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Day 2. Seven days of positivity.

For those of you who are reading me for the first time, this is a part of a seven day positivity experiment which I started yesterday. I started this as I am going through a bad not so good phase in my life and this is a seven day experiment to see, if by focussing on five things that made one happy, can one indeed change change how one feels? It worked for me yesterday, like a charm. It seemed to have worked for many too, judging from the responses I got.

Today my day was a not-so-great   lousy day (in terms of progress with the editing of my second book) . But I am going to still focus on five things that made me feel happy.

1.Today was a learning day. I had always heard the clich├ęd saying "When God closes one door, he opens another." But we're always staring at that closed door  and feeling miserable about why it is closed that we fail to see another that has opened for us. Today I actually experienced this saying. The morning began on a terrible note when someone whom I was kind of counting on, depend a lot on and expecting to come through for me, clearly told me that it was not possible as he had other priorities which were more important. I felt so disappointed and bad about it that I even wrote a mail to Satish and discussed it with him. He, of course, comforted me and I focussed on his love. Later, someone else whom I least expected, came through marvellously and I am truly grateful for this person in my life and I should have noticed sooner! I am grateful for having noticed the door that has opened for me today.

2. A new friend came over for tea. We had a great time! We sat in my garden with the cool breeze blowing, sipping tea, munching snacks and talking about a hundred different things, laughing, discussing men, relationships and growing old.She hugged me when she left and I felt so good about her visit. She had never seen or even eaten Dosas (she has lived all her life in the UK) and she absolutely adored them and relished them. Later I sent her a wiki link which tells her all about Dosas. :-) I feel grateful for her in my life.

3.My nine year old daughter was very upset having lost her ear-ring. It was an inexpensive one and can easily be replaced. I gave her my 'special' silver ear-rings which she is now wearing and I was able to comfort her. I am grateful for the tiny little powers that we mothers have.

4.I was able to overcome my anger and disappointment over something that did not go my way and was able to control my lashing out which would have totally worsened the situation. I am grateful for that.

5. I am truly grateful that I am not stuck in a boring corporate job. I am also immensely grateful for my creativity and truly orignal way of looking at things and also grateful for my 'out of the box' thinking skills.
Like Ogden Nash once famously said in a poem "I am so glad I am not they and they are not me" ;-)

Did writing out the above five things make me feel good?

You bet! They made me feel totally  marvellous!  This is better than therapy! :-)

Don't believe me? Try it yourself! No matter what is going on in your life, write out five things you are grateful for. (If you are writing on your blog, link back to yesterday's post please) If you dont have a blog use my comment box.

Go on!
I feel great! I do! :-)

Current mood video: You've got a friend --James Taylor
The above video is dedicated to my two wonderful  friends Mayank and Shabina


  1. Hey Preeti,

    Hey nice to see a new series starting up ... and this is just amazing, and yes i guess over a course of a day any one will have 5 or more moments which will definitely make himself or someone...
    Let me also attempt; hope i am also able to scribe something...

    Cheers and enjoy you day,

  2. Haaa,....nice....5 positive things in a day ,to think of should definitely have an impact in making life brighter...I'll see if I can jot it down too!!
    You come up with marvelous thoughts, i should say!:-)


  3. Wow you are on your second one already! Loved your bullets from today...I just wrote my first post....this will be fun :)

  4. And I thought, her life is so perfect...Nobody's is.

    Well done Preeti. It's only us who can control the levels of 'feel good' gland in us. Lame analogy from what you have written but i think its true.

  5. awesome Preeti..thats a great way to look at things ..I am enjoying your experiment

  6. we have something in commin on point 5! :) Boy! am I glad or what? I think, this list is going to be pretty easy on the weekends for sure!

  7. Hey.. thanks for the song.. Just read the lyrics.. Still to play it though.. Have a great day.. Cheers, Mayank

  8. wow!!! this is a great strategy preeti... when I pray, I often list out the things I'm grateful for....

  9. Have been largely a non-participative reader Preeti, but here's my participation for the first time :)

    5 things that cheered me in the last 24 hrs -

    > Waking up to find Photo - a recently adopted kitten- nuzzling next to me in bed. He woke up soon after and we spent a good 15 minutes playing with each other, snoozing, playing, snoozing !

    > Bicycling with my husband through a drizzle

    > Yoga class this morning and a cool glass of moccachino flavored whey protein shake thereafter :)

    > Realization that I work with a really cool boss who is a good person, a smart one too and whom there's lots to learn from

    > Going through the web album that my cousin sister shared with me from US. She is 11 yrs old and came to spend 4 days with me and my husband all by herself. This was the first time I spent more than 15 minutes with her and seeing those pictures filled me with a new warmth for a younger sister I have only just discovered !

    I do feel good... though this aint easy !!!


  10. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Nice list you have here.
    Agree on the tiny powers of mothers... sure brings on the cheer :) And overcoming anger... and avoiding a catastrophe feels so good!

  11. Dear Preeti,

    I stumbled upon your blog three months ago and found myself in the presence of a writing that was warm, funny, compassionate and, almost always, reflection-inducing. I've been an avid reader ever since.

    My list of things-to-be-grateful-for would definitely feature reading blogs like yours, suffused as they are with a wonderful sense of perspective and understanding. My best wishes for your book-in-the-making.


  12. I love this project - I want to do this too - though I might just write with paper and pencil instead of my blog.

  13. That was one great list. Powers that we moms have, the open doors that we miss, that cup of tea with someone - all GREAT. There's no way one can't feel happy and grateful for all these.


    Here's mine

  14. Hey Preeti, I have joined this experiment of yours... here's my post :)

    Thanks for reminding me!

  15. Overcoming anger is so difficult. Great you cld do that! I particularly like no 5 on my list – wish I could exit the corporate world !
    And here is my list for the day !

  16. following things made me feel good today:
    - i am wearing a new wirst watch today.
    - ate tasty "Veg Momos"@ office food court for evening snacks.
    - had a nice chat with my college buddy.
    - watched a good tv program.
    - realizing that i have a caring cousin.

  17. Munching snacks with a new friend sounds like so much fun :) And specially the fact that she had never seen or eaten dosas.

    Keep up the positivity!!!

  18. By the way, here's my link:

  19. Read your comments on my post. you are simply great. taking out time to read each and every post and commenting on it. it really takes a lot of time and patience to do so. my second post is dere.

  20. 7 days of positivity.. does sound like a therapy.. but sounds fun too. And god i need this kinda thing badly.. Will definitely try this.. And yeah i am stuck with a boooring corporate job :(

  21. This is a very good attempt. I am trying to remain positive even in an extremely negative situation in my life.


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