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Most couples celebrate their wedding anniversaries. We don't.

Instead we celebrate the day that we first met. And today completes 18 years. Our relationship is finally an adult :)

A friend of mine used to tell me that marriages should be renewable contracts. They should last for seven years and at the end of it, one should have an option whether to renew it or not. Then people would work that much harder at their marriages. If marriages came with that option I am certain Satish might have terminated the contract long back :) If he didn't I would have, for sure. :)

We are so darn different, he and I. We are complete opposites in many ways.  He loves the old Hindi songs and Old English songs and my tastes in music are eclectic. When it comes to fitness, I am a dedicated fitness enthusiast and a yoga buff. He couldn't care less about exercise or fitness! He loves food. While I do cook tasty stuff for him and the kids, but  if someone would invent a pill that will take care of all the nutritional needs by popping it, instead of eating, I would opt for that any day! I am indifferent towards food. It doesn't excite me the way it excites most people I know. He loves ice-creams, desserts and sweets. I hate them!
His attitude to parenting  too, is so different from mine. I tend to be liberal, loving but firm and I aim to make the children self-sufficient and highly independent (as that is how I was raised). I never run around in the morning, trying to help them to find their socks and belt and other stuff. (My take on this is that they have to learn to do it themselves--heck they are 15 and 11. Old enough!) But he, being the devoted father will find their stuff for them, fill their water-bottles for them and will even run around finding pens, pencil boxes and what not.

When it comes to personalities too, we are as different as chalk and cheese. He is calm and composed almost all the time, Nothing rattles him. I am animated, excited, enthusiastic. I  am highly sensitive and I feel deeply for even the smallest things. I cried for hours when I heard of the beagles in Bangalore on whom horrendous tests were performed by the pharmaceutical companies for drug testing. He felt bad that I was crying but things like these do not affect him as much as they affect me.
I looooooooooooove dogs. So do the kids. He got a dog just for my sake (even though I never asked for it). He detests them!(but yet he will take her for a walk everyday!)

He jokes with me saying that he deserves a Padmashri award for putting up with me for so many years. I retort back saying, if he gets a Padmashree, i deserve  Bharat ratna for sure! :)

We have had our share of the nastiest fights. I remember once after a particularly nasty fight, I stomped out with the car keys, banging the door shut, in the middle of the night, with just my mobile phone. Once I was inside the car, I kept hoping he would call me, as I did not want to drive around in my night clothes. So I sat inside the car waiting. He did not call. After two hours of waiting (yeah I sat that long in the car!) I quietly swallowed my pride and ego and I crept back home  and found him waiting for me on the sofa.
'Why didn't you call? What if I was in some accident?' I asked him angrily.
'Because I peeped out of the kitchen window and saw you sitting in the car and I kept watching you. And I knew you hadn't driven off, as I kept listening for the sound of the ignition, ' he said.
Then we both burst out into laughter.

I guess what we share in common is a terrific sense of humour.(apart from the love of books. He too, like me, reads a LOT) Oh, how we laugh! More than anything being together is so much fun. He makes me laugh and I make him laugh. (and sometimes we make each other cry and pull out our hair in frustration too! :P )

Eighteen years is a long time.
And if you ask me today if I want to renew the contract, I would say yes. For a lifetime.

I love you Satish Shenoy.
For standing by me through the worst of times and being prouder than me of all that I have achieved.
For being the wind beneath my wings and the anchor when the seas were rough.
For being the rock, the safety net and the support system, all rolled into one.
For being a wonderful balance to my rather volatile, unpredictable and impulsive nature.
For making me laugh and putting up with some of  the silliest of demands.

But most importantly for never letting go :)
We have had some bad times, but I think the great times we have had, far outweigh, outshine and 'out-dazzle' the bad ones.
Yes, we have both grown up and we have come a long way.
It hasn't been easy but oh--it has been totally worth it :)


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  1. Awesome stuff... Congratulations on such a wonderful anniversary... It doesn't get better than this..:)

  2. Wish you both many many more years of togetherness & happiness. Have a fantastic day. God bless!!! :)

  3. Awesome.. congrats to you both as you celebrate your 18th year of meeting each other..!! Nice way of expressing the love that you share. Cool stuff:-)God bless you both! Multifold:-)

