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Some news and a really difficult tag

First  some nice news from my end. I have been invited for the Jaipur Literary Fest and yes I am attending :) *Big beam on face*
If you happen to be in jaipur on 20th and 21st of Jan, come and say a hello  and tell me you looooove my writing and you will make someone verrrry verrry happy :)

Second the other news from Blogosphere. Reflections, on of my favourite bloggers tagged me, a very very difficult tag. I cannot say no to her. Especially after she said
"She needs no introduction….writer, artist, mom, blogger all rolled into one. I love all her posts except for the ones where she posts her pictures. I tell you nobody has the right to look so sexy when they are touching 40;-(. And nope, before u ask..nope she wont be mad at me for telling her age. Atleast I think she won't. She's not like that. I'm very sure she won't. Oh dear....."
 How can I NOT retaliate now? (and of course I have to show off  too, so Reflections--this picture, clicked in May this year, is just for you!) *posts pic and runs away* :D

Now for the very difficult  tag:

1) Blogger is nominated to take part

2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.
The links are:
- Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of

3) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.

4) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers

5) And so it goes on!

It's really hard to choose from 600 posts! (and in case you missed it, I am doing a handmade card giveaway for my 600th. Just scroll down and read my previous post.)
But if I have to choose, I'd choose these:

My Most beautiful post:  Well, most of my good posts have already been taken off as they are going into my books and therefore I am not including them. So from the remaining if I had to choose my most beautiful post, it would be  this one: A tribute to one of the coolest people I have ever known
My most popular post: How do I judge which was the most popular--is it by page views or comments left? I am going with the number of comments option because, most bloggers thrive on comments. Comments is our currency :) If you are a true blue blogger you will understand that statement. I am also only counting the posts published in 2011 for this (the rest are so old and besides it will take me forever to go back that long!)My most which got the maximum number of comments in 2011 was my 500th post:

My most controversial post:  Just because I endorsed Steve Pavlina's views, a lot of people were shocked. Then they went on a volley of comments to vociferously say they beg to differ--which is fine for them! I am a total non-conformist and I do think marriages are a LOT of bloody hard work! And honestly if satish wasn't this nice, i would have run away long back!
My most controversial post has to be this one: Marriage and its other implications.
My most helpful post:  All my posts are helpful--don't you agree?  :-) I guess if I had to pick one post I would pick this:  A pencil portrait and what goes into it.
A post whose success surprised you: Whenever I look at which post gets the maximum hits by search terms and maximum traffic, I am so surprised to find that it is this post: Doodle Art
Whoever thought!

A post you feel didn't get the attention it deserved: I truly could not think of any post which went here, but if I had to pick one, I guess I would pick this poem: Slicing the Silence
I guess the suicide reference and chop on the wrist scared away most people :D heh heh.

The post you are most proud of:  I am proud of almost all my posts! (yeah vain me :D ) But I have to pick one and I know this post brought comfort to a lot of people:

Now to tag 5 people;
I tag

He makes even a person who is not the least bit interested in Corporate world, read his blog. He writes a superb business blog and he always does my tags! :P When I was in the UK, whatever I heard on the BBC radio, would coincidentally be the next post on Ramesh's blog. After I moved to India, I stopped listening to the BBC (desi Boyz are better ;-)) . Instead, I just read Ramesh's blog :)

She is just discovering the joys of motherhood and is a working professional based in the US of A. She always comments on my posts and is now a friend too.

Her no holds barred way of writing and expressing her love for me and surprising me with cards and texts--awww..I just had to tag her :)

 She writes well and needs to write more in her blog!

I absolutely love her blog.


Ps: My third book will be out in February! (Yay!!) It is being published by Random House! :) Please follow my Facebook page for details!


  1. I will be there at Jaipur ... so see you then :)

  2. Tags after a long time!!! Loved to read the post! Nope..I'm not going to meet u in Jaipur but still want to say "hello...I Looooove your writing...and jst everything that u do" ;)


  3. Jaipur lit fest woohoo! Congratulations! I'll be there most likely over the weekend. MEET UP!! But you might be busy.

    I read all your posts except a few that I missed because of exams. And I think you echo my thoughts most of the time so I'm not gonna rate any of my own thoughts :P


  4. wow... that's a nice tag!! Made me revisit some of those links!! And I am so glad to read it again:-)

    Good day!

  5. Jaipur lit fest baby! Woo hoooooo!!
    Have fuuuuun!

    And yes, what a difficult tag but you did well :-)

  6. well chosen post..:) Love ur pic..U are awesome as always.. !!

  7. omg! omg! Jaipur! wow...hope its a weekend...

    have this raging fever and a bad bout of viral, so am gonna sign of now, but ya, love that portrait post of yours and the five maxims one get the pic...

    and i see you've tagged me :)

    and reflections, you are tooooo much! :P

  8. Anonymous1:30 PM

    good luck for the fest...
    do bring some pink stuff from pink city...

  9. :)
    I loved all those posts you mentioned...and i DO read each and every post of yours whether i comment or not.
    Full of inspiration, energy and postive vibes :)

    All the Best for next book!

  10. oh yes.. one more thing!!! If u r considering the most popular post based on no. of comments received then ur 600th post has outnumbered the 500th post ;)Still there are 8 days to go! Who knows...the no. of comments may cross 100!! :)

  11. This post made me happy :) And then i went to your Maldives post and it made me even more happier, especially the last part about Life is too short to be away from the ones you love!

    Thanks Preeti for spreading joy in our lives!

    God bless :)

  12. Mmmm nice posts as choices. Your most beautiful post is the original father post that also featured in 34....,

    Awwwww on the very kind words. Grrrr; have to do the tag now after such kindness :):)

  13. "Preeti I have to advise u before this gets out of hand.....u cant keep posting pictures of 18 yr olds and passing it off as yours...u'll get caught one day and then it will sooo embarrassing. I thought it was my duty as a wellwisher to warn u about it" preaches Nancy self-righteously.

  14. I always searching for a 'like' button on your every post. And yeah, I'm getting to know you! :D

  15. I agree with Ramesh - the one you did on your dad earlier is also very close to my heart.

    I've said this earlier - but of all the stuff you write/do, your poems touch me the most. Maybe a book of poems is in the future :)?

    And please please do a write-up on the literature festival and book recommendations on Indian authors :).

    I'm honored to have found a friend you on blogosphere....a huge asset for keeps!

    I'll post here once I do the tag :)....hopefully this weekend (just got home last night after 2 wks of personal n work related travel).

  16. a bit side tracked yesterday.

    Jaipur fans got lucky huh...have fun:-)).

    Have to agree with Ramesh here...I too heart the original father post.

    Thanks for taking up the tag;-D!!!

  17. You are really whatever you do..Congrats dear

  18. Hey Preeti,

    you know what, after reading your tag, i tagged myself on it :-)

    do check out when you have time

  19. I finished the tag:

  20. That was really a tough tag..Chosen well..

  21. OMG I just saw this!!! How did I miss it :-O


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