I was laughing my way to work in the morning:D

  20. Praveen: Well, even thought I met you only once, what mattered was that you made an effort o come and most importantly you kept up your word.What episodes made you laugh? The kick in the night one?

    Manasa: Well--I don't know when!

    Pratima:It was great meeting you, though i'd have liked to chat up some more! Yeah--will tell the kids :)

    Anant: :-) Yes--very few got two.

  21. It was great meeting you finally...

  22. Anonymous9:25 PM

    hey P, it was great to see another sucessful book launch in Bengaluru. I just finished 1st round of readin the book and with your permission may i point out to some print mistakes i encountered on page 39 and 43/47 i guess. some text missed!!

  23. Buzz: Looks like a printing defect and the copy escaped.There were a few copies which were withdrawn due to it.If you send it to the publisher, he will exchange it for you. hope U enjoyed the book. :-)

    Gazal:Same here!!

  24. u r good at guessing..i think u got it right since I told u that i started it today and must've read that story..
    the kick and also the story u read out that day..sylvestor stallone one:D

    and anothr fav is "we dint start the fire"...hehehee...u r one crazy family

  25. and yeah..lots of my pages were jumbled..had a hard time figuring out the order..cos the 1st page of each story doesn't have any number..

  26. Praveen: Omg! I did notice a copy there where pages were jumbled and kept it aside. Do get yours exchanged.And crazy is each person's perception :) Eevryone believes they are sane!

  27. It was great meeting you all. The launch was wonderful. I really enjoyed the whole event. You were super cool!! And the bookmark is so superb. Thanks to Atul and Purvi. Will meet in Chennai again. BTW when is the Chennai meet??

    Cheers :-)

  28. Congrats once again:)
    and thanks a ton for R K Misra's Blog link

  29. it is not a surprise that your book is a big success, just like your blog, you look so confident, and young and of course, goes without saying, beautiful!!!!
    Congrats again preeti

  30. that was a neat sum up of the bangalore i've now 'virtually' attended it, now to read it

    thanks to prats, can look forward to reading the book too...

    are you having launches in any other cities?

    and at the risk of sounding repetitive, CONGRATZZZZ!!!! once again on a dream come true...

  31. How I wished I could be there?

    I was really missing Bangalore after reading your post...

    Great to hear it went well...

    I am sure I will be the last to read you book though...hopefully by mid Dec when we are in India.

  32. Vinoo: Thanks so much.Yes--it woudl ahve been great if you could have made it.

    Suma:Thank you thank you and thank you [I am sounding repetitive too :-)]Launches in other cities are on the agenda but for now i need to take a breather--it has been really really hectic to say the least.

    Priya:Wow!What a fabulous compliment.Thank you!!

    Sunny Raju:You are welcome.And thanks :)

  33. Karthik: Chennai dates not yet fixed.It will be a author-book read there as book has already been launched. It should be available in stores soon.It's been really hectic and so i am taking a much deserved break from launches :)Thanks so much for coming--It was wonderful to meet you too.(Finally I got to see something other than the little boy flexing his muscles) :-)

  34. Great going. Cartloads of best wishes for you :)
    Ordered my copy. Guess I have a date this weekend :P

  35. congrats:)...frankly wanted to come but couldnt:(

    read abt ur blog in Hindu newspaper today..felt really happy!!...

  36. Hey,
    Hope the launch was successful!!
    I am sorry, i couldnt make it. Unavoidable circumstances!
    But will make it a point to pick up a copy on my next visit to Crossword.

  37. Book is really beautiful,..written with honesty nd faith..nd the emotions..well it were in your voice too..when you read the stories!

    God bless!

    Enjoy writing many is fiction i read?

  38. Sorry seems like too trivial a word..but i donno any word that can make-up for the blunder...specially coz ur lovely kids put so much of effort into it.
    I'm not sure why my friend din't turn up for the event.. :(My sincere apologies. Pls let the li'l ones know too...that i apologise to them.
    n Kindly throw away the bookmark..I'll collect it someday somehow.

    I know u'll be bugged..but have to let u know that I'm truly happy that things are going the way they are with the book!

  39. Pavi:Its ok..It wasnt in your hands.Will tell the kids.

    Prakhar:Thanks so much..yes next one is fiction.

    k10:Thats ok.Thanks.

    Broca:Yes--the Hindu covered it today :)Thanks

    Meira:Hope u enjoy the date :P :)

  40. JEEEZ! kindly DON'T throw away..i'll collect it someday somehow... is wat i meant :(((

  41. Pavi : :-) Don;t worry about it!

  42. Hey PS,
    Glad to know it went so well! I am really sorry I could not attend the launch. Was stuck in Chennai due to unavoidable circumstances. Also, Please please tell your kids that I am really sorry that I couldnt collect it.

    I am feeling more bad because I was supposed to collect Pavi's too...

  43. Harish:Its ok!! Please don't feel bad.Esp not on your b'day!! Don't worry about it.

  44. Congrats !
    i know u must be happy(a word too less! for this feeling /excitment)

    Congrats again !
    please let me know when ll u b in Chennai plsssss
    tahnk u
    take care

  45. I sit here open mouthed and in total happiness seeing you looking so happy beautiful and confident in what you are doing! There are so many lovely things people have said and written about must feel really proud!..and you deserve every bit of it!:-)

  46. all the pix look fab! cud u do 1 in mumbai 2? i'll definitely b der!!!

  47. Deepti:Well its not fo a month at last- and hey-- thanks!

    Niall:How i wished you were there my friend.

    Meenu:Thank you--will do.It wont be for a month at least.

  48. The launch was fantastic - a mixture of joy & pride for me.

    Meeting your school classmate's family for the first time is a great feeling. Meeting them at her first book launch is even greater.

    And thank you, atu(&)pui for the lovely bookmark :-)


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