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On mothers and daughters and BFFs. Blog marathon post 6.

My daughter is at an age which is wonderful. (She will be eleven soon). She is at a stage where she is not a baby anymore and does not need her mother all the time. Yet she is not old enough to not need me at all. That feels good, actually.

She is my hair stylist and fashion consultant. These days we go out together,just she and me--Girlie time. We really have a ball. We check out clothes, shoes and people. We joke and laugh. I love her chuckles, her little snippets of wise observation, her crystal clear logic and her fantastic sense of humour. I see a lot of myself in her, yet she is so different from me.

 She loves her art, just like me, and this is a picture she recently made. Her individuality and style is so darn different from mine, and yet I see in her that same angst I felt as a child, when a picture I created did not match up to the expectations inside my head.

 Her BEEEEEEESSST friend is Nikita.
The other day she came upto me and said she wants to gift Nikita something really unique, something that "you do not get anywhere, even if you pay a million rupees."

We put our head together and finally decided to create a fridge  magnet. My daughter wanted roses on it.  "Maaa Nikita will looooooove the roses," she said with great  joy and longing, her eyes shining at the prospect of making something so beautiful for her best friend.

We tried many times, to make roses out of polymer clay. We made beautiful roses but when we tried to stick them on the base, they went out of shape. We tried many times but were unsuccessful each time.
My daughter's face fell.  I tried suggesting that we could make something else instead of a rose. But no, said my daughter. Roses it had to be and nothing else.

Of course, I could not disappoint her.  So I quilled a paper rose. And then added some satin ones as well. She wanted  to write 'Purvi Nikita BFF' (best friends forever) on the magnet.

When my daughter went for her shower, I quickly created this little magnet. And  I made a little bag to put it in and gift it to her friend.

When she saw it she let out a ear-shattering scream in pure delight. She was overjoyed.
"Ooooh mummy, you are the BESTEST mom in the world," she said and hugged me real tight.

Her friend Nikita was over the moon, to receive such a gift.

If only my daughter knew--I would make a million more magnets for her.
I really would.

After all, she is my BFF but it will take a while for her to know it yet :)


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  1. This is a real sweet one Preeti. I always enjoy your 'Mama Moments' blog posts... kids def do have a special charm of their own and its lovely to read abt them! :)

  2. oh plz make one 4 me also .. :) I love u Preeti Shenoy. I would like 2 see a pic of ur daughter.Plzz post that ASAP :)

  3. Beautiful, beautiful gift Preeti.

    LOVE your hand made stuff.
    Can imagine how happy Purvi must have been.

    Had an amazing conversation with Mum today. Like we once discussed, nothing leaves us feeling better than talking to (or connecting in any way with) mothers.
    Loved the post.
    Hats off for the marathon. You're doing great!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwww! LOVED IT! BFF - I feel that way about my kiddo too, even though she is sooooo little!

    She brought me my shoes to wear to work two days in a row and put it right at my feet in the living room - it moved mountains within me!

  5. Ahh!!! So nice to know that purvi is now a grown up girl.... I remember her as a toddler :) Daughters are so cute... The way they bond is so different from son's... Loved your post...

  6. Wow, what a nice surprise you made for her! Really sweet!!

  7. God bless u guys. Plz plz treasure and cherish the bond u guys share. Its a blessing. Its not something or rather not a blessing that all girls get .

  8. Cho Chweet...and i simply loved her painting:)

    beautiful magnet and bag:)

    what makes you BESTEST is the way you make someone feel.
    HUGS to both of you...!!!!

  9. I am my daughter's big BFF and she is my small BFF:):) We also fight like crazy and laugh like crazy when together but can't be angry with each other even for a minute...

    Loved the magnet and painting of your dd...Absolutely wonderful..

  10. preethi, love this post, the efforts and the involvement you show in each thing you do, takes it to real heights. try making a rose with m-seal , it should really work and will not go out of shape, or try plaster of plastic with fevicol, making a dough kinda thing !! i usually do that :)

  11. the gift s soooo beautiful :) n purvi s art,... guess she ll beat u one dat :P we wud like to c ur recent family pic :D love reading ur blog marathon posts! :) nice and interesting stuff :)

  12. Your celebrations deserve the pulsating expressions, and your floral gifts surely add a zest to that. Floral gifts, you name any occasions, are just the icing on the cakes! It’s the gift rock that is roaring, and watch out for more.

  13. Hi Preeti,
    Loved the painting and the roses (for someone who is a zero in art and craft, they're mindblowing) but what really amazed me was the bag! How did you make the bag? It is so cool...and so professional-looking, you know what I mean?

  14. Preeti , I am enjoying every post of this blog marathon and wish it can continue forever. This post is really special for capturing the tender moments in a mother daughter relationship. You have a gift :). I loved the thought ---"I see a lot of myself in her, yet she is so different from me."

    I am expecting right now and reading this post made me want a baby girl :).

  15. awwww ... thats so so sweet.. reminded me of my mother :)

  16. Oohh.. That is SO sweet! It's a beautiful gift and the thought behind it, even more beautiful! :)

  17. Hey Preeti, this is Sumita. First time in your blog and loved it. I too have a daughter (1.5yrs now) and reading ur post, I cant wait for her to grow to do all those girlie-stuff.

  18. That was so lovely. The pic, the magnet and the post.

  19. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Loved reading each post of ur blog marathon, esprcially dis one coz me too a mother of two daughters. Also found ur latest piece amazing. Tea for two and a piece of cake which makes all the difference. Waiting for many more to come...:))

  20. Aww this is such a sweet post. Loved it. I am also going to be a mom in a few months. Hope I will make a good mommie like you. You are really the best mom. :)

  21. Wow Preeti,
    The Post is superb.. The gift u made for ur daughter's BFF is too good :) Me and my mom are similar to u and ur daughter..

  22. Wow really nice Preeti :)You are a great mom

  23. Loved the magnet...I really like your creativity...Feel like I should also do something like this...

  24. A big thanks to all of you who left me a comment.
    Much appreciated, read and cherished :)
    Unable to reply individually because of blog marathon and some book events.

  25. Aww.....Thats all that I can say..
    I agree mothers & daughters make the best BFFs ever:))
    It was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture.... Loved ur creativity...
    Best wishes and God bless u always with lots of happiness

  26. I can so relate to this post, though in a different manner. Mom's my BFF too... we chuckle, tease, laugh at others and at each other, scold, fight and even have cold wars.... and still I know she's gonna be there for me.

    One of these days, my daughter's gonna be my BFF too. m waiting for the day!

  27. Hi Preeti, I totally admire and love your amazing creativity! Its just awesome!

    I wish I had friends whose moms could make me such beautiful works of art.

    You should seriously consider launching a creative brand label of your own with some well known retailer. You'd do great things, I am sure.

    Keep posting more often! Am loving this!

  28. Purvi's drawing is beautiful!!!! Post her art more often, they are a treat to see:-)).


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