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44 (blog marathon post 7)

Why do I feel 24? :)


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  1. Why do you look 18? :)

    1. Haha..Saurabh I love you :D :D By the way Saurabh is a character in 'It happens for a reason.'

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Anonymous2:10 AM

    Happy Birthday! .. Because you think you are ;) :)

    1. Hidden passions: No..I don't think it. I feel it :))

    2. Anonymous4:39 PM

      How very sweet..:):) do you see any difference in when you were actually 24 and feel 24 :) - is there any possibility of you writing another post in the near future :).
      Between, I may not comment on every post of yours unless I feel like, but I do enjoy reading and looking forward for new posts every day during your blog marathon.

  3. You are so beautiful but that's not why I love you :D Be young, be alive, keep writing and making us happy.

    1. Thank you Iqbal. i love you too :)

  4. ...coz age is just a number :)

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed the day :)

    1. Mansi--yes, Age is indeed just a number. Yes. I had a great day. thank you!

  5. Happy birthday Preeti. The world's a blessed, love-filled and more joyous place for all the love, compassion nd understanding you offer through your words. Keep at it... stay blessed... lots and lots of wishes!!

    1. Thank you Shubha. Your words mean a lot.

  6. when your soul is content,there is everything your heart desire,the happiness gets reflect on your face:)

    1. So true that Alka--my soul is indeed content.

  7. Many more happy returns o the Day :)

  8. Happy birthday Preeti! Stay blessed :)
    P.S: You look beautiful :*

  9. Happy Birthday ma'am, you are in the reverse mode of ageing..

  10. Happy Birthday ma'am, you are in the reverse mode of ageing..

  11. Happy Birthday ma'am, you are in the reverse mode of ageing..

  12. Wish you a very happy birthday madam.

  13. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Charming! Happy Birthday Preeti !

  14. Replies
    1. I love you too heartfelt :))

  15. Belated birthday wishes


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