34 Bubblegums and Candies. Behind the scene.

Sometimes when you want to convey something that is very important to you, you just don’t know where to begin. You start and the words tumble out like toys in an overstuffed box that has been emptied, and you sort out the pieces and take what you were looking for. That’s exactly how I feel right now.

My first book (yes, I am going to be a published author!) will be out soon. It is in press right now. The book will be available at all major bookstores in India, (all the Crosswords and the Landmarks) and also on the Internet on Rediff and most likely Amazon as well, by 25th of this month.

The book is based entirely on my blog posts. There are many posts which have been adapted, and many new ones as well. It has been a long journey of two years. I started the blog to overcome my absolute shock, deep grief and my broken heart, when I lost the person who meant the world to me.(Click here to read all about it.) I never thought that my writings would touch so many people and help them too, along the way. I started the blog to help myself—It grew. Beyond what I thought, envisaged or expected. Many people wrote to me, asking me to put it all in a book, and I began working on it.

“Never tell anyone that you're writing a book, going on a diet, exercising, taking a course, or quitting smoking. They'll encourage you to death.” Said Lynn Johnston. I agree with the quote.

Many months back, when I mentioned that I am writing a book to a few close friends one said "Look--as a blog what you have written is okay—not as a book."
Another one said "Poore Indian Publishing Industry ko tera hi intezar tha--ki tu likhegi aur ve publish karenge. Tu likh jo tujhe likhna hai."(As though the whole Indian publishing industry is waiting for you to write and they publish it. You write whatever you have to.”)

Imagine pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on a person who is fast asleep. That is exactly how I felt .To say that I felt discouraged is putting it mildly. Very mildly. But fortunately for me, hope came in the form of two other good friends, (to be specific Ajay Chauhan (That's his pic on the left) and Niall Young) and Satish Shenoy, my husband. They really believed in me and my writing. I held on to their words like a drowning person holds on to the last bit of wood floating. And I desperately wanted them to be right.

I completed my manuscript and then began the long process of finding a publisher, researching about the Indian publishing industry, writing to them, correspondence, phone calls—waiting, waiting and more waiting. I could not believe it, when I got a ‘Yes’ from two publishing houses—that too well known ones! I decided to go with Srishti publishers (who have brought out many well known titles like ‘Anything for you M’am, ‘Funda of Mixology’ etc.)

It was only after I signed the contract that I told my other friends. Most were thrilled. And some were—well, forget it. It’s not worth writing about.

Ajay did a LOT for me. I feel extremely fortunate to have him as a friend. He dug out information, he spoke to people who had been-there-done-that, made notes, called me a countless times in between his hectic and stressful work schedule, put me in touch with Amit Gauba, a graphic designer, and kept following up with me about the progress of the book. Amit and I worked together for the book cover; We sat up night after night, discussing concepts, looking at options and deciding what has to be there.(Whew—I never knew it could be so difficult.) He brilliantly executed what I had in mind. (And we came up with 26 different covers, before finally choosing this one.) I admired his patience and his efforts). Cherrisa, another of my closest friends gave me a lot of moral support and kind words. She was, I think, even more thrilled than I was, when I first told her the news.

Satish was so very supportive. He held the fort down (making dinner after he came back from work, reading to the kids, ironing their uniform, doing studies with them, sorting out their fights) while I huddled over my computer, writing, re-writing, editing, re-thinking, contacting people and doing a million other things that go into making of a book. I feel blessed to have him as my husband.

K.S. Narayanan (To us, he is just KS) who is a good friend to Satish as well as me, helped in reading, refining and also giving a ‘third person’s view’, as did Ajay and Cherrisa.

Rohit Srivastwa,(thats his pic on the right) another good friend, sat up for three consecutive nights along with me, till 1:30 a.m and put together my website. Apart from his regular job and his Clubhack activities, he is now also the Technical Director of CYG (Common wealth Youth Games) and is one really busy guy. The only time he could spare was after 9:00 p.m, when he finished his official work. He has so much of patience and explained to me many technical things. (I have no idea about web designing or registering domain names, hosting it or anything else) He also gave me useful links that helped to execute a few things I had in mind.

