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You are loved (post 20)

A little while ago, I was speaking to a good friend. I was telling her about how the older I get, the more convinced I am about 'destinies and life path.'
I was telling her, that when things happen, we always do not know the reason instantly. But a reason there is. Always.

When a situation is giving us pain, it is because we are looking at it too closely and we are in the midst of it. If we step aside, outside it for a moment, and try and look at it from a distance, you might see a clearer picture. It may not lessen the pain, but it sure gives you a more philosophical perspective.

If we are hurting because of something, we need to heal first. Emotional wounds are just like bruises. Except that they are internal and you cannot see them. Just as you would apply medication to an external bruise, and be careful about that area, till it heals, so too with emotional wounds.

If you have been hurt by something (or someone) and are in pain, you need to do stuff which is a balm to your soul, and your spirit. You need to take time off to nurture yourself and heal.

You need to surround yourself with people who make you feel loved or things that bring you peace. One of the best ways to do this is to do something exclusively for yourself.

Treat yourself to that one thing that gives you joy. Be it shopping, be it reading a lovely book, be it taking an afternoon off and doing nothing except lazing around.

Do it. Indulge yourself.

You are important and you are loved.

ps:  Leave me a comment, if you found this perspective useful and could connect with it. I want to know if it resonated, or if it was OHT :) (overhead transmission).

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  1. Hey Preeti!

    Reminds me of this thought that people say "life is like an oil painting, looking at it too closely will reveal a lot of cracks, but when you step back and look at the big pictures, its beautiful"

    Completely agree with the post. We need to do distance our-self from the problem/pain and involve in other activities that gives us joy. After all everything happens for a reason.

  2. wow such a beautiful words only you can write things like these preeti mam.....

  3. I agreed. We must need to heal wounds with some happiness or with some good company.

    I want to add up- we must need to understand nothing is a loss in life. Everything give us at least an experience and experience can give you a better future. Learn from that.

  4. Yes I could very much connect with this. Memories of incidents and people that wounded me so badly(some close ones hurt me unknowingly in the past) just flashed through my mind's eye while reading the first half of this post. I'm so grateful that I have that special ability to find a solution to the pain I'm facing, though it's very very hard. I've been able to not brood over the pain and find a way to set it right or get out of it very successfully many times. But still Preeti, there's one thing that I don't understand about myself. I sometimes can feel the old pain again with tears in my eyes and lump in my throat, even after nearly ten years.And oh yes, we all are loved, that's what makes us survive :)

  5. Yes Preeti, I could very well connect. It is so important to love ourselves and be there for ourselves during the times when we feel lost, sad, fearful and try to let go of things we have no control over.. Love the marathon, wish I could read your posts everyday, please do an yearly marathon. it need not be elaborate posts, just a smiling pic of u a day will do.. love u lots...

  6. Realized this luckily sometime ago after I read the book "Heal your body" by Louise L Hay. I was hurting badly bcoz of some long standing issues and it had started to manifest as diseases. She tells just what you said 'love yourself,be kind to yourself'. She lists emotions that manifest as disease and the affirmations that cure them. It is just a wonderful book.
    Thank you Preeti for this wonderful post.

  7. Realized this luckily sometime ago after I read the book "Heal your body" by Louise L Hay. I was hurting badly bcoz of some long standing issues and it had started to manifest as diseases. She tells just what you said 'love yourself,be kind to yourself'. She lists emotions that manifest as disease and the affirmations that cure them. It is just a wonderful book.
    Thank you Preeti for this wonderful post.

  8. Loved it Preeti.Its like you "actually" read my mind.This is exactly what I am going through right now and I needed someone ( very badly) to assure me that "I am loved".You did it by posting this.This is the first thing I read this morning and it already started to heal the pain I am going through right now.I thought I started my day on a bad note but this post just made it good.Very good ,indeed.Sometimes those people whom we love the most,hurt us the most.But surprisingly we never stop loving them.Is it our weakness( or strength)?I wonder.

