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That's what 'best friends' are for ... :)

'Best friend' and 'Bestest friends'-- The very words bring a smile to my face. It is a  term we  all probably used  in school. Some of us continue to use them as adults (yes, I have heard fifty and sixty year old people refer to someone as their 'bestest' friend. Their eyes light up when they say it, their voice softens and there is always a wistful faraway look or a smile on their faces, as they probably recall their escapades or encounters)

MRI scans of the brain show that certain parts of the brain 'light up' (to use a term less scientific) when looking at the pictures of 'best friends' or 'a beloved' or 'loved ones' .The  activation happens in those areas of the brain associated with intense reward. It is the same area which is activated when people take addictive drugs or get a jolt of excitement.

It is no wonder then, that 'best friends' (it is a term I use loosely to describe especially trusted and close friends) bring a HUGE smile on our faces.
Best Friends Pictures, Images and Photos

Just a little while ago I was stressed, stretched, high on workload, low on patience, temper was taut waiting to break free and shower like a thunderstorm on anyone who dared cross my path.There were a million things to be done and zillion more rushing through my head. Usually when I am this busy, I appear invisible on chat on my G-mail. (People ping even if a busy sign is displayed). But today I had forgotten to appear invisible. Sure enough there was a ping.

"Hey Prtij! Long time. Howz you?" she said. (she is the only one who calls me by that name, even to this day and I love it :) )
"All good ," I replied politely, still working on the mail I had to send.
She was in a chatty mood  and we were indeed connecting after weeks. She asked me about my book, about new year, about my children and my replies were mostly mono-syllabic.'All good'. 'All fine'.

When she continued, I said " Hey Jayu,I am in the midst of something.Will call you later," I said.

"Ok--take care. And hey, I love you " she said.

And I knew she meant it whole heartedly. (and no, we have never expressed it it to each other even though we have been the closest of friends since seventh grade).

I guess that part of my brain lit up.
There was an a instant W--I --D--E grin on my face.
My heart went 'awwwww' :-)

"I love you too, " I said without even a moment's hesitation and added a  '<3' as well.
I am still smiling.

Stop reading! Call up your best friend(s)  just now.
Go ahead, tell them you love them and make their day.

Someone just made mine and trust me you will feel on top of the world too. :-)


  1. I use the term 'Bestest Friends' produly!! :) and I have very few of them... And yes calling someone not only lights up the other person's mood but it lights up the mood of the person who called too :)

    When I read the post, the first thing that came to my mind was 'Exactly my thoughts!' :)

  2. So very true..its always a friend who can light up our day or lift our mood however bad it was. Thanks to all friends who are out there to hear and care when in need.

    Many times this space had been a good friend in lifting my mood, thanks to u Preeti.

  3. Lovely to read this..brought smiles n memories :)
    And yes after reading this - i did send the note to a dear friend.

    Thanks and wishing u smiles always!

  4. That was a lovely post .. I proudly use the term bestest friend when I refer to the friend who means more than just best friend to me and I love using it :) :)

  5. pritj ,am truly at a loss for words after reading your blog !!! am sooo happy today !!! you write beautifully and your way with words is soo close to the actual feeling that one feels !!! thanks a ton for the note it means a lot to me !!!

  6. Lovely post... I had almost lost a friend a mine because I was not very expressive about how much I value her presence in my life. Now I am in constant touch with her and she knows what she is to me. Thank you for putting up this insight as a post. I am sure many people will reconnect with their friends through this...

  7. Very true.Best friends are the ones who still think we're amazing when we're down-in-the-dumps about matter how much we abuse,scold,shout at them or fight with them :)

  8. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Lovely post :)
    Friendship is always a big question for me. I think this may help in it ;) :D
    Learned new word "Bestest Friends".

  9. Lovely post Preeti :)
    This page has become like a best friend to me and I've always loved the term "bestest friend" :)

  10. aw what a cute post :)
    I called up my bestest friend for 12 years before commenting!

  11. p.s you know whats great about your blog?
    I'm a 'nice person' every time i comment here :P

  12. I just called one of my buddy last day.. and it made my day...

  13. That brought a wide smile to my face :)



  14. Preethi
    Its very nice to go through yr post. It may be my favourite post. Thanking you and wishing you a lovely day

  15. Hi Preeti, commenting on your blog after ages today. Love the new design, your blog, artsite, facebook, twitter and second book all there - really nice! Eagerly waiting for your second book by the way :D
    Love the post, reading them all to catch up :)
    Just the term 'best friend' or 'bestest friend' brings a huge smile on my face, just the mention of my best friend cheers my day even if I am stuck in a rut. Taking your advice and calling her right now :D

  16. Reading this reminded me of old school days when there was no internet. Folks used to meet up for coffee or movie n long chats. :D

  17. Manasa: What a weird thing to be reminded of when the post was about a ping and expressing one's feelings.BTW folks still meet up for coffee and long chats..but they meet only special folks for the same --not all and sundry. ;-)

    Thinker: Happy to see you and glad you're connecting with her! :)

    Aswathi:Thank you so much. Wish you the same!

    Suma: :))

    Rishi: Glad you did!

  18. Sucheta: You'r sure a NICE person!

    Sheila: What a wonderful things to say! Thanks!!

    Vipul: Why is it a big question for you? Do elaborate!

    Anu: yes! very true :)

    Pia: Many times we do not express..I think it is important to.

    Life begins: Glad you did!

  19. Shalini: Nice to know someone who uses it apart from myself!

    Enjoy life n keep smiling: <3 <3 <3 :)

    Sundari:Thanks for a fabulous compliment!

    Varun: same pinch then!

  20. wonderful post.. Bestest Friends have a charm of their own and it feels wonderful to connect with them at any given time.. :)

  21. Lovely post! I've been through few of your posts and I love the way you put so much soul and meaning to the smallest things occurred in your life. Makes you appreciate the little things that people tend to ignore easily!

  22. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I don't think I can elaborate here on blog.:) If I do then it will be a long discussion :P


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