So finally it was done (With friends like these I couldn’t fail!) and —Here It is!!!


When you log on to the site, on the right side, you will see an option asking you to ‘Join the Circle’. Please do click on it, and it will take you to the ‘Bubblegums and Candies Circle.’ Signing up is just a 10 second process. Do put a picture in your profile as well. There are widgets and badges to grab, which you can put in the side bars of your blogs.(if you feel like helping me promote the book) There are other interesting like minded folks to meet, forums to have discussions on and also events that will be happening in your city.

The formal launch in Pune is on October 4th, Saturday, at Crossword, ICC trade towers. The author book-read meet at Bangalore is on October 10th, Friday at Crossword, Residency road. If you happen to be in either of these cities, do come—I would love to meet you. Do confirm attendance if you are coming. (At the Bubblegums and Candies circle page) Seats may be limited as the events are being held at the book store.

Ironically my dad isn’t here to share my joy. September 7th is his second death anniversary. (It still hurts deeply to even say it) I am going to Kerala to be with my mom. She needs me. I may not be able to visit your blogs or reply to your comments for a while.

In the acknowledgements section of the book, I have thanked my blog-readers and my online friends who cared enough to leave comments and read what I wrote, and connected with me. Your words meant a lot to me.

So much that I have written a book.

A heartfelt thanks.


  1. signed up!!..and congrats!!:)

  2. congratz congratz and congrtaz... :-D lining up for my signed copy :-D
    cant say how happy I am to read this.. all the best for you, ps :-D
    let the book be a best seller :-D

  3. congrats...all the best :)

  4. Preeti,

    WOW. I feel proud to have been in touch with you even on this space. Congratulations and all the best for more books. I will visit you website soon.

    Take care

  5. Broca:Thanks for signing up!!

    Xh: thank you so much Anoop!!I really look forward to meeting you.

    Hari Kishore: Thanks


  6. Congratulations and best of luck...and I signed up :)

  7. great news!! congrats. All the best for everything.

  8. Congratulations!!!!! I am so proud of you. Can't wait to get your book.


  9. wow! congradulations! u r truely a role model! u shud be having a fan club! all the best!

  10. Hey Preeti,

    HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS!!! Am thrilled that you are coming out with your first book. Wish you all the very best for it.

    I do hope you will be visiting Mumbai for the book launch. Am looking forward to reading the book.


  11. Woooooooooowiweeeeeeee ! Congrats PS! wat an accomplishment..
    I'm sure every1 who knows u is beaming with pride!Well...I...am beaming with pride..n am gonna be showing off saying I know an author..personally..well, quite personally ;) !after all u hv commented on my blog!!The name is pavi..pls don't forget me!
    u know ps...it is one thing to be a super-woman once in a while(some women have those once-in-a-while glorious moments) but u keep proving urself time n agn!
    Touchwood gurl! u rock! n may god bring u the best!
    Any idea on how ppl in the US get access to the book?

  12. Congrats once again!!!!

    I have already booked my copy at the crosswords so I don't miss it...

    The worst part is I will miss your Launch in Pune ICC crosswords...
    I am traveling for work and will be reaching pune only on 7th evening.


  13. Preeti, doston ke liye kuch bhi, anything for friends :)

    Best of luck for your book.

  14. congrats... shall catch you on Residency Road :)

  15. HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's a great feeling that someone i've known(not for long though) is going to be an author whose books are gonna be read by a wide audience! Kudos to the publishers who found the writer in you awaiting for a medium!

    Count on me to get that book!

  16. Few months back,last Dec on your b’day to be precise,when I wrote you a testimonial where I mentioned that I’d definitely get a copy of your book when you publish it down the line, honestly I never had an inkling its gonna happen so soon!! .. and I’m really happy for you. This is truly a fantastic achievement PS :)

    I’ve said this before,but I’m saying it again. Beyond your happiness, PS, I can imagine how thrilled Satish must be to see you doing those book launches and reading sessions .. how excited Atul and Purvi must be telling their friends that their mom has now authored a BOOK :) .. your friends and colleagues (not to miss out bloggers like me who so blissfully wade thru the different posts in your blog) is gonna be thrilled to have a copy of your book in hand .. your mom who once trained you how to read and write is now about to read YOUR words in print in a BOOK authored by YOU. And above all, your dad who has guided and inspired you to grow into what you are today is going to be so proud of you.

