Stressed is desserts spelled backwards!

Right now I am having such a difficult time (add to that, S is travelling and i'm missing him like crazy) that I just had to remind myself of this piece I wrote some time back: It helps me to remember that this too shall pass.
(And right now, things are so horrible that I'll do anything to have a BAD day! Not kidding!)

Have a nice day!

On a good day, there are more things ( like story books, parts of toys, bits of craft material, colouring books, crayons, markers with caps off and caps with markers off) scattered across my bed room floor, than landmines in a battlefield in world war two. On a bad day, let’s just say I have an intense longing to have powers like Moses, who parted the sea.

On a good day, I organize a ‘Lets-see-who-collects-the-maximum-things- in- one- minute’ contest with enthusiastic participation, from husband and two kids, the prize being that the winner gets to sleep with me. (Husband wins on most good days-- He says the prize is irresistible!)

On a bad day, I organize my vocal chords and yell. Real loud. It always works, the fringe benefit being that, since I am grumpy and in a bad mood, I get to sleep by myself, in the six by six bed. I simply love fringe benefits!

On a good day I drag myself out of bed, after hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock, at least thrice trying ineptly to keep my eyes open, light the stove and make coffee all at the same time. On a bad day, the kids drag me out of bed with rhythmic chants of “Wake up Ma—we will be late- Wake up Ma----It’s already eight.”

On a good day, the kids have at least three serious fights in a span of forty five minutes, before getting ready for school, punctuated liberally with yells of “MOM—HE is killing me—Come quick” to “MOM—SHE started it—She bit me first. If you don’t do something I’ll call the Police”

On a bad day, it is the husband and I who fight. We don’t yell –but the silent, cold war with hostilities cleverly disguised, gritted teeth, fake sweetness, dripping sarcasm and veiled digs cannot be missed.

On a good day, the tie and identity card which has to be worn to school, is found after a fifteen minute search expedition that involves maid, granny and a hassled dad and even more harassed mom, searching frantically in all places, especially inside the washing machine.

On a bad day, it is found after a half hour search and a forced confession extracted from one of the kids that they actually hid the other child’s tie, after a fight referred to on a bad day. (On a really bad day, we find it after we have filled up a form and paid the fine at school for losing it)

On a good day, I get to read the newspaper at 10:30 am, after everyone has left. On a bad day, I discover that the newspaper has been used to wrap a school project that has to be turned in, and I discover this after I have looked in every possible place that it could be, including under the mattress, just in case the kids remembered my yelling from the bad day.

On a good day I always remind myself that there are days which can be worse. On a bad day, I am reminded what Charlene Ann Baumbich said, “Mama said there’d be days like this—but she didn’t say how many!”

I’m thankful for the good days. I’m thankful for the bad days too. It means that I am well and healthy. I don’t have any serious ailments to worry about. I have a happy family and a cozy home. Besides, I can always have a great haircut on a bad day. My hairdresser tells me she styles it best, when it is standing up! (Didn’t I say I love fringe benefits?!)

So, you see, it is all a matter of perspective and when people tell me “Have a nice day!” I smile because I know either ways I will!

© Ps


  1. First, glad to know you have bad days too.. Just kidding, ok?

    I think we need bad days to enjoy the good ones.And as you say, it is a matter of perspective.

    I often tend to look around on a bad day, find someone who is in a much worse situation than I am or else I'll imagine it up.

    Hope you will turn your horrible day to a bad one or even a good one. My suggestion, read your old posts, it will definitely help :)

  2. hey. Love the post - cute and well written. I am a graduate student, staying far away from home, and your posts always bring a smile to my face :)

    ~a new admirer.

  3. hey just happened to pass by your blog...must say "u have "the" talent for writing". Good Going..loved reading every word :)

  4. omg -what is wrong - I hope it gets better for you whatever the problem is - here is another virtual hug for you

  5. I have heard that childless people have this thing called "home decor"! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one wading through toys. All my nice stuff has been put away long ago. It's like living in a cave, strewn with toys. And some days are very monosyllabic. All I need to complete the fantasy would be a sabertooth pelt draped over me and a bone in my hair.

  6. I so agree...things must be extremly high pressure out there?

    this too will pass, so no fretting...

    and do remind me of this on my bad days next week okay?

    loved this post...:)

  7. this is the best post ever!!!! If I had my way, I would rate it an 11 out of a 10 :-)
    So heart warming yet so simple.
    You are a blessed woman. I am so glad that you have a wonderful life. May God be with you!
    Smile Always!

  8. awesome post!
    really loved reading it.. definitely gave me a different perspective on things and 'have a nice day' :D
    - hope your good day comes along soon :)

    - the other shru

  9. Very funny, don't worry this bad phase will also pass off. I am sure the comments will keep your spirits high.

  10. P...bad days make us stronger n do let us realise how GOOD r the good days. so learn to enjoy the bad days too:) cos they r not permanent!! Keep smiling!!!

  11. Loved the aspect on 'prizes' and 'fringe benefits', PS - that's a great way of looking at things.

    Now, what woman wants me as a prize and a fringe benefit?

    Hmmmm, looking, looking...


  12. good day bad day.. good day bad day.. teh cycle continues.. :-) i like the warmth of the cozy home which fills ur post :-) and yeah, as u rightly said - itz all a matetr of perspective. and tahzt why i never have a bad day... ;-D

  13. You have managed to turn madness into a very sane , smiling, happy family outlook...and all that is because you're so much sunshine!!
    Huh!! did that make sense??? Just excuse all the grammar...its insane out here...and like you, I don't mind those bad days too :)

    But fring ebnefits...heheheh....if something remains that is???

