You just have to believe some things

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Paulo Coelho in Alchemist says “When you want something badly enough, the whole Universe conspires to give it to you.” This is essentially the message in Rhonda Byrne’s Secret too. Sometimes, you just have to believe in some things. Rationalists, Scientific thinkers and Oprah bashers might call it bunkum and nonsense without proof for weak willed people.

I do not agree with them at all. I know it works. It is strange, but till now, every thing I have badly wanted, I have got. It is incredible—it is amazing. That does not mean that I have not had my share of struggles. I have.

Yet, what I wanted I have got. (I consider myself very fortunate and blessed that way.)

Suddenly my writing seems to have turned into a profession from a hobby. I am pleased about it and I cannot yet believe that I am writer! (I am writing for a magazine published by Delhi press, I am also writing for a local monthly now and two of my articles got chosen to be published in 'Chicken soup' series) Writing is something I have always enjoyed doing and I have written and drawn pictures ,ever since I can remember. What surprises me is that at one point, as a child, I wanted to be a writer--but I never pursued it or even tried to fulfil that wish, yet it seems to be coming true now.

Gillian of Indigo Blue had a lot of positive things to say about me in her post today. Click here to read what she said.

Let me assure her that I am just as hassled as any other mom with two school going children---Click here if you don’t believe me!! (and I am sure you will smile after reading it! )


  1. “When you want something badly enough, the whole Universe conspires to give it to you.”

    This is what shahrukh keeps saying in Om Shanti Om too :)

  2. Revathi: Yes, I noticed that-- and that line was stolen from Paulo Coelho obviuosly.

  3. tat penguin is the cutest!! ur a writer...well with a writer in my name, im do u get started...wot kind of writing do u do?

  4. Writerlady: YOU are a journalist--I consider that to be a REAL writer. You must be making fun of me, asking me what kind of writing I do!! (That too when I have given links to the pieces I wrote) Yes--I too loved that penguin!

  5. I was deeply moved by the 'Alchemist'..simple but complex!..and you my friend are the proof of it's message...however..I'm still waiting..the universe will have to conspire a little more...but it will!

  6. Peetri your personality shines through in your writing wich I think is clever. Gillian is right
    I do believe too that if you are on the right track and do the things you were destined for evrything will fall into place.

  7. I read the sulekha one.. and kept laughing through it.. great article!!! And hey congrats on doing what you love for a profession.. thats the best that can happen to someone!! :)

  8. OMG I agree with Revathi! Thats what SRK and his mum say in OSO. :)


  9. I wholeheartedly agree with you....U first need to really want something bad....Its worked for me too...but nowadays it sort of has gone on a world tour.....and i'm waiting for it to get back :(

    And wowie!!! 2 for the soup bowl....I'm so thrilled....for you and for us too...we get to read it in print....great..

  10. Keshi: GRRRRRRRR..The script writer STOLE it from Paulo Coelho.Those lines were already famous even before SRK uttered them in OSO..But I guess, the majority of population would have watched OSO rather than read Coelho.

    Prats: Have patience.And thanks!!

    Preethi:Thanks so much for those encouraging words!!

    Marja: Thank you my friend.

    Niall: The Alchemist was one book which deeply moved me too.I just loved it. At that time I did not believe that the Universe really conspires--but now I do.

  11. have to agree with that - not every thing can be explained by logic. i too have observed this - when you want something very badly, some how, it will happen. congratz on your new path :-) will sure keep looking for more from your pen. all teh best for a bright future (nd whn you become a full fledged write, gimme a signed book :) )

  12. I'm so happy for you, being able to write. But you've been a writer since I've known you... it's your writing that introduced me to you in the first place!

    I also love the Alchemist. But sometimes I wonder what it is that I want badly enough... I've been so lucky my whole life, and I don't really want anything anymore that I can think of. So what comes next?

  13. Maybe it is true that the world does conspire to give what you want.

    Only problem with me is that my wants keep changing often :P

    And isn't it wonderful when a hobby/passion gets more formalized.

    Pune.. absolutely, all credit goes to you and you alone.

