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Happy new Year!! (blog marathon post 16)

Remember the year gone by
But remember only the happy things
Look back at the year gone by
But consider only the sucesses
Remember the year gone by
Take what you want from it
Lessons and memories
Cherish it. Value it.
Each day comes only once.
And a new year can be a new beginning.

I wish you a WONDERFUL  new year.
May you have health, money, happiness and may you be surrounded by loved ones.


  1. Wish you a very happy new year madam. May your writings englighten the world.

  2. Happy New Year Preeti.

  3. Happy New Year Preeti.

  4. An ode to the new beginning Preeti and keep rocking. Happy New Year 2016:)

  5. happy new year:)

  6. Happy New Year... Shine on writing interesting books and blogs which enrich and enlighten me...

  7. Nice thought.. wishing you a very happy happy new year 2016..!!! 😍

  8. Happy new year to you too.Time to move as the new year begins with all the lessons learned from the previous year


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