    Your book is gonna bring such a lot of joy to so many people around you, and may you find yourself giving this thought the place of honour as you get set for the launches and reading sessions PS :) All my best wishes! Hearty congrats once again :)

  17. Hey Ps
    Finally, you broke the news.

    Catch me seated in the front row, third from your right.(Crossword,Residency Rd.)


  18. Heartfelt congratulations. Its great to have someone to look up to. btw, what is the significance of 34?

  19. This is wonderful news. Though I am new to your blog (through Desi Pundit), I am so happy for you. It encourages all bloggers also in knowing that blogging is important and can lead to great things! Thanks for inspiring us all! Can't wait to read your book. Hope I can get it in USA!!

  20. awesome...just awesome....

    now you HAVE to do "fraaandshiop" with me coz I don't have any celebrity friends (that is, if you leave out my friend pt who once ate 26 gums at the same go and Aaj Tak featured him for 10 mins)

    No seriously, I am eagerly awaiting the release of the book...Hope I am in Bangalore at that time..

    Crossword at ICC is a great place to start. Used to be my fav hangout while I was there...

    You know, the Direcotr of my B-School had his book launch there and that book was a runawa..ok walkaway hit :-)

    (Am I helping or...)

    Joined the site, could not believe that it was a social networking site in itslef!! Great job...

  21. Harish: Yes--you are helping.A LOT :)Thanks for joining.

    Jennifer:Thank you!! i hope so too.

    Huzefa:Coz--life begins at 34 ;-)Well--there are 18 candies and 16 bubblegums from my life, as explained in the preface.

    Nikhil; ok :-)And THANKS :-)

    Balu: Was very moved reading what u wrote.I m in kerala from 4th to 8th, BTW.Will try and call you.

    Abhi:Thanks you!!

    Manuscrypts:Thanks!May I know your name? :)

    Rohit:thank you!

  22. Prats: Wow!! Thanks!Did they take your booking? Well--lets see--there may be a reading at Odyssey.(but nothing on the agenda as of now)

    Pavi:I think you can get it through Amazon.Will check with my publishers.And hey--Thanks!!

    Palsworld:Thanks!!And thanks for signing up too.

    AV:Thank you so much :)

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  24. Pinkdogwood:Thanks so much! If you like my blog, you will surely like my book.

    Life begins:Thanks!!

    SMM;yes--Thanks for that :)

  25. How wonderful! I'm very glad you weren't discouraged by the first setbacks, if we may call it that, and kept going until you made it. It was meant to be! :)

    I like the cover and I'm sure the content is of the quality we're used to here.

    And this post reminded me of the thank you notes in the beginning of the books ;)

  26. Congratulations, Preeti!

    This is such an accomplishment! Awesome!

  27. Hearty hearty congratulations once again. Wish you all success.

    My Best

  28. :-) Feels so good right now :-)

  29. Congrats!!!

    Sach me m so jealous...but so proud too!!

    c u in bangalore!

  30. hey preeti,
    Congratulations !! You are truly a talented and gifted artist. I am so glad that you were able to get this done despite the ice water bucket throwers :-) i guess you will always find people ready to dampen your spirits, moods and talents. You overcame all of that, and with the help of good friends made this possible. kudos to you !!! i coudln't be happier. I will look for your book and spread the word.

  31. Wow... Congrats! You know Preeti, however much i despise the books written by Chetan Bhagat for their sub-standard quality, i do thank him in the larger scheme of things. The wild success he received literally opened the eyes of dozens in the indian publishing business who, like an old boy's network, were uncreatively programmed to promote stereotypical works and authors benchmarked by the Bookers and Pulitzers. This phenomemon has certainly helped the Indian reading enthusiasts like myself who love to experiment with new authors but seek quality.