  14. ooh.. LOVED ur sulekha post :-) hats off to u supermom ;-)

  15. Sometimes u gotta believe. Interesting thought Ps! I dunno how u can churn out stories outta nothing!! I have read ur writer's island. WHOA! really whoa!

    Ps, I have a qstn to make. Are u aware of any online writing jobs? I know I should be searching job sites, but honestly cudn hit on any reliable information.U find ads that say earn in millions blah blah. but how credible can that be? Te city I live in is not very encouraging for English writers. And I cannot relocate due to personal reasons.thanks in advance!

  16. Hey Preethi, Nice post as always and Kudos to you for Gillians words. Keep it going.
    PS: am struggling a bit to get registered in sulekha...keeps rejecting my request..trying my best :)

  17. Oh I abs agree with you.... I have been greatly influenced by The Secret and I think thats the way to go!!!!

  18. Finally some good out of movie-watching.

  19. world does conspire to give u wht u desire...thts a lil scary , dont u think? i hve always felt that life is nothing if not for its struggle...

    love ur writing ...u deserve to be read :)

  20. Tys: True--it conspires--but mostly you get it only after the struggle.Have you read the Alchemist?I found it profoundly moving and the message wonderful.And--thanks!!

    Ritu: I tried yesterday to leave a comment on your post about the old ladies--it did not accept at all.Shall try again. And hey--thanks!!

    Revathi: Heh heh!!

    Chitra:Thanks my friend!! Sulekha is really acting weird.

    Pointblank: Shall mail you--Hope your email id is there on your blog profile--if you havent displayed it please do mail me (Mine is there on my profile) and I shall respond.And hey--thanks!!

    Shruti: Not super mom--struggling mom! But thanks!!

    J: Liar!

    Sue: Thanks for that fabulous compliment!!

    xh:You are really really good for my soul!! Thanks!! :-) Am smiling now.

  21. I believe it too, not because it has happened to me but because I see it happening to other people. People that are open to receiving what the world has to give, that aren't afraid to try new things, that are basically optimists and with a great attitude towards living.
    You're another one of those :)

  22. yes! And when I saw him saying those words, I thought wut a marvellous quote! So they copied it from Coelho! now I know :)


  23. I read this post yesterday. told myself to come back to comment. and ended up too be too busy it slipped my mind.

    ****“When you want something badly enough, the whole Universe conspires to give it to you.”

    This line made me go on a search for the book after work. lol. Did not run into it. but definitely something that evoke curiousity within.

    PS, Its impressive to see how things turn out for you. Its bizarre to think that the universe will come together to work things out if u really want something.:) Interesting.

    I love how you chase your dreams. And how you did not let age and ya reponsibilities stop it. Really impressive and not to forget inspiring.

    I am really happy that you are blossoming

    Cheers for you!!:D

  24. Sweetsticky: i used to think it is bizzare and cannot happen--if I had come across this statement when i was 20, i'd have probably dismissed it as non-sense.But now I am older and understand it .And hey--I'm not 85 to let age stop me!!(and even if i were I'd probably still be living, grabbing each moment!) ;-) Many people,including me, found 'The Alchemist' to be such an eye opener.It kind of makes you have a paradigm shift--and that is always welcome.

  25. I adore you Preeti!! One day we shall meet and be silly together and drink chai!!!
    Sorry to take so long to get round...had a rough week.
    Much love to you, tomorrow I may be back on the blog comment rounds.

  26. I soo gotta get that book in my hands soon. Thanks for the tip.;)


  27. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I'm a big Paulo Coelho's fan and I don't know if you heard about his blog
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    Check the blog.
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    When a Warrior of Light is the victim of some injustice, he usually tries to be alone,
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  28. Great to know you are fan of Paulo and Secret too :) you would like Robin sharma too i guess. I read anything i get on the self improvment/believing yourself and meditation stuff. And I am as sensitive as you, but meditations help me over come negative stuff and affirmation gets me what i really want all the time.

  29. I wanted to be an author too when i was kid... n you know how i found tht out.. by accidentally reading an old slam book of a friend's...i wrote tht my ambition was to be an author...n after becoming a tech writer i did partly get i wanted i guess...btw gr8 post on sulekha "have a nice day" ...


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