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Make every moment of your life count.

How many times do we presume things?

I do. Many a time.

And I think we're all guilty of the same at some point or the other. We form our perceptions, our world views, based on past experiences. The cat having sat on a hot stove will never again sit on a hot one or a cold one either. I think to a large extent we're all like that cat.

We are prisoners of prejudices, of hatred, of grudges, of unrequited love, of unreciprocated affections, of expectations, of disappointments, of let-downs, of promises unfulfilled, of phone-calls not returned, of rejections, of anger, of jealousy, of pettiness that shouldn't have mattered at all in the first place, but which rankles like chains, imprisoning us in our own thoughts.

How can we break free?

The hard way is to squish the ego. Eat humble pie. Knock down the 'I' into 'i.'

The easy way is to remember that everything is transient.

Death is a great leveller. (Quote from The Secret Wish list)

So let go.
If you love someone , express it. (so what if you get rejected, at least you would have tried).
If you miss someone call them up. NOW (They may not be around tomorrow when you want to talk).
If you feel jealous of someone, work harder at what you are doing.
If you feel someone hasn't reciprocated your calls, your friendship, whatever you offered, say 'so be it'. They have made space for someone better to come into your life.
If you feel you lack the time to do a favour which someone has asked, say no. Don't be afraid of offending the person who asked.  Your time is precious and limited.
If you feel you have been wronged, express it firmly but kindly. Whether or not the other party sees sense, you will respect yourself  to have stood up for what you believe in.

Laugh a lot.

And if you have one friend who cheers you up, who stands by you, who is there for you when everything seems to be going wrong, hold on to them firmly and never let them go. Make every effort to keep that friendship going.

And yes, admire the flowers.
Drink a lot of water.
Click happy pictures. (lots)
Make memories.
Breathe deeply.

LIVE...and make every moment count.


photo credit: eliot. via photopin cc

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  1. The new look is refreshing :). Yes did a lot of what you wrote during the weekend that went by. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. I guess we all do that as long as things are going fine. It's only when things go amiss, we are clueless and go back to our presuming selves!

  3. Its really cool. I became a great fan of you..

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  5. Beautifully said..I always think life and relationships are so complicated. Reading above made me feel so lighter. Can I copy these words and make a poster..:-)

    Thanks for the positivity you bring to our lives..

  6. lovely new look:) but I would like to see the first print cover pic for TFT! And Thanks for reminding me to laugh a lot.

  7. Reading ur post before my day starts assures me that evrything is going to be okay..! Thank you! :)

  8. I will remember that. Nice thought's of yours.

  9. This post comes as a blessing in disguise as the day started with the remnant negative feelings of the fight I had with my better half. I am feeling better now and gradually getting clarity in my thoughts!!..Thanks a lot Preetiji..As always hugs for the soothing post...

  10. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Lovely thoughts!!! Inspired! :)

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  12. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Those 'if you's are really some nice sayings and very true too. And the new look is wonderful.

  13. wow!! have to say this post is a saviour.. started the day with lot of negatvity.. but the post provided the much needed radiation.. love what you right.. keep writing ..

    p.s.- love the new look.. very clean...

  14. Preethi..Liked this one..nice post of you in the recent times..Simple rule - with this Let it Go attitude and controoling our ego we all can create our own happy world!!!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. very nice. would print, paste and read it every day!!

  17. That was just what I needed at the moment Preeti :) Thank you! I love the new layout of your blog. It is warm and welcoming!

  18. Though we think and hear such things, they should be kept live so that we act accordingly.This refreshment restrain us from pouring on someone all the negative aspects.Useful post.

  19. everything is superb, Will try a few in my daytoday life. Thank you

  20. we can always think positive out of all negatives done/committed by us..."happy thinking happy living"

  21. Nice and deep words...

  22. Will set this as my wallpaper

  23. Wow! What a wonderful coincidence - Yesterday I read Paulo Coelho's 'The Book of Manuals' and I also read this post of yours! All along the very long history of our human civilization spiritual masters, teachers and writers (like you) have reminded us the simple and also beautiful truth about leading a happy life, but sadly the majority in the crowd 'unconsciously' prefers complexity. Such peaceful life doesn't generate that kind of drama which they 'love' so much and hence suffocates their disturbed minds.

    Thanks Preeti for reminding us this truth :)

  24. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Hi Preeti,

    I have been a silent reader of your blogs since last 6 months. Everyday I keep checking your blogsite for the new addition. I have read all your blog archives and have been inspired in a great way, how you have shaped your life. you are one of the inspirational source for me, who ignited the desire of writing in me and so I did.
    My blogs are at

    Your like / feedback is very much important to me so if you can take out sometime, please have a look.

    Thanks for posting.

  25. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Hey, mrs. Preeti Shenoy,this is my first visit to your blog.The mesmerising tone of your post imbibed great confidence in me.i just love it! <3 thanks..:-)

  26. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Hey mrs. Preeti shenoy.This the first time i visit to your blog.After reading this feel good post,i am going to be a frequent visitor oops! Reader of your posts.Realy inspiring awesome words. Love it!<3 thanks for sharing such pearls of wisdom..:-)

  27. Anonymous7:34 AM

    you know what!! Love you :)
    felt like this is my birthday gift!!
    every work seems so right and true..
    like it is meant for me :)

  28. Such a valuable post,Well said ma'am!!! Hope this will help most of your followers to lead their life blissfully...I am reading over and over again....

  29. Such a valuable post,Well said ma'am!!! Hope this will help most of your followers to lead their life blissfully...I am reading over and over again....

  30. Such a valuable post..Well said ma'am..Hope this will help most of your followers(also me) to lead their life blissfully..I am reading this over and over again....

  31. Nice words as always ... things that go on in my head! :)

  32. Nice words ..things that go on in my head :)

  33. very very nice words.....too gud..

  34. Simply Inspiring ma'am.!! Thank you for this.


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