    I look forward to picking up your title on my next trip to India. Best wishes...


  32. i can't believe i typed everything and it didn't get through...

    ok, ever since you told me , i've been extremely excited and crossing my fingers that all goes well...i must confess that my first thought was of your father and the happiness he would have felt...but you know, perhaps it was his guiding hand which pulled you up, when the naysayers tried to drag you down...

    best wishes as always from the heart...i do wish i could be there but i guess i'll read the book and be happy..:D

    and the book cover is very pick-me-up...

    way to go...!!!

  33. CONGRATS! :D i know ive already congratulated you...but then an achievement like this deserves to be congratulated again n again! :)

    congrats congrats congrats!!!

  34. Congratulations!!!!
    I really dont need to tell you anything. The way you have connected with your readers speaks for itself. You are a very good writer but even more than that, a wonderful human being an that shows through.... All the best for your future...........And yes, Dont forget us after becoming a celebrity...:)

  35. Congratulations...So happy for you. I'll definitely be there in Bangalore and I have already confirmed it in the Inner Circle.
    I also managed to read all the posts that you had linked to this post. Have a mixed feeling now. Your dad will be proud of you and will bless you wherever he is. All the Best!!!

  36. Preeeti!! Congrats .. ! really happy for you .. !! Bangalore bloggers, how about another meet at Crossword ??? Preeti, I will be definately there.. dont know if we would be able to meet tho.. you will be a busy woman :)

  37. The next three months probably is going to be one of the most exciting period in your life..it would be the time when your hard work bears fruit...wishing you all the best and my prayers...enjoy the ride as much as possible..am feeling so happy for you!:-)

  38. hearty congratulations.. :) am sooo sooo happy for ya.. :)

    I have been on the process of gettin my works up and dis seems to be great..I am definitely gettin ur book friend..

    and yeah..am joining in too.. :)though I cant be makin it to any of those cities..I wuda wished to see someone so inspirational like you..Tough luck i ges.. :(

    All the best for the launch..Wishing u life's best on this wonderful occassion..

    Cheers :)

  39. Wow! This post made me a little sentimental! Good luck with the book! Looking forward to reading it!

  40. Preethi, really, really happy for u.

    U deserve the best.....[Nancy raises her glass to touch imaginary preethi's imaginery glass] "Here's to the book being a runaway best-seller:-D"

  41. Yep they did....
    But guess what.... I have asked my friend to be there and pick up a copy at the time when u r there for launch in Pune Crosswords... tomorrow..
    If you are reading this I am expecting an autographed copy for my collection!!!

  42. Thank you for the mention i am honoured that you consider me to have encouraged you in such a valuable way...It's a really exciting time for you and believe me, i feel it too..I just wish I could be there for the launch. I have always thought your writing had a 'special something' which lifts the reader and has the 'feel good' factor whilst at the same time challenging and exorting one to dismantle preconceptions and smallmindedness.

    So ...I wish you every sucess with the launch and promotion!!!

  43. Congrats once again!! Am surely gonna be there at crossword on Oct 10th :) Need to book a seat for myself soon! ;-)

    Your blog is so well written that am sure the book which is an extension of your posts is going to be a big hit! good luck!

  44. Wow PS...thats amazing news. I can just try to imagine the excitement and the butterflies fluttering around ;)
    congratulation and all the very best.
    Waiting for the book :)

  45. Meira:yeah--I need a net! :-)Thanks!

    Pratima:looking forward to seeing you there.And thanks!

    Niall:How I wish you could be here!

    Prats: Thanks--see you on OCTOBER 4th, not tomo :-)

    Reflections:Let it keep running and not runaway! :P *Toasts* Thanks!

    Wannbewriter: thanks so much.yes--even i am a bit emotional at the moment--the joy is tinged with a bit of sadness.Irony at its best.

  46. Multimenon:There will be launches in mumbai and chennai as well.dates not yet known.

    Mathew:Thank you so much!!

    Veena: Yes--its an author read meet at Bangalore--am there only for a day.If I can i'll make it to the bloggers meet if u intend keeping one.