  4. Padmashri Satish and Bharat ratna Preeti. Congrats!! Long way to Go!! :)

  5. Amazing idea :D Celebrating the day you met :)
    and well, opposites attract

  6. Congratulations and felicitations....Do the things both of u want to do....

  7. seems like you have shown as a CC Tv footage of our home :) thanks for sharing with us.. admirable couple i wud like to announce a noble peace to MR.Satish and an oscar to Mrs.satish :)

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  9. I guess this is what most of us feel after getting married. But as they say opposites attract, It keeps us going in many ways. I think it adds spice in life.
    I know its hard to live with a person having different outlook towards life, but this is what makes life worth living.
    Also i would like to add that you two make a very cute couple. May your beautiful and admirable union be richly blessed as your love grow stronger.

  10. Why should you need any special day to celebrate you two being together? It seems you are celebrating every moment of it.

  11. Lovely! Wish you all a great day and years of togetherness. You've been an off-beat couple. Simply great! :)

  12. Wish you both a very Happy Relationship Anniversary. I don't know if it's the correct term - but may be the closest one. Hallmark can confirm on that - they earn their living on creating/selling these words :)
    18 years is a long time - Being married for last 2 years (in this relationship for last 3) I can't even think right now what it'll be in next 16 years. But it must be the differences you mentioned that keeps you guessing and take each day as new. It's the effort to know the other person better and do something for them which you would have never even imagined of doing for yourself - must have made this journey so much worth having. I've been never a firm believer of Romeo-Juliet "love is life" stuff. But it gives me some comfort deep inside to know two people can be so sure about their feelings after spending 18 years together. Your writing is inspirational and good to know your love life is too. Take care and keep inspiring us.

    Best Wishes.
    Suman Bhattacharya

  13. I Want to get married RIGHT NOW!!!!!(My parents are after me go get married since so long)

  14. Soo sweet!! This reflects the child in both of u as well as the maturity to handle the relationship for a long run.I strongly feel that you should the rights of your story to a bollywood director!!why not you yourself act as sheroine and satish as hero!!:)

  15. Awww that is really so so so sweet and heart touching.People often tend to pretend like we are the happiest couple in the world,we're very similar in so many ways. But in reality, that does not really happen. And this made me happy to see that even after so long years, you are writting what you really feel and what reality is !

  16. sooooo cute!!:D especially the car story haha! Congratulations to the most cutest couple! :)

  17. Wow Preeti
    congratulations to both of you and a heart warming post :)

  18. very congratulations :) very happy for u both :)

  19. Many congratualtions Preeti and Satish :)

  20. Awww!!! Congrats and best of luck to both of you :')

  21. Congratulations! In fact I too celebrate it with my hubby the day we met but its just been 5 years... 18 is a great number.. I am sure you both deserve the awards Padmashri and Bharat Ratna ;) he he. Keep up the chemistry.. God bless.

  22. A big hug to both of you and heartiest congratulations :). And wishing you many more years of togetherness and love!

  23. congrats...well expressed...reminds me and my love

  24. Loved this Preeti.

  25. Awesome idea...celebrating d day u met...just WOW!!
    u expressd it vry well..
    &congratulations 2 bth f u...
    love u...
    waitin 4 ur nxt novel...

  26. congrats for your 18 years of success, and you both proved physics in language other than science, unlike pole attract, and like pole repels, but for still fascinating and mysterious to science is unlike poles not just attracts but tend to be tact when it comes to life- Proof Human relations.

  27. I enjoyed reading your post. So very heartfelt. And yes... it is that "not letting go" that matters the most. You guys didn't give up on each other and worked your way through all the ups and downs. Respect you both for that :)


  28. Beautiful post!!
    Congratulations! Wishing you both many many wonderful returns of the day...
    Best wishes:)

  29. wish you both many many happy returns of the day
    very nice post ma'am it doesn't matter what differences we share with our loved ones but the thing lies in how we held onto them understanding each other......


  30. Sooo... Sooo... SOOOOO SWEEEEEET!!! I have always read about the positives in ur relationship. And am sure there are lots of positives too. But I liked this one a lot, cuz its peppered with lots of negatives too. And I don't like it in a sadist kind of way. I like it cuz it seems very very real to me. And I always appreciate honest and genuine writing...

    I remember reading that u married Satish 40 days after u met him. So is ur marriage also almost 18 years old?

