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Final Day, Seven days of positivity

The 7 days of positivity has become a deluge.The number of people writing to me now saying they are doing it and it is a marvellous idea and how much it has truly helped them, has become an explosion now. I will get around to replying to all who wrote to me soon.

When I started it, I was extremely down. Then as each day went my outlook was definitely becoming more cheerful and I stayed positive. Until today, the last day.

 I have had a horrible, terrible, truly miserable day. Something awful and unforeseeable happened. It is hard to 'be positive' in such a situation, but I am definitely not going to dwell on it and brood. In the words of Robert Frost.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life — It goes on"  

So I am going to go right on with the experiment and here are my five things that I feel happy about today.

1. I feel grateful for my friends  whom I truly love! I just made this collage and felt good about it.

2. When I visited Amritsar for the first time I fell in love with the place. We will soon be taking the children there. They can't wait! Today I chatted with Sukhdeep who gave me so much of inside information on where to eat the best Chole, get the best lassi, where to buy juttis, suits, where to go when and what to do. Felt delighted with the long long mails he sent. Thank you Sukhdeep!

3. Had a cup of tea with Satish, in the garden and we spent time talking. He had had an awful day as well. I felt happy I could be supportive in spite of having had a lousy day myself.

4.Something happened today which made me think that if only one single soul cares enough to just talk for a few minutes to people on the verge of taking their lives, then a disaster can be averted. Loneliness can indeed be fatal. I feel grateful that I am able to offer solace to so many with my words.

5. Today I got a text message full of love, care and tenderness from a good friend. His text truly made me feel on top of the world.

Writing out the five things really does help. I don't feel so down anymore.

Since today is the final day of this experiment on my blog, keep up the vibrant spirit  here.
and do share your links on the page. Do spend 5 minutes reading others too who have shared their links. You will be surprised how positive you feel for the small things in life, despite all the troubles.

Whatever it is you are going through, that shall pass too. Meanwhile, just keep focussing on those small positive things and take each day as it comes.

Life is too short to not be happy. Each moment spent in sadness is time lost forever.
 Take care and stay positive!


  1. On Sunday, I went through hell, and I gave up on this experiment. I will probably repeat it another time some time later. Thanks for sharing Frost's words here. It does help put things in perspective.

  2. I love the last couple of lines in this post. Thanks for upping the spirits of so many people Preeti. You are truly an awesome person.

  3. You're doing a good job, spreading the cheer around. If only, all of us would take the time to appreciate what we got, life would be happier!

  4. Very well written :)

  5. Preeti,

    I just want to say 'Iduvum kadandhu pogum' which means 'this too shall pass....' I hope you feel better soon! :) *virtual hugs*

  6. I appreciate your attempt Preeti. Reading your posts, I feel cheerful :).. by the way, i am yet to give a try to this positivity... will try it out soon :) :)..
    Keep up the good work :)

  7. Hey preeti,
    The next time I have a bad day, I now know what to do :) Thanks a bunch for sharing the experiment.

    Cheers and stay positive !!


  8. "..if only one single soul cares enough to just talk for a few minutes to people on the verge of taking their lives, then a disaster can be averted"
    So so true Preeti....the same thoughts have run thru my mind so many times.

    Like u said "Life is too short to not be happy. Each moment spent in sadness is time lost forever."

    Thank U for these many of us draw inspiration from them:-)

  9. Oh I so much love Amritsar. And I keep telling people that the Golden temple is by far the best religious place i have been to and i so much enjoyed the food at the langar. :P :)

  10. Hi Preethi, First time visiter on ur blog. I had borrowed your theme of 7 days of positivitiy from Priya's blog. This is awesome and I am loving it. Thank you.

  11. i have read a story abut a king who was advised by his minister how to lead a happy life..he gifted the king a ring with these words inscribed on it.."This too will pass..." That is the rule of life though we seldom realize it..Any way you cant be having as much problems as me...I am striving to remain happy..

  12. that is very nice :D, i hope u keep continuing this practice :D

    u know, the 5 daily prayers we muslims have, one of its aim is to be thankful for something that god has given you, i dont know how many practice this gratitude. all what we mostly end up doing is keep on asking for what we want instead of stopping rejoicing for what we already have.
    and it is also said that what we are thankful for, god will give you more of it :)

    ive been reading all ur 7 days, even though i havnt comented :P

    it is a very wonderful practice :D,

    take care :)

  13. Dunno how you have managed this or what's causing so much misery in your life off late...its is amazing though, to be able to see past the misery and still count your blessings !

    Pls. do share the Amritsar tips :)

    Hope your tough time passes real quick.

  14. Hang in there Preeti !
    Here is my final installment for the positivity experiment -

    Thank you for starting it and filling our lives with positivity !

  15. Ruch: thanks :) Thank U for following :)

    Meg: Ask Sukhdeep :P He has written looooooooong list :) thansk for the very kind words.

    Shimmer:Thanks for the comments :) yes, gratitude is something we must practise. i always do.

    Livin in present: To each person their problem is 'biggest' like I have said before. Good luck in solving yours and glad u're striving to be happy.

    Banupriya: glad you liked it :) It has caught on very well.

  16. Mamta: same pinch :)

    Reflections: Thank you :) Have a great trip..have mailed u.

    Rinki: Sadly true. But sometimes love does last forever.

    Poornima:Thank you :)

    Pretty woman: thanks :) Hugs :)

    Shachi: thank you madame! Music to a writers ears!

    RGB: yes we should count our blesings indeed.

    Shankari:Thank you so much!

  17. very nice post...sharing is caring for others!

  18. Thanks for starting this experiment. I noticed that as the days passed by, it became easier to write down the 5 things.

    Here's my list for today:

  19. same in my case i was also low and negative on monday but decided not to break the flow of experiment.

  20. Gagandeep: glad you continued!

    Palsworld: for me, some days it is easy, some days hard.

    Harman: thank u! :)

  21. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Hey guys! Glad that you had started to spread positivity. And here is something i would like to share. This will gather five happy thoughts from you daily and send digests over weekends. This will definitely charge up your next week to look at the positives. And after a month are so.. you will have no time to reflect on negative things. Great going :)

  22. yes what you said is true..for a person the BIGGEST problem would be his own!!

  23. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Waiting for your comments on Day 2 - Seven days of positivity

  24. I have been keeping insanely busy and have been going through a pretty rough patch myself. Gotta say, this really helped me sail through. Thanks a lot Preeti :)

    And come what may, you'll emerge on the top. These are minor pitfalls. I guess you know better!

    pretty collage, that :)

  25. fantastic idea.. thanks for the reminder

  26. Preeti
    I love your too. Really! I feel as though I should be on that collage!!! LOL
    I hope that suicide wasn't a factor here. Three months ago my friends daughter took her own life and it has been a terrible fallout ever since. Now she is left to deal with sorrow, and pain, and loneliness to the likes of which I cannot imagine.
    This positivity project is fabulous...for life is indeed precious...short, and well...sigh.
    I wish I had more answers.
    You and I share a happiness attitude that is worth sharing. Thanks for sharing YOURS with me.
    I'm ever are an inspiration.
    Wish you were closer!
    Gillian xoxoxoxo

  27. Here's my first day towards this initiative! More here!

  28. i was skeptical.. and thought what nonsense it is. now that i see ur reaction.. i thought why not try this out... Let me see how it helps me. If its +ve ill join on facebook too. :)

  29. Preethi I am gonna try this..Have read "The Secret" and loads of other books on positive thoughts , law of attraction etc.Your blog was an eye opener and I am really gonna try this.Lets see if this works


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