    Varun:Thank you so much..Yeah i guess dad would have been proud.

    Pranay: thanks so much.Of course I wont forget my blog readers!! My blog is still important to me.!

    Sunshine:Thanks SO MUCH :)

    Suma;Thanks my friend

  47. Manasi: If you find Chetan Bhagat substandard, i think I'll curl up and die :) I quite like his way of writing.I don't care what the literary critics say.It was only when i started writing a book that I realised how difficult it is to produce 35000 words.I hope my writing meets your quality accreditation! :-)Thanks Manasi

    Ranjini:Thank you so much

    Prakhar:yes see you--but why jealous!!


    Chitra:Thank you!!

  48. Aneri Masi:Thanks!!

    Devil Mood: Well the acknowledgement list at the beginning of the book is even longer! There is no way the publisher was going to put photos of my friends--the least i could do was acknowledge their efforts openly on my blog!! :)

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  50. Hi PS,

    Someday I'd proudly tell my relatives n all..
    "Who? the famous author PS?Oh yaa..she is in my friends list"..
    Trust me..that day is not faraway:)
    For the time being just a heartfelt CONGRATS..!!


    you must be feeling like you are on cloud nine! and you deserve too! This is such a great achievement and (whoever said you couldnt do it, obviously didnt know you)!

    This is one of those times I wish I lived in India, so I could attend your launch! But nevertheless, GOOD LUCK, have a blast with it.

    I guess I will be having my chance to buy the book after the 25th!

    P.S - I loved the quote by Lynn Johnston..!

  52. Shruti:Thank you so much!! :-)It would be great to meet you--am sure out paths will cross.

    Geets: you can tell them now itself :-)LOL! ;-)Jokes apart--thanks so much.

  53. Signing up rite away!
    I cant wait to read the book!
    Hope 2 c ya at crossword on 4th!
    M sooooooooooooooooo happy for u!

  54. Hi Ps!

    i really enjoy reading anything you wrote, indeed substantial. writing a book is having a wider horizon and more hearts to be touched. another great piece of yours.

    congratulations and goodluck!

    have a nice day!

  55. Congratulations.. I already signed up on the website.. this is a wonderful accomplishment! I cant wait to read the book! Wishing you good luck for this one and many more to follow!

  56. Congratulations!!! A great accomplishment!! Wishing u to achieve more and more!!! Eagerly waiting to read the book!!!

    Cheers :-)

  57. Karthik: There will be a launch at Chennai--would love to meet you if you can make it.And thanks!

    Preethi:Thanks a lot!

    Iriz:Much appreciate your kind words.Thanks a lot.

    Akanksha:Will catch you at Crossword!Thanks! :)

  58. hi Mrs Shenoy

    i have loved your blog and having read the preface of the book...i cant wait..really am almost bored 2 death here...i need a book badly that i can read a number of times..i have almost read all books that i have more than 10 times...

    can u pls do me a favour...pls..Can u release the book earlier...If possible...tomorrow would be gr8..jus kidding..

    Am GOING TO BUY IT..no doubt....

    jus joined the group...

    once i finish writing a story that i am writing...just an attempt..
    with your permission i would like to write something about this book of yours...

    And one more thing..if u r free then pls drop by..


    Your comments are always welcome..

    Good luck for your book...Never have i waited for a book with sooo much expectation and eagerness..

  59. Jealous coz...I want to write one too :)

  60. congrats
    i want to win ur book
    pl be quick about the contest
    ha ha

  61. That is a wonderful news. It will be really great to meet u. Just tell me when and I will be there.

    Cheers :-)

  62. I have been a Lurker here for some time now. While it was primarily because your comment form doesn't have the name/url option , it was also due to some of the reasons for Lurking that you mentioned in your post about Lurkers.

    I love the way you write and can't wait to get my hands on your book. And I really loved this post coz it gives us a window into the birth of a book, which doesn't really come around often. I dream of writing a book somewhere down the line, and this post fuels and encourages my dream.

