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Two more portraits done recently.

This is a portrait of Dhara Sampat which a good friend of hers, Sabarish, commissioned me to do. It was a complete surprise for Dhara. The photographs had been emailed to me by him and I began working on it. Dhara had absolutely no clue. He then gifted it to her  and she was totally speechless. She later spoke to me and told me that she is a HUGE HUGE fan of my work. (Thank you Dhara--you absolutely made my day!) She totally loved the portrait.

This was her reaction in her own words:

Thank you, Thank you Thank you Preeti Shenoy for THE BESTESTTTTT GIFT ever!!! I cantttt stop smiling (Guess m gonna continue smiling in my sleep too) :) Loved the potrait, Loved the message and cant wait to read the book - all over again :) - Lots of love and Alll the very best!

The second portrait which appears here was done for a friend. It is a portrait of her dad whom she lost, a few months ago. She had spoken to me a couple of months back, about wanting to commission me, but I had decided already to surprise her and thanks to Facebook, I managed to get a reference photo without her knowing at all.

Satish and I gift wrapped it and gave it to her.She had no clue what it could be--she had presumed it was probably a painting of a landscape or some such thing.
It was a completely emotional moment for both of us, as she unwrapped the portrait. 

To me, this is Art--the ability to touch people's lives with my pictures, the ability to capture a likeness so well and to simply delight the recipient and leave them over-joyed.

Incidentally, I hold an Internationally recognised qualification in portraiture (from the UK) and had worked really hard to obtain it.(It was something I had always wanted to learn and when I got a chance to do this course, I grabbed it. ) Even in sub zero temperatures, I used to never miss a single class. I had to walk about 25 minutes to class, trudging over snow, wrapped up from head to toe in layers and layers of clothing, lugging my  heavy portfolio and art materials. My hands used to be numb (despite the gloves). My face and lips used to be frozen. Once I entered the classroom, I used to never know how the hours sped. Most of the time we had live models and  we had to work really quickly to get a good likeness. We were trained what to look for and were guided so well. I am grateful to my tutor Karen Conroy who is an outstanding artist herself. Her work really inspired me and motivated me to work harder and harder. I kept pushing myself.

Many a time I used to be frustrated (oh, it was a very tough course. We had sooooo much to do!) and Satish would keep telling me that I would eventually get it. He would keep encouraging me to try harder.He was (and remains) my 'guide'.(I would be so lost without him). After most classes, I just couldn't wait to get home to show him my picture.I would reach home only by and he would have put the kids to bed, after giving them dinner and he would usually have a hot soup ready for me to thaw my frozen bones. (yeah, I know, he is a real sweetheart this guy.)

Another of my closest friends too would listen to me patiently on the phone (we usually spoke when I was walking back from class) when I would moan and sob and whine about how my picture wasn't good enough (sometimes)  and what the problem was and which media I found difficult. Sometimes I would talk about how delighted I was with a picture.If it was all Greek and Latin to him and if he was bored to death about my going on and on, he was gracious enough to never show it :-)

Now,  when people compliment me about my portraits and tell me I am talented I just smile and say thanks, because it is so hard to explain how much of work has really gone into it.

For my other portraits click here .

[ If you want a pencil portrait  as a unique  gift to that special someone, I do accept commissions.  I work from high resolution photos  which can be e-mailed to me. I use Extra smooth Bristol Board 100% acid free, A3 size paper which is of the highest professional quality (and it will last for centuries). You can mail me (on ps at preetishenoy dot com ) for rates and other details, if you are interested.]


  1. nice. liked the 2nd portrait more than the first one

  2. Good ones. Well done!

  3. It definitely doesnt look like an easy task to master the art...what with the snow, the cold & the long hours as added obstacles. Kudos to your hubby and friends for encouraging u & helping u through!!! And u do deserve all these compliments....congrats on the jobs well done!!

  4. Having followed each and every post of yours till date, I know how much you have gone through to get that degree of yours. The gesture of presenting your friend her Dad's portrait was lovely. Keep up the awesome work! And needless to say the portraits are amazing :)

  5. glad to c ur passion for learning new things. I believe when u give up learning at the same time u r dead. Because human should learn as much he can throughout his life.
    It's worthless to mention your portraits are really good. I liked the second one most.
    and thanks for dropping by :)

  6. Haven't yet got over the surprise:) All the hard work & time you have put into this potrait & all your other work shows. People say that behind every successful man there is a women. But now we can say that behind evry successful women there is hard work & a man like Satish:)

  7. Congratulations on a job that is very well done! I have the other portaits you have done which you posted on the blog. Now I can definitely see a steady growth in your skills. You are already an expert! Please pat yourself on your shoulders from my side!!! I appreciate in your committment to give your best to all the commissions you take :-)

  8. "I have the other portaits you have done which you posted on the blog."

    I mean I have seen the other portaits you have done which you posted on the blog:-)

  9. the second portrait is super!!! your friend must be spellbound.

  10. Both portraits are really amazing...Loved both.
    I can understand that it take a lot of time and efforts to learn this art and use it. All I can say is your friend are very lucky and so you are...:)

  11. Loved both the pics. Uncle's looks so much like a live one, I bet your friend must have been so emotional on seeing that one. She will love you for life for this :)

  12. Beautiful portraits. Especially the second one, the warmth of his smile seems to jump out of the portrait. So expertly done. The tips you gave at the end remind me of a portrait of Aishwarya Rai I did when I was 16. I never liked her, but only did it because of the pic's high-resolution.
    You inspire me to pull some time out to do things that I'm passionate about. Thank you Preeti :)

  13. I love the second potrait of your friends dad!It must have been such a emotional moment for both of you ! And its really inspiring to read how you always work so hard to reach your goals !

  14. Nandana: thanks so much for those generous comments :)

    Horizon: Thanks :)
    'Rest of life' is a long long time..If she was happy for a few minutes my purpose is served :)

    Piyush: thanks so much! And i am lucky to have such nice comments pouring in :)

    Palsworld: thanks a lot :)Yes--you can scroll up and read her remark. her name is Dipa.

  15. Pia: yes--got that! :) Thanks so much :)

    Dipa: Yes :) But my closest friend(s) also encourage such a lot.

    Vipul:Thanks--you can still say they are really good. i don't mind ;-) and surely not worthless to say it :) I agree about lifelong learning.

    Varun: You're a big morale booster.Thank you so much!

    SK:Thanks a lot :)

    ShaK: Thank you :)

    Mihir: Thanks.

  16. Ruch:Thank you so much :) You must have commented while I was replying to the comments :)

  17. Very good portraits

    Smile in the 2nd one is captured well.

  18. Sundari:Thanks :) everyone seemed to have liked the 2nd more than first :)

  19. Hi,

    I loved both of the sketches. Obviously, I am more emotional for second one, as its of Dad.

    and talking about the hard work, u had put to turn ur dream came true is recommendable. U will always a motivating factor for me for watever I do. Thanks.

  20. Beautiful, especially the second one, it is so life like

  21. Beautiful, especially the second one, it is so life like

  22. 2nd one is just lovely! I can imagine how happy the receipient would have felt :)

  23. wow....LOVED the second one!!!! Truly talented, and Your hard work and determination is really inspirational!! Way to go Preeti!!

  24. Beautiful ! This is what Art is truly about. Proud to know a person like you :)

  25. Really nice, like the second one more and truly the most beautiful gift for your friend.


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