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On managing time to pursue your hobbies.

This is a card I made last night. It took me about 15 minutes. My own design too. :) Nice? :)

Whenever I post something which I have created, I get many mails asking me how I find time to do all this. They tell me to write a post on time management. I have written one such post on simple things in running a home,  here.

When people tell me they hardly get time for their hobbies, I always wonder what is it that I do that leaves me with so much time for all my interests? (Yoga, Art, Writing, Photography, blogging, playing with my Dog and taking care of my home and kids studies and of course spending time with family)

I came up with a few things which work for me:

1. I don't have to commute to work :) That saves me sooooo much time!

2. I don't watch TV at all! I do watch movies though. (am a complete movie buff. But I read up first on IMDB and watch only if I feel its worth my time. I totally loved 'The Descendants' recently. It's a must watch' for married couples, especially married for long)

3. I do USE my time well. For example it takes about 7 -8 minutes in the morning for water to boil (I make a different kind of black coffee with pure coffee beans for which I need to boil the water first) on my stove. I spread my yoga mat on the kitchen floor and I do my Surya namaskars  :)  Or else I use the kitchen counter to support myself and do my push-ups.

4.I cook simple, easy, nutrition filled meals.(Mostly traditional tasty stuff-the kind my grandmom used to make) A lot of time can be saved if you organise stuff you need for cooking. (Example, if I am making Idli-sambar early in the morning, I boil the dal and veggies, late at night, when I am working on my book) . Then total time I spend in my kitchen will be less than 2 hours during a 24 hour period.(My house help makes rotis..I make the sabzi)

5. I don't talk on phone :P I prefer emails or BBM to keep in touch with friends. I call up only very very few people. (to be precise three!)  I think people do 'gab a lot' on the phone which can be a huge time sapper.

 That's all I do really!
If you find yourself constantly struggling for time, you might want to do a 'time audit' Write down for 3-4 days in a row, how you spent each hour of the day. Time is truly precious. It is a crime to squander it away. Once it's gone--that is it--you can never get it back. Use it well.

 Do the things that MATTER to you.
LIVE your life.


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  1. Hmm, yes I agree...with 99% of what you say - I can also add one more thing for me - my gadgets help me do more creative work and on the go too!

    I am slowly but surely moving towards this lifestyle. I do not watch TV, but when I have friends over, I end up sitting with them and watching some shows, and then I realize, I have squandered away the time I could have done something else, like reading, working on my own projects etc.

    So bottomline: I need to be a little bit more watchful.

    Rest all tips work too.

  2. "Do the things that MATTER to you.
    LIVE your life."
    I am totally making this motto of my life.

    Thanks :)

  3. I spend so much time browsing the web, reading up things which interest me.. but thats not really my hobby.

    I like to read, and sometimes I thin the browsing does in between that.

    I used to paint and do art work, but have done nothing in ages :(

  4. Wow! I got a way out. I am struggling from the same problem. Office, cooking, managing 2 blogs, Facebook page, friends, health, writing and of coarse socializing. After reading your article I am much clear in my daily act plans.
    And you advice..wiring down things and analyzing where you spent your time, I will love this :)

    TC Preeti, Ashish

  5. Hello Preeti,
    I know you are a very busy person these days, but if you find some time and are interested, could you please do a post on Yoga. The daily yoga postures that is necessary and which can be done say in half an hour. This would really help some working people like me. :)

    Thanks in advance,

  6. yayyyy ditto for me too. All of the five work for me (even commute coz its hardly 5 mins....the walk from overflow parking to my desk is longer than the drive :P).

    Couple things to add:

    Internet time (FB, forwarded emails, news, blogs, gossip, etc) needs to be strictly controlled. I gave up my smartphone few months ago and feel so liberated since.

    Second thing: have meaningful hobbies to pursue. Sometimes I see people have time, but don't know what to do with it. For example, if you enjoy card making, then buy the supplies ahead of time and keep them when u have 15 mins, u can use it well :).

  7. Wow Suryanamaskars in the kitchen.. super idea.

  8. I love how you sum up all the 'uncomplicated' things in life in a very 'simple' manner ( just like they are ) , effortless and spontaneous ! *smiles*

  9. I feel life is like box of gravels.It looks so filled, but it has always void space, which we should fill with things that we like to do.
    It was really nice post.
    Thank you Preeti shenoy :)

  10. Totally awe-struck at you managing those 100 things in your plate preeti. I work, cook, clean house, spend time with husband, do photography, and blog. And that just takes me whole day! Yeah..but as you say, penning down each and every activity will make us realise what time we are wasting on! Thanks for that tip..You are a real motivator!

  11. 'People do gab a lot' - made me smile because I'm one of them. Thankfully, being mommy to two littles has reduced the time on the phone drastically.
    Nice post...thanks for putting this list up here.

  12. Time is truly precious. It is a crime to squander it away.

    That sort of pierced thru my heart, loved the post Preeti:-)).

  13. Reflections: Glad it helped!

    Suren:Thank you :)

    Mini: I am also guilty of 'gabbing' when I call my good friends up :P But I do it rarely.

    Vaish: So are you! People like you make me want to keep writing!

  14. Kiranmurthy: good analogy!

    Obsessivemom: Yeah! It makes you feel super :)

    Kay-o-tic: Thanks *bows* :)

    Shachi: Stocking up supplies is a brillaint idea!

  15. Dee for you: Please read 'From XL to XS' by Payal Tiwari. Asanas one has to do varied widely depending on what one's purpose is in doing yoga. I dont mind sharing at all (I do suryanamaskars, Chakrasana, paschimotattarasan , sarvangasana and a few more.) But what works for me may not work for all!

    Ashish: happy to help!

    Aathira; When my kids were younger I concentrated fully on them :)

    Prerna: Oh yes--I am in love with my BB 9900 :)

  16. Have bought all 3 books of yours, have felt a connection with all of them. keep writing,

  17. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Super! Good post

  18. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Hey Di..
    I like the ideas of Multitasking.. who says it does not work.. it does and I agree with your thoughts..
    Once I reach home after work, I start cooking and then attend to the dishes from the morning( if Aj hasent got to it 1st) , so that the prelim s of cooking is done as I start washing dishes.. saves me a good half hour, which is very precious!!
    also please suggest a website where I can start making quilled art work.. :)

  19. *sigh...when will I be able to get to point 1? :P

    Commuting to work in Bangalore can be/is a big scored real high with that first point, P. :)


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