    In Vidya Balan's words.."Love and accept yourself completely,the world will love you and accept you".Isnt that assuring?..:)

    PS:I took inspiration from one of your blogs and started learning "Kuchipudi" which has been my long cherished dream.So , for now , to heal the wounds and bruises inside,I step aside and I am gonna dance.Thanks for the support you give us through your books and blogs.Everyone needs a friend like you.

  9. what a wonderful post Preeti :)... so full of love and positivity and so assuring.. I can feel it.. I am also hurt beacause of someone very close to me.. but your posts and specially this one is helping me through it.. such posts just come at the right time.. I feel so relieved.. thank you so much Preeti...

  10. Hii Preeti ,
    Thank you for writing this blog, it meant a lot for your reader like me.
    I cant tell you that this blog came to me at the right time ...
    I need to tell my self there is lots of things in life to discover rather than thinking about past
    get hurted more....

  11. Such a nice post! It is always easy to suggest solutions to others when they are going through tough times. But when we ourselves are in it, we find it difficult to cope up. Distancing will always help.

  12. but what when someone close to you hurts you? I find it difficult to heal myself of hurtful words/ comments made by people who are really close to me (where distancing is not an option). Agreed I do find immense support system in my husband; perhaps am a bit too rigid in letting things go.

  13. Hi Preeti,

    I also completely agree with it. First we should love and accept ourselves then only others will think about us.
    We always take care of things which are visible to eyes but never think about mental health.

  14. I connected with this one. At times, we gotta stop for a while and speak to the soul on what's working and what's not!

  15. my sis got married few days back n i miss her so much.. ur words wr soothing. thanks preeti!

  16. Very true...if we show the same kindness to ourself that we give others our life wld be happier.

  17. Nice post ma'am it's true that we should step aside a little from what's bothering us to figure out what it feels like to others

  18. O forgot to mention that I do it by reading ur novels especially Life's what u make it n the secret wishlist

  19. of-course... it resonated!!n that too very well.. just the perfect post for the day!! read it thrice!! :-)) lotzzz of love!!<3

  20. I can connect with it :) it is 100 % true but all that we need is a HUGE bunch f positive energy to do what have explained and many people lack that ! hope, this one post may bring in some change in many hearts :) :)

  21. sad that i follow paulo coelho's blog also preethi ... i find many similarities ...between what you say ..and what he say's..but thing is will tell it that after he writes ...which makes me feel that you had a great influence of him upon you you really have such thing ..?? cz sometimes ... when i wirte ,,,without even my knowledge ... some dialogue said by ANKITA from life is what you make it comes up ...or ...i talk something ..which is said by paulo ... so do you have it that way ??my concern is ..i always expect something new from you ...these lines by you ...which you will that they are from your heart ..are actually true and good..but same lines were being told by ...people since ages will be just a refreshment ..but not new .. and i worry cz i lv ur writing .i say hello to ankita atleast once a day ..she is so ddep into my life... hope my secret wish abt your writing gets fulfilled too....

  22. I agree with what you are saying Preeti. The reason people don't want to do this, that is, take time to heal emotional wounds, is that we are all afraid to go deeper. Its very difficult to go deep and see the origin on pain - the responsibility becomes ours. Its easier to be a victim, to whom things are happening, rather than someone who is attracting any situation in life. But that going in is possible only when we deal with it now.

    I wrote a post on this day before:

  23. +1 Sai Rama Krishna

  24. so true preeti mam,
    i had been going throught he same situation..lately...
    was too much into the situation and was just not able to heal my self. neither was i able to allow anyone heal me...
    it was only after i stepped back and looked at the situation from a distance and could realise how the other person would also be feeling into this mess.
    i was so much supported emotionally by my close friends, i feel so blessed to have them. and now i can realise why the other person was behaving like this and how he was feeling. and he was as vulnerable as i was.
    now i have detached my self from being hurt and i emphasise and concentrate on other things. which keep me busy and dont allow me to fall back into the same trap.
    i am amazed to see that how can u feel such things and write them down so clearly that anyone can connect to it so strongly!

  25. yeah i do connect with this one n agree.....:)totally....!! thanxx :)


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