    As I said, I Lurk here normally, but I really wanted to comment on this so much that I did. Since the name/url option isn't there, I am commenting with my blogger account where I do not blog. I blog at raoufalution.co.nr. A book writer visiting would be a dream, of course. ;)

    I'm very much happy for you and I wish and believe that your book will walk off the shelves.

  63. Heartiest Congratulations on your book!

    I have just one word for the people who didn't show the trust and doubted you for writing a book and that word is 'Duh!!'

    Eagerly waiting for the book. Any plans for having a book reading in Delhi? If you do, please do tell..I will come 100%

  64. hi, i ll come for the bangalore one. pooja

  65. Wow Preeti, Congratulations. You have achieved what every blogger's dream would be. And with the kind of perseverance and passion you displayed, definitely you deserved this goal best.

    Putting your achievement as a goal is not in anyway meant to see this as an end to an endeavour, its only a beginning to many more achievements to come.

    We need people like you Preeti, keep it up. CONGRATS again.

  66. I was waiting for you to announce it here...so I could start showing off to my friends :D.
    It is so exciting...and i'm not going to miss the event here in Bangalore for anything...
    will book my place right away...but I'd like to buy the book.
    I know winning it is fun, but buying a book and that too by an author you know...no way am I going to take away that small bit of excitement.
    Congrats and All the Best!!!!
    Waiting to catch up with you here

  67. way to go PS!!!!! :) am so so proud!! 10th in Bangalore, huh?! what time?? would love to exchange hugs with ya!! and hear you read!! :)

    all the best and rock on!!



  68. Wow congrats and signed up....

  69. Congratulations That's absolutely fantastic girl.Up to the next one

  70. Congrats! Interested to read to book!

  71. Congrats! Interested to read to book!

  72. Congrats and All the best, Preeti :)

    Will try my best to meet you in Bangalore.

    Waiting to read your book and write a review soon :D

  73. very proud of you! all the best with the book launch and the website too looks great! awesome stuff!

  74. Hi Preethi,

    Wish you All success in the launch of your Book.,.I truly hope that book touches the life's of other people and gives them a reason to smile about.

    God Speed.


  75. congratulations! I happen to be an avid reader of all your blogs...a silent reader most of the time...though occassionally I have left comments too! this is a huge accomplishment...best of luck!

  76. COngratulations!! This is fantastic news!!

  77. I just stopped by from Sparks blog to say congratulations.I will surely stop by your book sie and join the circle.

  78. Congrats on this great achievement. I signed up and am waiting for the book to be released.

  79. Another award to add to your many... please to accept

  80. helllo...uve been awarded....hop onto my blog to accept! :)

  81. OMG! I am so happy for you!! I know someone who is going to be famous. Woo hooo!!

  82. way to go!!!!

    iam buying this book and will hound u for a signature :)

    congrats, ps.

    signing up with the site next.

  83. Congratulations and Celebrations!!!!

    I will try and be there at the launch. Lets see if you remember me!!



  84. ooh i can't wait to read it :):) i luv ur blog posts, so i'm sure i'm gonna luv d book too.. wil reco it to al my frens :)

  85. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Many congratulations. You truly dererve it and I hope - no I am certain it will be a great success

  86. Keith:Thank you so much--appreciate your very positive and kind words.

    Nandy:Thanks a lot!

    K10:Of course I remember you!

    Tys: It would be my pleasure!


    Sunshine:Thank you--will do!

  87. Wannabe writer:Thanks! Will do.

    Joy:thanks so much.

    Starry nights: Delighted. thanks!!

    How do we know: Thank you!!

    Namita:Yes--i remember your name in my comments box 9Unless that was another namita)Thank u so much

    Prahshant:If it does I'll be happy.Thank you.

    Vinni:Thank a lot.

  88. Manasa:Yes--if U mke it it will be nice to meet.Thank U.


    Marja;yes--am already working on it!

    Ceedy:Thank you!

    Mama-Mia: 6:00 pm--if u come it will be really nice to meet.

    Prats: thank you so very much..Yours is one of the names I mentioned in the acknowledgement--after all the kind messages U have sent and the toughtful things U've said, it was the least I could do.

    Hari:Thank you so much.In fact i am working on my second book.