    All the Best...and let all the sunshine in....

  14. :-* u can handle everything, supermom :-)

  15. wow..ok u r a super mom...ya the ood day and bad day exists for everyone i guess...hehe well atleast i am not married yet and dont hav i am just relieved that i havent started that phase yet..but wen i just even think abt such things i get all ready to pass out..heheh even without kids, and even though me and my guy live in 2 differnt countries, i do have my screaming sessions and and ya cold war over the net :D....heheh

  16. desserts .. oh yes!! Have a great day!!

  17. Oh how hilarious Hope lots of good ones may follow, Anyway as long as your hair looks fine is an expression they have in holland. Take care

  18. Nice post. Am sure you are doing great and managing well. Tk Cr

  19. Wow your good days and bad days seem very interesting. This is what marriage does huh?

  20. I hope that you know very well to handle difficult times.
    Have a good day. If you dont have a good day try some other cookies.


  21. hey.. how did I miss this post??? I keep coming here everyday!

    Lovely post as always. And I think u need the lows (bad days) to appreciate the highs!Life will be so bland if its perfectly balanced all the time. But hey, u seem to be loving the bad days too. great going P!

  22. Ha ha.. The post was really sweet... But seriously, if u need a few hours/minutes off, you could drop off ur kids at my place. I could babysit them while you consider adding that to the 'fringe benefits' too!

  23. Wow! A Post like this with my exams in a week. Thanks for the dessert! Cant see how my exams which includes an "interrogation" sort of practicals, is actually my dessert? Probably the result is a grand dessert, defenitely after its got with a lot of effort. Isnt it? I liked the way you made me see my exams. Thank you

  24. Oh, I'm late as always, but really hope your day ended up better than it started!
    Love this text you posted, I remember reading it somewhere else, is it a second post?

  25. It is all a matter of perspective..but it all relative ..a good day for me is to someone else the begining of the end..having read this however..I'm now having a good day!

  26. hey ps....nice one, enjoyed it totally, waiting for my kid(s)to be as naughty as urs......reminds me of my childhood days and what my mom was going through.

  27. So you are enjoying the fringe benefits right now with your hubby out of town.

    Pls call him up and tell there are a lot of scattered things in the home and you are just waiting for him to come and pick up the maximum things in one minute and he will be back almost immediately.

    Have a great weekend.

  28. "Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards".

    I just loved that Preety. A good way to relieve stress too.

  29. :), thts a gud way of looking at things...

    hope whtever it is u r facing , eases up...

  30. Tys: yes sir!! All fine now!

    Hari : :-)I enjoy some other fringe benefits when he gets back!;-)

    Priya Rajesh:They grow real fast!

    Niall ::-) Glad you are, my friend.

    Guto:Yes--you are right--I'd posted this on Sulekha.

    Arvind: you're welcome!

    Enigma: Wow--Cold war over net!!And not even married yet!

    Marja: Yes! U too!!

    Shruti: thanks!!

    Ritu: thanks for the offer!--But I think my hair will stand up even more driving upto your house with two kids fighting and a grumpy moi!

    Pointblank:Thank you madame!!

    Prats:Yes--the sun is shining now--but you already know it!

    Scotty: Knotty naughty scotty!! :-)

    Karthik: U wont believe I did bake some!!

    Raaji: thanks so much for those wishes.

    Thinking aloud:good luck for this week now!

    xh: thanks! Me too!!(wel most of the time!)

    Shruti: u have so much faith in me! More than I have myself, sometimes!

    Supriya:Glad they do!

    Life begins:Welcome--and thank you!!

    Julie:A clean home is a sign of wasted life ;-) (Of course I do like clean homes--but I'd rather pay someone to clean it!)

    Pinkdogwood : A virtual thanks!

    HM: Behind evey 'just kidding' is a whole lot of truth. Now, you just like to see someone having a tough time, don't you? Just kidding okay?;-)

  31. Indrani and Pai: Thanks for your wishes--yes, things are already looking better.

    Preethi: yes--desserts! U too!

    Chitra: Thanks!

    Solitaire:Was that sarcastic? If so the sarcasm is lost on me--having had an overdose of it lately from a supposed friend.

  32. On a good day I get to sneak onto the internet and read you and then leave you something to read.

    In longing there is contained the laws of completion. He will be home again. Missing him is simply what he too is feeling. Feel on, Sister. Feel on....G

  33. when did sleeping alone on a six by six bed became a benefit...I hope you are just lying...if not there is no reason for me to get married...i will call my Mom right now and ask her to stop the search

    Please say you were just kidding..please say married girls doesn't like sleeping alone..God, this is bad news...hold on a sec..iam gonna cry

  34. we all hv bad days...hope its all over by now PS. HUGS!

    btw I need ur input in my today's post cos it's abt WOMEN.


  35. Wyvern: LOL!! :-)See your post--have left you an answer there!

    Keshi:Will do madame!!

    Fruitu: tha....nks!

  36. Hari: thanks! Sorry--didnt see your comment earlier--somehow it got buried--but am happy it resurfaced today!

  37. No it was not sarcastic. It was a genuine question from someone who is not married. :)

  38. um so in luv with ur blog now!

    such a sweet post.

    also what r 'fringe benefits'?
    i dictionaried it.. but couldnt get the meaning.

  39. Cupid's pal:Fringe benefits refer to the 'extras' you get apart from your salary in a job.They are also called 'prequisites'.Refer wiki--you'll find it.And thanks for the fab compliment abt my blog!

  40. Loved this post, so much Preeti that I shared it in my facebook wall...


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