    Wishing u both lots of happiness... Take care u both.. and the kids

  31. So well written Preeti!

  32. OMG...I can relate myself and my married life to yours so well..its like as if I am reading my own mind(blog)..:) so sweet...

  33. 18 years....huh...its truly a crazy journey na! By nature, Men and Women are different and this difference starts to matter a lot, once you are married. little things do annoy, however, Marriage really is a wonderful relationship. Even I have had my share of ups and downs, but, today what really matters is that we have stuck to each other, even after all the fights!

    God Bless you both!!!! Let this love and understanding last till eternity:)
    A big hug to both of u:)

  34. Congratulations to you both for this anniversary, Preeti! I enjoyed a lot reading these stories (you waiting inside the car, lol! I always imagined that your married life was so calm, hehe :) And your love declaration to Satish, how sweet and touching.

    May you two complement each other in every aspect of your lives, still for many many years to come!

  35. Congratulations Preeti and Satish! Felt wonderful reading this one, once again ... the car story just brought that smile on my face - much required on a monday morning :)

  36. Congratulations Preeti and Satish! Felt wonderful reading this one, once again ... the car story just brought that smile on my face - much required on a monday morning :)

  37. so i came to know about preeti shenoy on her very special day...feel happy for that...ur words are heart touching...i could relate myself to u...wanna know u more through ur books...

  38. Heartiest Congratulations to both of you Preeti and Satish...

    Lovely post (as usual) and loved your thoughts & sentiments on completing 18 years of togetherness... Some bonds are special and meant for ever...
    I hope and pray that both of you are blessed always with lots of joy & happiness and lovely long years of togetherness.....

    Best Wishes

  39. Congrats on completing 18 happy years. You are one of the best couples I have ever seen!

  40. one of the most beautiful and sweet love letter... :)
    Congrats for 18 years..let God bless you to celebrate more such 18years together...!!!

  41. Thank you all of you :)
    Both of us really really appreciate your wishes and love!

    Preeti and Satish :)

  42. You have been so candid in this post.. and truly thats how most husband-wife relationships are..
    I know some married couples who put on such a facade of being the perfect , never quarreling , "two bodies one soul" types , and its extremely irritating to be around them.. I mean why that strong urge to show others that they are extra special than others?

    Congratulations to You and Sathish on your 18 years of togetherness.

    Keep Writing.. Its always a joy to read your Blogs :)

  43. Happy 18th to the both of you. Wishing you many more to come.

  44. Congratulations! adn stay happy! :)

  45. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Loved reading this heartwarming post Preethi :)
    Congratulations and best wishes!!

  46. Anonymous1:06 PM

    if he gets a Padmashree, i deserve Bharat ratna for sure! :)

    Loved this line the most, can't stop laughing, sitting in the office and everybody here is giving me weird look...

    Anyways, congratulations to both of you...

  47. I was in all smiles through out this read!!!:)Congratulation to both of u :)....Lots of love ....

  48. Congratulations to both of you.. Satish and Preeti.. May your love shine and grow as each day passes by. May you get all the happiness you deserve.. And yes I love the photo too. U both look good withe ach other.

  49. Congratulations to both of you.. Satish and Preeti.. May your love shine and grow as each day passes by. May you get all the happiness you deserve.. And yes I love the photo too. U both look good withe ach other.

  50. nice have more anniversary...celebrating the day when you met "anniversary" means you will have more no. of anniversary than what you would have if you were celebrating your marriage as anniversary..because people meet first and then get married....

  51. Aww... ur so damn cute!!!.. ur hisbnad is really a lucky guy to hav u!!.. Although I am too young to say this (jus 22 and compltd my engg).. i pray if i eva grw up nd geta wife.. she shud b as gud as u.. (nd il try to b as gud as Satish too).. :)

  52. Aww... ur so damn cute!!!.. ur hisbnad is really a lucky guy to hav u!!.. Although I am too young to say this (jus 22 and compltd my engg).. i pray if i eva grw up nd geta wife.. she shud b as gud as u.. (nd il try to b as gud as Satish too).. :)

  53. Aw.. your so cute!!!.. Although I'm too young to say thins (jus compltd my engg.) .. I hope nd pray I get a wife as cute nd as loving as u.. (although Il try to be as gud as Satish too :) )


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