  89. Pooja:Woul love to meet you there.

    NM:Well nothing on agenda as of now--but lets see!

    Raouf:Tried oing to your site--but it was a dead link. Do resend. I disabled name option as I dont moderate comments anymore--and there are many nasty trolls.Thanks for joining the circle--and glad U like what i write.

    Karthik:Already told U!:) Details in 'The circle'

    Uma:I think publishers want to run the contest only when the book is out--only then it makes sense right? All the best!

    Prakhar:Ah--the little green eyed monster! :)

    Shantaram; Do call me Preeti :) Thanks a lot. Would love to read whatver u write about the book--and I do hope it meets your expectations.

  90. Congrats Preeti!!!!All the very best to you.....

  91. Chandan:Thnak you!! :)

  92. preeti,

    had to give you this...hop over to my blog and collect...:D

  93. Hey congrats!
    Waiting to grab a copy of ur book!

  94. Suma: Did the honours!Thank you!!


  95. Thought i'd left a comment here last time.... wonder if it disappeared or i'm imagining it...you've got something on my blog in my awards post...check it out

  96. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Hello PS!

    Actually i saw the banner at XH's blog and forgot abt it..and then it popped on Prats blog too :) and from there I came to your blog!

    I am so glad, even if this is my first time here, that your one dream has come true!

    I will get your book for me :D from rediff or if I can I will surely try my level best to cme to B'Lore :)

    I feel so happy for you!

    Hope you write many more :)

    Congrats Again!

  97. hey ps,

    congrats.i am sure the book will be a best seller.

    we shall look forward to seeing you in bangalore.

  98. Congrats PS!!! That is absolutely exciting. Will order one or get one from India.

  99. Congratulations Preeti. I have spoken to you a couple of times and followed your blog diligently. And I am not ashamed to say that I have been very very impressed by you. To write a book now only seems to be next logical step.

    :D I also read the post that you had written for your husband's birthday. Belated returns. Your love for each other is obvious. I can only wish it for to grow and nurture!


  100. 100th comment :)

    Vidya:Thanks a lot.and yeah--touch wood!


    Gazal: Thanks :)It will be great to meet you.

  101. Prats:I dont know how I missed it--have made amends now.

    Veens:Thanks so much! :) The book will be a lot like my blog--so people who like my blog will surely like the book. It will be nice to meet you.

  102. Seems like this post will reach a record number of comments :) I want to add my comment so I am not left out of all the excitement :)

  103. Wow! Wow! Wow! and Wow!

    Congrats on the book Preeti and rest assured I'm gonna buy the book as soon as I see it on the shelf.

    And please, try and do a launch in Dubai too if possible :) I'll love to meet you in person.

    And now I'm off to check your site :D

    I'm so happy for ya!

  104. Is there any chance of a book launch in Trivandrum?

    Resending the link,

  105. Raouf: Trivandrum--I'm afraid not. No Crossword there right? will see the link--thanks for sending it

    Still thinking: Thank you! Dubai sounds wonderful but very far fetched :-)

    Inolongeram :heh heh-thought U already did!

  106. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Ps, I actually took the book cover and posted it on my latest post! Hope it is not an issue!

    Please lemme know, if this would be a problem in any way!?

    Here is the link - http://veena-mypicsandstuff.blogspot.com/2008/09/random-points-to-be-noted.html

  107. i am so happy to hear that book is published..I am so proud also to think that i could recognize a talent when i read her posts.You have a unique way of touching others heart..so that we can identify ouselves with you..I hope and pray and wish that you go a long way in this career. with love rahima

  108. Rahima: i really appreciate your kind words.thank you so much.

    Veens:Thanks a lot!!

  109. Seems like missed a lot of action................
    we live vicariously thru people like you.

  110. Our greatest moments of despair are instrumental in bringing out the best in us. Even though family can't be substituted with anyone else, I would want you to know that someone out there, whom you don't even know, cares about you and wishes you all the best in each of your endeavours.

  111. e-yatri:thanks!!

    Stillness speaks: Wow--thanks!--what a nice thought U conveyed-may i know your name?


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